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Journey with the Barkly Street 'Dragons' Uniting Cricket Club in Melbourne's West as they seek to pull off one of life's greatest journeys... getting 33 blokes on the field to play park cricket each week!

Journey with the Barkly Street 'Dragons' Uniting Cricket Club in Melbourne's West as they seek to pull off one of life's greatest journeys... getting 33 blokes on the field to play park cricket each week!
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Journey with the Barkly Street 'Dragons' Uniting Cricket Club in Melbourne's West as they seek to pull off one of life's greatest journeys... getting 33 blokes on the field to play park cricket each week!




Winter is Ending: Ashes 2019 Preview

Grizzly and the Rev preview the upcoming Ashes Series and the new World Test Championship. Grizz proposes a new World Cup format as decision time dawns at the Dragons AGM on their preferred summer park cricket make up just as Winter cricket comes to a close for another season. Listen in as Dragon Sammy Roberg tries to get off his triple king pair; the Dragons Indian players debate the place King Kohli has in the game; and the Rev’s lads fall back in love with cricket...


World Cup Finale - Part 2 (Or, WTF Just Happened?)

Grizzly arises from his sick bed to the aftermath of the World Cup Final, ‘greatest tie of all time’, and asks WTF just happened?!? Rev. attempts to get philosophical about what it all means whilst Grizzly gets… we’ll… grizzly! Trying to let it go, they move on to picking the Australia vs. Australia A, Ashes warm up team in the schoolyard.


World Cup finale - Part 1

A sick Grizzly and a sore and sorry post-op Real Rev. sit down to watch the start of the World Cup final. Listen carefully to their faint, prophetic hint of an idea about what is about to eventuate as they reflect on a Dragons winter season forfeit, the semi- finals, and Australia’s overall World Cup performance. Justin Langer’s team ‘earthing’ exercise at Edgbaston takes the Rev. to a surreal and deeply spiritual, post-surgery cricket la la land, to which Grizzly concludes “Stay off the...


A World Cup opener and a Winter Win

Grizzly and Real Rev. are cock a hoot on a Saturday night watching Australia's World Cup opener after a big Dragons winter cricket win. Warner and Smith are back after a year, but for Grizzly it's been a decade! The conversation meanders between the World Cup and Western suburbs cricket as we discuss how one gets sunburnt whilst wearing a beanie. Will the purple beanies on order make us look like dicks or should we go the skull logo, black hoodies in honour of Puneesh "The Punisher"? We ask...


May The 4th Be With You!

The Rev. gets his preach on with a pre-game rant for the Dragon's Winter Season opener for Star Wars Round. We package up some live highlights Game 2, including a triple 'King pair', the shortest possible spell ever from AK and the appealing prowess of Strathmore Heights trundler Litho. Grizzly and Rev. then settle in on the couch for a post-game 3 wrap up whilst simultaneously watching 'Dreamtime at the G' footy and the Aussies vs. England World Cup Warmup.


The Best a Man Can Get?

We interview this year's Jack Law Medalists 'Peggy Su'-(resh) the Sri Lankan Pirate and Sam 'Strawberry' Field who's Great x4 Grandfather played with Jack! We review a cricketing summer of Gillette ad's; Real Rev gets stuck in a pub on Hamilton Island, and talks the secret to his Lenten weight loss and reason for his upcoming break from (playing) cricket!


Winter (season) is coming...

We return to the airwaves after a catastrophic Day 3 Boxing Day Test audio data loss which matched the Aussie's batting performance. We interview Dasher and Dazzler William's as they are appointed life members at Barkly Street, recap on the post-Christmas games with an emphasis on the Rev's batting and fielding failures and warm up for the coming winter season.


A Day at the Cricket - Boxing Day Test - Day 3

In this episode take a trip down memory lane to a more optimistic time for Australian cricket (slightly more!?) when the Australia-India Test series was 1-1 and we were looking forward to a ripping game at the MCG Boxing Day Test. We pick up the game on Day 3 after India batted for two days for a slow and grinding 7 declared for 443 in searing heat on a lifeless pitch. Australia resume on none for not many overnight having survived a nasty 8 over period the night before including Marcus...


Boxing Day 2018

Highlights from Day 1 of India vs. Australia, Kohli verse Paine from the MCG. Recording from the couch at Captain Grizzly's place in Sunshine.


Xmas Special

Its the Christmas Special! We recap the return journey from our Adelaide Test Odyssey, the Perth Test and look forward to Boxing Day. Who's fixturing park cricket matches 3 days before Xmas? Is Steve Smith's "Gutsy is Calling" commercial redemptive or not?! We hear from Cody 'The Golden Bear' Jones on hitting his first maximum, Danny Lally on captaining the Mcgoo's to the lowest ever total in Barkly Street history and whether Hanscomb can learn to dab properly! Seasons Greetings cricket...


A Park Cricket Odyssey... Odyssey. Adelaide Test Day Two Recap

Day 2 from the Adelaide Oval. We meet Brownie from the Barossa who shares stories of playing park cricket with ex-SANFL legends whilst driving us past old Travis Head haunts en-route to Day 2 at the Adelaide Oval. Experience Captain Grizzly's reaction as Aaron Finch has his stumps splayed by Ishant Sharma third ball and ride with every leg bye as Shaun Marsh looks to pass double figures once again...


A Park Cricket Odyssey... Odyssey. Adelaide Test Day Three Recap

Adelaide Test Day 3 Recap. We struggle from the hotel to the Adelaide Oval on the Day 3 to see if the Aussie tail can wag with the hometown Head... during the first session we are inundated by rain, Victorians and Reverends who help us consider if Dave 'Reverend' Warner would benefit from the old park cricket 'Pastors Rule'. The Odyssey takes an unlikely turn and the Dragon's go to the DRS on Mid Strength Beer vs. Barossa wine... and like Travis... Head off earlier than expected back to the...


A Park Cricket Odyssey... Odyssey. Adelaide Test Day One Recap

Day One of the Adelaide Test match.... and we are enroute to the ground! Picking up our mate Dave in Bendigo, we review the whole days play, from the first over, then session by session, from the car, via the radio... it's a fairdinkum Dragon Cricket Odyssey! We recall the time a Beer and a Fagg bowled for the Victorian 2nd XI, we cop a Starc like 'bumper' from a truck at a town called Speed, and The Real Rev. has "an Elvis' grave" nostalgia moment as we stop for a drink at the first bush...


A Big Summer of Cricket Continues - Adelaide Test Preview

The Dragons firsts are winning (mostly), the twos are losing (badly), and the thirds are a nonexistent theory. Stewie Broussard gives special live comments on Josh McCabes fighting 50 and tells us how to become a club legend in only 12 games. We discuss the upcoming international season, the cultural review, Whateley vs Clark, and we start work on a 'park cricket' players pact... We are back after a bit of a hiatus while the Rev finished his thesis! So much going on in the world of Cricket...


BONUS EPISODE: Special Interview Edition with Stephen Lawrence

A special bonus episode with an extended interview with Hawthorn Premiership player Stephen Lawrence conducted by The Rev at a Grand Final breakfast at back in September. Enjoy!


Jack Crapp played for England!

The Dragon Cricket Podcast is back for episode 3, seeking to rediscover the true spirit of Australian cricket one match and podcast at a time. This week we get an update on how the Barkly Street Uniting Cricket Club is fairing heading in to the new park cricket season, find out who comes into the line-up of our team of male-identity legends, and Rev catches up with former England wicket-keeper Jack Richards about his career, his views on the current state of the game and he tells us just who...


Swerve with Merv

The Dragon Cricket Podcast is back for its second episode, seeking to rediscover the true spirit of Australian cricket one match and podcast at a time. This week we hear from Australian and western suburbs legend Merv Hughes, find out who the first player in our line-up of male identity legends. We get an update on all things Barkly Street from Dragon's president Adda and get some advice from Brian 'Trotter' Baxter, a 71 yo opening bowler from Cornwall!


Can You Hear the Drums Fernando?

Meet the Dragon Podcasters 'The Real Rev' and 'Captain Grizzly' as they introduce the Barkly Street Uniting Dragons Cricket Club and the coming Park Cricket Odyssey that is season 2018/19. In this episode, we meet Dragon legends the Lallys, 750 game veteran Jeff Law and brand new Club Captain Tharanga 'Not that ABBA Song' Fernando as we attempt to recover the lost soul of Australian Cricket, one game and episode at a time.