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Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two handsome DIY poster designers and their friends. A tell all graphic podcast divulging the rock n roll lifestyle that exist within the illustration, graphic design and printmaking seedy underworld.

Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two handsome DIY poster designers and their friends. A tell all graphic podcast divulging the rock n roll lifestyle that exist within the illustration, graphic design and printmaking seedy underworld.
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Buffalo, NY


Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two handsome DIY poster designers and their friends. A tell all graphic podcast divulging the rock n roll lifestyle that exist within the illustration, graphic design and printmaking seedy underworld.






431 Special Reissue - Please Help Adam Luedicke of The Poster List

No one likes getting beaten at their own game. You feel like your opponent figured out some secret that was always right under your nose and you never saw it. Adam Luedicke of The Poster List stepped into the craft fair circuit with digital prints for ten dollars and upset the whole game everyone was playing. While he received some flack from a few over pricing, including your favorite podcaster, he had a completely different product to sell. Mark decided that learning what Adam was doing...


839 - The DKNG Show 19 "Mastering The Balance Of Simple But Sophisticated"

DKNG shares all of the details of their new Ventana Art Print Series & Succulent Pin Pack as well as some great pro tips on beverage packaging design. Two hours of great design tips, tricks and hang time!


837 - Between Meals 05 - Keto Confusion with Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit

When it comes to keto, I hear the same questions time and time again from so many of you, from my clients and family members, as well I am constantly observing a general overabundance of rumors and myths. The keto confusion is SO REAL! Keto is a super trendy nutritional approach right now, with very good reason, and while I find there is lots of misinformation and misconceptions, I truly believe the benefits and potential, for so many, is getting lost in the dogma, the rules, the unimportant...


834 - Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice No.03 "Comment Below"

Episode No.03 of Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice, we explore a branding job that also included packaging design when Lincoln was hired to bring the Mighty Mugs toyline back to life. Sometimes branding is only half the fun. When Lincoln created a new identity for Maxxis Racing, they were able to take their learned design techniques on Hotwheels and transfer it to a real racing team. In today's Circle of Trust content Mark gets to see the new work created for Comment Below for the very...


832 - Is Ozark Season Two The Best TV Season Of 2018? Full Review And Discussion.

Connie and Mark break down whey the believe Ozark season two could be the best season of TV in 2018. All ten episodes are broken down, loose ends for a possible season 3 discussed and for Circle of Trust Members, the top 20 characters ranked.


831 - Wake Up Call Season Two Theme & Details Revealed

Mark shares his plans for creating Wake Up Call Season 02 "The Hardcore Years." What's different, what's the same and why did he adjust the "Wake Up Call" game plan? Take a look back at the top 5 episodes from season one and hear Mark's response as listens to these episodes for the first time since he recorded them. Today's episode has over 30 minutes of new content along with some valuable material from the summer. Become a part of Wake Up Call, and its content by becoming a partner at...


829 - Singer of Terror Scott Vogel Hardcore Legend "Never Gave Up"

At the age of 15, Buffalo New York's Scott Vogel found something that he loved, and he never let it go. Today's story is as much about music as it as about being in love with what makes you happy. And if you're lucky enough to have ever honestly been in love you know that day by day, it can be a struggle. Love isn't always easy or kind, but when you look back at thirty years of being in love you feel blessed, you feel lucky. For thirty years Scott has been an instrumental part of the Hard...


828 - The Story of The Walking Dead Logo - The Logo Show

We look at Entertainment Branding, Sports, Branding Stunts and Mistakes. Follow Along By Joining The Circle of Trust At


827 "A Man Out Of Time" Scott Ritcher

Scott Ritcher is a man out of time, or shall we say from a different time; he always could see ahead of the curve and would do many things that society wouldn't discover for years to come. However, there's a pain to knowing too much and boredom that comes with accomplishment, when your real pride isn't the project in front of you but instead what's next. Scott Ritcher admittedly, even though he's smarter than most, doesn't always do the most intelligent thing, but that's because he's...


826 - Is The TV Renaissance Over? Comment Below with Connie Collingsworth

Connie Collingsworth from the podcast "Is There Gay Stuff On It?" joins Mark Brickey for a fun look at the fall TV schedule thus far, exploring any hits but many misses. The TV loving duo explore the idea that maybe the TV golden renaissance is over? In a very extended 90 minute Circle of Trust, we hear the help that Mark gave Connie in getting started in creating her podcast, and they share their experiences on what it's like to create content after spending a lifetime of consuming it....


824 - Wake Up Call Returns!

To celebrate Wake Up Call returning Monday, October 1 we look back on the top 10 most downloaded episodes. Join Mark Brickey as he shares his excitement on the return of his popular podcast of daily PMA as he listens back to the most popular episodes and responds to how these emotional time capsules make him feel. Mark also shares some of the exciting changes coming in Season 02 like the opportunity to now support Wake Up Call with small monthly project funding at


823 - How Do You Manage Expectations - Shop Talk

Shop Talk does the math on how to manage expectations when going into the big meeting, critique the possible racist performance of the editorial artist Mark Knight and give an update to the ongoing Gallery F versus Delicious Design League financial drama.


822 - DKNG Share Their Process On Over 30 Different Posters

DKNG join us for the 18th episode of their podcast and share the technical process, business stories and creative process that went into creating over 30 different posters. For Circle of Trust members, the boys explain 3 different process videos to members explaining in detail how to put more depth into your illustrations, how to better handle type and why the light source is so important to get loose with. For members, only the guys also share how a scam was run on their web store and the...


821 Apple Gets Horny - New Products Reviewed

Apple gets horny with its new triple X line of iPhones. Who should buy the new Apple Watch and which of the new iPhones is the best buy? For Circle of Trust Members, we go in deeper on exploring how Jake Paul may be breaking the law by influencing your kids to spend money by scaring them. Mark reads listeners suggestions for the Adventures In Design in YouTube channel and gives an update on the channel strategy he's working on behind the scenes. To hear the full version of Comment Below...


819 - Channing Dungey President of Entertainment ABC Television

Let's try to do the impossible and create something that most Americans will enjoy in 2018. Sounds unimaginable right? Welcome to the strange world of today's guest Channing Dungey who every day tries to predict what will make the most amount of people sit in front of the TV with the people that they love and introduce her network's characters into their family. It's not an easy job, most people don't keep it for long, and it can turn you into a power hungry asshole, but Channing is the...


818 - Shop Talk "Stand For Something"

Billy shares a story about a client that decided to not pay his company $10,000 and the guys explore the new Nike “Just Do It” ad campaign.


817 - Storyteller "September 11"

17 years ago today the world changed forever and so did my world. I look back to where I was at on the day the world stop spinning, who I spent it with and how this moment in time accidentally forever changed my life in a very beautiful way. If you want to pass on today’s episode no hard feelings. You can also find me today interviewing Masters of One Podcast over on their feed for a very important episode in their career.


816 - Comment Below This Is America

Today we explore the onion that is society and how a new movement of black produced entertainment seems ready to take it all on. How does the movie Blockers and many other Hollywood projects accidentally reinforce the Make America Great movement? All of this and a look at September TV, cinema and in the Circle of Trust a breakdown of the AID YouTube channel. SO much content from two old guys Googling.


814 - Paul Conroy "Reach Your Full Potential"

Paul Conroy is a mentor a maker of opportunity. A successful business person that’s been able to help several creative talents of all various genres reach their full potential. We find Paul at the moment in his career where he sees his maxim opportunity, personal growth and spearheading it all is his new found love of self-reflection. It seems a man who spent his life helping others reach their full potential is finally allowing himself to achieve his own.


813 - The Top 10 Poster Countdown August 2018

The Poster Countdown continues with the August 2018 countdown where we see who we can make happy by winning the countdown gold and who we can bum out by leaving them out in the cold. Today ’s Poster Countdown not only features our top 10 posters of last month but also a review of Mondo’s San Diego, Comic-Con poster offerings. After weeks of feeling like Jack White posters have been falling short can DKNG offer a breath of fresh air into the ongoing series, a new segment is born "Posters That...