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Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two handsome DIY poster designers and their friends. A tell all graphic podcast divulging the rock n roll lifestyle that exist within the illustration, graphic design and printmaking seedy underworld.

Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two handsome DIY poster designers and their friends. A tell all graphic podcast divulging the rock n roll lifestyle that exist within the illustration, graphic design and printmaking seedy underworld.
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Buffalo, NY


Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two handsome DIY poster designers and their friends. A tell all graphic podcast divulging the rock n roll lifestyle that exist within the illustration, graphic design and printmaking seedy underworld.






876 "Clocking Out" with Radical Co-operative

The Radical Co-Operative is calling it quits! For the year that is! Listen in on the successful year that boys had and they believe that time off around the holidays makes for a better worker in the new year. Enjoy this Shop Talk style interview with two of LA’s finest design neighbors.


875 "The Ghost Of Careers Past" Shop Talk

On this year’s Shop Talk Holiday Special Mark & Billy ponder what life would be like if they had followed The Ghost Of Careers Past.


874 - "Money Is A Byproduct To Having Fun" with Violent Gentlemen

We check in with Brian Talbert and Mike Hammer to see how 2018 shaped up for everyone’s favorite hockey fan brand and to see what the duo has in store for dad and their new year.


873 "Top 22 Christmas Movies" Comment Below

High above Matterhorn Mountain Mark Brickey and Sean Mort can’t seem to decide which holiday classic to watch, listen along as they debate over their favorite holiday viewing traditions.


871 - The Future of Freelance Design with Jerrod Maruyama

The future of freelance design, does it pay more to be an outsider? Are brands getting smart about fan art? Jerrod shares the ugly truth about the Kingdom of Cute. Taking small pride in Jerrod's Happiest Cruise toy series. How to make every trip to Disneyland is different than the last. Mark and Jerrod make a huge announcement about the AID Network in 2019. In Today's Circle of Trust Will Disneyland ever make original attractions again? What does tomorrow have in store for...


870 - Seasons Of The Snake No.010 - Johan Lam of 3Sixteen

3Sixteen Co-Owner Yohan Lam Today's Topics Creating The Perfect T-Shirt Fashion Designer or Craftsman The Reason For Creation Never Make A Decision Based On Price Slash And Burn Or Built To Last Don't Throw Those Jeans Away


868 - Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones Between Meals Episode 09

Beth Manos Brickey takes the wheel and interviews Jame Clear author of Atomic Habits a New York Times Best Seller about taking control of all your small daily actions to make significant long-term changes. Beth and Mark explore how the idea behind Atomic Habits have changed each of their personal and professional lives.


867 - Top 20 Streaming Show Thus Far - Comment Below

In today's Comment Below Mark & Connie look for the TV moment of Holiday 2018 while looking back on last years seasonal obsession with Black Mirror. Comment Below also explores the Top 20 Streaming Shows Thus Far (according to some guy at Rolling Stone Magazine), while Mark pitches a show and Connie remembers visiting a sex layer all in the name of artistic research.


865 - The DKNG Show "What We Learn From Our Own Work"

The Best Trick For Setting Internal Project Deadlines Doing live events, committing to a date in your calendar is one of the best ways to make sure you get work done for yourself and learn to you like a client. What Would DKNG Change About Their Work? Evil Brickey gets DKNG to rank their art print series for worst to best. Listen and learn as the duo looks back on their work. What Has DKNG Learned From Their Customers? Listening to the guys rank their artwork we all get to learn about...


864 - "Never Stop Creating" With Illustrator Sara Deck

Who In The Hell Is Sara Deck? Where did this illustration and printmaking powerhouse come from, just showing up as premiere movie poster illustrator in the last couple of years? Quitting Art To Become An Accountant. Yep, you read it right, even with all of Sara's talent she decided to quit editorial illustration and become an accountant for over a decade. But did she quit art all together? How To Learn Fast. Sara was able to take all of her real-world painting experience and pour it...


863 - December Movie Guide - Comment Below

Did the Grinch Really Steal Christmas? The Grinch and Wreck-It Ralph got out of the gate early and have been stealing the box wins. The strategy in being first and having the calendar to grow. It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas Without Star Wars. A YouTube creator named Star Wars Theory has attempted to bridge the holiday gap with a fan-funded film centered around Vader. Can The Star Wars Galaxy Be Saved? Did Disney and Lucas Film bite off more than they can chew is the Star Wars universe...


682 - Always Start With The Business Problem With Brian Flynn of Super7

Brian Flynn of Super7 explains why we should "Always Start With The Business Problem." Business people don't understand creativity, and they don't need to, so why not speak the language they know.


541 - "Start With Why" Brian Flynn of Super 7 & Hybrid Design

Brian Flynn of Hybrid Design and Super 7. Brian has used his passion as a compass to take him down the path of designing happiness into his entire life from his dream list of clients to his teenage passion project he just spent the entire year building up to it's next level. At the core of all his work Brian understands that starting with why is what can lead your project to the success it needs to be. Aesthetics take a back seat to purpose in the house of Flynn and you can see the...


Best Of Thanksgiving on Adventures In Design with Sean Mort, Billy Baumann & James Flames

Mark & Sean broadcast live from a Thanksgiving parade and play clips from previous Thanksgiving episodes of Adventures In Design in 2013 and 2014. Sit near the radio, with the ones you love as we celebrate a tradition known as Thursday around planet Earth.


683 - Hammer Time 15 with Mike Hammer, Mark Brickey and Gustavo Jaimes

Sit around the dinner table, count your blessings and get ready for your best food buds to take you through the perfect Thanksgiving Day spread.


490 - How The Holidays Help And Hurt Freelancers - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OK Pants

Bang The Turkey Drumstick because its time for some Thanksgiving Shop Talk. Fill up your plate and meet Mark, Billy, and OK Pants over at the Kid's Table for a double helping the advice you can only get from AID. Business is on everyone's mind as the holidays approach from that one big job that always stretches you to your limits to planning out what 2017 might look like. During these hectic seasons having your mission in mind is a reliable guide for determining where you choose to devote...


290 - Dave Kloc and Angrybue A Shop Talk Thanksgiving

A special Thanksgiving Shop Talk with Dave Kloc and Justin Kamerer where we celebrate our professional and personal victories in 2015, talk about what we hope to accomplish in 2016 and each give our thanks for the happiness that we have been able find through pursuing our talents.


860 - Practice Dying with Chris Parks - Illustrator and Designer of Dreams

Chris Parks is an explorer of the mind and a designer of dreams. His digital illustration career of skateboards, national ad campaigns, gig posters and his own line of art prints and apparel is only one half of his story. The other side to his story is creating a death mantra, killing his ego and living a life today that will give him another life tomorrow. Explore what happens when we stop breathing and start living after life on today's Adventures In Design.


Jesus Saved Jim Maddison Legendary Punk Rock Poster Destroyer

Jim Madison Returns! With a new life, a new wife but is there any more money in his savings account? Old Friends Come Home Week brings the most lovable character in AID history back to home to the show and the Circle of Trust.


858 - Into The Spider Verse with Alfred Kurt Berger Digital Compositor

Old Friends Come Home Week continues with Spider Man: Into The Spider Verse Digital Compositor Alfred Kurt Berger III. We sat down with Alf at SONY's animation studio while he took a break from working on the upcoming Spider-Man film and to talk to us all about the true meaning of being thankful.