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Rev. Kenn Blanchard has touched the world with his pro-gun variety show. He helps you “survive another week,” by sharing positive people, products, and news with the wit and humor of the gun rights activist known as the Black Man With A Gun®. Shalom Baby!

Rev. Kenn Blanchard has touched the world with his pro-gun variety show. He helps you “survive another week,” by sharing positive people, products, and news with the wit and humor of the gun rights activist known as the Black Man With A Gun®. Shalom Baby!
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Rev. Kenn Blanchard has touched the world with his pro-gun variety show. He helps you “survive another week,” by sharing positive people, products, and news with the wit and humor of the gun rights activist known as the Black Man With A Gun®. Shalom Baby!




Todd Jarrett - In Close with Pro Shooter

The summer is here and I thought I'd go long in case you had a long drive or down time and wanted to hear the inside scoop of a good friend of mine, competitor and awesome shooter named Todd Jarrett. This is part 1 of 4. The longest part actually. His backstory. Things you would never hear on a youtube video. How he got started. Question of the Week is about Bullet Proof vest. I am testing one for...


Now With Free Smells

Having a little fun and trying new stuff to keep myself motivated. Look for new content. New Sound, New Beats, New Treats Firearms Training With Kenn Blanchard Training begins this fall. Sign up: Working on a new look, new sound and better content. Planning on teaching again. Could use your help financially once a month for the podcast and to buy this rig. For a $1 a week. $5 a month will you sign up so I can buy this rig? You can...


Don’t buy another gun until you listen to this podcast

Don’t buy another gun without listening to this episode Training is important Things I have learned over the past 20 years as an trainer, activist 10+ things NEWS Support us and get your keychain Get insured: New SMG-45 from LWRCI is on the picture for this episode. more info to come. Have a happy and safe summer! Kenn


Have You Ever Loved An Organization That Treated You So Bad?

Thank you for supporting me on Shouts to ya. News on the NRA and some commentary Frederick Douglass and What is the Fourth of July to A Slave? Please subscribe to 2nd video - We are now on Pandora. Check out the show there too. On Failing.


Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Do Not.

The truth behind the 40 acres and a Mule, Juneteenth, Watch Night and what else happened the year Lincoln was assassinated. Conversation with founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, Alan M. Gottlieb. please subscribe to our youtube channel at and see the video that goes with this show. thank you for your support - I got some ‘splaining to do. Thanks for listening. Kenn


Which One Will Win?

Episode 618 “Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil and the other is good and they fight each other all the time. When asked which one wins I answer, the one I feed the most.” People in the gun community are taking sides. One of the largest groups is the one of the undecided. Those that don't like to fight ALL the damn time like some of us do. Some think this is normal. that is happens cyclically. Others think this is the beginning of the Apocalypse. And there are...



5 Things You Didn't Know About UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS Rick Ector is Protecting the Women in Detroit from Serial Killers Serial killer in Detroit preying on women.


Don't Forget To Have Fun

Breaking News Isn’t. Support SOTG and Professor Paul SOTG PO Box 575761 ATTN Professor Paul Salt Lake City, UT 84157 Gun Rights Alliance is coming. Michael J. Woodland shares his NRATV debut Don’t forget to have fun Get your autographed copy of Black Man With A Gun from me or go to support this show with your monthly donation at...


What I Learned From John Wick 3

Here’s three points I got from the John Wick 3 movie : 1. One of things I pulled out of this action packed movie is that relationships matter. 2. Blind loyalty hurts. 3. learn how to operate the firearm you run backwards and forwards, be proficient in clearing malfunctions, how to fix it, everything I have a Conversation with the best writer on the Black Man With A Gun blog, Dave B. Cole on hunting, being a writer for the Black Man With...


What A Mess

The NRA WTF - Rolling Stone Article May 17—19 2019 Beware of the Con in the Gun Community News - school shooting- What should be our response? mailto: Tourniquets - other show to check out: thanks for supporting the show at


Guns Rights, Jews, and Blacks

With most folks attending the NRAAM in Indiana I thought since nobody is around I would talk about something most would never dare. Jews and Guns, Blacks and Jews, 10 Reasons Anti-Rights People Do What They Do. This show is dedicated to my late friend, Aaron Zelman. Shout out to the Gun Rabbi, Dovid Bendory and Alan Korwin whom I love. Have Nagila - Let’s Rejoice! support us, Get...


Thanks to the Police

Jack Webb giving his greatest performance of all time in the episode "The Big Interrogation" starring a very young Kent McCord of Adam-12 fame. Warren v. District of Columbia- Warren v. District of Columbia[1] (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is an oft-quoted[2] District of Columbia Court of Appeals case that held that the police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens based on the public duty doctrine. Tips for Armed citizens being pulled over. Shout...


Gun Owners and Medical Marijuana

What's the deal with Firearms Ownership and Medical Marijuana? What are your thoughts on the combo? The feds have one point of view and the states another. Where are you on it? Maryland Shall Issue has some wins. Yay! state organizations. Get an autographed copy of Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded today. Thank you for your support of the show and get the free app Blanchard.Media...


How I Saved Eddie Eagle From Heat Stroke

How I brought the NRA's Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program to Washington DC's inner city kids and saved Eddie from heat stroke. Back in 1997, I was big on the NRA. I got the NRA at a booth at the Radio One Black Family Reunion on the Mall in Washington, DC and it got so hot, Eddie almost passed out. We saved him though and I got a commendation for my work with inner city youth. Thoughts about child safety Yea or Nay on the NRA Michael J....


Bump Stocks, What's The Big Deal?

Welcome back to the Black man With a Gun Show • What is a bump stock? • You ever heard of a scapegoat? • Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock Https:// Sponsored by Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded - Book, and Keychain


What Angelina Jolie Can Teach You about Guns

What Hollywood gets wrong about guns. What makes a good firearms instructor? An interview with Hollywood actor Paul Jacob Evans who has a new book "A Wallet Falls." "A Wallet Falls." Paul Jacob Evans is an actor and writer, known for Betrayed (2016), Love & Food and Prey for Us (2015).


They'll Kill You For That

The story of Wounded Knee, and how the "government" massacred a people. a product review on the Walther Arms PPQ M2 Podfest Multimedia Expo Michael’s podcast: Skips Podcast: New show coming. Join this list to be first to get the scoop. Second Amendment Show in Spanish, thank you for supporting the podcast. thank you for being a Sho-nuff supporter of this...


5 Mistakes In Gun Rights That Make You Look Dumb

Truth about Gun Rights. Its’ evergreen. It’s the same 30 arguments. Conversation with Carlos Alvarez as we introduce a new podcast. Michael J. Woodland is talking about Sight Alignment and Sight Picture - he has a new podcast too on and Spotify Join your local STATE group and support them financially before you join “another”. Please support our grassroots work in podcasting and behind the scenes.


Gun Control - White Mans Law

Four Fundamentals by Michael Woodland General Laney Laney's Guns and Supplies, 4752 Chene, Detroit; 313-922-8752. Commentary from Maryland Shall Issue White Mans’ Law- Gun Control - William R. Tonso Check out, Dave Cole is crushing it over there. meet up in Orlando, FL on March 6th, book signing at the Wyndham, details on are on Facebook. its the evening before the...