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Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007).

Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007).


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Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007).




Have You Considered Hunting?

Consider hunting and farming in 2021 Interview with Dr. Tantillo, Hunter Safety and Ethics interview with Patrick Collins Happy Thanksgiving. No show next week.


How To Clean Your Guns - #654

Unsolicited advice - 23 Things Good and Bad Old interview with Things to make you think. Get a copy of my book at Amazon. Check out my new site on


How To Ruin a Range Day

Kenn talks about how some instructors can ruin the learning experience for a new shooter. News: NY based manufacturers move south, Kimber, Remington... SilencerCo wins an award Show sponsored by You can support the show / encourage kenn: Contact me: 202-579-9435 Rev. Kenn Blanchard


Zombie Survival School

What if I taught a class during the apocalypse on what weapons to use during a zombie attack. Just having fun with this zombie theme. It may be silly but I had fun. I hope you like it.


Hunting with Suppressors

10/25/2020 Support the show, encourage kenn: Contact me: 202-579-9435 Rev. Kenn Blanchard


Is Everything Gucci?

Interview and conversation with trainer Gerald Bailey and reboot of episode 140 where I interviewed Charl van Wyk, who wrote a book about the terrorist attack in South Africa. (Shooting Back: the right and duty of self defense),Firearms trainer Gerald Bailey , author of:


Did you know there is an ammo shortage?

Ammo Shortage - I just became a part of the blogging team. Conversation with Barbara Baird Masaad Ayoob is the new president of the Second Amendment Foundation, Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW/CPL Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school – Rick’s Firearm Academy of...


Ammo & Stuff

To all the new gun owners, this is some mental stuff for you to consider when choosing what ammo to buy or what caliber to use for self defense. Things to think about if you are a new gun owner or a firearms instructor. Sponsor the show.


Can I Be A Democrat / Liberal, and be Pro-Gun?

Welcome all gun owners regardless of political party. Some people forget that all of us care about our families and personal safety. If you are a new gun owner and identify as NOT being a republican or conservative, please understand that you as a gun owner will be demonized, vilified, and marginalized for your purchase, ownership and use of a firearm. Know that you can be a gun owner and not be a Conservative. I support you. Just know that there are not that many pro-gun and LOUD...


Shooting for Success

Gun Safety, Which Gun to Buy, How to make money as a trainer and what firearms instructors can do to help the RKBA. Sponsor the show. Want more insight on your particular level. Email me at Join us on Facebook ; or on


Dear White Man

A letter to my friends, supporters and guest. We can survive this time. Your friend and brother from another has a bold episode for you. "dear white man" Support Kenn


Leaders Wanted

-First aid and safety training -Hunting season -Farming -Fishing -Reloading Events Coming When: Sept 26, 2020 / 8am - 2pm Where: Silver Creek Sporting Club, 6852 Quail Run Cir, Kiowa, CO 80117 Registration and Auction: Support Kenn Other Shows The Rev Kenn Blanchard Show This is a weekly podcast of positives, smiles, love and...


Whats Going On?

Matthew 12:25 And knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them, “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand. -Matthew 12:25 We need some wisdom and some strategic alliances. We need a change of thinking on outside. We can’t and should not do the same stuff and think it will work. Who are you? What do you stand for? Gun Rights needs some leadership. The Civil War was about money. The protest today is about humanity...


It’s Not About Guns, It’s About Freedom

We can do better. When you support this show through or the buy me a coffee link on blackmanwithagun dot com you are helping me help us. My other shows. Where you stand depends on where you sit.- Nelson Mandela


He Ain't Heavy. He's My Brother.

GUN Rights. This week on your favorighteous podcast, Kenn speaks with Sam Paredes, of Gun Owners of California, and the President of the National African American Gun Association, Phillip Smith.


What Google Can Teach You About the NRA

Conversations with Marcus Hyman aka Instructor Solo - Firearms instructor that is hustling in the DMV to help everyone trying to learn 301-338-8613 And with my podcasting battle buddy, Michael J. Woodland on the best guns for beginners. 803-250-1256 History of the NRA and what’s going down. N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James Sues to Dissolve NRA Read more: ...


3 Things You Won’t Believe About Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Longer than usual episode. Remembering Jeff Quinn, gun blogger, reviewer, deacon, biker. Iconic bearded brother with two long braids in it from Tennessee. Conversation with analytic endeavors co-host, Nic Thompson on millennials, faith, miracles, and why Kenn came back to podcasting after retiring in December 2019. Kenn describes a time when he faced certain death on a motorcycle on Highway 1 returning from Disneyland and felt the presence of Divine intervention.What he didn’t say was...


World According to Rev Kenn Blanchard

Enemies, allies, spies, politics and guns. How to get started in the gun community if you live in Maryland, from no gun to concealed carry, interview with John j. Petrolino. On his new book Decoding firearms, and easy to read guide on general gun safety and...


5 Things About Gun Training You May Not Have Heard

637 - Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast Tips for instructors / trainers and students Mental S.H.I.T. - (Crude language warning) Conversation with Michael J. Woodland from He’s back with me. History of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense Trainers/Instructors Avery Skipalis, Chris Cerino, Chris Costa, Clint Smith, Dave Spalding, Ed head, gun site, Gabe suarez, Good Hodnett, Grant Cunningham, Greg Ellifritz, James Yeager, Jeff Gonzales,John Hearne, John Lovell,...


The Most Hated Black Man in America

Kenn explains why some African American men shy away from joining white gun clubs. He also hits on the psychological, social and anthropology history behind Uncle Tom. Disclaimer. Interview with Dr. Steve Albrecht Concealed Carry tips for the Urban Shooter or new shooter Transciption service Editor services Support me Https:// thanks for listening,...