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When Pop Music gets Political

This week the Ugandan pop star turned opposition MP Bobi Wine performed for the first time since being charged and jailed for treason. We explore the political appeal of the man dubbed “The Ghetto President” with the award winning Ugandan journalist Patience Akumu. In recent months hundreds of people have been killed in Nicaragua following protests against the country's president, Daniel Ortega and his government. One musician speaking out against the violence in his home country is Luis...


World War One: The Art of Remembrance

We explore how writers, poets and artists remember the legacy of World War One through their work. On a British beach, Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle looks ahead to Armistice Day. On the centenary of the end of the First World War, Pages of the Sea invites the public to draw faces of the fallen in the sand, as a nationwide gesture of remembrance. Award-winning Jamaican poet Tanya Shirley performs Madness is Not For Everybody, her poem meditating on mental health and colonial masters in...


The Art of Artificial Intelligence

This week on the Cultural Frontline we meet the artists working with AI to reimagine the worlds of visual art, music and movies. Scientist and AI aficionado Janelle Shane sorts AI science fiction from AI science fact and explains how this new technology is being harnessed by artists across the world. As an AI-generated piece of art goes under the auction hammer at Christie’s in New York for the first time, we meet two pioneering artists creating surreal visual art in collaboration with...


Finding Freedom Through Art

From convict to comedian: the acclaimed American stand-up Ali Siddiq reveals how he found freedom through comedy and why he is speaking out for prison reform in the United States. The artist giving voice to silenced poets. We discover why Shilpa Gupta has brought together the words and voices of one hundred imprisoned and persecuted poets in an immersive sound art installation. Can music free your mind? The writer Adam Gopnik explains why rock music played such a key role in bringing about...


Art Against Climate Change

The Cultural Frontline hears from artists who are speaking out against environmental damage and climate change through their work. We meet the artist bringing climate change to the front doors of one small town in Florida, USA. Xavier Cortada explains why he’s creating public art to demonstrate the potential devastation of melting glacial ice. How do you tackle the issue of environmental damage in Nigeria and across the world through art? The Nigerian artist Otobong Nkanga is taking on that...


House of Kenzo, Art Collective

House of Kenzo are the underground dance collective revolutionising Texan nightlife. We join Breezy, Roxy, Flo, Gemel and Toni over a weekend, as they perform at the opening of a queer film festival in Austin and in their hometown of San Antonio. Each performance is a conceptual piece of artwork with built in messages of radical self-expression, body positivity, ecology and community. Constructing a DIY stage on the dancefloor, House of Kenzo blend jaw-dropping dance moves - voguing,...