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Daring Disabled Artists

What does it mean to be an artist with a disability? This week on The Cultural Frontline we look at how disabled artists are challenging perceptions and asking questions of their audiences. Nicholas Ouma Odhiambo found dance at the age of 31 through an inclusive company called Dance Into Space based in Nairobi, Kenya. After contracting polio at the age of 3 and living his life with reduced mobility he reveals how he found happiness in dance. Why are disabled characters in films being...


House of Kenzo, Art Collective

House of Kenzo are the underground dance collective revolutionising Texan nightlife. We join Breezy, Roxy, Flo, Gemel and Toni over a weekend, as they perform at the opening of a queer film festival in Austin and in their hometown of San Antonio. Each performance is a conceptual piece of artwork with built in messages of radical self-expression, body positivity, ecology and community. Constructing a DIY stage on the dancefloor, House of Kenzo blend jaw-dropping dance moves - voguing,...


How Can We Design a Better World?

In partnership with the London Design Biennale, The Cultural Frontline presents a panel discussion on the social impact of design. In front of a live audience in London’s historic Somerset House, a panel of leading designers and creative minds discuss how design can transform people and society. From the reimagining of a Guatemalan town through the craft and creativity of local artisans to the forging of an architectural vision of a future Mogadishu, we explore how architects and urban...


Standing Up for Comedy

Can comedy and satire change the world - or change minds? We find out what drives Nigeria’s Adeola Fayehun and the Brazilian comic Gregório Duviver to take on the politics of their home countries through satire. Lebanese-Iraqi writer Karl Sharro is a political commentator, an architect and a self-confessed “extremely bad cartoonist”, but he's perhaps best known as the satirist Karl ReMarks. He joins us to discuss how he addresses the politics and media portrayal of the Middle East through...


The Cultural Frontline Presents: Squall

Should teachers be armed? That’s the question confronted in a fearless and funny new play about guns, schools and millennials from a young Scottish writer. Rebecca Sweeney’s play Squall debates gun control in drama. It’s a playwright’s urgent response to both the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida and the March for Our Lives youth protest movement sweeping across the United States. Following an intimate performance of the play, Rebecca shares why she created an alternative reality of...


Les Amazones d’Afrique

The Cultural Frontline celebrates the music and activism of the pioneering West African super-group Les Amazones d’Afrique - an all-female collective on a mission to fight for women’s rights in Africa. Broadcaster and DJ Rita Ray hears from band members Angelique Kidjo, Oumou Sangaré, Awa Sangho, Mariam Doumbia and Mamani Keita, to find out how they use their music to change attitudes towards women and encourage access to education. Plus, producer Valerie Malot shares how she kick-started...