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Epidsode 36: ARC NORTH - Meant to Be : Catching Up With Success

In 2016, Arc North released the single "Meant To Be" alongside vocalist & co-writer Krista Marina. The song has slowly and steadily grown, amassing over 5 million streams on Spotify alone and allowing Arc North to consider his musical career more seriously. In this episode, we were lucky to catch Oscar (Arc North) during his travels through North America and discusses the aftermath of the success of "Meant To Be" and his sense of finally being ready for what's next.


Epidsode 35: Express Yourself - Creativity & Critics

Melanie & Alex discuss the creative process and current landscape of today's music scene. Listen in as they discuss the need to support artists, the impact of media and "headline culture" and the ways that social media has opened the door to connect and collaborate. Another good hang session! Hope you enjoy it.


Epidsode 34: YASHODA DEVI MA & VICTORIA LARKINS - Finding Ease Through Vedic Meditation

In this episode we welcome Yashoda Devi Ma & Victoria Larkins from the Subtle Mind Studio in Boulder, Colorado. Yashoda & Victoria met years ago in India while studying with a guru. This meeting eventually turned into mentorship & friendship, and ultimately manifested in the decision to open a yoga studio together. Listen in as we discuss studio ownership, building a community and the practice of Vedic Meditation - what it is and what makes it unique from other meditation approaches. Enjoy!


Episode 33: LAURA JENKINS - Heartbreak of a Serial Monogamist

Welcome Laura Jenkins, dancer & choreographer, as we chat about her latest project entitled "Heartbreak of a Serial Monogamist. After experiencing a number of significant losses and transitions, Laura felt compelled to explore the topic of grief using dance and art as a tool to dig deeper into her own process. Listen in as we discuss heartbreak, healing & vulnerability.


Episode 32: Addiction, Mental Health & the Role of Yoga Teachers

In the most vulnerable and raw episode we have ever done, Melanie & Alex discuss the recent passing of musician Mac Miller, the current drug epidemic, mental health and the role that yoga teachers can play.


Episode 31: KRISTA MARINA - Listen Up!: Finding Your Way Through The Music Industry

Krista Marina is back! You might remember her from the first time she came on Devata Pod or when she graced up with her beautiful voice during our first Devata Sessions set. Krista's been a steady presence around here at Devata and we are so happy to welcome her back to catch up on the past year - new shows, new music, new projects. Listen in as Krista shares about finding her way through the music industry.


Episode 30: MARY HIGGS - Accessible Yoga: From Spinal Injury to Yoga Teacher

We are very happy to introduce Mary Higgs to the Devata Pod community. Mary Higgs is a Kansas-based Yoga Teacher focused on making yoga more accessible by offering Adaptive Chair Yoga. Mary experienced a spinal cord injury during her early adulthood that resulted in movement limitations. Her own path of discovering yoga and adapting it to make it work for her inspired her path as a teacher. She now seeks to offer opportunities to connect the mind and body through yoga, regardless of...


Episode 29: STEVEN WILLIAMS - Personal Pharmacy - The Making of Urine Aid

Brace yourself! The topic we explore in this episode might sound a little unusual. Or perhaps you’ve heard of it, but couldn’t quite wrap your head around it… Devata Pod welcomes Australian filmmaker, Steven Williams, who created a film on the subject of urine therapy. Urine Aid is a feature documentary exploring the practice of drinking urine for medicinal benefits. Steven traveled all over the world to speak to people using this ancient, and apparently quite effective method for treating...


Episode 28: AUBRIE POHL - Reprogram Your Life with NLP

Devata Pod welcomes Aubrie Pohl! Aubrie has a long list of certifications and accolades - Personal Trainer, Yogi, Life & Leadership Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Her commitment to personal-development in her own life has translated into her professional work. Listen as Aubrie discusses the work of NLP and her own path towards integrating it into her holistic approach with clients.


Episode 27: HAGOP GIRRAGOSIAN - Food Truck to Franchise: The Story of Dog Haus

We are so excited to welcome Hagop Girragosian of the iconic eatery, Dog Haus. Hagop walks us down memory lane, sharing how he and his best friend went from being young entrepreneurs, accidentally purchasing a restaurant, and eventually starting the successful (and delicious) food chain Dog Haus. This is a not to be missed episode!


Episode 26: Summer Spring Cleaning

Enjoy this episode all about spring cleaning - in July! We recorded this episode a few months ago, but for some reason it never got released. Have no worries, it's here now! Join Melanie & Alex as they catch up about the editing process of life, meditation, social media detox and more. Enjoy!


Episode 25: DAVID THEDINGA - Rewriting Healthcare

In this episode, we welcome David Thedinga. David is part of a non-profit company called O'Na that is striving to revolutionize healthcare by making complementary and alternative options more accessible. From reiki to massage therapy to private yoga sessions - it's possible to now have these services covered on an insurance plan. This is not only exciting for consumers, but for practitioners who provide these types of services. Listen in as David shares about O'na's unique place in the...


Episode 24: DOM FERRIS - The Creative Process: Follow What You Feel

Dom Ferris is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and photographer with a love for storytelling. Dom's informal style allows him to provide a raw behind-the-scenes look at his subjects. From music videos to unscripted documentaries, Dom strives to introduce you to the real person. Listen in as Dom shares about what drives him to create & his approach to balancing commercial work and the art he is passionate about. Check out Dom's work at


Episode 23: ADAM GERTLER - Success, Failure & The Pursuit of Happiness

Adam Gertler is an Entertainment Host, star of several shows on The Food Network, "Würstmacher" (sausage-maker) for popular eatery Dog Haus, and all around fun guy. In this episode, Adam shares his journey of ups and downs, successes and failures over the course of his career. From sweeping sand in Venice Beach to selling hot dogs in Costco to competing to be the Next Food Network Star, Adam has thrown himself into each opportunity, bringing his own flavoring of flair, hunger and...


Episode 22: CHRISTY CURTIS - Finding Peace: Moving from Anxiety to Stillness Through Mindful Meditation

In this episode, we welcome meditation teacher, Christy Curtis, to the show. Christy shares about her personal meditation journey, initially seeking out the practice to deal with feels of anxiety and loss of meaning. After experiencing many different meditation styles, Christy became certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She uses the tools with her students and is actively working on integrating more Mindfulness programs within the public school system for both educators...


Episode 21: JOAN HYMAN - Open Heart, Open Mind: A Journey Through Nepal

L.A. based traveling yoga teacher, Joan Hyman, shares about her recent travels through Nepal. Listen in as Joan discusses the significant impact that traveling to remote countries has had on her, how leaving your comfort zone can strengthen your spiritual practice and her best advice for people looking to embark on a similar journey. Enjoy!


Episode 20: MARK AKOUBIAN - Yoga with Veterans

Welcome Mark Akoubian from OC Warriors Yoga. Mark's organization focuses on offering yoga to veterans on a local level. He provides unique events and ongoing classes designed to meet the needs of this population. In this episode, Mark shares why yoga is helpful for veterans & considerations for teachers looking to get involved.


Episode 19: KORI STROBL - When Things Don't Work Out

In this episode, we welcome back Kori Strobl from the Huntington Beach Yoga Collective for a raw and real conversation about closing the doors on her studio. Kori honestly shares about the challenges she faced running her yoga studio, the moment she realized it would have to end and the lessons learned along the way. Anybody thinking about starting a business or who has started a business will definitely benefit from and relate to this episode.


Episode 18: MIKAKU from Floating Leaf Resort

Welcome Mikaku from Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat to Devata Pod. Mikaku shares what inspired his decision to leave it all behind, live full-time in Bali and open a eco-friendly retreat center on the island. He also shares his insight and advice about what makes for a great retreat and how retreat leaders can set themselves up for success. Enjoy!


Episode 17: Devata Round-Up with Melanie & Alex

MELANIE CHERNEY & ALEX BARBARIAN: Join Melanie & Alex as they recap some of the recent events at Devata, including our ongoing talent series, Devata Sessions, and the recent Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. The hosts reflect on lessons learned, the challenges of putting yourself out there and exposing yourself on a public platform and what's ahead. Get caught up on all your Devata news!