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A GOFO Retrospective: Street Fighter the Movie (1994)

Listen to us geek out and freak out over this episode's look at the 1994 classic Street Fighter the Movie starring the one, the only, Jean-Claude Van Damme. This movie is bad in so many bad ways, but can you believe it actually almost made 100 million dollars? And thanks to Jeremy and Matt, add another 20 dollars to their profits. YIKES. We talk about the few things they got right, and the 1000 things they got wrong. So kick back, relax, and just be glad you didn't watch this movie.


We are MTV Canada stars

Did you miss these geeks? We’re back and here to fill your your ear crevices with our sultry voices. Listen as Jeremy’s wife keeps sending print jobs as we do the show. One of these days she’ll make an appearance on the show. We talk real life politics and how it affects the things we enjoy in our every day lives and we get geeked up for some upcoming game releases and this years Extra Life!


A GOFO Retrospective: Demolition Man

25 years have passed since this glorious piece of film masterpiece has graced our eyeballs for the very first time. We re-watch a favorite of ours and discuss what's held up, what they get right, and what they got so very, very wrong. Be well and enjoy this very special bonus episode!


Who doesn't like old people?!

The guys are back this week and they are talking movie fan theories! Some make sense and some are way out of left field. Listen as they discuss why it's ok for Brie Larson to punch old ladies, sneaking in to movies, and how let down you should be if you get stuck watching a Look Who's Talking sequel on your birthday. Make sure to leave us a review and who knows, you may hear it on the next episode!


You Still Got It Sally Field

The geeks are back and they’re ready to talk your ear off if you’re willing to listen. This week we cover the DC Movie Universe Shakeup, talk possible ways the MCU can bring in those pesky mutants, discuss Apple’s latest ways to drain our wallets and get caught up with all the game and movie releases that are going down! Also, we ran a poll and you amazing geeks voted for us to talk about movies we watched as kids that just don’t hold up. So sit back, relax, and crack open a cold as long...


Geeking Out About All In

The geeks are back and we're making up for lost time. Jeremy is bringing up obscure movie quotes that he swears people are aware of. Matt keeps count of all the F-bombs Jeremy drops and quickly loses count because it's impossible to keep up. We talk our top 5 wrestlers of all time and get hyped for the biggest indy wrestling event of all time. Good times were had so enjoy the show!


The One About Wrestling and Life

The Geeks are back, and they're here to smark out your ears. Thats insider terms for smart wrestling geeks. We talk rasslin', movies we didn't see, movies we wish we hadn't seen, is Harrison Ford the first ever mumble rapper? Also, we fall into a wikipedia rabbit hole and look up celebrity scientologists. And don't forget to subscribe, download, rate and review the show! Enjoy geeks!


X-Men Talk

Jeremy and Matt sit down this week to talk all things X-Men. A big deal with down after last week's episode so they play catch-up with the news. Fan questions get answered, and ASMR skills get tested. All that and so much more!


Reboot the Universe

It's been a long time, but we're glad to be back! Former hosts of the mildly successful The Smart Marks podcast have returned... in POG form! I mean POD form. We revive GOFO for another run and we hope you'll enjoy the reintroduction into our lives in your sexy ear-holes. So much has happened in our lives and in the world around us, so let's catch up! Enjoy the show!


Issue 8: More Things We Suck At!

Oh my god. Finally, we have a new show for you guys and thanks for sticking with us! Follow us and like us! https://www.facebook.com/Geek-Out-Freak-Out-Podcast https://twitter.com/GOFOPodcast https://twitter.com/MaTeO83 https://twitter.com/jvader82


Back In Action

We're back and we have a freaking studio! It's awesome, and so is all the sweet ass Star Wars news we've got to talk about this show! Back to our regular scheduled programming starting... NOW.


Discussion Time With Sara Triana Mitchell

This week we sit down with friend Sara Triana Mitchell. It was an honor to have her on the show. We sit down and discuss the awesomeness that was early social media like Myspace and LiveJournal, cringe about our early YouTube uploads and so much more. Also we get a relunctant cameo from Pris this week. You can find Sara on Instagram @saratrianamitchell and on the web: www.saratrianamitchell.com