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37: Alva Noë, Megan Castillo, Edward Wolcher

Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talks with Alva Noë on the philosophical questions raised by America's favorite pastime, and the ways we're all playing baseball by asking the same questions players do in the moment (5:48). Host Jini Palmer sits down with Town Hall's own Edward Wolcher and Megan Castillo for a look at the incredible lineup for our Homecoming festival in September (17:50). Correspondent Brangien Davis interviews Darcy Steinke about menopause in a special exclusive interview...


36: Ed Levine, Charles Fishman, Lee McIntyre

Grace Madigan hears from food writer Ed Levine about the inspirations that led him to create his renowned food blog Serious Eats (3:33). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talks with Charles Fishman about NASA's unsung heroes behind our trip to the moon (12:07). Host Jini Palmer highlights a segment from Lee McIntyre's program about science, evidence, and the reasons we trust one another (21:49). Get an insider's look and stay in the know about what's going on inthis moment at Town Hall.


35: Esther Wojcicki, Neal Stephenson, Rachel Louise Snyder

Our correspondent Sarah Szczypinski talks with educator and mentor Esther Wojcicki about her strategies for raising successful people (3:06). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher sits down with Neal Stephenson to discuss his new book Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, exploring digital afterlives in the far future (12:18). Host Jini Palmer shares a segment from our event with Rachel Louise Snyder and Sydney Brownstone discussing the epidemic of domestic violence (19:41). Get an insider's look and stay in...


Special: John Waters and Charles Cross

In this special episode, Correspondent Charles Cross talks with John Waters about his transgressive movies, living with stars, and some shared moments in Seattle (1:08). Listen in to what Waters learned along the way and where he's going now—and stay in the know about what's going on in this moment at Town Hall.


34: Rachel Louise Snyder, David Brewster

Chief Correspondent Steve Scher joins Rachel Louise Snyder who investigates the language, myths, and information we use to describe domestic violence (5:25). Host Jini Palmer covers a conversation between Executive Director Wier Harman and Town Hall's Founder David Brewster as they discuss Town Hall's past, present, and future (15:51). Get an insider's look and stay in the know about what's going on in this moment at Town Hall.


33: Sandro Galea, Nancy Fraser, Bhaskar Sunkara, Ray Williams

Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talks with Sandro Galea about shifting America's perspective of health (3:55). Correspondent Minh Nguyen sits down with Nancy Fraser and Bhaskar Sunkara to discuss the state of neoliberalism in America and the future of addressing social problems with collective solutions (14:02). Host Jini Palmer speaks with Ray Williams of the Black Farmers Collective for the Town Green day of service, discussing plans for creating a model for sustainable urban farming...


32: Cherríe Moraga, Mary Norris, ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Correspondent Valerie Curtis Newton talks with Cherríe Moraga about the way physical memory goes along with generational trauma, and the way her writing connects people with family and community (4:40). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher sits down with New Yorker columnist Mary Norris for a deep dive into the Greek alphabet and her trip to the Aegean (17:10). Host Jini Palmer talks with ChrisTiana ObeySumner about what reparations could look like in the modern world, and about the importance of...


31: Hedrick Smith, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, Lori Gottlieb

Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith about hope he felt from the incredible community movements that took place around the time of the 2018 elections (3:45). Correspondent Reagan Jackson sits in with Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o about his early memories of his mother, his exile and time in prison, and his hopes for the future of his writing and others (17:36). Host Jini Palmer shares questions that the Town Hall community asked therapy...


30: Dahr Jamail, Siri Hustvedt, Urban Poverty Forum

Grist editor and correspondent Matt Craft talks with journalist Dahr Jamail about his experience exploring different parts of the world to witness climate disruption firsthand (2:17). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher interviews author and poet Siri Hustvedt about trusting our memories, and how our older and younger selves can remember things differently (12:28). Host Jini Palmer delves into the 13th annual Urban Poverty Forum, highlighting a special introduction by the Mahogany Project which...


29: John Lanchester, Frans de Waal, Jonathan Shipley

Correspondent Katy Sewall talks with John Lanchester about the dream that inspired his frighteningly timely novel The Wall, exploring the purpose of walls as a tool for safety and security, but whose very existence can promote exclusion and "othering" (3:58). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher interviews renowned biologist Frans de Waal about the widely unacknowledged capacity for animals to experience empathy and emotion (12:20). Host Jini Palmer sits down with Town Hall's own Jonathan Shipley...


Bonus: Town Hall Building Update with Wier Harman

This special update is all about Town Hall's renovation and reopening. Host Jini Palmer goes on an exclusive tour of the building with Town Hall's executive director, Wier Harman. They discuss the construction delays (Town Hall will open its doors as soon as possible), what's in store, and what you can do to help. Wier talks about compelling Town Hall events taking place in venues throughout the city this spring. He chats about Town Hall's Take the Stage campaign, where you can purchase a...


Bonus: Global Rhythms with Spider Kedelsky & Jon Kertzer

In this bonus episode, get an inside look at the past and present of our Global Rhythms series! Host Jini Palmer talks with Spider Kedelsky, the founder of the Global Rhythms series (1:00). He recalls how the music series came to be and shares his experience working with different groups and musicians over the years. Then Jini sits down with Jon Kertzer, current curator of our Global Rhythms series, to find out how he got involved with Global Rhythms and learn about his experience in radio...


Bonus: Town Music with Joshua Roman

This bonus episode of In The Moment offers an insider's look at our Town Music series! Host Jini Palmer talks with Town Music curator Joshua Roman about chamber music, the theatrical aspects of a live performance, and his selection process for each season's lineup. They dive into this season of Town Music, taking a look at our upcoming concerts. For the first performance, Sideshow by Talea Ensemble (15:50), Roman highlights the theatrical spin that the piece brings to chamber music. Then he...


28: Favorite Town Hall Moments, Recap Episode

Host Jini Palmer speaks with Megan Castillo, Town Hall's Community Engagement Manager, about our community's responses on social media about favorite Town Hall moments (2:15). Jini and Steve highlight a selection of interviews which didn't make it into previous episodes. Speakers include: Blair Imani with Monica Guzman (31:25); Arnie Duncan with Steve Scher (33:28); Denise Hearn with Alex Gallo-Brown (37:58); Rob Reich with Steve Scher (40:10); Randy Shaw with Tammy Morales (44:44); David...


27: Randy Shaw, Octavio Solis, Limetown

Randy Shaw speaks with Town Hall Correspondent Tammy Morales to examine the rising tide of factors that are making metropolitan housing unaffordable (2:17). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher sits down with Octavio Solis to unpack the rich personal history of memoir and explore the dreams of his past (13:12). Host Jini Palmer shares a backstage interview with Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie—creators of the hit podcast Limetown—along with Cote Smith, author of the series' prequel novel (22:25). Get...


26: Denise Hearn, Alex Rosenblat, Rob Reich, L.A. Kauffman

Correspondent Alex Gallo-Brown hears from Denise Hearn about the economic monoliths undermining capitalism in our nation, and the anti-worker policies running rampant in corporate culture (1:55). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher speaks with Alex Rosenblat about her research on Uber, and how its algorithms are quietly manipulating consumers while stripping drivers of their rights (14:23). Steve also sits down with Rob Reich to discuss the corrosive effect of wealthy philanthropy on modern...


25: Blair Imani, Peter Sagal, Ijeoma Oluo

Correspondent Mónica Guzmán speaks with author and nonprofit founder Blair Imani about a rally-turned-protest that got her sent to prison—and propelled her visibility as a queer, black, Muslim woman (1:46). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher sat down with Peter Sagal to delve into a personal biography about the ways which running has shaped Peter's life and helped him through hard times (13:50). Host Jini Palmer talks with Ijeoma Oluo about her experience at Town Hall's event with Jill Soloway....


24: Natalie Ross, Dr. Marie Rose Wong, David L. Hu, Edward Wolcher

Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talks with Natalie Ross, co-author of Seattleness, about geography, maps, and new beautiful ways to look at information (2:50). Steve also speaks with Dr. Marie Wong about the value of land in Seattle's International District and the harmful practice of developers renovating storefronts and pricing out local businesses (13:04). Correspondent Grace Hamilton sits down with David Hu to discuss the latest research on animal locomotion, and how the study of animal...


23: Michael Hebb, Chris Hedges, David Reich, Jose Antonio Vargas

Correspondent Lesley Hazleton chats with Michael Hebb about the exhilaration she experienced at one of his Death over Dinner events and the kinship that can occur when talking about hard topics, even between strangers (2:05). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher brings us two back-to-back conversations—first he interviews Chris Hedges, who urges us to fight for the future of our country and stand up to prevent the collapse of our society (16:35). Then Steve sits down with David Reich to learn...


22: Teaching for Black Lives, Thor Hanson, Edward Wolcher

Correspondent Reagan Jackson interviews student activist leaders Layla Mohamud & Ha'aheo Auwae Dekker about their own experiences with racism and their efforts to promote racial justice in their schools and communities for our Teaching for Black Lives event (2:35). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talks with Thor Hanson (in a lavender patch at San Juan Island!) about the nature and necessity of bees, their rapid disappearance, and the ways we're working to save them (19:35). And Jini Palmer...