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Episode 20

Angela Garbes shares her experience about being pregnant and talks with Lindy West about the myths and science surrounding pregnancy (5:31); Leni Zumas, Tiffany Hankins, and Megan Burbank ruminate on the ways which personal stories can humanize discussions of women's reproductive rights (11:16); Richard Prum invigorates Charles Darwin's theory of sexual selection, exploring how aesthetics can drive evolution (16:11); and Steve Scher interviews Shaun Scott about his community discussion...


Episode 19

Jini Palmer interviews Town Hall's Jonathan Shipley about his experience watching our livestream of Jason Colby's event (3:55); Jason Colby shares the story of how the orca went from being considered a pest and a killer to the gentle and intelligent creature we know today (5:09); Rex Holbein outlines 'The Block Project' architecture firm and their initiative to help the homeless by building small but sustainable lodging in Seattle residents' own backyards (11:13); Khaled Beydoun asserts...


Episode 18

Michael Pollan outlines the remarkably positive outcomes of the latest medical research on psychedelic substances (2:04); Yanis Varoufakis highlights the importance of understanding our own roles in the economy, and explains the ways in which it affects everything around us (10:45); Simon Winchester discusses precision engineering and asks us to consider whether we're becoming too reverent of perfection (15:45); and Steve Scher interviews Khaled Beydoun about the religious, racial, and...


Episode 17

Barbara Ehrenreich ruminates on the unpredictability of our body's cells and shares her philosophy of living a life she enjoys rather than extending a life she doesn't (4:10); Nomi Prins calls out the role of the central banking system and the Federal Reserve in the 2008 financial crisis and suggests potential healthy economic alternatives (10:00); Freeman Dyson reconciles scientific models with the natural world around us and asserts that the most interesting parts of science are the...


Episode 16

Annelise Orleck discusses the perceptions surrounding "working for the man" and advocates for unions and fair wages (4:58); Heidi Groover interrogates conspiracy theories surrounding smart meters in a performance of the Trust Issues Podcast Live (10:38); Åsne Seierstad tells the story of two Syrian refugee sisters living in Norway, and their return to Syria as Jihad Islamic extremists (19:00); and Steve Scher interviews Ashley Dawson about the impact of extreme weather and climate change...


Episode 15

In this episode of In The Moment Jini Palmer interviews Event Manager Amanda Winterhalter about Town Hall's recent event featuring Samantha Irby and Lindy West (1:49). Samantha Irby recounts an uproarious story about her time working at a veterinarian clinic (2:44); Adam Winkler outlines how American corporations have civil rights similar to those of individual citizens—and why we should restrict those rights (5:22); Chris Clearfield & Andras Tilcsik discuss the benefits of diversity for...


Episode 14

In this episode of In The Moment Erik Molano discusses his proximity to the #MeToo movement and shares ways we can re-frame our masculinity and avoid being part of the problem (2:47); Peter Levitt explores Zen Buddhist concepts of ourselves as whole beings, interdependent on one another and connected to all things (9:22); Deborah Espinosa shares details of recent bills that assist Washington's ex-convicts in securing employment and getting out of crippling debt (13:50); and Steve Scher...


Episode 13

The ISB Future of Health Panel discusses data from many different fields that points to a necessity for a holistic future of medicine; the Stimson Center Oceans Panel outlines the need for a tough but fair approach to curtail the damaging practice of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing; Amy Chua and Bill Radke explore concepts that drive humans to create tribes based on culture, aesthetics, or politics—and why these tribes are becoming more and more rigid; and Steve Scher...


Episode 12

Sang-Hee Lee reexamines our story of human evolution based on new bone fragments and anthropological findings (1:12); Erin Jones at the Urban Poverty Forum panel shares stories of experiencing racial difficulties in the US—surrounding white parents adopting a black child—which she never encountered in Europe (5:22); Jeremi Suri and Rajiv Chandrasekaran examine our heightened expectations of the office of the American presidency, and the issues and impacts out of the President's reach...


Episode 11

This episode of In The Moment highlights human agents of change—industries, technologies, frameworks of mental health, and an entire generation challenging the status quo. Anya Kamenetz outlines how screens affect our children and how we can shift mobile devices towards positive, safe, and educational uses (1:57); Nadine Burke Harris discusses ways to work together to counteract the negative and widespread effects of adverse childhood experiences (7:23); Andrew Keen and Alex Stonehill...


Episode 10

This episode of In The Moment highlights four speakers focused on the core values that define (or divide) us. Charles Mann discusses the visions of "the Wizard and the Prophet" and their duel over humanity's technological or environmental future; Denise Fairchild explores how our democratic confluence of beliefs fuels the way we live and what we choose to change about our energy future; Maryn McKenna outlines how consumer ideals are pushing the meat production industry away from...


Episode 9

Daniel Ellsberg addresses threats of nuclear conflict with North Korea and calls for citizens to engage with global conversations on nuclear weapons (3:10); and Frances McCue and Cary Moon discuss the importance of keeping urban development from displacing artist populations in our city (10:28). Steve Scher interviews three speakers from upcoming events: Devin Briski on multi-nationalists and the craft brewery movement (15:45); Emily Dufton on the historic pendulum of marijuana...


Episode 8

Neil Patrick Harris shares musings on inspirations for his young adult novel and the strengths we draw from our differences (1:05); Dr. Beverly Tatum outlines ways we can address our race and leverage our own influence to combat racist systems of advantage (5:40); Jaron Lanier, pioneer in virtual reality tech, addresses the risks of an advertisement-based economy (11:00); and Steve Scher compiles highlights from his previous interviews with this season’s speakers (17:37). Hosts Jini Palmer...


Episode 7

Samuel Ligon shares writing inspired by butter and spirits at Pie & Whiskey’s literary reading (3:50); Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler discuss psychological factors that impact how we handle our money (7:50); Oliver Uberti and Melinda Holland reveal new animal-tracking technology helping us explore and better understand the natural world (15:25); and Steve Scher interviews Feliks Banal from Seattle Radio Theater about their upcoming live revitalization of the beloved 1949 broadcast “The...


Episode 6

Brooke Gladstone cites 1984 and Brave New World as she discusses Democracy and human behavior (1:10); Pratap Chatterjee and Khalil Bendib address moral hardships and psychological issues in the lives of whistleblowers and drone pilots (7:59); Barry Blitt and Luke Burbank share stories of political commentary and satire through cartoons and comedy (14:27); and Steve Scher interviews Sara Wachter-Boettcher about sexist underpinnings in the computer science industry (18:11). Hosts Jini Palmer...


Episode 5

A panel of Seattle’s LGBTQ families discusses daily life in queer households (1:20); Gabrielle Langholtz, Renee Erickson, and Naomi Pomeroy delve into the culture and history of “American” cooking (6:45); Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro shares her political origin story and addresses issues of trust and communication between politicians and citizens (9:23); Theo Gray explores secrets of the molecules in light and sound and reflects on findings from failed experiments (14:18); and Steve Scher...


Episode 4

Mark Bowden discusses political and social fallout from the Vietnam war (1:15); Caitlin Doughty discusses "the Good Death," and the requirements behind being a mortician (7:36); Tali Sharot reveals the neuroscience behind the power of our brains to influence one another (12:44); Peter Wadhams brings a report on studies of sea ice from the front lines of climate change (17:44); and Steve Scher interviews David Neiwert about the consequences of false facts and fake news, and the steady rise...


Episode 3

Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright advocates for doctor-patient trust as the backbone of successful healthcare; Bob Sutton gives advice on how to deal with jerks in the workplace and ways to keep people from treating you like dirt; Max Tegmark discusses the importance of ethical standards in the development of Artificial Intelligence; and Steve Scher interviews journalist Masha Gessen on the rise of totalitarianism in Russia. Hosts Jini Palmer and Steve Scher select standout moments from the...


Episode 2

Daniel Handler and Sherman Alexie talk about Handler’s reason for writing his new book: All The Dirty Parts (1:22) John Nichols speaks about the vulnerabilities of the American political system (7:13) Sam Kean reveals the history of the air we breathe (12:55) Steve Scher talks with Major Margaret Witt about her successful constitutional challenge to the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy on military service by gays, bisexuals and lesbians (17:15). Hosts Jini Palmer and Steve Scher select...


Pilot Episode 1

In our first episode, Ijeoma Oluo answers an audience question about what we can do to regain power as American citizens (at 1:37); Al Franken and Eli Sanders discuss Franken's experience in the Senate and his thoughts on the current administration (at 5:50); Betsy Hartmann introduces the "America Syndrome" and how we are hard-wired for apocalyptic thinking (at 9:55); and Steve Scher interviews librarian Nancy Pearl about what it feels like as a first-time novelist (at 16:16). Hosts Jini...