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JAMPACKED - Ep. 42: Dom Von Bastian (Piercer)

💥Dom Von Bastian [ @Dom.Bastian] is a Hollywood Piercer [ @Domspiercings ]. Some of her clients include Kendrick Lamar, Amber Rose, and our very own Queen Kandi Cole. • • Dom stops by to talk: taking “pussy on a pedestal” to another level, why she likes watching people eat beef as a vegan, the notion of heartbreak, coming out, being in the music group, “R World” at a young age w/ AngelGold, and doing genital piercings. • • We play Botched Operation and Privacy over Sangria!


JAMPACKED - Ep. 41: DJ Shakee (DJ/Photographer/Editor/Co-host of The Function)

💥 🔊 DJ Shakee [ @djshakee ] is the Jack of all DJs, he’s a photographer [ @jordanabrantes ], editor, Co-host of The Function [ @thefunctionla ], Instructor at Scratch DJ Academy, and Media Director for the original World of Dance. The Function is on every Wednesday @ 3am|11am|7pm on Wild1 Radio [ @wild1radio ] available through the Tune In [ @tunein ] app. • • DJ Shakee stops by to talk: World of Dance the tv show vs. the original tour, dance competition TV shows, how people explain...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 40: Junior Hubbard (Owner of JanFam: The Movement)

💥🕺🏽Junior Hubbard is the Owner of JanFam: The Movement [ @janfamthemovement ], a dance education experience honoring Janet Jackson. • • Junior stops by to talk: JanFam: The Movement’s The Velvet Rope Tour: 20th Anniversary Workshop, how his childhood inspired JanFam, meeting Janet Jackson, what happened to his documentary, J - Tribe / JanFam: The Movement - A Janet Jackson Fan Film is a film uniting the fans as she was scheduled to embark on her “Unbreakable World Tour,” what keeps him...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 39: Vicky Pasche (CEO & Founder of Dapper Boi Clothing)

💥👕👖 Vicky Pasche [ @vickypasche ] is the CEO & Founder of the gender-neutral, everyday clothing line for androgynous individuals of all body types, Dapper Boi Clothing [ @dapperboi ]. Their journey started in April 2015 when they launched on Kickstarter, releasing a pair of slim-straight, androgynous jeans and exceeded their funding goal of $18,000, crowdfunding more than $26,000. • • Vicky stops by to talk: motherhood, her coming out story from upstate New York moving to San Diego,...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 38: AD Diggs (Owner of DiggTheKicks/of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood/of Lez Factor)

💥👟 AD Diggs [ @ad_diggs ] is the Owner of the genderless clothing company & sneaker shop, DiggTheKicks. She’s also a cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as well as on Lez Factor. • • A.D. stops by to talk: reason for getting in the real estate/property owning game, growing up Puerto Rican/Italian w/ a Black stepdad, putting an end to some rumors, who she gets confused for, coming out to her stepdad, the adjustment to being on reality tv, representing for the LGBTQ community on a...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 37: Miki Vale (Hip-Hop Artist/Activist/of Fifty50/U.S. Cultural Hip Hop Ambassador)

💥🎤 Miki Vale [ @mikivalethemc ] is a hip-hop artist, activist, half of Fifty50, member of The (SIS)TEM Crew, U.S. Cultural Hip Hop Ambassador, and Founder of Lovelight Connection. • • Miki stops by to talk: what about hip hop in particular that made her want to start as a hip-hop artist, vulnerability in her single “Grains of Sand,” how her logo came to be, what type of woman she’s looking for including deal breakers, San Diego’s Soulkiss (QWOC nights), self care, and the Lovelight...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 36: Return of the Glamazon!! Tyomi Morgan-Najieb (Sexpert/of ANTM/ of "GLAMerotica101")

💥 Tyomi Morgan-Najieb [ @realglamazontyomi ] is a Sexpert, Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach, Tantric Practitioner, Former Playboy Radio Host, and Creator of YouTube Channel, “GLAMerotica101.” She’s also the creator of “Collars for Fashion” that debuted at Exxxotica and of America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 14). • • Tyomi stops by to talk: twin flame vs. soulmate vs. life partner, sex magic, tips on approaching people, digital sex vs. real foreplay, her go-to sex move, being a twin, responsible...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 35: Kaori Nik (Owner of Kaori Nik Studios /of Lez Factor)

💥💄 Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist, Kaori Nik [ @kaorinikstudios ] is the Owner of Kaori Nik Studios Inc., Founder of AfroVegan Beauty Magazine [ @afroveganbeauty ], Cast member Of Lez Factor - season 4 & 5 [ @the_lez_factor ], and Creator of the YouTube channel, Kaori Nik Studios where you can find everything from basic beauty tutorials, sfx makeup and vlogs. • • Kaori stops by to talk: Vegan videos, her reason for becoming a Vegan, type of woman she’s attracted women to, what inspired her...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 34: Melantha Hodge(Founder of 1OFAKIND Entertainment)

💥🦄Melantha Hodge [ @melanthahodge ] is the Founder of 1OFAKIND Entertainment [ @1OFAKINDEnt ] as well as the Strategic Partnership Manager of the Los Angeles LGBT Center [ @lalgbtcenter ]. • • Melantha stops by to talk: how Blackplanet and AIM played an important role while in college, coming out to her family, deciding moment of knowing she was a lesbian, being Catfished vs. meeting women online, finding the balance while working w/ Chris Brown when he first got on the scene with his...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 33: DJ JiJi Sweet (Owner of Hustle Girl Entertainment / DJ )

💥 🔊DJ Jiji Sweet [ @djjijisweet ] is the Owner of Hustle Girl Entertainment as well as DJ reppin for the West Coast on SHADE 45 and 102.3 KJLH. • • Jiji stops by to talk: breaking the truth to artists, timing of the WNBA after playing college basketball at University of Arizona, how she was inspired to begin DJing, balancing being a DJ while in college and working in broadcasting, Miley Cyrus’ transition into adulthood in the industry, getting into the L.A. Market, what encouraged her to...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 32: T.A. & Joanna (Owners of Cannabis & Canvases / Kids N Kanvases / Crossfaded)

T.A. & Joanna are the Owners of Cannabis & Canvases [ @cannabisandcanvases ], Kids N Kanvases [ @KidsNKanvases ], and Crossfaded, the 30MG vodka-infused beverage with cannabis. • • T.A. & Joanna stop by to talk: how Cannabis & Canvases started, investing in yourself, the importance in how they begin each Puff N Paint session, what inspired their newest product from their Crossfaded line of cannabis infused alcohol, balancing a life and business partnership with one another while having a...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 31: Melanie Shaw (Professor of Africana Studies / Poet / Activist)

💥 Melanie Shaw [ @melb414 ] is a Professor in Africana Studies, University Writing, and Public Speaking. She’s also a Poet & Activist. Her poetry was first published in ‘Reasons To Never Return.’ She contributed to ‘Documenting the Black Experience: Essays on African American History, Culture and Identity in Nonfiction Films’ her section was called, “A Glance at Herstory”. • • Melanie stops by to talk: pushing boundaries, being your most vulnerable and truest self with your significant...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 30: Tyomi Morgan (Sexpert/of America's Next Top Model/ of "GLAMerotica101"

💥 Tyomi Morgan-Najieb [ @realglamazontyomi ] is a Sexpert, Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach, Tantric Practitioner, Former Playboy Radio Host, and Creator of YouTube Channel, “GLAMerotica101.” She’s also the creator of “Collars for Fashion” that debuted at Exxxotica and of America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 14). • • Tyomi stops by to talk: tantra, quest of having deep rooted sex, tantra vs. Kama sutra, when Beyonce talks surfboard, freely loving / having possible encounters while being married,...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 29: Madam Muse & J. Muse (Artists / of "Her Wife and Kids")

💥🎨 Madam Muse [ @iam.muse ] & J. Muse [ @j.muse ] are artists, entrepreneurs, creators of the YouTube Channel, “Her Wife and Kids,” [ @herwifeandkids ] an LGBTQ family breaking stereotypes including their series “Pillowtalk”...where nothing is off limits! • • The Muses stop by to talk: growing up being a preacher’s kid while hiding being a lesbian, how they became homeless while their daughters maintained being on honor roll, finding their passion, mental health, benefits of going to...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 28: Michelle Morgan, CLC (Owner of Vida Es Oro/Host of Mind Right Game Tight/Author)

💥🏀⚽️⚾️🎾🏓 Michelle Morgan, CLC [ @vidaesoro ] is the Owner of Vida Es Oro, Author of “How YOUth Triumph in Sports: Tools that create a triumphant life” (Available on Amazon), and the Host of Mind Right Game Tight. • • Michelle stops by to talk: being gay growing up playing basketball, her experience working as a 6th grade teacher on an Indian Reservation, how she worked her way up to become the Director of Programs at the Boys & Girls Club, having the strength to cut of toxic past...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 27: Deven "Skater Dee" Powers (Radio & TV Host/Rapper/Actor/Photographer)

💥🎙Deven “SkaterDee” Powers [ @devenpowers_ ] is a Radio & TV Host, Rapper, Actor, Celebrity Correspondent, and Photographer. • • Deven stops by to talk: almost dying in his last 6 months of a 10 year sentence, what member of the Gap Band gave him his first drum set, creating the Rick James parody, going to therapy, how he ended up in prison, life after prison, how he occupied his time during his sentence, domestic violence awareness, and what projects he has coming next. • • We play a This...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 26: Chelley Chelle (Host of LesTalk Radio)

💥🎙 Chelley Chelle [ @chelleychellesig ] is the host of LesTalk Radio [ @lestalkradio ] and a former stand-up comedian. • • Chelley Chelle stops by to talk: risks of being disfellowshipped from Jehovah’s Witness to be her truest self, finding happiness, comedy in her journey of self, which celebrities that allegedly stole her jokes, giving comedians a joke, the concept of LesTalk and why it is a need, how she lost 165 lbs. without working out in less than 8 months, what inspired her to get...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 25: Brandi Kane [Emcee/ of The (SIS)TEM/of The Lez Factor]

💥🎙 Brandi Kane [ @brangeladavis ] is an Emcee (signed to Pretty iLL Entertainment), Member of the women’s collective hip hop crew - THE (SIS)TEM, Activist, and cast member of the web series Lez Factor. Brandi stops by to talk: how she got started in the rap game, what keeps her motivated, how she balances information she receives in a social media driven society, her process in creating Shots Fired with the different injustices going on in the world, encouraging the community to be...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 24 - Shava’sha “SdotNoel” Dickerson (Comedian/Singer/Songwriter/Background Vocalist)

💥🎙 Shava’sha “SdotNoel” Dickerson [ @SdotNoel ] is Comedian, Singer, Songwriter, and Background Vocalist for Ciara.💥 SdotNoel talks: finding a significant other, how she became the Background Vocalist for Ciara, the balance of comedy and singing, loving & investing in herself, the impact of having depression as a teen the way she sees the world, coming out at a young age in a very religious family and letting life happen. We play Um...So... next attempt to bring “JoJo and Daddy Bake a...


JAMPACKED - Ep. 23: Brooke Coleman (Jampacked Video Production/Photographer/Editor)

💥 🔌Brooke Coleman [ @wayupbrooke ] is a 🎧DJ, 🎤Emcee, 📸Photographer, 🎨Editor and the 🎥🎙Voice behind the Jampacked camera. Brooke and Jameela go down memory lane of past episodes, celebrate 420 and the reason it is 420, how Jampacked came to be, blended families, sliding in her DMs, brainstorm the future Jampacked Dating episode, being a creative, and her method to achieving patience. Brooke freestyles for us and we finally play Novelas! They play Um...So... & bring “Amelia Bedelia: On...