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Limelight Highlight EP8. New Year New Podcast

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This episode is the first of the 2019 year as well as the first of its format. We did a little bit of changing as far as how episodes are released and how the script of the podcast is recorded. Today we talk about positive news articles that I discovered through the previous week. Sources: VOX magazine & For more questions on the podcast, how you can contribute or how to reach me you can follow and contact me via instagram: Limelighthighlight Facebook:...


Limelight Highlight EP7. The Block Gives Back Tommy, Felix & Kev

Today we're visited by Tommy, Kev and Felix. The founder and President of The Block Gives Back. We discuss how The Block Gives Back was started, where the idea was born, what the group was expecting and how its grown today. We talk about the future of the organization and the plans for growth and how you can get started running your own non profit organization. The group of individuals that make up The Block Gives Back are some of the most hard working people you will ever hear from. Please...


Limelight Highlight EP6. Danny "Limelight" Rivera

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by Danny "Limelight" Rivera. Danny is a father, wrestler, superhero (spiderman), youth sports coach and currently enlisted active duty of the United States Marine Corps. Danny spoke with us on how he got started going to children's hospitals and birthday parties dressed as Spiderman. He also speaks about what took him down this path to making a positive impact on those around him and his world. We hope you enjoy this episode. Thank you for tuning...


Limelight Highlight EP. 5 Yvonne Ramirez

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by Yvonne Ramirez. Yvonne is a Comm major and is the spearhead of a project she is leading on providing bus shelters in a significant park in San Diego known as Chicano Park. Yvonne informs us on the significance and history of the park as well as he opinions on how we can become more accepting. I hope our listeners come away more enlightened and accepting of others. Enjoy! If you wish to learn more or want to get in contact with Yvonne she can be...


Limelight Highlight EP. 4 Hakeem "Keem" S. Ruiz

Philly in the house! In this episode we are joined by the Vice President of The Block Gives back. If you heard my previous podcasts with the Heathens I have mentioned them multiple times. Hakeem also goes by "Keem" was generous enough to go out of his way to join us on the podcast and give us some insight on how The Block Gives Back started and how life was like growing up in Philadelphia. If you want to know more about Keem or The Block Gives Back check out these sources: Facebook:...


Limelight Highlight EP. 3 Meghan Cunningham

For this episode our guest is Meghan CunningHam. Meghan works for a non profit organization known as TERI Inc. She works as a program supervisor for adults with disabilities. She has been working with the mentally disabled for over 11 years. Meghan had agreed to join us on the podcast to give us a glimpse into what it takes to work in this type of field. If you wish to learn more about TERI Inc. and wish to volunteer or donate you can do so at: Website: Facebook:...


Limelight Highlight EP. 2 Benjamin Timm

In this episode of the Limelight Highlight I traveled up to San Marcos, CA were Double Barrel Fitness is located. We are joined by an old friend on mine from the Marine Corps named Benjamin Timm. Benjamin is the founder and owner of Double Barrel Fitness. He has influenced the lives of multiple people through his gym and his approach to both business and fitness. Join us as Benjamin talks about where he grew up how he got started and lives he's impacted throughout his time as a gym owner. I...


Limelight Highlight EP. 1 Kenton Hundley

WELCOME to the first edition of the Limelight Highlight. This podcast is meant to highlight groups or individuals who are making a change for the better in their communities, the lives of others, or the world in general. For the First episode we have Kenton Hundley as our guest. Kenton is a teacher and a poet who has made a positive impact on the lives of his students along with inspiring young teachers and poets to be the change they want to see in their own lives. You can follow Kenton on...