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M4M21: It's Cuffing Season Y'all!

Guess who's back, queerios?!! That's right, it's us--you're favorite queer podcasters! To say we missed you would be an understatement. We've got aaaaaaaall the T for you in this episode. Trent slept with who?! Chris likes guys who eat toenails?! You don't want to miss a second of season 3 of Masc4Masc. Get into it and leave a review if you love us. Praise satan bbz!!


M4M20: VMGays (Season 2 finale)

Another season has come and gone, bbz! In the season finale of Masc4Masc, we are diving into the 2018 VMAs. You'll hear our top and bottom lewks from the VMAs, we give the deets about some of our favorite queer artists (WE STILL NEED MORE), the two of us play truth & dare, and of course we plug some serious stuff. Get. Into. It. Queerios!


M4M19: #InstaGays

Hey Queerios! You know y'all girls love to serve it. In this episode of Masc4Masc, our cute LGBT podcast, we're giving you aaaaaall the life. Instagays, boatpics, how to clock a gay™, social media tips, and a NEW gayme: ShowPoppers! GET. INTO. IT. OH! Slide into our DMs on instagram, we LOVE it!!! @m4mpodcast


M4M18: US Tour (JK)!!!

Our kewt queeries! Hi! 👋In this episode of our LGBT+ podcast, we cover everyooone's favorite topic: dating. *trent gay screams* We talk about our dating lives, give some dating app reviews in 2 sentences or less, go over some dealbreakers, and... last, but not least... we list out some questions you should NEVER ask on a date.


Quickie: Weekends Amirite?!

Linda, listen!!! We're really sorry we missed this week for a full episode, but enjoy this quickie episode all about Trent's most embarrassing moment. Leave us a review, share an episode with a friend, slide into our DMs, and check out our article for City Weekly!


M4M17: Let's Get a Few Things Straight

Hiiiieeee queerios! It's another week and another episode of your favorite gay podcast and we've got some delicious content just for you. Raise your hand if you've been asked about gay slang/terms 🙋🙋🙋! Yeah, us too!! In this episode we're serving gay terms, we serving educational articles, we're serving gaymes, and you know we're serving some plugs, hennnny! Review, subscribe, share, and like on instagram--#DUH!!!


M4M16: Daddy Issues

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin this episode of our cute lil' gay podcast, we are serving up some major Demi Lovato vibes with our daddy issues. We'll have a little chat about some daddies/zaddies, name some celebs who don't mind the gap when it comes to dating, and *of course* play gaYmes--this week it's Musical Moments!! Strap it on and strap it in, queerios! Y'all don't want to miss this one. PS: Should we make 'Peen Girls' shirts?!!? Let. Us. Know. On. Insta.


M4M15: March On!

Grab some tissues, grab a notebook, or grab a drink because this episode is a little bit of every emotion. We're putting y'all *thrrrrough* it. We're trying something a little different for this episode and introducing our Queero (queer hero) segments/episodes. In these little hookup moment episodes, we'll share the story of a Queero. Our first Queero, Connell O'Donovan, shares his story about the first few pride marches in Utah... that he planned! He also tells us a handful of other great...


M4M14: How to be an Ally!

Pride month is over and we're DEVASTATED!!! *Luckily,* pride is a 24/7, 365 kind of gig! We've got a super kewt episode on our gay podcast for y'all. It's all about how to be an ally. We serve you allyship tips, we serve you gaymes, and we serve you lots and lots of laughs. *queue bootylicious by destiny's child* Can you handle this?


M4M13: Let's Have a Kiki

Chris & Trent do the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Utah Gala! We served some serious lewks for the children. Besides looking like the queens we are, we were feeling some sort of way after the kiki so we want to share our top highlights on our super queer podcast. *OF COURSE* we play some gaymes and share what/who we want to plug! Strap in and strap it on, you don't miss the latest episode of the best gay podcast, henny!


M4M12: The Gayest Agenda (feat. Lucas Horns)

Have we got an episode for you!!! We're talking about the only agenda that matters: THE GAY ONE!! In this episode of our super kewt & super gay podcast, we're serving you some LGBTQ+ projects that are making a great impact across the country. PLUUUUS we've got the myth, the legend, the man himself: Lucas Horns! He's talking all about his life in Salt Lake City and the masterpiece he orchestrated: Project Rainbow! 👏Get 👏Into 👏It 👏Sis 👏


M4M11: How to be Masc

We're baaaaaaaaack!! Did y'all miss us? Because, WE MISSED YOU! Season 2 of the Masc4Masc Podcast is going to be the best one yet. In our first episode, we talk about what we've been up to these past few months, we go over what Masc4Masc means & why we picked it for our name, and *of course* play a kewt lil' game. OH--check out our new website, too, at!


M4M10: 10 Questions You Shouldn't Ask LGBTQ+ Folks (Season Finale)

THE SEASON 1 FINALE OF OUR LIL' GAY PODCAST Y'ALL!! We had the cutest little kiki together to wrap-up season 1 of the Masc4Masc podcast. AND don't worry this isn't goodbye, it's just see ya later ;) We go over 10 questions you shouldn't ask LGBTQ people and give a few alternatives, we *of course* play a little game that's TOO funny, and we say some goodbyes! Leave a review on itunes, subscribe on your favorite podcast app, add us on social (@m4mpodcast), AAAAAAND please share with *all*...


M4M9: Chris Glaittli

Sit down and hold onto a chair because you're about to get ALL your life. Trent interviews Chris so all y'all thirsty bitches can get to know the other voice of Masc4Masc podcast. He's serving up childhood stories, he's giving you present day realness, and you get a sneak-peek into what the future Chris might look like, too. Stick around to the end for a KEWT game of would you rather. Hand jobs & salutations!


M4M8: Trent Morrison

We *know* you're ready for his jelly! From Oregon to his coming out story to his love for RuPaul Drag Race to self-love, you're getting ALL of Trent Morrison--co-host of the podcast--in this episode, hunnnnnay! There's some rapid fire moments, a few fun games, and some more "serious" questions. We hope you *love* this kewt lil' episode, henny! If you do, leave us a review and tell a friend (or 10) about the podcast. We'd love you forever!!


M4M7: Gays Are Ruining Marriage

We are talking all things marriage equality & love. We've got quotes from the Pence-serpent himself, we've got some celeb shoutouts, we've got a cute game... we're honestly serving it UP for all the children. You'll love it. We love you. Oh--find us on social media @m4mpodcast 💖


M4M6: Matthew Petersen

Y'all!!! We have our first guest and it's none other than Matthew Petersen. Not only is Matthew one of the most genuine & authentic people you'll ever meet, but he's also a fierce friend with PLENTY of fun stories. We dive-in with some deeper questions about his life and play a game we're calling "between the cheeks." Also don't miss the t-shirt ideas that he cranks out for us--they're incredible. Listen or, better yet, laugh along with us during this episode of Masc4Masc!


M4M5: LGBTQ Superheroes

Besides us, who are your favorite superheroes? In episode 5, we're talking about our fav LGBTQ+ superheroes and they're honestly ICONIC. Plus we sprinkled in some Black Panther for all y'all thirsty hoes AND we've got a new little gaYme that you'll love: guess the gay!! Get. Into. It. Hunnys.


M4M4: Herstory of Drag

Soooooo Trent is obsessed with drag queens. In this episode of our super gay podcast, he's giving a quick & dirty history of drag queens, we'll let you in on our drag names, and Trent quizzes Chris on a few drag terms. This and SOOooOoOO much more wait for you in this week's Masc4Masc Podcast. Okurrrrr?


M4M3: V-Day & Olympics

Alright, masc4masc-ers! We get into the REAL holiday to celebrate on Feb. 14, self-care/love, the gayest winter olympics EVER, and play a "fun" game Trent made up called "awkward food to eat in public" (not really a game... hahaha). All of this, AND MORE, can be found in episode 3 of masc4masc podcast!