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4 Things I Learned from Black Men

Welcome to the noseyAF Podcast! This week it's just you and me, I've been photographing Black men for my new exhibition and I wanted to tell you somethings I learned that I wanted to share. I feel like I got this peek behind the curtain, and I just wanted to share some fun facts.


skateboarding and punk rock in the Mexican community w/Alex Rojas

Welcome back to the noseyAF podcast Episode 22! This week we talk to my friend filmmaker Alex Rojas about punk culture in the Mexican community. Alex is a wealth of knowledge and my buddy, he schools us this episode yall. I hope you enjoy. Alex is a filmmaker in LA. Check out his work:


this isnt a real episode

My show opened at boundary and though I had a great time! I'm so exhausted yall! I had an idea for an episode this week, and the plan for the episode just failed. I didn't want to leave you hanging. So just hear me out. Thanks for listening. Stephanie


Africans in the Jamaican Club, Going Dutch, and Tyra Banks w/Michelle G

Episode 20! It's a throwback today too! I'm sharing a So This One Guy episode with you from Michelle G. Ya see back in 2013 I thought my project So This One Guy was going to be a multimedia project but I made the project smaller and focused on video. This conversation is old but its good stuff here and I'm excited to share 2013 me with you. Enjoy! Can't wait to hear your thoughts


Parties, Tesla, and Hip Hop OH MY! with KMoon

Yall my guest KMoon is a regular girl from the west side of Chicago that Keeps Making Opportunities Outta Nothing. I met KMoon at a mutual friends birthday party and found her super interesting. Mostly because her business names would sound like she had a full crew, but it was really just her, like who does that?! LOL Folks know KMoon because she throws parties, but she also does charity work, produces concerts, flips houses. I mean she is basically Oprah. It's my goal this episode of...


90 Day Fiancé, Exhibitions and Friendship

Have yall been watching 90 Day Fiancé? Well if not get on it, its the craziest thing I've ever seen and it's making me question what friendship means. I can't wait to talk about this with you. Episode 18 OMG! I have a new exhibition coming up September 29th at boundary. I would for you to attend. Journey of a Rap Star September 29th- November 3rd, 2018. Opening Reception September 29th at 5:30-pm


017 doing good just because and $45 purple hands

The Million Waves Project is one of the coolest organizations I've run across in a while, and I'm excited to share them with you. So today, you and I are chatting it up with the founder of the Million Waves Project Chris Moriarty so that he can tell us not only the cool thing he does but also what its like to run a not for profit as Chris has just been doing this for seven months. It's on and popping with this episode. Its super inspiring. Oh, and there is a basic necessity giveaway...


noseyAF Season Two!

Yall! Season Two is just around the corner! I'm excited and this quick little episode is just a shout out to let you know I'm still here. I'm being vulnerable and letting yall know... I missed a deadline but I'm still here! See you soon! Season Two Starts September 3rd!


015 Quality over Quantity, Baby its Episode 15

Yall we have made it to episode 15 and its all I talk about. We have made it to the final episode of Season 1 but wait...theres more!!


014 How to Speak to Someone Whom You Don't Remember

Yall this past weekend I totally ran into someone who I just could not remember. I feel awful, wanted to tell you about it and then also share what to do if you find yourself in the same situation.. I'm here to save the day yall! I got you. Show notes available at


013 Baseball, metal music, and friends who need a place to stay.

Episode 13! Ursula is the co-host of the podcast Flipping Bats and Winning Games a podcast about baseball, focused primarily on New York baseball affairs. Ursula and I talk baseball, but we spend most of the time talking about her friend Barabara a girl who overstayed her welcome. What do you do with those friends who need a place to stay? Another cool thing is that Ursula is really into metal music so we talk that too!! Check out Ursula's Podcast Flipping Bats and Winning Games...


012 Artwork, Filmlife and Family Vacations

Yall, I'm back from a week-long family vacation, and though I'm still decompressing the world wind of a family trip. I have some thoughts. Also wanted to share some fun news about my art so check me out for this quick and easy episode cause I'm excited to update you.


Trying New Things in a "You Wanna Do What ?" Kind of Way with Monica Rivera

It was fun to talk to Monica, about her podcast experience with her show "You Wanna Do What" and hearing all the different experiences she's had. A fun brown girl Ki Ki about adventure and podcasting, I hope you'll dig this episode.


010 Just a Wandering With Your Family of Six with Abby McNair

Yall if you didn't know, I want to remind you that black women are number one ! mmmkay! I know yall didn't need that reminder because if you are following me, you believe that. #yesyesyallAbby McNair, with her husband and four babies, are boppin around the world yall, LITERALLY WANDERIN' living their best life! Abby of All We Do is Wander is a family of 6 nomads traveling the world! Last year they were in Latin America this year we are bouncing through Asia. Abby and I talked about black...


009 The Who, What, Where and dating life of a Hebrew Israelite with Andre Yisrael

Andre is a Hebrew Israelite. I'm not sure if you know this, but Hebrew Israelites get sort of a bad rap for not being welcoming and some radical when one challenges their faith. Thankfully for us, Andre a member of this faith, sat with me to discuss the ins and outs of what being a Hebrew Israelite means and gives me an idea if finding an Israelite boyfriend/girlfriend is a good idea, or not. I'm thankful for people like Andre saying yes and allowing me to ask dumb questions. I'm excited...


008 Rap Beefs, Barbecue Sauce, and Getting Back to Innocence

Performance Artist Drunken Monkeee is without a doubt one of the energetic performers you will ever see! I'm not just saying that either, his performances are super fun. Even though Monkeee is based in Minnesota right now, he was in town to perform and visit family, and I was happy that he said yes when I went on a limb and asked him to come by for the podcast. If you love hip-hop, underground hip-hop, social justice and pop culture, this is a fun chit chat with Drunken Monkeee. Links...


007 Collecting Art and Sustainable Design with Kandy Christensen of Meandering Design

Just like Kandy!!! Do you know that song, I think the lyrics go in a way a little bit racier but none the less, its a cute kick off as a description for this weeks podcast guest, Kandy Christensen from Meandering Design. Kandy came through to my studio and told me all about collecting art. Kandy and I are both art collectors, but Kandy talks to us today about her getting started in art collecting, as well as sustainable design for not only your home and workspace but also... your health....


006 Scott Jones on Filmmaking, Hipster Racism and Popeyes

After many a back and forth I was finally able to track down my buddy and filmmaker Scott Tanner Jones, to talk to about his filmmaking career in Los Angeles! We also talk about what its like to be a white man in today's political climate, Popeyes chicken (can you believe Scott has never had Popeyes!!!!) and also Hipster Racism. I'm excited about today's episode! Follow Scott on Instagram Check out Scott's webseries Carbone


The Who,What,Where and a Guy Named Rashid

OMG! Big Things Poppin! Episode Number 5! A mini milestone for me that I am taking seriously! I realized that today's episode maybe should have been one of the first, but I like it as number 5. Today it's about me yall! Well, it's about you and me! No guest just me sharing with you the details about Who I am and my goal with Nosey AF! I never introduced myself to you, I just hit the ground running, and if you got a few minutes I would like to do that! I'm asking for feedback on this show...


Why Folks Stay Broke... w/ Finance Rebel Camari Ellis

Yall folks stay broke, and I hate that! Ugh, I hate it so much, but I also can relate!! I feel like a payroll service when it comes to handling my money UGH! I don't know about you, but I'm always thinking of ways to manage my money, save my money, correctly spend my money, and how to get money from these dudes out here! Okay, the last one I'm joking about, but still, the money stays on my mind. I had been talking to my friend Camari since he is a money expert and then I thought oooh...