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One of Toronto's most popular brunch spots is closing

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Canada's favourite (ice dancing) couple, announced they are retiring after 22 years. A popular King West brunch spot is closing at the end of the month, and a longtime pet store and aquarium has reopened in Chinatown. The GTA is home to the top five least affordable federal ridings in Canada, and the country's population could double in the next 50 years. Plus, Cosmos Agora is a Greek grocery store with a meat market and hot table, serving some of the best...


Cop catches driving instructor making illegal U-turn on a Toronto highway

Drake was given an exemption from the city, and will be allowed to build higher fences around his Bridle Path property. Presto will be dropping the minimum load requirement on their cards, and an OPP officer took advantage of a teachable moment on Highway 410, and caught the whole thing on video. Plus, Boat King of Thai Noodles is a new restaurant named for a special type of soup not found in many other Thai places in Toronto.


How Toronto residents are fighting back against illegal election signs

Toronto has seen an influx of monarch butterflies as of late. Residents on the Danforth have found a way to fight back against illegal election signs. Ontario is doing cannabis legalization wrong, and illegal weed retailers in the city have had enough. As TIFF 2019 comes to a close, we take a look at JoJo Rabbit, the polarizing film that took home the People's Choice Award. Plus, Naija Jollof is a food stall in Mississauga serving hearty Nigerian dishes, that can be hard to find elsewhere.


Construction in Toronto, but make it fashion

The Bunz saga continues, with dozens of volunteer-run Facebook groups rebranding to "Palz." The owner of a Pape Village clothing store is using the construction site in front of her shop as a fashionable backdrop to promote her products, and it happens more than you’d think, but some people like to watch porn on the TTC. Plus, Project Glyph is a new coffee shop that believes less is more when it comes to design, but not when it comes to their Korean-style macarons.


Future of Bunz uncertain in Toronto after scaling back staff and digital currency vendors

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello posted a video of them sucking face, and the internet reacted accordingly. Bunz, the Toronto-based online bartering network just laid off staff members and scaled back their digital currency system. People are calling on the city to put in place better safety measures for the Yonge-Eglinton area. Plus, a recap of some of the best and worst films at TIFF so far, and enjoy the last sips of summer with an ice cold glass of ramen.


Bianca Andreescu finally got a message from Drake

It appears that Bianca Andreescu hitched a ride back to Toronto on Drake and Lebron James' private jet, and the US Open champion finally got that DM from Drizzy. The Leafs and Marlies will train at the newly-named Ford Performance Centre. Police in Halton are looking for a Ben Affleck lookalike who allegedly stole a bottle from the LCBO, and why are TTC fare evasion fines so much higher than parking tickets? Plus, Toronto has another Jollibee near Wilson Station.


Popular busker Duckman is leaving Toronto

Adam Sandler had fans singing Happy Birthday to him on the TIFF red carpet for Uncut Gems last night. The Weeknd was also there looking like a young Lionel Richie. US Open champ Bianca Andreescu is waiting for a shoutout from Drake, and a Toronto busker known as Duckman has to go back to Japan. The city is looking to ban e-scooters, and Chantecler Boucherie is your one-stop shop for artisanal pantry staples and quality cuts of meat.


Toronto man yells at Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is in town for TIFF, and a video shows him being yelled at by a guy near Yonge-Dundas Square. Tom Hanks did, in fact, drop by a local coffee shop, and posed for photos. MattyFest was dubbed as a music and food festival, but organizers ran out of the latter, and attendees were upset, and hungry. A literal garage is on the market for $600K. Plus, Hotel Delilah features a tropical pescatarian menu downstairs, and an Airbnb unit upstairs.


Toronto's first Chick-fil-A opens to massive lines and protests

Two types of people showed up at the grand opening of Canada's first Chick-fil-A in Toronto, those who lined up for the chicken, and activists opposed to the chain’s anti-LGBTQ2 dealings and their treatment of animals. Drunk raccoons have been spotted near Ottawa. Members of PETA interrupted the opening night of TIFF to call on organizers to cut ties with Canada Goose, and speaking of the fest, we recap some of the movies that played on day one. Plus, Phat Kaphrao is a tiny Thai place...


Dockless e-scooters are now available in only one part of Toronto

Bird Canada announced that their dockless e-scooters are now available to ride in Toronto, but there's a catch. The LCBO has partnered with Foodora which means you can now get booze delivered right to your door in about an hour. A mouse was spotted inside Chick-fil-A and they’re not even open to humans yet. TIFF has begun, and the King Street closure is already causing trouble for commuters. Plus, you can play sports in the dark at the new Soccer Glow Kingdom in Vaughan.


One of Toronto's most beautiful bookstores is closing

A local coffee shop is once again trying to lure an A-lister during this year's TIFF. Speaking of the festival, it kicks off tomorrow, and you will hear about some of the buzziest films, like Todd Phillip's Joker. Toronto was once again named one of the most liveable cities, and a popular bookstore downtown is closing. Plus, Les Epicuriens is a new ice cream parlour that doesn't overthink the cone.


Protests planned for Chick-fil-A grand opening in Toronto

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been spotted together in Toronto. Tim Hortons is having trouble keeping stock of their coffee cups with Mendes’ face on them. Chick-fil-A will open their first Canadian location at Yonge and Bloor on Friday, and there are already plans for a protest. John Tory announced upgrades to the Vision Zero campaign, and we were reminded of the time the city tried to make a pedestrian cellphone ban happen. Plus, Uai Pizzeria serves Brazilian pizzas, for lunch,...


Thousands of tickets have been issued to drivers in Toronto since the start of the King Street transit project

Playing the new Toronto version of Monopoly is probably the only way most of us will be able to afford property in this city. Since the King Street transit project began, police have issued a record number of tickets to motorists. The guy who flew his drone over the Raptors celebrations is now being fined, and speaking of the Raps, they are bringing back their dino jerseys for their 25th anniversary season. Plus, Songtsen Cafe is a cozy new spot in Parkdale serving traditional and affordable...


Tim Hortons is putting Shawn Mendes' mug on its cups

Ontario will officially ban cellphones in classrooms starting in November. Creepy promo people were spotted handing out candy floss in downtown Toronto during the morning commute. Those bendy TTC streetcars will hit the end of the road after 30 years of service, and Shawn Mendes is teaming up with Tim Hortons ahead of his sold-out show at the Rogers Centre. Plus, Yard Sale is a new cocktail bar in Leslieville with a retro vibe, and free snacks.


Dr. Seuss exhibition set to make its world premiere in Mississauga this fall

Scientists have been analyzing our feces for a 12 month study on drug use across Canada. Alcohol sales could be coming to a TTC convenience store near you, and the Farmer's Almanac says we are in for a frigid and frosty winter. A new interactive Dr. Seuss exhibition will make its global debut in Mississauga this October, and Chi Dim Sum near Yonge and Eglinton is taking the all-day dim sum experience up a notch.


A tomato bandit keeps stealing from a popular Toronto pasta shop

A brazen tomato thief is being called out by a popular Toronto pasta shop, and a Chinatown favourite could be replaced by a new development. Former Raptor Danny Green and comedian Russell Peters were spotted dining together in Brampton, and an establishment in Scarborough is being dragged for a tasteless joke. Plus, Bar Poet is your new Queen West spot for affordable pizzas and Baltimore-inspired cocktails called Spaghetts.


Popeyes in Toronto does not carry the new chicken sandwiches

The new chicken sandwich from Popeyes has become a viral sensation, but Canadian locations aren't carrying it, even though the chain is a subsidiary of a Toronto-based company. The Blue Jays all-white uniforms were a boot, and a technical difficulty left fans feeling ghosted by the Jonas Brothers at Scotiabank Arena on Friday. Plus, SugarKane is a new restaurant on the Danforth that combines Caribbean-style eats with Cajun-style home cooking.


Toronto can't believe CNE sculptures aren't all butter

There’s a butter scandal at the Exhibition that has people feeling like they have been lied to. Police say it was an Uber driver who caused a big accident at Bay and College. On the topic of Uber, Toronto’s Pearson Airport just installed kiosks that allow passengers to hail a ride without a smartphone, and a section of the Danforth is being repainted to promote safer streets. One of the city’s two Bier Markts is closing, and Super Bakers in Etobicoke specializes in empanadas and Filipino...


Canada's Wonderland was just named one of the world's 100 greatest places

Canada's Wonderland was ranked as one of the greatest places in the world to visit, according to TIME. A former NBA All-Star shares his hot take as to why players don't want to stay in Toronto. A mother is speaking out after her 14-year-old son was taken down by three police officers. In the past five years, condo prices have doubled in eight Toronto neighbourhoods, and a second Eataly could be coming to the city. Plus, Avling Brewery in Leslieville is all about local and sustainable eating...


Toronto's most questionable rentals

The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto just set a new record, but what are you really paying for? We explore some of the city's worst rentals.