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Episode 71. Greg/History That Doesn't Suck

This week Jeremy talks to Prof. Greg Jackson of the History That Doesn't Suck podcast! Greg is an actual History professor who delivers entertaining, sometimes sarcastic, but ALWAYS factual history in a way that...well...doesn't suck! Follow History That Doesn't Suck on Twitter at @HistThatDntSuck Find HTDS on the interwebz at www.historythatdoesntsuck.com/ Follow Podcasts We Listen To on Twitter at @PWLTpodcast Join the PWLT Facebook group here...


Episode 70. Kim/People Are Wild

Imagine you are a travelling ER nurse. Imagine all the crazy, silly, and downright stupid things you would see. This week, Jeremy talks to Kim from the People Are Wild podcast. Kim IS that nurse, and they get into those things and so much more! Follow People Are Wild on Twitter @peoplearewild Follow Podcasts We Listen To on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Email us at PWLTpodcast@gmail.com Join the PWLT Facebook group where 20,000 podcast listeners and creators are already talking up a storm!...


Throwback Thursday with Josh Hallmark!

Ordinarily, PWLT releases on Wednesday. But, while we catch up on editing, we thought we'd drop a Throwback Thursday episode. This was the 4th episode ever released. It features Josh Hallmark who, at the time, was only hosting two shows. Those being The Karen and Ellen Letters and Our Americana. We'll be back next week with a fresh new episode!


Episode 69. Jim Harold!

This week, Jeremy chats with the legendary Jim Harold! The podfather of paranormal podcasts, Jim has been podcasting since 2005!!! The guys discuss How Jim got started before most people even knew about podcasts, Jim gives advice to aspiring podcasters, and they discuss Jim's FOUR podcasts! Visit www.JimHarold.com for links to Jim's social media pages and groups, his podcasts, and more! It's the hub for all things Jim Harold! Want to help support the show? That's because you are...


Episode 68. Tim/Shaping Opinion

This week Jeremy talks to Tim O'Brien of the Shaping Opinion podcast. Shaping Opinion is a podcast about how marketing shapes the opinions of the public. But it's much more than that! A little history, a little marketing, and a lot of human nature. The guys talk about all this and a lot more! Follow Shaping Opinion on Twitter @ShapingOpinion Find Shaping Opinion on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/shapingopinion/ Follow Podcasts We Listen To on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Email PWLT at...


Episode 67, Jeff/Changing Hearts and Minds

This week Jeremy talks to Jeff Adamec, host of the Changing Hearts and Minds podcast. Jeff is a former Green Beret who received the Silver Star, four Bronze Stars, and an Army Commendation Medal for Valor! The guys discuss Jeff's career, his efforts to help veterans ease their transition into civilian life, the value of seeking help when you need it, and some conspiracies. Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffAdamec Find Jeff on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JeffreyAdamec/ Follow...


Episode 66. Brian Held Jr/The Week in Geek

PWLT is back from the hiatus we took while Jeremy moved! He is officially living in Philly now! Our first guest in Philly is Brian Held Jr of The Week in Geek! The Week in Geek is all about geeky/nerdy goings on and pop culture. It is also a weekly radio show on WRNO FM in New Orleans! Follow The Week in Geek on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TWIGradio Find The Week in Geek on Facebook at The Week in Geek Radio Show Follow Podcasts We listen To on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Email the show...


Special Replay of Episode 1

Jeremy is moving to Philly! Because of that, We thought it would be fun to re-publish episode 1 which features Nina Innsted of the Already Gone podcast! We were shocked, listening back, at how much the audio quality has improved since this episode originally aired. Also, listen to the difference in Jeremy's confidence level! It's so cute listening to him as a baby podcaster. Our little boy is all grown up! Hope you enjoy the replay. Feel free to give Jeremy crap over the differences you...


Episode 65. Maeve & Jeremy/Sexland

This week Jeremy chats with Maeve and Jeremy 2 about their podcast Sexland! Sexland gets into dating, relationships, communication and (of course) sex. On this episode we talk about How Maeve and Jeremy met, advise on dating, Jeremy C's mom and much more! Follow Sexland on Twitter @SexlandPodcast Find Sexland on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sexlandpodcast/ Follow Podcasts We Listen To on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the discussion in the PWLT Facebook group here: Podcasts We...


Episode 64. Josh, Ryan, Greg/Rumor Flies

This week Jeremy talks to Josh and Ryan who host the New Orleans based podcast Rumor Flies, as well as their producer Greg! Ever wonder if Pirates really talk like that? Ever been eviscerated by a Chinchilla? Ever taken a Minty Burny? All that and more on this week's show! Follow Rumor Flies on Twitter @RumorFlies Find Rumor flies on Facebook, Instagram and more at http://www.rumorfliespodcast.com/ Follow Podcasts We Listen To on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the other 19,000 members...


Episode 63. Kev Eustace/We Need to Talk About Ghosts

This week Jeremy talks to Kev Eustace of We Need to Talk About Ghosts! A paranormal podcast with a little humor and a touch of skepticism! The guys get into Kev's podcast as well as personal experiences with the paranormal. Follow We Need to Talk About Ghosts on Twitter @talkaboutghosts Find WNtTAG on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/talkaboutghosts/ Follow Podcasts We Listen To on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the 20K member PWLT Facebook group and join the discussion about all...


Episode 62. Mark Bologna/Beyond Bourbon Street

This week is all about Jeremy's hometown of New Orleans! New Orleans is food, drinks, music, and attitude. Mark Bologna of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast is your tour guide. Whether you are planning a trip there, or just always wanted to visit, Mark provides the insider's guide to the Big Easy. Jeremy may be a New Orleans native, but even he sees Mark as his ambassador to the Crescent City. Follow Beyond Bourbon Street on Twitter @BeyondBourbonSt Join the BBS group on Facebook at...


Episode 61. Raul Vega/Rose Drive

This week Jeremy talks to the creator of the Rose Drive audio drama, Raul Vega! Rose drive is a mystery about seven friends, a ten year reunion, and a tragedy... Follow Rose Drive on Twitter @RoseDrive_Pod Find links to Rose Drive on Youtube, Instagram, and more at their website http://www.rosedrivepodcast.com Follow PWLT of Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join our 20,000 member Facebook group at Podcasts We Listen To Are you planning to go to PodernLove? Use code PWLT at checkout before...


Episode 60. Adam Nutter/Nerds With Words

This week Jeremy talks to Adam Nutter! He is a comedian, an ex-cop, and one half of the podcast Nerds With Words! The get into comedy, public speaking, cop humor and so much more! Follow Nerds With Words on Twitter @NerdsWithWords1 Find the Nerds on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Nerdswithwordspodcast/ Follow PWLT on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the 20k Member PWLT Facebook group at Podcasts We Listen To Join us and over 40 podcasts at the PodernLove podcast convention in...


Episode 59. Chris Cogswell/Mad Scientist Podcast

Jeremy talks to Dr Chris Cogswell, host of the Mad Scientist podcast! This week it's all about weird names, time travel, and other sciency goodness! Follow Mad Scientist podcast on Twitter @MadScientistPod Find Mad Scientist on Facebook at The Mad Scientist Podcast Monster Mash (It was a graveyard smash) Follow PWLT on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook group at Podcasts We Listen To Support Podcasts We Listen To at www.patreon.com/podcastswelistento For...


Episode 58. Chris Green/Gravity Beard

This week Jeremy talks to Chris Green, host of Gravity Beard, This Week Today, and Blunderdogs! They talk about everything from difficult guest, to the correct pronunciation of Crayons and hosting three shows on one feed. Follow Gravity Beard on Twitter @thegravitybeard Find Gravity Beard on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gravitybeard/ Follow PWLT on Twitter at @PWLTpodcast Join the PWLT Facebook group at Podcasts We Listen To Help support the PWLT podcast at...


Episode 57. Hannah & Suruthi/Redhanded

This week Jeremy talks to Hannah and Suruthi of the Redhanded podcast! Redhanded is a British true crime podcast. The cover everything from the larger, more well known cases to the smaller, more obscure cases. And they cover them all in a conversational yet respectful manner. Follow Redhanded on Twitter @RedHandedthepod Join Redhanded on Facebook at Redhanded Podcast Follow PWLT on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the PWLT Facebook group at Podcasts We Listen To Follow PodernLove on...


Episode 56. Sawyer Westbrook/The Marble Garden

This week Jeremy talks to Sawyer, host of The Marble Garden! The Marble Garden is a podcast about cemeteries and the stories they tell. Follow The Marble Garden on Twitter @marblegardenpod Find The Marble Garden on Facebook at The Marble Garden Discussion Group Follow PWLT on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the discussion on Facebook in the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook group For information on PodernLove, to book your hotel room or to grab tickets to the event, go to...


Episode 55. Dennis Serra/EVIL

This week Jeremy talks to Dennis Serra, host of Evil. On Evil, Dennis brings to life the creepy stories that listeners send in to him. They talk podcasting, writing, what is classic rock now, and what makes for good Horror! Follow Dennis on Twitter @DennisSerra Find the Evil podcast on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/EvilPodcast/ Follow PWLT on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the discussion in the 18K+ member PWLT Facebook group at...


Episode 54. Chuck & Karen/Rants and Reason

This week Jeremy talks to Chuck and Karen of the Rants and Reason podcast! On Rants and Reason, a Conservative (Karen) and a Liberal (Chuck) talk politics. BOOM!!! Right? Not so much. Rants and Reason show us all that the two sides CAN come together and talk like human beings. Follow Rants and Reason on Twitter @RantsReason Find Rants and Reason on Facebook at Rants and Reason Podcast Group Follow PWLT on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the PWLT Facebook group at Podcasts We Listen To Go...