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Ep 12: What Happened After

I wearily unlocked the door to my camper. Geist let out a happy bark as she trotted up to greet me, tail wagging. Well, at least someone was happy to see me. After Hal and Gia left me in Room 16 at the Hotel Vendome, I had a confusing phone conversation with Craig, who was having difficulty understanding what precisely had happened. He also seemed inordinately focused on who Hal was and why he was in my room. After I finally hung up with him, I spent the rest of the night crouched in the...


Ep 11: Hal to the Rescue!

I squared my shoulders and flung open the closet door. The closet looked like a normal hotel closet, with a few empty hangers on the rack, a folded blanket on the shelf, a stand for suitcases and …. A mouse. I blinked. Yes, there was a real-life mouse sitting in the middle of the closet. I screamed. The mouse let out a shriek of its own and darted away, causing me to dance backward and trip over a chair, which clattered to the floor with me. "Riley! What's going on?" Craig's voice...


Ep 10: Wait a Minute. That Scratching Noise Is Coming from the Closet!

I froze, Craig's words echoing in my head. Maybe your compass is acting like that because there's a ghost in your room. The phone crackled. "Riley?" Craig's voice floated out. "Are you there?" I licked my suddenly dry lip as I desperately searched the room. Everything appeared to be normal. Except for my compass. Which was still weirdly pointed to the west no matter which way I turned it. "Riley?" Craig said again. "I'm here," I said, forcing the words out of my numb mouth. "I can't...


Ep 9: What's That Scratching Noise Outside the Door?

I knew something was off the moment I stepped back into my room, Room 16, Abby's room. At first, I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. Did it feel different? Look different? Smell different? I did a careful scan. What was I missing? The bedspread was still smooth and untouched. My ghost hunting kit was on the floor. My overnight bag was next to the closet … Wait a minute. My ghost hunting kit was on the chair when I left. Not on the floor. Or … was it? Now I wasn't sure. I thought back to...


Ep 8: Riley Gets Ready for Room 16 in the Hotel Vendome

As I packed for my big night in Abby's room, Room 16 in the Hotel Vendome, I couldn't stop thinking about my conversation with Hal. Was I doing this ghost hunting thing all wrong? I didn't have any of the equipment he talked about—my ghost-hunting kit consisted of a notebook, a flashlight, and a camera. Well, all that and food. Because you might get hungry waiting for a ghost to show up. And caffeine. Because how else do you stay awake in the middle of the night? But, maybe it was time to...


Ep 7: Ghost Sightings, True Hauntings, Real Ghost Stories and More

To start my research on all the ghost sightings of Abby, the ghost at Hotel Vendome (along with her cat, Noble, who is also part of the real ghost stories and true hauntings lore), I decided to check out the local Sharlot Hall Museum, which is dedicated to preserving Prescott's rich Western history. Prescott is actually an old mining town, over a hundred years old. (Which explains why it's the site of so many ghost sightings and real ghost stories.) It was even the first capital of...


Ep 6: Ghost Hunting Adventure Continues: Hotel Vendome

I admit it, my last ghost hunting adventure at the Hassayampa Inn had … mixed results. On one hand, I saw my first ghost! Yay me! On the other hand … I wasn't sure I could actually, you know, post about it without getting in trouble. Well, never fear. Today was a brand new day. A brand new start to my ghost hunting adventure! And, what better place to get that fresh start but the Hotel Vendome in Prescott, Arizona. According to local legend, Abby and her husband moved to Prescott because...


Ep 5: Did I Really Just See a Real Ghost?

Did I really just see an actual, genuine real ghost?! Did I just catch a glimpse of Faith, the resident real ghost of the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, Arizona? With shaking hands, I pawed through my ghost-hunting kit to find my notes. Yes, there it was. Faith wore a pink a dress. Faith carried flowers. Oh my God. I just saw a real ghost. I had to get out of here. I shoved everything back into my ghost-hunting kit as fast as I could before tripping over the mop and falling in a heap outside of...


The Adventures of Riley: Ghost Hunter! Ep 4: Meeting Faith

My phone rang as I was sitting in the maid's closet at the Hassayampa Inn. I jumped, spilling my iced salted caramel mocha latte all over me. It was Craig, my on-again, off-again EX-boyfriend. I grabbed at the phone, spilling more coffee all over myself, trying to silence it before the entire hallway of guests came out of their rooms to see what the commotion was all about. "What do you want?" I hissed into phone, as I unsuccessfully tried to mop up the coffee. Napkins, I told myself. I...


Ep 3: What's In a Ghost Hunting Kit Anyway?

Time for one last check of my new-and-improved ghost hunting kit before heading out for a night of ghost hunting. In addition to the notebook and pen from before, I’ve added a flashlight, camera, tape recorder, bottled water, almonds, and a bag of M&Ms to my ghost hunting kit. I then shoved in three bottles of iced, salted-caramel mocha coffee. Actually, four bottles would make more sense; that should last me eight hours if I drank one every two hours. I stuck in one more. Wait, maybe some...


Ep 2: Ghost Hunters in Hassayampa Inn, Prescott, Arizona

Our first stop as ghost hunters was the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, Arizona. According to local legend, in 1927, Faith was the much younger, new bride of an older gentleman, and they chose the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, Arizona to honeymoon. Faith's husband went out to buy cigarettes and never returned. After a few days of wailing and teeth gnashing and hair pulling and garment rending and other acceptable forms of grieving for women back then, Faith lost faith, and hung herself in the...


Ep 1: Meet the Ghost Hunters

I'm Riley Longhill, and my dog Geist and I are ghost hunters. Okay, okay, I confess. I'm new to this ghost-hunting business. You see, my mother died last year, and her death really brought home how truly short life is. A few months after her death, I took a good, hard look at my life, and was appalled at what I saw. A job I hated. An on-again, off-again relationship (currently OFF and staying that way). A tiny apartment. And a black-and-white mutt of a dog I named Geist, which means “ghost”...