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Episode 14: 80's Action Films

Flex your muscles, load your guns, and hide your emotions, because it's time to talk about some of the best 80's action films! Everything from Schwarzenegger mowing down copious amounts of villainous mercenaries, to Van Damme spin kicking everyone in sight, or Stallone delivering incoherent one liners, the Cornwalls talk about it all. This one isn't for the sissies, it's for the tough emotionless brutes, enjoy!


Episode 13: Joe Hill

This week, the Cornwalls talk about their affinity for the literary works of Joe Hill. Joe's a contemporary writer of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and some might say, a bit of romance, and he's also the son of legendary writer, Stephen King. But what you'll discover, is that the Cornwalls think he stands out and even above the shadow of his father. Listen in as they discuss his writing, from the creepy ghost novel, Heart-Shaped Box, all the way through his more recent work like The Fireman and...


Episode 12: The Dark Knight Trilogy

This week's episode is a doozy! The Cornwalls sit down and discuss Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. From the humble beginnings of Batman Begins in 2005 to the widely acclaimed Dark Knight in 2008 and ending with the somewhat polarizing Dark Knight Rises in 2012. The Cornwalls talk about each film and their feelings on the themes, villains, portrayals, and overall storytelling of the trilogy as a whole. It's our longest episode to date and for good reason. So try out your best raspy...


Episode 11: Bad Horror Films

It's easy to talk about the things we love, and it's probably even easier to talk about the things we don't. This week the Cornwalls talk about some of the worst horror films they've seen, and trust me, they don't even come close to covering all of them. The first of what will surely be more episodes in the future regarding this topic, join the Cornwalls on their odyssey through the dregs of horror films.


Episode 10: What a Twist!

Most great plots have a solid twist in them somewhere, something that takes the viewer or reader by surprise and suddenly makes all the little hints they've been fed throughout the story make sense. Some stories earn those, some are cheap and undeserved. The Cornwalls this week, take a look at some of the best twists in films. Warning: Spoilers Everywhere!


Episode 9: Let's Go On Down to South Park!

South Park has been a staple of comedy television for over two decades. It's been subject to censorship and has had more than its' fair share of controversy, but hot damn is it fucking funny! Join the Cornwalls as they take a dive into a show they've both been fans of for years and discuss their favorite characters, episodes, and why the exploits of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman have been so important to them.


Episode 8: A Dizzy and Reese Dog Life

This week the Cornwall's take a break from pop culture conversation to talk about living life with dogs. They each reminisce about their histories growing up with man's best friend, and then move into the meat of the conversation to talk about their experiences with the two pups they've raised together. Dizzy and Reese are a German Shepherd and Black Lab respectively, and couldn't be more different in terms of their temperaments, intelligence, and level of energy. So kick back and listen...


Episode 7: That Disney Childhood

This week the Cornwalls reflect back on their childhoods and talk about the ways that Disney influenced them growing up. Channing speaks to how the films were a large part of his life when he was very young, but he quickly moved away from them. Vanessa however, had quite the opposite experience due to not much fault of her own. Come, we will show you the world, shining shimmering...ah, you get it!


Episode 6: Richard Matheson is Legend

In this episode, Channing and Vanessa discuss the importance, inspiration, and impact of the late Richard Matheson. From his beginnings as a screenwriter for The Twilight Zone through his career of writing short stories and genre-spanning novels. The Cornwalls talk about their favorite Matheson books such as I Am Legend, Other Kingdoms, Hell House, and What Dreams May Come as well as the many adaptations of his stories. Channing even gushes about the influence that Matheson has had on his...


Episode 5: Comedy Film Faves

In this episode, Channing and Vanessa discuss some of their favorite comedy films. From the daft, yet clever Dumb and Dumber to the immaturity of Step Brothers and on to classic such as Animal House and National Lampoon's Vacation. There are so many out there it was hard to narrow down to a manageable discussion! Enjoy.


Episode 4: Adaptations, Reboots, and Remakes

In this episode of the Cornwall Culture Chronicles, Channing and Vanessa discuss what they think it takes to make a good adaptation, reboot, or remake. Referencing certain works such as The Terror, Poltergeist, and the Dark Tower they also infer what makes a disappointing adaptation as well. Everyone's childhoods will be ruined!


Episode 3: TV Shows Gone Too Soon

On this episode of the Cornwall Culture Chronicles, Channing and Vanessa discuss some of their favorite television programs that were cancelled prematurely. From classic well-known examples such as Firefly to more obscure shows like Miracles and some of which were cancelled very recently and are still raw to talk about. Enjoy!


Episode 2: The Worst Mothers in Film

It's Mother's Day 2018! What better way to appreciate your mother than by comparing her to some of the worst mothers we've seen in films!? In this episode Channing and Vanessa go through a list of some of the worst mothers in film, from Pamela Vorhees of Friday the 13th to Mrs. Wormwood of Matilda, there are some heinous mom's out there! After you listen, be sure to tell your mom how much you love her and that you're happy she never left you in a cage floating down a frozen river in the...


Episode 1: Horror Films That Scarred Us

In the first ever episode of the The Cornwall Culture Chronicles, Channing and Vanessa take a look back at the horror films that scarred, or at the very least, left a big impression on them. Covering staples such as The Shining and The Sixth Sense, to more obscure foreign horror films like Dumplings and Imprint. This is the introduction to what will surely be a vast amount of horror themed episodes in the future.