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30 | The Fall and Return of the Champ, Rocky III & IV

This is it folks, the season finale for the first season of the Cornwall Culture Chronicles. It's been a fun ride so far and we've learned a lot throughout this season. Thank you for those of you who've endured with us as we've learned what did and didn't work for the show and we look forward to returning in 2019 to continue with season 2! For the final episode of the year, we take a look at Rocky III and IV, released in 1982 and 1985 respectively. Through the fall of the heavyweight champ,...


29 | From Bum to Champion, Rocky I & II

Rocky was the 1976 underdog story of a scrappy street boxer played by Sylvester Stallone that gets an once in a lifetime opportunity to go head to head in a match with heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers. The franchise was responsible for launching the film career of Sly Stallone and has endured for decades as one of the most recognizable and mostly lauded franchises in cinema. From the killer soundtracks to the famous training montages, the Rocky...


28 | We Went to Eucon 2018!

Eucon is an up and coming Comic-Con in Eugene, OR. This year was the 4th annual event and each year the con grows and is able to rope in more and more popular guests. This year saw some big names such as Simone Missick, who portrays Misty Knight in the various Marvel Netflix series, Booker T, who's big among pro-wrestling circles, as well as Jason Mewes and the Comic Book Men. The big draw for the Cornwalls this year however, was Last Fan Standing, a nerd gameshow hosted by the awesome and...


27 | Hill House is Super Haunted

The Haunting of Hill House started as a novel written by Shirley Jackson that was originally published in 1959. Widely considered one of the greatest haunted house/ghost stories in literature, Jackson's novel has gone on to stem a few adaptations. The 1963 and 1999 films, both titled simply, The Haunting, and most recently the 2018 Netflix series which bore the full title from the book. Each rendition takes different approaches to the source material and some are far greater than the others....


26 | Jason Vorhees the Undead, Hillbilly, Machete-Wielding Psychopath

Happy Halloween Ghouls and Ghosts! The Cornwalls commemorate the holiday this year by having a lengthy chat about the Friday the 13th franchise. From the crazed murdering mother of the original to the nanomachine infused space killer of the tenth entry. The Cornwalls cover all the highs and incredibly lows of everyone's favorite hockey mask wearing masochist.


25 | The Halloween Franchise

We're getting into the spirit of the season and celebrating the release of the latest entry in the Halloween franchise this week! Channing and Vanessa have a little spooky chit chat about the Halloween films, in particular the first two films and the latest sequel/reboot. There's no denying the importance of the first film to the slasher genre as a whole, but as the Cornwalls discuss, are our nostalgia glasses painting the films to be better than they truly are? Meh, does it matter if hanky...


24 | Films About Cults

Good day brethren, on this holy Sunday the Cornwalls decided to sit and have a palaver about their favorite films about cults. From classics such as Children of the Corn and Rosemary's Baby to more contemporary movies like The Sacrament, The Invitation, and Starry Eyes. So plug in your earbuds and get brainwashed with the rest of the down-trodden and weak-minded!


23 | Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Rounding out our episodes on the original Star Wars trilogy is, of course, Return of the Jedi! From father and son familial strife, to deliberately misleading old Jedi, and silly little tribal teddy bears the final episode of this Star Wars trilogy has it all. So listen in as Channing and Vanessa discuss this polarizing film and how it's handful of standout moments keep the film at large from colliding directly into an asteroid. Don't worry, this won't be our last episode on Star Wars as...


22 | Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

It's round two this week for the original Star Wars trilogy, and the Cornwalls are up to bat, aiming at The Empire Strikes Back. Widely considered the darkest and best chapter of the entire Star Wars saga, Empire blows open the doors of lore within the Star Wars universe and reveals much about some of the characters. From the lies told by old men to the revelations of parentage. The Cornwalls cover the history of the film and even briefly talk about Splinter of the Mind's Eye, the Alan Dean...


21 | Star Wars: A New Hope

This week sees the Cornwalls kicking off their three episode series on the original Star Wars trilogy. Starting of course with Episode 4: A New Hope (Or the true first episode for purists). The Cornwalls start by briefly talking about their history with Star Wars and its importance in their life, and then bust right into A New Hope, talking about all of its events from start to finish. RIP Porkins.


Episode 20: The Predator Films

With the release of the newest Predator film this week, the Cornwalls decided it was the perfect time to reflect on the three prior films in the series. With the subversive 80's action influenced original, the different and underappreciated sequel, and finally, the pseudo-reboot Predators. Listen in for a spine ripping good time!


Episode 19: The Channing Cornwall Interview

The 2nd in our double episode release this week is Vanessa interviewing Channing. Much in the vein of the prior interview, she asks broad life questions and then gets into the nitty-gritty with him about writing. They talk about his origins as a writer all the way through to the release of his upcoming novel, The World Carried On. Enjoy!


Episode 18: The Vanessa Cornwall Interview

We're doing double episodes this week! This episode is Channing interviewing Vanessa, asking her those hard-hitting questions to get to the root of who she is so, that our listeners can have the opportunity to get to know her and her love for photography and dogs. There are some tears, so be prepared!


Episode 17: Supernatural

This week the Cornwalls talk about one of Vanessa's favorite television shows, Supernatural. The...supernatural show about two brothers who drive back and forth across the U.S. hunting and stalking all manner of paranormal creature. Channing has many questions and swears only by the first five seasons, while Vanessa is a diehard fan to the end. Enjoy!


Episode 16: The Conjuring Film Universe

With the impending release of The Nun in a couple weeks, the Cornwalls chose to take this episode and dedicate it to the entire Conjuring film universe as we know it now. Comprised of the critically-acclaimed The Conjuring 1&2, as well as the less well-received Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation films. Part ghost story, demonic exorcism, and part fashionable dolls, these are some of the creepiest flicks out there! So, sit back in your rocking chair with your favorite doll in hand and listen...


Episode 15: Social Media

After a weeklong hiatus, the Cornwalls are back with another Culture Chronicle! This week they take a break from film, television, books, and other pop culture subjects to talk about the widespread use and effects of social media. From the humble/creepy beginnings of chatrooms and AIM all the way through to more contemporary uses like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Channing and Vanessa each talk about their uses and views of the various platforms and how they feel about their place in...


Episode 14: 80's Action Films

Flex your muscles, load your guns, and hide your emotions, because it's time to talk about some of the best 80's action films! Everything from Schwarzenegger mowing down copious amounts of villainous mercenaries, to Van Damme spin kicking everyone in sight, or Stallone delivering incoherent one liners, the Cornwalls talk about it all. This one isn't for the sissies, it's for the tough emotionless brutes, enjoy!


Episode 13: Joe Hill

This week, the Cornwalls talk about their affinity for the literary works of Joe Hill. Joe's a contemporary writer of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and some might say, a bit of romance, and he's also the son of legendary writer, Stephen King. But what you'll discover, is that the Cornwalls think he stands out and even above the shadow of his father. Listen in as they discuss his writing, from the creepy ghost novel, Heart-Shaped Box, all the way through his more recent work like The Fireman and...


Episode 12: The Dark Knight Trilogy

This week's episode is a doozy! The Cornwalls sit down and discuss Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. From the humble beginnings of Batman Begins in 2005 to the widely acclaimed Dark Knight in 2008 and ending with the somewhat polarizing Dark Knight Rises in 2012. The Cornwalls talk about each film and their feelings on the themes, villains, portrayals, and overall storytelling of the trilogy as a whole. It's our longest episode to date and for good reason. So try out your best raspy...


Episode 11: Bad Horror Films

It's easy to talk about the things we love, and it's probably even easier to talk about the things we don't. This week the Cornwalls talk about some of the worst horror films they've seen, and trust me, they don't even come close to covering all of them. The first of what will surely be more episodes in the future regarding this topic, join the Cornwalls on their odyssey through the dregs of horror films.