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I teach you different stuff to simplify life. Former teacher here breaking it down and keepin’ it real.

I teach you different stuff to simplify life. Former teacher here breaking it down and keepin’ it real.


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I teach you different stuff to simplify life. Former teacher here breaking it down and keepin’ it real.




Zoom Video-Conferencing Background Tip

In Episode 95, your host Lee Uehara shares one of her favorite tips for creating backgrounds to be used with the Zoom video-conferencing app. She'll explain what JPGs she creates for networking success. Then, Lee shares the random stuff she ordered from Amazon this week. Hint: a portable, handheld fan and a book on homemade dog food recipes. Listen to find out why! It's random, like we said. LOL. (Thank you Russ Mitera for the voice-over on this segment!). And along the way, Lee answers a...


Getting Better Sleep, EMFs and Shungite

In Episode 93, your host Lee Uehara shares how she is now getting better sleep all because she’s neutralized the EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) in her house - and affecting her health. Woo-Woo Warning Alert: This episode is out there, y’all. But listen in to find out what may be bothering your sleep pattern. If it happened to Lee, it could be happening to you. Right. Now. Lee also introduces a new segment: “Random Stuff I’ve Ordered on Amazon This Week.” She’ll let listeners in on the...


How to Make Your Own Deli Meats

In Episode 92, your host, Lee Uehara (way-ha-rah) takes you through making your own deli meat using chicken breasts. She does mention bologna, but says that’s another process for another episode. Basically, all you’re doing is slow-roasting a marinated piece of meat! (The basic idea is the same for most types of meat, BTW.) RECIPE: Chicken breasts Marinade: honey, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and black pepper. Let it hang out in the fridge for at least one day. Then, slow roast them for...


How to Make Hand Sanitizer Easy-Peasy

In Episode 91, your host, Lee Uehara, breaks it down and keeps it real on the subject of hand sanitizer! You'll find out why she dislikes the kind of hand sanitizer that comes out of a pump and why Lee fits right in with the hand-washing movement during these challenging times. And, you'll get Lee's tip on how to utilize pump hand sanitizer so it's not so goopy when you put it onto your skin. Listener Dawn Montemayor calls in and shares that Todd Herman's book about having an alter ego -...


It’s Back! City Living Conundrums: Open Olive Bars

In Episode 89, your host, Lee Uehara, talks about one very common City Living Conundrum: open olive bars. You know what she means - when people nibble and touch the olives or pickles or artichokes especially without paying for them first! If you have an opinion on this issue, do reach out to @houseofleenyc and share it with Lee. Listeners will also learn where Lee is headed next this season if you want to connect! Scroll down to find out where. Please do share the show with at least two...


How NOT to Remove a Skin-Deep Splinter LOL

In Episode 88, your host, Lee Uehara, shares all the ways that DON'T work for removing a splinter from under the skin. And, of course, she'll then share what actually did work in the end of a long splinter escapade. Like, have you tried the soaking of vinegar (ouch!) or hydrogen peroxide? Or maybe you tried to use a sewing needle or create a vacuum seal to pull out the splinter...?? Well, Lee did it all and can tell you what actually worked in the end. Other tips explored: - Read the...


2 Easy Ways to Start The New Year, 2020 (a.k.a. The Year of the Rat)

In Episode 87, your host Lee Uehara, shares two tips for entering the New Year - and Decade, 2020! Listen in as Lee shares how to start out the Year of the Rat in way that is kind to yourself. *A shout-out to all the Rats! Before she gives you two fool-proof ways to feel great about yourself... Please do share the show with at least two other people – it’s as easy as clicking the “Share” button within your favorite podcast app or directing folks to Thank you for...


How to Have a Christmas Tree But NOT Have One in Your House

In this Mini-Holiday Episode - No. 86, your host, Lee Uehara, learns from a friend how to have a Christmas tree but NOT have one in your house. It's an elegant and simple solution for those of us who might not be able to have a full-on Christmas tree. And while we're on the subject of the show...If you or someone you know can help Lee with the social media aspect of the show, please do reach out. Chantal Burkhardt, who works at the Deutsches Haus at NYU (New York University), came up with...


Big News: Show Name Reverts Back to House of Lee NYC!

In Mini-Mini-Mini-Episode 85, your host, Lee Uehara, shares that she's changing this show's name BACK to House of Lee NYC. Why? It just makes sense since the HOL podcast is ALL about Lee's teaching you different stuff as she breaks it down and keeps things real to simplify life. And while we're on the subject of the show...If you or someone you know can help Lee with the social media aspect of the show, please do reach out. Finally, if you would love to hire Lee to: A). Host/Emcee your event...


How to Perform Better and Be More Confident: Book Review, The Alter Ego Effect

In Episode 84, your host, Lee Uehara, finally reviews the book, The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life by Todd Herman. You'll learn some tips to become more confident and powerful as well as get Lee's take on the read. While on the subject of books, Lee picked up a copy of a new one: Start Ugly: A Timeless Tale About Innovation and Change, by Chris Krimitsos. If you're an entrepreneur, then this is going to be a fun and informative read. Lee is almost...


Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel with Dan Currier

In Episode 83, your host, Lee Uehara, comes out of summer hibernation and runs into Dan Currier of Creator Fundamentals. Dan shares some basic tips for starting a YouTube channel and tells Lee whether it's too late to start one. Listen in to find out what you should know about green screens as well. Lee also mentions that listeners now have an extension for completing those two books for summer reading she mentioned before the summer break: The Library Book by Susan McClean and The Alter Ego...


One Way to Beat Those Heat-Induced Headaches and Summer Reading Fun

In Episode 82, Lee shares her go-to concoction for beating those heat-induced headaches and muscle cramps! Yes, she talks about pickle juice, too. Essentially, you'll need an acid, salt and water. Maybe even a sweetener. Lee also shares two books for summer reading: The Library Book** by Susan McClean and The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. So this should be a good time to you let you that Lee is taking a break from the show. She leaves these two...


How to Save Money SOO Easily

In Episode 81, Lee shares her tip to easily save money - even if you don't think you have any to put away! (It only takes a few minutes to stop by your bank and open an additional account.) Listen in and find out what Lee is going to start saving for this month. Lee also shares a little more about her new dog. Scroll down to see a photo! Please share the show with at least two other people and show them how to subscribe. (Thank you!) What tips or guests would you like to hear about or from...


How to Host a Party Without Stressing About the End Time

In Episode 80, Lee shares how to have a party or gathering without letting it drag on all night - if that's what you want to avoid! Ever host a party and then stress out about it and all the things you have to do the next day? Well, listen in to find out how to host a get-together without stressing out about it lasting all night! Lee's Hot Spot of the Week is actually...her recipe for French Onion Dip! It's so simple, you'll never buy that packet stuff again! If you're in Lexington, KY on...


How to Stay Cool Taking a Shower in Summer & Why You Need a Passport

In Episode 79, Lee shares a simple tip for staying cool while taking a shower in hot weather. Yes, this is a problem with city living. LOL. Not everyone has central HVAC! This tip leads Lee onto another tip for keeping cool - just wet a washcloth with extremely hot water, ring it out, and rub it on your face and neck! While sharing this cool-down trick, it gets Lee going down the rabbit hole of Japanese restaurants and what faux pas to avoid when being given a rolled wet towel at the table....


Three Things To Check When Renting an Apartment

In Episode 78, Lee tells you the three things you want to check out when looking for an apartment to rent. And, make sure to read the lease! Sometimes, there are funky clauses which you may not agree with. And, what do you do about pest control? Then, Lee's hot spot of the week actually comes from her kid! The NBA Store has some fun things going on, so listen in to find out more. Please share the show with at least two other people and show them how to subscribe! If you've wondered how to...


How to Quickly Chill a Warm-Bottled Beverage and Scams Part II

In Episode 77, your host Lee Uehara shares her favorite new summer drink and how to quickly chill a warm-bottled beverage for your upcoming picnics. This life tip comes from Daniel, an associate at Baacon Wines and Spirits on the Upper West Side of Manhattan - thank you, Daniel! Then, Lee shares with you some follow-up information and tips - all very important - about last week's episode on "The One Scam You Need to Know About Right Now!" For example, did you know your bank can shut down...


The ONE Scam You Need to Know About NOW

In Episode 76, Lee shares with you an alarming phone scam that can happen to anyone! It happened to her friend just this week, so she felt compelled to get the word out as quickly as possible. It's called the Family Emergency Scam, so listen in to find out how it works. Lee's hot spot of the week: Rucker Park in Harlem, where some great basketball is played. Please share the show with at least two other people and show them how to subscribe! If you've wondered how to support Lee and the...


Tips for Succeeding at Work by Being Thoughtful – with Alex Varney

In Episode 75, you'll meet guest Alex Varney and find out what his tips are for being thoughtful at work and elsewhere! Lee chose Alex for this topic specifically because of just how thoughtful he is - although Alex does not claim to be an expert by any means. And, you'll also meet Alex's mom, Gina Maccoby. Lee met up with her quite by chance and couldn't resist the opportunity to find out why Alex is so thoughtful. This week's hot spot comes from Alex: the BBQ pulled pork brunch at Butcher...


4 Must-Haves for a Great Beach Visit

In Episode 74, Lee shares her four must-have items for being at the beach in comfort - even if you're taking the train or bus! Find out why having an umbrella with an umbrella sand anchor, a chair, a sheet with grommets, and a tray table are imperative for a great time at the beach. For this week's hot spot, Lee shares her favorite beach, Long Beach on Long Island, and where to get fabulous beach food. (Hint: Brand's Deli.) Lee also shares her favorite new bikes for beginning riders: Woom...