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EP-21 Free Your Mind

The Lady Cove season two is here! This week Chris and Dee discuss 'Information Diets'. Tune in as they give tips to help clean up and protect your mind, body and spirit from overload.


Ep 20 – I Am Not My Hair

Sorry for the delay...We had some SERIOUS technical difficulties ***Season Finale*** Natural hair don’t care! Curly, kinky, fro’s and all things it brings. Lets talk new standards of beauty, and what it means to be naturally happy. Vibe out: India Arie- I Am Not My Hair


Ep 019 – Acting Rich and Being Broke

On this weeks episode, we got some Cumpny yal! Mr. LeeRoy Jones the financial professional is dropping gems in the LadyCove. Join the conversation to hear LeeRoy Jones' perspective on how we can be better in efforts of reaching financial freedom. Too many times, in the black community especially, we allow generational despair to overpower our abilities to be Great! Can we just be Great?!?! Let's talk about it! Listen in on some helpful information that may even spark something within you...


Ep 18 – When Rappers Attack

This week Chris and Dee discuss the hostile environment in the world of women rappers. Whats the deal with the 'crabs in a barrel' mentality? Should we hold our ladies to a higher standard? Let's talk about it!


Ep 017 – The Friend Zone

Have you ever been put into the friend zone? Today, on the LadyCove we're talking about the things that get you put in the friend zone and the dumb things thats get your ass stuck there. Being in the friend zone sucks .... or does it! Lets talk about it. The vibe out artist of today's episode is Rahsaan Patterson with Where You Are! It's a throw back but we still vibe out to it!


Ep – 016 She Runs The World

Hey hey hey!!! On this weeks episode of the LadyCove we are talking about the ins and outs of womanhood. That's right ladies, the good the bad and the ugly. Ladies, don't act like everything is always peachy! It definitely isn't! Lets Talk about it... We changed some things up in this episode and used a track by Nx Worries titled "FKKU" for our no fucks given segment. Check it out, the track is funny as hell yal! This shows vibe out segment is dedicated to Dee's Spoken Word Poem "I Fuckin'...


Ep 015 Black Card Revoked

On This weeks episode, we got Cumpny yal. Miss. Chi Chi is in the LadyCove dropping gems . Today, we discuss "The Black Code and things we should all be doing within the black community to improve it and ourselves. We're doing this for the culture yal! Tune in as Chris, Dee and Chi Chi talk shit and speak truth about black issues and their thoughts on an overall effort to avoid going against the code.


Ep 014 I See 6 You See 9

Join Chris and Dee as they discuss communication styles. Are you an aggressive or passive communicator? Are you often misunderstood or known to get you point across without issue? Tune in as the ladies cover how gender effects communication, and best practices in professional and romantic relationships.


Ep 013 – Anchor

This week, we're talkin' shit and speakin' truth about women and their efforts to hold down their man. Are you a ride or die chic? If so, does that mean you have to go to jail, take the charge or a bullet for your man for that matter? Hell naw! We're going deep about the means in which a woman should effectively hold down their man while simultaneously maintaining their dignity and self identity. The movie "Acrimony" speaks truth to the subject matter discussed in this episode. The vibe out...


Ep 012 – A Lot Happened Here

It’s no holds bar on this weeks episode … And we got some Cumpny in the Ladycove. Chris and Dee are joined by Rahman Swain local artist, AKA Chris’ “Brotha from another Motha”. The three of them discuss various perspectives on music and hip hop, missing the 90’s and comedy. Ultimately, the topic at hand leads to suicide and the manner in which our kids are exposed to it. Is the media glorifying it? Are they making things worse by shedding light on the increase in suicide attempts? Lets Talk...


Ep 011 – Chitliterians for the Win

We got Cumpny yal! We are joined by Nurse Practitioner Tay! She's in the Ladycove dropping gems of knowledge. Toady, were talking about health in the black community and the things that have been generationally passed down to us. Are you that one who tries to convert everyone to becoming a vegan? Are you that one who throws down on soul food, soda and sugar with no attention to your health? We are all guilty of unhealthy habits when it comes to our nutrition. So, lets talk about it! Our...


Ep 010 – Tick Tick Tick … BANG!!!

So, the question at hand today is whether we feel it's cool or not to go through with becoming a parent when you're a single female with no prospects. Lades, what do you think? When your biological clock goes from tick tock to Bang BANG does it make you feel desperate? Do you feel like you have to take matters into your own hands? Let's Talk About it!!! The vibe out artist for todays show is Toulouse.. if you 've never heard of this man ... check him out!!! his voice is beautiful and were...


Ep 009 – It’s a Conspiracy!

This week on The LadyCove, Chris and Dee are talking about conspiracy theories. Now lets be real, some people believe some dumb S!@# ... but then, there are a few theories that hold a little more weight than others. Listen in as they discuss light hearted perspectives from Stevie Wonder not really being Blind all the way to the heavier and more thought provoking details associated with 911 and some of the shady s!@# the government does... Let's talk about it. The Vibe Out Artist for this...


Ep 008 – Happy Mothers Day

This week's there will be a slight pause due to Mother's day. We record on sunday's and decided to use this recording day to spend with our families. Happy Mothers Day to you, ya mamma, ya auntie and all your good Judy's! Stay tuned, next Episode launch date is May 23rd!!! PEACE!


Ep. 007 – Koon-Yé

OK .. so yal know we had to do it. Kanye' done did it again. But this time, this mess is just unforgivable. Slavery was a choice??? WHATTTTT? Let’s talk about it. Also, as a reminder, check out the full interview with Charlemagne on youtube. Today’s Vibe Out artist is Janelle Monáe with Django. She RAPPIN on this one yal! Check her out her emotion picture Dirty Computer.


Ep. 006 – What About Your Friends?

On this weeks episode of the LadyCove, Chris and Dee talk shit about friends, frienemies and fakes. Do you have friends who you think need to be kicked out of your circle? Or, what about those Good Judys you just can’t live without! TLC asked us a long time ago to question our friends … so let’s talk about it! The vibe out artist for todays show is Leikeli47 with O.M.C ( Also, be sure to support PIES Yoga studio in Alexandria. #supportblackbusiness...


Ep 005 – Is You Mad or Nah?

This week on the LadyCove, Chris and Dee talk shit about the random things that piss them off and how anger affects relationships. When was the last time you were angry... how did you handle it? The ladies provide a serious tip that serves as a healthy way to handle things when they go awry. Is you mad or nah??? Lets talk about it. The Vibe Out Artist for this weeks show is Boogie. This brotha is blessing the sound waves with charm and lyrical elements that surpass current radio rappers....


Ep 004 – Hip Hop Say What?!

Listen in as the Ladies of the LadyCove discuss what the hell is going on in the world of Hip-Hop. They raise the question "Is hip hop dead" and discuss the various ups and downs of hip hop, more specifically, how hip-hop is perceived today. So, what do you think ... are you the type to get hype off of mumble rap ... or do you like a little more content over a great beat. Let's talk about it!!! The Vibe Out Artist for this weeks show is Solange and we have highlighted the song "Don't Touch...


Ep 003 – You Don’t Look Good in Green

Listen in as Chris and Dee discuss jealousy amongst women... BLACK women in particular. Have you ever had an issue with other black women? Are you the female who feels more comfortable in a room full of men as opposed to a room full of women? Lets talk about it!