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EP 33 – The Evolution of Relationships Series Pt. 2: Let’s talk about sex!

On this episode of the Ladycove. We've got cumpny! Our girl Heather stops thru, grabs a drink and drops her perspective on the hot topic amongst most girl talk ... Sex! Join us as we discuss a few different perspectives regarding sex within relationships. Vibe out artist: Ella Mai with Sauce.


EP 32 – The Evolution of Relationships Series Pt. 1: Situationships and Situationshifts

For the month of January we will be discussing the ins and out of relationships. This reeks episode focuses on that coined term "situationship" and the ways in which people interchangeably and freely use it as well as the effects it has on two individuals to grow towards a relationship.


Ep – 31 All I Want For Christmas is Joy!

Join in as Chris and Dee shed some light on ways in which you can combat the seasonal depression that spikes during the holidays and also spread some laughs for those that may be in need of it! Vibe out artist: Desir'e w/ You Gotta Be... it's a throwback yal. All you 80s babies should be hip. If not, hopefully this old but new track for you will bring some positivity your way!


EP – 29 #Goals

Listen I as Chris and Dee drop gems while keeping the new year in mind. Let's get that mind right! Faith Finances and fitness!!! Vibe Out Artist Today ... Foreign Exchange!


EP 28 – Me Myself and US!

Join in as Chris and Dee speak truth about the ins and outs of dating. More specifically, the importance of dating yourself prior to dating others in efforts of living your absolute best life with someone else. Vibe out artist: Tobe Nwigwe with "WAVY" ... this ex football player is LIT and we were feelin his vibe. So, enjoy.


EP 27 – The Art of Catering

Join the ladies as they talk about the men in their lives and how catering to them can be both rewarding and a bit annoying, especially when there are sports involved!


Ep 26 – Dazed and Confused

This week on the LadyCove, Chris and Dee discuss black self hatred and the detrimental effect it has on the black community. This conversation was triggered by a self loathing black family that went on national television and concocted a story about hating other blacks. Yep! THAT was their claim to fame. And, we had a bunch to say about it. The VibeOut artist for today's show is Mayyadda with Black Is Beautiful ... listen as she serenades us in the need to appreciate our black beauty.


Ep 25 – Extended Vibes

Sorry everyone! No Show this week... but in the meantime,enjoy this Extended vibe out with one of our Faves. FKJ That's one talented man right there yal! Enjoy!!!


Ep 24 – It’s Cuffing Season

It's Cuffing season yal! The weather is changing and it's about to be too damn cold to be out and about. What's your winter looking like? Are you one to have that Winter Bae lined up or are you a binge on Netflix and cuddle with your damn self kind of person. Let's talk about it! Listen in as we discuss the all too familiar and sometimes lonely Cuffing Season and ways to make it through alive and well!


EP 23 – So You Scared Or Naw

Happy Halloween!!! Join Chris and Dee as they engage in light hearted conversation about Halloween and the various perspective of the holiday. Dee can barely keep it together and Chris just sounds like a G and ain't never scared!!! Vibe out artist of today is Kanye, Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj with Monster! Fitting Right?


Ep 22 – Country Fried Racism

Join us as we discuss racism in America and ask the question "Can black people be racist?". Sometimes Chris and Dee have differing opinions, listen in to see where they stand on this matter and of course throw in some humor to keep it light. Trust, shit is already bad enough! Right? Todays Vibe out Artist is Jamela Woods with "Very Black"


EP-21 Free Your Mind

The Lady Cove season two is here! This week Chris and Dee discuss 'Information Diets'. Tune in as they give tips to help clean up and protect your mind, body and spirit from overload. Vibe Out Artist of the Week: Masego Song: Tadow.


Ep 20 – I Am Not My Hair

Sorry for the delay...We had some SERIOUS technical difficulties ***Season Finale*** Natural hair don’t care! Curly, kinky, fro’s and all things it brings. Lets talk new standards of beauty, and what it means to be naturally happy. Vibe out: India Arie- I Am Not My Hair


Ep 019 – Acting Rich and Being Broke

On this weeks episode, we got some Cumpny yal! Mr. LeeRoy Jones the financial professional is dropping gems in the LadyCove. Join the conversation to hear LeeRoy Jones' perspective on how we can be better in efforts of reaching financial freedom. Too many times, in the black community especially, we allow generational despair to overpower our abilities to be Great! Can we just be Great?!?! Let's talk about it! Listen in on some helpful information that may even spark something within you...


Ep 18 – When Rappers Attack

This week Chris and Dee discuss the hostile environment in the world of women rappers. Whats the deal with the 'crabs in a barrel' mentality? Should we hold our ladies to a higher standard? Let's talk about it!


Ep 017 – The Friend Zone

Have you ever been put into the friend zone? Today, on the LadyCove we're talking about the things that get you put in the friend zone and the dumb things thats get your ass stuck there. Being in the friend zone sucks .... or does it! Lets talk about it. The vibe out artist of today's episode is Rahsaan Patterson with Where You Are! It's a throw back but we still vibe out to it!


Ep – 016 She Runs The World

Hey hey hey!!! On this weeks episode of the LadyCove we are talking about the ins and outs of womanhood. That's right ladies, the good the bad and the ugly. Ladies, don't act like everything is always peachy! It definitely isn't! Lets Talk about it... We changed some things up in this episode and used a track by Nx Worries titled "FKKU" for our no fucks given segment. Check it out, the track is funny as hell yal! This shows vibe out segment is dedicated to Dee's Spoken Word Poem "I Fuckin'...


Ep 015 Black Card Revoked

On This weeks episode, we got Cumpny yal. Miss. Chi Chi is in the LadyCove dropping gems . Today, we discuss "The Black Code and things we should all be doing within the black community to improve it and ourselves. We're doing this for the culture yal! Tune in as Chris, Dee and Chi Chi talk shit and speak truth about black issues and their thoughts on an overall effort to avoid going against the code.