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Episode 112: Extreme example, I’m sorry

And we are back! Lots of interesting things in this episode! Mike goes off on the extreme example side of things and Jesse just sits back and lets him ramble. We talk about random things like, the first official day of summer vs when we feel like the actual season changes and does remembering random […]


Episode 111: Cubicle Yoga

Want to beat the afternoon slump? We give you some tips we found on energizing yourself and to keep pushing through those tired hours. We also chat about an article that talks about what you may regret and we do share some of our own thoughts on this. Have a fantastic weekend and thank you […]


Episode 110: I Lost A Peep

The sun is shining which makes us all sorts of happy! We do appreciate the rain that we have had though. This week we bring you snarky comments, laughter, state facts, our never ending opinions, and more stories. We have interesting discussions about Mother’s Day, loneliness, and Peep flavors. As always dear friends we hope […]


Episode 109: I Love Family

This week’s episode brings you embarrassing moments, deep thoughts, feelings, tips, and laughter. We hope you enjoy listening as we talk about vacation tips, facing our fears, a little more military musings, and our feel good moments. And as always, have a great weekend friends!


Episode 108: Don’t look at his jewels

Hello! This week we talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, our feel good moments, Jesse is fascinated in watching what people (especially couples) put value in (time, money, etc), and we introduce a new state! Our rain is gone so we are enjoying the spring sun and looking forward to warmer moments!


Episode 107: Sometimes There’s A Few Things You Regret

We did it again! We teamed up with our friends and adventured through another Cotopaxi Questival! In this episode we tell you all about our challenges, adventures, crazy moments, and the things we learned. This is truly an amazing experience and although we were not sure about it the morning of we are so glad […]


Episode 106: Sweet Cherry Lime

Hey friends! This week we share funny stories with you and then delve into some deep stuff. Mike has found a new podcast called, This Is War, and it has caused us to really reflect. Mike shares his thoughts and some feelings on his contribution to the military. Jess shares some of her thoughts as […]


Episode 105: I was going to kill you

This week we bring you more state facts and Mike has decided that he is not very good at guessing state’s. We discuss the things that guys who grew up with sisters have to go through. Mike gives us a lot of insights on how it was for him and it is entertaining! We have […]


Episode 104: Rather dig holes

Are you ready for us again? Haha! We are back this week with talk on animals/pets, parental pressure for kids in sports, our feel good moments, and of course a new state! Mike tries to guess the state but has a rough time of it. There are funny moments, thoughtful moments, and sad moments in […]


Episode 103: Flood of smell

Peep testing is back! We have one flavor from last year and a new flavor! Mike takes a stab at guessing the flavors. If you find any new ones let us know! Mike gives a shoutout to Stephen Hawking, who passed away, and his genius mind. So many great things have been discovered and found […]


Episode 102: Stagnating

Lots of laughter in this episode! Mike has decided he is stagnating aka becoming dull in life. We have lived in Utah for almost 4 years and he is ready to move on. Jess is not to that point yet though. In this episode we talk about how the ocean can be beneficial to your […]


Episode 101: Blind Inspection

First of all, thank you for the comments! We love hearing from you all and it is really fun for us to have your input. This week we introduce you to the state that is considered America’s Last Frontier. Which was suggested by a dear listener. Mike shares an article with us which leads to […]


Episode 100:

Hey everyone! We had a state recommendation for this week’s episode and we have fallen in love with this state just from the facts that we read! Talk about history and culture! There is also a fun lists of cities that are dog friendly in case you would like to take your beloved pooch on […]


Episode 99: Be Grateful

We are back friends! Thank you for your understanding and all the kind thoughts and words from everyone! Jesse gives a little more insight into what is going on with her and she is definitely on the mend! We give you some fun facts about Utah to introduce to the great state we live in. […]


Episode 98: Who cuddles a peacock?!

Welcome back! This week Mike throws out a bunch of phrases and explains their origins. They are super interesting! We also discuss childhood things and possible regrets. This turned into college majors and interests in life. We also may or may not go on a rant about not so legit “service animals” going on planes […]


Episode 97: There’s No Winning At Life

Hey friends! So we are back this week with some fun facts on Earth for you, tips from an article, funny stories and feel good moments, and recent happenings in our lives. We are going to try some new things on the show so if you have any ideas let us know! Have […]


Episode 96: The Soft Side of the Dark Side

Hey everyone! Get ready for a fun episode! Or at least we thought so. We have just returned from a grand California trip and share our experiences from Disney California Adventure and Disneyland. It was a first time for all of us! This episode does take a little bit longer because we relived all of […]


Episode 95: One eye between the two of us

Is it time to declutter in your home? Office? Jess gives some tips she found on how to organize your space. She also has come down with pink eye and Mike won’t let her live that down. Which you will hear in this episode. There are a few thoughtful talks throughout the episode and we […]


Episode 94: I thought it was arcing

Our first podcast episode for the new year! We hope that your 2018 is going splendidly thus far. Ours is pretty much the same routine as last year. January 3rd is a significant day for us. It is the day that Mike lost his eyesight and Jesse’s first husband was killed in an IED explosion […]


Episode 93: Sand and Sugar

It is the last podcast episode for 2017!!!! Thank you all for a fabulous year and for all the support you have given us! Along with a new year comes resolutions or goals. We have an interesting chat about this and give our thoughts and share our hopes for 2018 with you all. Jess found […]


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