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5: Mitch Messer’s Journey and Reflecting on a "Less Than" Experience

Mitch Messer is an electrical engineer from MIT, entrepreneur, and a real estate investor. Mitch tells us how in the beginning, he wanted to be an engineer. Things changed course for him though, when he realized what it was that he really wanted and how he would be able to get it. In this episode, Mitch shares the less-than experience he had when he was in MIT, how it was hard for him to ask for help, and how eventually, he became very thankful to his school for making him into a...


4: Chuck's Journey and Reflecting on a "Less Than" Experience

Chuck Bauman is an executive and life coach, a decorated combat veteran, and a sensei and a black belt in Lean Six Sigma, among others. He tells us his stories that remind us that we all have done and survived a lot of things in life. Chuck’s advocacy is to let every individual be reminded who he is – that he is a hundred percent, good enough, and worthy. In this episode, Chuck shares his struggle and not-good-enough story. He introduces his action steps as to how to keep on loving...


1: Who is Penni Z?

Penni Zelinkoff goes within the lives of REAL people who overcame REAL issues. This show will uplift and empower you to do the great things you were meant to do in this world! Get ready to be inspired, take notes and most importantly take action! In this episode, Penni will open up about her personal journey and how she overcame life-changing experiences in her past. She will share how she became more aware and removed bad experiences. Learn how she created awareness and...


2: Kristin Royce: Journey and Reflection on a "Less Than" Experience

Kristin Royce is a loving wife to her husband and two daughters. She spent ten years as a public school educator and earned her Masters degree in School Improvement Leadership. During the show, Kristen will reveal her less than turning point story. She’ll share how physical activity and sports impacted her life. Listen to the end to learn how your past to improve your future. Links: Quotes: “You can have control of your life” - Kristin Royce from...


3: Kathy Neubauer: Journey and Reflection on a "Less Than" Experience

Kathy Neubauer is a Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. She brings with her more than 20 years of leadership, mentoring and coaching skills from her previous career in the Managed Healthcare Insurance Industry. Kathy's passion is to help individuals couples find their way to seek happiness while opening up life-changing opportunities that they’ve never seen before. During this episode, Kathy shares specific ways on how she overcame a failed marriage and the...