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The Radical Therapist #043 – Yoga, Psychedelics, and American Mental Health w/ Dr. Lucas Richert

In episode #043 the Radical Therapist’s resident historian Dr. Lucas Richert and Chris examine the history, and interrogate the relationship, between yoga, psychedelics, South Asian and Eastern religion (as understood and practiced in the USA) and mental health. The Article: Supple Bodies, Healthy Minds: Yoga, Psychedelics and American Mental Health Chris Hoff PhD, LMFT We want to hear from you! Youtube: Website: Twitter:...


The Radical Therapist #042 - Living Into the Story: Narrative Identity & Agency w/ Dr. Jonathan Adler

In episode #042 Chris Meets with narrative psychologist Dr. Jonathan Adler and they discuss narrative identity and his recent research where he found that as themes of agency in peoples’ stories increased over time, mental health increased, and that the two were related, but that increased agency actually appeared in stories before people’s mental health improved. Dr. Adler’s Website: Chris Hoff PhD, LMFT We want to hear from you! Youtube:...


The Radical Therapist #041 - Is Attachment Theory Overrated

In episode #041 Chris discusses attachment theory vs. resiliency. Now more than ever, the critical importance of parent–child attachment is being emphasized. The fact is that there’s no strong evidence for parent–child attachment in infancy predicting anything much about children’s later development. Join Chris as he examines recent research around attachment theory and its claims, and where the focus should be directed, on resilience. Link to mentioned article:...


The Radical Therapist #040 – The Seductive Allure of Neuroscience Explanations w/ Dr. Deena Weisberg

In episode #040 Chris meets with Dr. Deena Weisberg and they discuss her research that found that explanations with logically irrelevant neuroscience information were more satisfying than explanations without, and that neuroscience information had a particularly striking effect on nonexperts’ judgments of bad explanations. They also discuss how counselors and therapists might deconstruct these explanations. Dr. Deena Weisberg’s Website Chris Hoff PhD, LMFT We want to hear from...


The Radical Therapist #039 – Narrative Supervision as a Social Justice Practice w/ Sarah Kahn, PhD, LMFT

In episode #039 Chris meets with Dr. Sarah Kahn and they discuss her work around narrative therapy supervision as a social justice practice, and her framework for narrative supervision that explores how specific social justice ideas can be applied during the supervision process with mental health professionals. Sarah’s Article Narrative Initiatives San Diego: Building on The Legacy of Michael White VSNT: Remembering Michael White 10 Years After Chris Hoff PhD, LMFT We want to hear...


The Radical Therapist #038 – The Radical Roundtable

In episode #038 The Radical Roundtable, Dr. Lauren Foster, Dr. Bryson Greaves, and Dr. Veronica Kuhn reconvene with Chris and they discuss the process of looking for private practice internships, where to turn to for support, imposter syndrome, and self-care, whatever that is.. Chris Hoff PhD, LMFT We want to hear from you! Youtube: Website: Twitter: Instagram:...


The Radical Therapist #037 – 5 Ways Patriarchy Effects Men & Their Relationships

In episode #037 Chris introduces a new format where he will occasionally tackle a particular subject or idea from his own perspective. In this episode Chris takes on Patriarchy, several ways it effects men and their relationships, and how to limit its influence and damaging effects. Chris Hoff PhD, LMFT We want to hear from you! Youtube: Website: Twitter: Instagram:...


The Radical Therapist #034 – Transforming Addiction Treatment, Prevention, and Policy w/ Maia Szalavitz

In episode #034 Chris meets with one of the world’s leading journalists and thinkers on addiction Maia Szalavitz and they discuss Szalavitzs’ groundbreaking new ways of addressing drugs and addiction, and how to transform addiction treatment, prevention, and policy. Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction Chris Hoff PhD, LMFT We want to hear from you! Youtube: Website: Twitter:...


The Radical Therapist #033 – Making Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible w/ Kai Cheng Thom

In episode #033 Chris meets with writer, performer, therapist, lollipop lover, and wicked witch Kai Cheng Thom and they discuss how sometimes activist cultures can be unnecessarily exclusive, inaccessible, and elitist, and also discuss ways to make activism more accessible to everyone. Kai Cheng’s Website Arsenal Pulp Press Metonymy Press We want to hear from you! Youtube: Website: Twitter:...


The Radical Therapist #014 – Escaping Blame in Couples Therapy w/ Larry Zucker, LCSW

In episode #014 Chris is joined by long time narrative therapist Larry Zucker and they explore how to help couples escape blame and debate, get re-connected to their relational intentions, discover what these relational intentions tell us about what they value, and how to access what their hopes and dreams are for the relationship. Chris Hoff PhD(c), LMFT We want to hear from you! Website:


The Radical Therapist #013 – Common Factors in Couple & Family Therapy w/ Dr. Sean Davis

In episode #013 Chris is joined by Dr. Sean Davis and they explore how to help clients achieve better results, if therapy models are important, how change occurs, and the particular therapist attributes and relationship variables that make therapy, specifically couple and family therapy, effective. Dr. Sean Davis’ Website: Chris Hoff PhD(c), LMFT We want to hear from you! Website:


The Radical Therapist #010 – We Are All Cyborgs Now w/ Amber Case

In episode #010 Chris interviews Amber Case about Cyborg Anthropology and the view that most of modern human life is a product of both human and non-human objects, and how we interact with machines and technology in many ways defines who we are. Amber also discusses the principles of Calm Technology and her belief that technology should require the smallest amount of our attention. Calm Technology Cyborg Anthropology Constantly connected [...]


The Radical Therapist #007 – Teaching Oppression Theory and Social Justice w/Laurel Salmon

In episode #007 Chris interviews Laurel Salmon, a New York State Licensed Marriage and Family therapist and Program Supervisor at Steinway Child and Family Services in the Bronx, NY. Laurel is passionate about exploring and understanding how oppression impacts clinical work and how different oppressions like racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism and religious oppressions, impact how we see and experience the world. She is a trainer and clinical supervisor and gives workshops on...


The Radical Therapist #006 – The Los Angeles Postmodern Therapy Gathering

In episode #006 Chris attends the LA PoMo gathering held on Sunday August 30th and interviews Charley Lang, Kathie Adams, Rob Santos, Larry Zucker, Dove Pressnall, Quin Wise, Nikki Nolet, Kim Smith, and Laurie Markham about some of the conversations that took place that day as well as what ideas, thinkers, writers, and films might be influencing their work currently Chris Hoff PhD(c), LMFT We want to hear from you! Website:


The Radical Therapist #003 – Socially Engaged Art w/ Finishing School

In episode #003 Chris interviews the artist collective, Finishing Schoolabout their socially engaged practice that playfully explores an expansive range of subject and media territories at the intersection of art, power, politics, participation, and the everyday. Website: We want to hear from you! Website:http://www.theradi [...]


The Radical Therapist #002 – Bryson Greaves

In Episode #002 Chris sits down with friend and colleague Bryson Greaves and they have a conversation around their respective models of therapy; narrative therapy and emotionally focused therapy (EFT.) Subverting a long history of model rivalry in family therapy both Bryson and Chris reach across “party lines” in attempt to have a dialogue between the two popular family therapy models. In this episode they discuss the common critiques of both models. We want to hear from you! Website:">


The Radical Therapist #001 – Natasha Caruana

In his first episode, Chris interviews London based artist Natasha Caruana - recent recipient of the of the BMW Artist in Residence Award at musée Nicéphore Niépce, France. Caruana’s own art practice is grounded in research concerned with narratives of love, betrayal and fantasy. Significant to all Caruana’s work is the questioning of how today’s technology is impacting relationships. Chris and Natasha talk about her recent projects, love at first sight, the fairytale wedding and what it...


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