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Gone 'Til November

What's good, TGOSFamily! It's been a while since we posted anything, so wanted to let you know what's been going on. We'll be back!


S2Ep1: We're All Underpaid

Greetings, listener. Quick question, are you listening to the podcast in front of your smart TV? STOP! Skynet is on to us!!! Now that we've got your attention and you've hopefully moved to a more secure area of your home or apartment, we can talk about more serious topics, like why formally hot, billion dollar start-up insurance company, Zenefits, had to ban its employees from having sex on the stairs. Always someone ruining things for everyone, amirite?! Well, if that topic isn't serious...


100: The Last Main Show

**Boyz II Men acapella** "It's so say yesterdayeeeeey!!!" It's been a pleasure serving you TGOS family, but with Episode 100 we say "goodbye" to the Main Show... ...and HELLO TO PAYCHECKSANDBALANCES.COM! Now ifyou already signed up for our VIP email list (like we remind you to do every week), you would already know this week's 100th Episode is ourlast Main Show under the TGOS brand name. We're taking our talents to another podcast thread under the new and...


SE32: Don't Go Upstairs

Janet Hubert, Stacey Dash, Black Twitter -- what do they all have in common besides ample melanin? Opinions on #OscarsSoWhite. Because washed, it took us a few weeks to finally weigh in on this topic but this week, weigh in we do. While on the subject of ill-thought-out statements,a leak about a potential Twitter upgradebrings out the Conspiracy Brothers in TGOS. To wrap things up on the Side Episode, we answerthree great reader questions. Have questions of your own? You've got options!...


099: Monetize It ft. Maya Elious

"I help people discover their expertise then monetize it. If you're still stuck, it's becauseyou're still confused." - Maya Elious. Inspired? We were! That's why we were happy to have Maya Elious (@MayaElious) as a guest on this week's show. Do you work but aren't happy, have a job you wish wasa career, or have a goal you needto turn into a reality? This week's show is for you! This week's show was filled with great information: With Maya's lead, we discussed everything from...


SE31: Writing, Fatherhood, and...Kanye ft. Panama Jackson of Very Smart Brothas (VSB)

On this week's show we're happy to have special guest:Panama Jackson of Very Smart Brothas (VSB) dot com.Panama shares how VSB started from the bottom of basic WordPress themes to "now we here" with the online magazine come-up. He also discusseshow their book, Your Degrees Wont Keep You Warm at Night: The Very Smart Brothas Guide to Dating, Mating, and Fighting Crime, came to be through the vision of fellow site co-founder and co-writer Damon Young. In a more serious segment of the show,...


098: Sharing Salaries & Rebuilding Credit

Welp. Progressive or not, our listeners still arent's fans of sharing their salaries with coworkers: #TGOSPoll - Should you share your salary w/ coworkers? You have 2 days to vote! — WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) January 25, 2016 This week a listener writes in with a question so important we decidedto address it on the main show: I know my credit is really bad since I can't even get a bank account and I'm scared to get my credit score since I haven't checked in months (avoiding seeing that low...


SE30: Maturity, Marriage, and Blackness ft. Whiskey, Wine, and Moonshine

Remember those Guest Appearances we bragged about in 2015? They're here! The Exquisite Ladies ofWhiskey, Wine, and Moonshine (@WhiskeyWineMoon) helped us start the year off right with their illustrious appearance to discuss...well, everything under the sun and a few things in the shade. For your benefit and listening pleasure, we discuss whether love and marriage really lead to happiness; who defines "blackness" and what does or does not make you qualified to represent for Black Twitter; a...


097: Where My Money Go?

Tired of living check to check? Budgeting doesn't have to be complicated.All you need is 15 minutes, a pen and a note pad(examplebelow). The first step to improving the way you spend your money is knowing how you spend your money and where your money is going. You don't need Excel, the latest smart phone, or fancy websites. All you need to do is write down how much money you're making each month after taxes and your monthly bills. This week, we challenge you and our listeners to starta...


SE29: The Washed Brothers LP

New Year, No (or less anyway) stress! Rich and WIM are back on blab to discuss the first two weeks of 2016 and their plans for the next 50 weeks of 2016 and beyond. Rich wonders why adults don't have Spring Break, or any official break from work when even his "off" days are spent adulting. Our main discussion? How are millenials who make over $100,000 still struggling to make ends meet, and in more good news, Millennials need only make $429,000 to make it into the 1% now. Congratulations....


096: State of the Credit Union + Goal Tracking

This week, TGOS tried a new platform for (potentially) recording live shows. To catch the playback, check out Blab (you can also play below). If you've already concluded our faces are better watched on the podcast, you can use your usual podcast-app or website of choice! We discuss why you should immediately add local Credit Unions to your list of loan servicing choices, as WIM uses the recent purchase of a new vehicle to tout one of the many benefits of Credit Unions. We also discuss how...


SE28: Charged Up

The Side Episode, The Struggle Chronicles, The Washed Mixtape Saga returns colder than ever! WELCOME TO 2016! New year, new you? On that topic, WIM discusses his latest first world problems in the form of a new car purchase. Rich makes a BIGGER big announcement. Plus, what Side Episode would be complete without random conversations ranging from traversing Detroit, whyyou should be watching Mr. Robot, to answering a listener question by citing dating from the world's largest self-proclaimed...


095: New Year, New Us (Still Washed)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you had a happy and safe 2016. Starting off the year right, TGOS lays out The Blueprint for 2016: We begin with a discussion on achange in perspective on all things financial management, career advice oriented, and the pursuit of debt freedom and The Freedom Chase. TGOS wonders, why can't Millennials have it all? It might take a different approach, but maybe we can. Let's develop a plan together. Lastly, in a remix to the WIMRANT, WIM drops theWIMResolution, a...


SE27: Dense

We'reback for the last episode of 2015! It was also our 2nd TGOLiveShow. We talked favorite movies of the year, things we'd like to leave in 2015, a couple ummmm...interesting listener questions, Rich's pleasant discover, magical cigars, and more. Contact Us: @TGOSPodcast, @IAmRichJones tgospodcast at gmail dot com Announcements: The TGOS Guide to Setting Up an Effective Mentorship is done! We give you some things to think about before...


SE26: Swipe Me Down

We SoulSwipe you down, so you don't have to. STRICTLY FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES, WIM downloads and reviews 'SoulSwipe' the app made "viral" by none other than Champagne Papi himself. SoulSwipe, "black dating done right" aka Tinder for black people. And innews that won't get you in trouble with your significant other, we try to help Rich solve the biggest first world problem he's ever faced. Suggestions welcome or check out our Twitter poll: Alright listeners, let's help @IAmRichJones decide...


094: Who Ate My Snacks?!

We threw a party, yeah we threw a party! Ok, well, not really. But this week TGOS discusses office fridge etiquette and the dos and donts of successfully navigating those upcoming Holiday Parties: should you drink? how much? you should socialize? how much? Hell, should you even go? For how long?!!? You asked, TGOS answers in Episode 094. Download it now. Contact Us: @TGOSPodcast, @IAmRichJones tgospodcast at gmail dot com Announcements: The...


SE25: Chocolate Cake

As the Side Episode reaches 25, a "quick conversation" about life on the wrong side of 30 turns into a 60-minute episode of reflection. We never made it out ofTop of Mindthis week since it turns out we had a lot on our collective minds. Listen to the show and see if you can relate to some of the questions TGOS finds themselves asking as wetry to figure out the game of life, or at least some #LifeHacks. Contact Us: @TGOSPodcast, @IAmRichJones


093: Recruiting Struggles & Presentation Tips

Remember that topic we kept saying we were going to discuss but never got around to? Well we got around to it: How to Present to Large Crowds and Influence People! Ok, so the show is probably more heavy on the presenting to large crowd tips and less about influencing people, but you get our point. Don't have to present to any large crowds but still hate public speaking? We offer some tips for you in that area to. We also shoot the [breeze] about our respective recruiting struggles. We're...


SE24: You Might Be Washed If...

This week, TGOS celebrates two years! We like to think we're aging like a fine wine versus that forgotten MadDog 20/20 you left in your attic. The Side Episode finds the fellas reminiscing on the recent Thanksgiving activities -- family, friends, and trials & tribulations. In light-hearted, tragic news, Rich shares the importance of staying clean when becoming washed when putting off visiting the doctor actually makes a WebMD diagnosis right for the first--and probably last--time ever....


092: Succeeding in Corporate America

This week we focus on tips that have helped us succeed in corporate America. Tips cover: Stepping Stones; Professional Branding; The Relay Race of Life; Self-Awareness, and much more. You can share your own tips in the comments below,tweet today’s show using #TGOS92, or share your thoughts while live-commenting on Soundcloud by visiting Contact Us: @TGOSPodcast, @IAmRichJones tgospodcast at gmail dot com...