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Join us every week as we cover this crazy world that we live in. We touch on politics, and political humor, music, race, sports, current events, pop culture, and movies! Whatever we want, because it’s our show!

Join us every week as we cover this crazy world that we live in. We touch on politics, and political humor, music, race, sports, current events, pop culture, and movies! Whatever we want, because it’s our show!
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Join us every week as we cover this crazy world that we live in. We touch on politics, and political humor, music, race, sports, current events, pop culture, and movies! Whatever we want, because it’s our show!








How Democrats Should Handle Biz + GEICO Reboots

Hass and Dutch run thru a ton of topics, including an update on the Aquaman box office hitting $1B, Jim Acosta gets owned by Trump and Kellyanne Conway, Coming to America 2 is announced, GEICO reboots old commercials to rousing success and some other ideas on companies that should follow suit (Real Men of Genius) PLUS some political chatter about our BIGGEST Twitter poll yet on possible 2020 tickets and Dutch has a proposal for Democrats to give Trump his Wall in exchange for a ban on guns....


Super Size 2019 Predictions Show

Anthony "The Jock" from Jock and Nerd Podcast joins Hass and Dutch to talk 2019 and look into our crystal balls! Join us as we cover Social Media impact in the upcoming year, find out if Sears will fail and if Amazon will start delivering via drone, cover the Mueller Report, ask if democrats in congress will vote to impeach Trump, and close by talking all major sports and upcoming movies such as Endgame, Glass, Capt Marvel, Shazam and more!! New outro music by Vetivs, a rock cover of the...


Super Size 2018 in Review + Aquaman Review

Gerald Glassford from Pop Culture Cosmos comes back to talk about the predictions made on the first show of 2018, and to talk about the new DC movie Aquaman. Topics discussed are Sony's Into the Spiderverse, the 2018 midterms, the 2018 Olympics, all major sports championships, and the most outrageous Trump Tweets of the year!! Join in or Miss out!!


XXL Xmas Xtravaganza! Beautiful Clean Coal for Donny's Stocking

Tom and Austin from Dumb All Over pod join Hass and Dutch to talk about Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, the passing of Penny Marshall, and break down the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. We also learn about a parrot ordering from Amazon, a boxer's wears Trump Wall shorts (Spoiler: the wall comes tumblin' down) and a little chat about Mattis' departure from the Trump Admin, the gov't shutdown, a vet starts a Go Fund Me to pay for the Border Wall, and a few rants here and there....


BONUS: VFU's Wide Wide World of Sportz

Dutch and Cole from Cole Sportz chat about the NBA, NFL, Boxing, and MLB Hot Stove as well as Michael Jordan getting slap-happy and Kaepernick still getting no calls. If you like sports, this bonus content is right up your alley. But no bowling.


Talkin' Sports, Entertainment & Politics w/ Cole Johnson

VFU is joined by Cole Johnson, the host of Cole Sportz Podcast, and we run the gauntlet on current events, talking more Kevin Hart and homophobia, Michael Cohen and the backlash on right wing politics, some updates on Aquaman, Audi gives a spoiler on Avengers: End Game, and a Twitter poll results on the NFC playoffs. Look for a bonus episode of 40 more minutes of pure sports talk with Cole in 2 days!!


BONUS: Pre-Show Chatter gets REAL

Enjoy a little pre-show conversation that we thought was important enough to release, covering what to and not to retweet, and some fun stuff. Check it out!!


Hart Attack!! + Avengers: Endgame & GoT Trailer Breakdowns

The gang discussed Kevin Hart and the Oscars, re-examines the re-examining of old tweets, talks about the political shenanigans in Wisconsin and Michigan, gives the results of our Twitter poll looking for what 80's movie would be the best remake (winner - The Last Starfighter) and touch briefly on Manafort, Cohen and other recent events.


Remembering 41 + Addison Russell, Kareem Hunt & deGrasse Tyson

Dutch and Hass are TJ-less this week and cover a busy week of news, including trouble for Mark Lamont Hill, Kareem Hunt, Ruben Foster and even.... huh? Neil deGrasse Tyson? Also discussed are Addison Russell's resigning with the Cubs, Daredevil cancelled by Netflix, the Botham Jean killer is charged, Payless Shoes pulls a prank, A Back to the Future reboot is rumored, and some thoughts on the passing of George H.W. Bush. In the Humidor, Hass reviews the Plasencia Reserva Original cigar. Join...


BONUS: Talkin' Politics & Social Issues w/ Jock and Nerd Weekly

This is a recording that was posted originally by our podbuddies at The Jock and Nerd Podcast for their patreon feed. Thank you to Imran, Anthony and Rugboy for letting our own Jasen Dutch hang out with you and talk about a myriad of issues, such as Kavanaugh, The Caravan, Birthright Citizenship, The Deep State and Trump!! We had a blast!! Check out their show at www.jockandnerd.com


Creed II Reaction + Social Conditioning & the 2A

The gang is joined by Mr. Q, the founder of 761st Gun Club of Illinois to talk 2A, Social conditioning, and other social topics. For a little pop culture fun, the gang reviews Creed (some spoilers) and it's trailers Aquaman and Mr. Glass, talk missionaries murdered by pre-Neolithic tribes-people, and a little Paul Manafort. Finally, a listener sends in a request for TJ to do a video game review!! Great time and great info, join us!!


Ivanka's Emails + Nationalism & Identity in U.S. Politics

Progressive activist Gordy McZilla joins Dutch and Hass to discuss Ivanka getting busted for sending thousands of emails from her personal account, and the concepts of Nationalism and Identity politics in American Politics. Is Intersectionality a wise move for the left? To lighten the mood the trio discusses Thanksgiving cigar choices, good burbons and the top movies of 2008. We also talk about some dumb criminals, always fun times!!


Midterm Postmortem & A Lot of Laughs

The gang touches on a myriad of topics including the 2018 midterms, Keith Ellison, intersectionality, Daredevil Season 3, NBA news (Jimmy Butler, Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose), JaRule vs 50 Cent, baldness, La'Veon Bell and the Steelers, and the tragedies in Thousand Oaks, CA. All this and a Hass' Humidor salute to Veteran's Day! Lots of laughs, so you should tune in!!


BONUS: Remembering Stan Lee

Imran from The Jock and Nerd Weekly pod joins Dutch and TJ to discuss the life and accomplishments of Stan Lee, who passed earlier in the day at the age of 95. Stan created Spider-Man, the X-Men and most of the iconic characters of Marvel and the MCU. Join in for this special recording and share your Stan Lee favorites with us!!


Winter is Coming... & Midterms are Here!

The gang discusses some pop culture goings-on including the announcement of Bad Boys for Life, NBA early season results and TJ gives his perspective on the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones. Diving into politics, we look into the Obama heckling that took place at a rally for Andrew Gillum and a look ahead to the Midterms on Nov 6. Also listener comments and feedback! Join us for some irreverent fun and a call from fake Donald Trump!


Halloween Movies & Origins w/ a Real Ghostbuster + VFU Turns 1!!

On our 1 year anniversary, the guys welcome back ghost hunter extraordinaire JC Phillips from Extreme Vision Paranormal. The 4 guys chat about favorite Halloween movies including Young Frankenstein & Hocus Pocus plus talk trick or treat and Fright Fest memories and hear about a few of JC's expeditions into the world of ghosts and spirits. Plus, Dutch gives a little history on the origins of Halloween. Join us as we celebrate a year of terrible postdating, launch our Patreon and have a...


BONUS: Tatiana Matta for Congress

Dutch chats with California 23 US congressional district candidate and Democrat Tatiana Matta, a Puerto Rican-born military spouse who is running against Kevin McCarthy, who is the GOP Majority Leader. Topics include the local issues in Bakersfield CA, the national stigmas surrounding Trump and his Republican base, a recap of the Matta-McCarthy Debate on KBFX, as well as healthcare, immigration, racism and of course who is better, Jordan or LeBron!!


White Kids in Black Panther Costumes & Transgender Women in Sport

NOTE** Please forgive some minor audio issues with TJ's mic! We replaced it after the episode but there is some noticeable audio degradation. The VFU team apologizes for this. Thank you. Well this episode flys way into controversial, as the gang discusses whether or not Black Panther is a suitable Halloween costume for white children and bring a Twitter discussion on the fairness of a Transgendered woman (biological man) winning the World Cycling Championship? Is this right or wrong? Is it...


BONUS: Turn 'Bama Blue! Candidates Peter Joffrion & Tabitha Isner

Dutch sits down with not one but TWO Democratic US Congressional candidates, Peter Joffrion, who is running in Alabama 5 & Tabitha Isner, who is running in Alabama 2. We cover a broad spectrum of topics, including immigration, healthcare, political division, gerrymandering, conservative stigmas of females in politics, & we discuss two incumbents who are somehow never in their district! Tune in, get involved & FLIP THE HOUSE in Midtems of 2018!!


BONUS: Jan McDowell for Congress

Dutch interviews Democratic candidate Jan McDowell, who is running against GOP incumbent and Trump minion Kenny Marchant in Texas District 24. Topics include views on winning Blue in a Red State, immigration, health care, education equality and campaign finance. Give it a listen and help Jan upset the system this Nov 6!