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WeBeGeeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV, Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions. Your official voice of the Geek Revolution.

WeBeGeeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV, Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions. Your official voice of the Geek Revolution.
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WeBeGeeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV, Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions. Your official voice of the Geek Revolution.






We Be Geeks 270: Tom Cruise = Channing Tatum

Despite some technical issues, the Dazzling Duo manages to record an episode full of movie, television, and comic news. In fact, there is even a bit of gaming news in this episode for good measure. Topics discussed in this episode include: Fox pulls Buffy The Vampire Slayer license from Dark Horse. New information about The Witcher Netflix show. A Valkyrie in the Lady And The Tramp reboot. The release of the new season of Doctor Who draws near. A wish for Mark Wahlberg to play Hal Jordan...


We Be Geeks 269: Disney Is Streaming What?

This week, the Dazzling, Dauntless Duo take a deep dive into Disney territory, followed by a swim in the waters over at DC and Warner Brothers. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. Netflix will no longer have Marvel movies after Captain Marvel. 2.More information on the Disney streaming service. 3. Disney's plans for the Fox properties. 4. Nick Fury and Maria Hill to appear in the next Spidey movie. 5. Warner Brothers could be working on a Supergirl movie. 6 Details on season four...


We Be Geeks 268: Monster Crunched

This week, the dazzling, dauntless duo have cereal on the brain. Yummy, delicious, sugary sweet cereal.....mmmmmmmm. Oh, and cartoons and stuff too. Topics discussed in this episode include: A new card game based on General Mill cereals A recently announced animated movie based on the Superpets from DC comics; A newly announced animated series based on Robert Kirkman's Super Dinosaur. A writer has been hired for the upcoming Judge Dredd show Mega City One. The release date for the DC...


We Be Geeks 267: It’s A Culture Con, Hear The Banjos

This week, the Dauntless Duo are still reeling from all the geek goodness coming out of San Diego Comicon this past weekend, but they manage to pull it together long enough to record this episode just for you the listener. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. In-depth coverage of the plethora of trailers coming out of the con. 2. Prices on the DC streaming service. 3. More information on the Titans show. 4. Details on the box set release of Batman: The Animated Series. 5. A...


We Be Geeks 266: Can’t Hear, I’m Mowing

The Warriors Three are back in business! Well...sort of. The show starts off with the return of a familiar voice, none other than Brett himself. Unfortunately though, Brett's return is short lived due to technical issues. Doesn't that just figure? Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. The return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian for Episode IX. 2. The Jaoquin Phoenix Joker movie is officially in production. 3. Marvel's SDCC panels for animation and movies. 4. The cast has...


We Be Geeks 265: Hangin’ With Marilyn Ghigliotti

This week, the Dazzling Duo if Geekdom continue their five week guestathon by welcoming actress Marilyn Ghigliotti to the show. Marilyn, in addition to being another cast member from Neil Johnson's film Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, also played the role of Veronica in a little Indy film called Clerks. The guys talk to Marilyn about working with both Kevin Smith and Neil Johnson, as well as what it was like to be a part of the Clerks phenomenon. Marilyn then talks about her work as a makeup...


We Be Geeks 264: Water Barrel Racing With William Kircher

The streak of guests continues as Mike and Derrick welcome actor William Kircher to the podcast. William talks about working with Neil Johnson and Tracey Birdsall on Time Warner and Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, as well as some of his favorite moments while shooting the films. The guys then delve into William's time as Bifur, and what it was like to be a part of the Tolkien legacy. William discusses the fun he had on The Hobbit movies, how great the Tolkien fans are, and how much work went...


We Be Geeks 263: Evolution With Neil Johnson

This week, Mike and Derrick welcome filmmaker Neil Johnson to the show. Neil is a writer/director/producer of sci-fi movies like Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter and Alien Armageddon. The talks talk to Neil about his latest movies, Evolution War and Time Warner, although Neil can't reveal too many details about the films without spoiling them. In addition, the guys talk to Neil about his love of sci-fi, including Star Wars and his favorite Doctor, the process of making his films, and many more...


We Be Geeks 262: Drawing With Katie Cook

This week, Mike and Derrick welcome a guest to the show, comic writer and artist Katie Cook. Katie has worked on books for My Little Pony, Star Wars, and even Fraggle Rock, as well as her own creator owned books and web comics. The guys talk to Katie about her work with My Little Pony, as well as her latest project, Nothing Special (that is the actual title, not a review of the book), interactions with fans, doing conventions, as well as many other comic related topics.


We Be Geeks 261: We Be Dawgs With Tracey Birdsall

This week, Mike and Derrick are joined by guest Tracey Birdsall, who is on to promote her latest movie coming out, Evolution War. In addition to discussing the movie, the guys also talk to Tracey about geeking out, rescuing dogs, family deaths, and working in the entertainment industry. The conversation ranges from fun and entertaining to deep and emotional, and everywhere in between.


We Be Geeks 260: Avengers 3.5 – Disney V. Comcast

The Warriors Three (minus one) are desperately trying to hold things together, but the cracks are starting to show. How much longer can they hold back Ragnarok? Only time will tell. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. Disney and Comcast prepare for war. 2. Janie Foxx gets cast in the upcoming Spawn movie. 3. Mysterio has been cast in the next Spider-Man film. 4. Disney denies a certain Easter egg for Infinity War. 5. Could Penguin be making a return to the big screen? 6. Universal...


We Be Geeks 259: Yanny, Laure & Tom Flippin’ Cruise

This week, Mike and Derrick desperately search for a name to call themselves while Brett and Julz are both on hiatus. Somewhere out in the aether is an identity for the Warriors Three minus one. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. Actress Margot Kidder has passed away. 2. A possible error in the Spider-Man MCU timeline. 3. Deadpool 2 features a surprise X-Men character. 4. Tom Cruise would like to be in a DCEU movie in the future. 5. Ron Howard teases a possible sequel to Willow....


We Be Geeks 258: Wyld Stallyns Forever

This week, Brett is on hiatus, transforming the Warriors Three into the not so dynamic duo as Mike and Derrick carry on without their fallen comrade. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. Who is really to blame when a Con goes wrong? 2. Bill And Ted 3 is finally a go! 3. A new clip from the Solo movie sheds some interesting light on some of Han's backstory 4. A new Star Wars book series coming out this fall will revolve around the Falcon. 5. The Darth Vader comic will delve into the...


We Be Geeks 257: Cat & Mouse w/ Barbara Kaalberg, Dean Zachary & Roland Mann

Tonight the Warriors 3 have three special guests joining us. Roland Mann, Dean Zachary. And Barbara Kaalberg from the Kickstarter of their independent comic Cat & Mouse. We hear Roland, Dean, and Barbara's take on how this came together. We talk about the influence of women on comics. We talk about keeping the subject matter of the comic reader friendly. We talk about the rewards for the Kickstarter. We talk to Barbara and Dean about their process. We talk dream casting for Cat and Mouse....


We Be Geeks 256: Release Avatar 2 First

Brett is off this week, leaving Mike and Derrick on their own to have a competition over who can come up with the best rant. Who won this epic contest of rant champions? We shall let the listeners decide...... Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. James Cameron comments on the superhero film genre. 2. How many post credit scenes will Infinity War have? 3. Is Adam Warlock in Infinity War? 4. Disney releases their upcoming movie schedule up to 2020. 5. Fleer is releasing a brand new...


We Be Geeks 255: Happy, Happy, Death, Death

This week, the Warriors Three cover everything from hockey playoffs to death, and a few lighter subjects as well. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. Stephen Spielberg will be working on a DC movie. 2. Lynda Carter could be showing up in Wonder Woman 2. 3. Gotham gets a reboot. 4. A teenage Cassie Lang in Avengers 4. 5. Stranger Things casting news. 6. He-man is crossing over with the DC comics Injustice series. 7. A movie based on the M.A.S.K. toyline is in the works. 8. A look...


We Be Geeks 254: #StandByStan

Tonight it's The Warriors Three from the 4 corners of Midgard. Is Stan Lee moving in with Kevin Smith? Is The Avengers: Infinity War going to be the biggest movie ever? Are the Russo Brothers going to be directing a Secret War movie? Do the new Titans costumes do the source material justice? WonderCon, C2E2 and Planet Comicon all on the same weekend next year? What? What the heck is Wakandacon? Find out the answers to all these questions and more when you listen to the show.


We Be Geeks 253: Story Of Indiana Joan

This week, the Warriors Three are but as Brett is off due to internet issues. But, Mike and Derrick don't let that stop them from bringing you another exciting episode. Topics discussed on the episode include: 1. Black Panther breaks the top ten. 2. Could Indiana Jones become a woman? 3. The third Bill and Ted movie is getting closer to becoming a reality? 4. What shows are returning next season? 5. Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment 8s starting up a gaming division. 6. The Spider-Man...


We Be Geeks 252: The SHIELD And The Silver Marvel

This week, the Warriors Three are recovering from their big celebration of their 250th episode and their interview with Charlie Chiodo, so things get a bit....loopy. It's all in good fun though, so, sit back and enjoy the ride. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. Frank Miller is creating a show based on Arthurian legend for Netflix. 2. Agents Of SHIELD might not be dead yet. 3. But, Agent Coulson might be showing up in the Captain Marvel movie. 4. Could the Silver Surfer possibly...


We Be Geeks 251: Clowning Around With Charlie Chiodo

Tonight, the Warriors 3 are joined by guest Charlie Chiodo from the movie Killer Clowns from Outer Space. We talk how Charlie and his brother came up with Killer Clown from Outer Space. We talk about Charlie's influences. We talk about Charlie's experience on Team America: World Police. We talk about Charlie's work on Pee Wee's Big Adventure. We talk about a possible Critters TV show, or web series. We talk about his love of anthology series like Twilight Zone. We finish talking about the...