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Caroline Taggart, Bognor and Other Regises with Donna Freed

Caroline Taggart, Bognor and Other Regises, A Potted History of Britain in 100 Royal Places Sunday Times Bestselling author Caroline Taggart turns her searchlight on some of Britain's quirkiest royals, uncovering fascinating facts and anecdotes, all in highly amusing and accessible prose. Meet Ethelred the Unready and Eleanor of Castile, travel from the Isle of Skye to Glastonbury Abby in these 100 very British, very royal essays. We recommend two copies: one in the bathroom and one in the...


Ella Mills, Deliciously Ella: The Plant Based Cookbook at the Cookbook Festival 2018 with Donna Freed

Ella Mills, food writer and entrepreneur under the brand Deliciously Ella focuses on natural food and putting vegetables at the centre of our plates and palates. Her latest book includes tried and tested recipes that she has developed along the Deliciously Ella journey. @DeliciouslyElla @CookbookFestiv1


Amy Heydenrych, Shame On You with Donna Freed

Amy Heydenrych, Shame On You with Donna Freed Working as a pr, Amy selected social media influencers to work with global brands and became fascinated by the disparity in their images and their real lives. In Shame of You, Holly is a clean eating social media sensation with a huge following. Her life starts spiralling out of control when she's attacked by a man who seems to know her... and her secret. Is Holly really who she says she is? Shame On You is an exploration of the dark side of...


Jane Devonshire, Hassle Free, Gluten Free at the Cookbook Festival 2018

Jane Devonshire, Hassle Free, Gluten Free at the Cookbook Festival 2018 Masterchef Champion 2016 Jane Devonshire is two cooks: the Masterchef winning cook and the family of 6 - one of whom is has celiac disease - home cook. When her son was diagnosed, the family made a decision to eat gluten free to avoid cross contamination issues. With 4 children to feed, she needed quick, easy and delicious meals that can be made fuss free. @janecdevonshire...


Jack Monroe & City Harvest's Laura Winningham & Paula Merrony at the Cookbook Festival with Donna Freed

Jack Monroe, campaigner & author of Cooking on a Bootstratp; Laura Winningham, co-founder of City Harvest London and Paula Merrony, head of operations at City Harvest London in conversation with Donna Freed at the Cookbook Festival 2018 The Cookbook Festival brought together food poverty campaigner and cookery writer Jack Monroe with City Harvest London to create a delicious brunch with food that would be wasted without City Harvest's efforts. City Harvest collects food from supermarkets...


Lynda La Plante, Widows with Donna Freed

Lynda La Plante's Widows with Donna Freed Lynda La Plante is the indisputable, reigning QUEEN OF CRIME. Widows was Lynda's first TV Script and while she was a TV actress at the time, she knew that she was not Dolly Rawlins. She never returned to acting and instead went on to create our most iconic police woman, Prime Suspect's Jane Tennison played by Helen Mirren. La Plante has reworked and expanded Widows in novel form for a brand new audience. Well, hello Dolly!


What your handwriting says about you, Reading Between The Lines by Emma Bache

Do you have big or small writing? Or large loops or big spaces between your letters? We do still write, not as much as we used to; birthday cards, thank you letters and shopping lists. Find out how to analyse your nearest and dearest's writing or even your boss. Emma talks about Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s amazing link in personality, which she discovered through her graphology. #RadioGorgeous #graphology #wellness


What Would Boudicca Do? E. Foley and B. Coates with Donna Freed

What Would Boudicca Do? E. Foley and B. Coates with Donna Freed While we don't expect or want you to burn London to the ground every time someone pisses you off, but bad-ass Boudicca's method of dealing with adversity does have a certain appeal. The authors were inspired to find (only) 50 fantastic women throughout history and use them as exemplars for 'everyday problems solved by history's most remarkable women.' The delightful book is designed to tease rather than preach and gives...


Jo Pratt & Fran Warde, co-founders Cookbook Festival with Donna Freed

Cookbook authors and friends, Jo Pratt and Fran Warde, along with Lucy Cufflin have come together to found the UK's very first cookbook festival. There are food festivals and book festivals but this unique festival celebrates the books we cook with and their authors. They have created a fun festival full of food, chefs, talks, demonstrations, tastings and workshops. September 12-16, 2018 in Chiswick, West London alongside the Chiswick Book Festival. All proceeds to charity. For tix & info:...


Lucy Cufflin, co-founder of the Cookbook Festival with Donna Freed

Lucy Cufflin, co-founder of the Cookbook Festival with Donna Freed Lucy Cufflin has never been put off by being the first, especially when it comes to food. Her mother was the first foodie she knew and she has been working in food since she was a teen. She is a cookbook author herself, and knows the power of a proper recipe. It was of supreme importance to her, when the idea of the first festival to celebrate both food and books (cookbooks) was that it was in aid of charity. September...


Pippa & Lizzie - The Vignettes, Queens of Harmony GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT with Josephine Pembroke

Charismatic classically trained musicians turned jazz, showtunes singers, Pippa and Lizzie tell us all about their exciting cabaret stage show. Both Pippa and Lizzie have super successful singing careers in their own right but coming together as a team and becoming best friends is perfect. They explain that harmonies though difficult are not impossible with a demonstration on the podcast! Pippa and Lizzie are performing at The Pheasantry, Chelsea, London on August 28. To book go to...


Francoise Malby Anthony & Katja Willemsen, An Elephant In My Kitchen with Donna Freed

Gorgeous Lives: Francoise Malby Anthony & Katja Willemsen, An Elephant In My Kitchen When Francoise Malby refused to share a taxi on a bone-chilling day in London with a scruffy, bearded man, it was the very last time she said no to future husband Lawrence Anthony. So when he said they should buy a game reserve in the Kwa-Zulu-Natal area of South Africa and start conservation work, Francoise said yes. When they received a call asking if they would take a herd of troubled and traumatised...


Anna Mazzola, The Story Keeper with Donna Freed

Great Reads: Anna Mazzola, The Story Keeper with Donna Freed Anna Mazzola excels at creating the atmosphere of her historically set novels. In The Story Keeper, we follow Audrey Hart from 1857 London to the Isle of Skye where the clearances have wreaked havoc in the crofting communities where she is trying to work as a folklorist. Audrey is as embattled as she in enmeshed as girls start going missing. A chilling read for hot summer nights. @Anna_Mazz #TheStoryKeeper


Chloe Esposito, BAD the anti-heroine, with Donna Freed on Radio Gorgeous

Gorgeous Reads: Chloe Esposito with Donna Freed Chloe has created the epic anti-heroine, Alvina Knightley who discovers that while she may not be a talented poet, she has an uncanny knack for killing people…and she likes it! Bad Alvie is the id unleashed; watch out as her pleasure principle rocks Rome. Chloe and Donna talk about the trilogy that has led to a massive Hollywood deal. @ChloeJEsposito #RadioGorgeous #Mad #BadAlvie


Playwright RABIAH HUSSAIN with CORINNA McSHANE on her debut play SPUN, class and microaggressions for GORGEOUS LIVES

Rabiah Hussain’s stunning debut play ‘Spun’ recently opened in London to much public and critical acclaim. Rabiah explains why she wrote a play focusing on two girls and their friendship rather than their relationships with men. She discusses her creative process and the ups and downs of ‘vomit drafting’! Rabiah also talks to Corinna about being a ‘South Asian woman from a working class background’ and how going to the theatre wasn’t part of her childhood. Spun is playing at the Arcola...


Eve Crawford's Parliamentary Petition with Donna Freed on RADIO GORGEOUS

Gorgeous Lives: Actress Eve Crawford's Crusade on Parliament Eve Crawford is petitioning Parliament to stop lawyers having access to counselling notes in rape and sexual assault cases. After she herself was assaulted, she was contacted by the Rape Crisis charity who while they encouraged her to avail herself of therapy, strictly cautioned her to not get it until after the trial. She was horrified to hear the reason why: her attacker's lawyers could use the counselling notes from her therapy...


Am I Ugly? by Michelle Elman, Body Confidence Coach Gorgeous Wellbeing with Josephine Pembroke

At some point every day we catch our reflection and look at our stomach, face or body and we often don’t like what we see. Michelle Elman body confidence coach believes we can change and all become body positive. Buy the book:[]( #RadioGorgeous #Wellbeing #BodyPositive Follow: Twitter: @ScarredNtScared Insta: ScarredNotScared


Is Monogamy Dead? by Rosie Wilby GORGEOUS COMEDY with VICTORIA PEARSON

Award winning comedian and broadcaster Rosie Wilby chats to Victoria Pearson. Topics include her new book 'Is Monogamy Dead?' stand up comedy as a form of very public therapy and Conscious Uncoupling. []( #GorgeousComedy #RosieWilby #radiogorgeous


The Actresses by Barbara Ewing with Josephine Pembroke on Radio GORGEOUS

At last! A novel with a middle aged woman, with grey hair on the front cover is published in the UK. A first and a victory for us women! Ex actor Barbara chats to Josephine about her novel which has been rereleased after 21 years, as it is so relevant to now. Expect tips on how to make yourself laugh and cry for the camera. Buy the book: []( #RadioGorgeous #Theatre #Novel


Leila Aboulela, Elsewhere, Home with DONNA FREED, Author of The Week

Leila talks in-depth to Donna about her life in writing as an award winning novelist and playwright. Leila moved to Aberdeen following her husband with a baby and small child. Even though she had never considered being an author she frequented the library and found solace in the feminist novels she read. Reading inspired Leila to write. #RadioGorgeous #Author #Syria