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The brilliant innovations of the Free Market that improve our lives are trying to be stopped by the Government nanny staters!

The midterm elections have come and gone and the Democrats have taken the House. Now this isn’t all so bad. Divided power is good because this means “gridlock” and less destructive laws will be passed. Electric scooter companies like Bird are being banned in some progressive cities just like Uber once was when it was seen as destructive to the taxi industry. These scooters are a brilliant innovation of the Free Market and here comes the government trying to halt progress! This episode covers...


With Trillion Dollar deficits and soaring interest rate payments, more money printing is to come our way! Protect yourself from Government idiocy!

$1.3 Trillion was added to the national debt in fiscal year 2018 alone! 2018 was Trump’s full fiscal year as president and with a deficit that large I wouldn’t call that draining the swamp! How are we ever to get our economy on a sustainable path when we spend like drunken Democrats and Republicans!? We’re also set to spend $7 Trillion on interest payments alone in the next decade. How’s that for sustainable?


Fed chair Powell raises rates for 8th times says we're in extraordinary times and sees no bubbles to speak of in the economy.

The Fed has raised rates to the 2-2.25% range and this is the 8th rate hike since the fed began raising them in 2015. Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, has given several speeches in the last week and there’s several insights we can gain from Mr. Powell just by reading closely into what he’s saying. Folks, this guy is completely clueless about the next economic crisis brewing out there. We are nearing the end of this super bubble. “Blown Away” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under...


Argentina raises interest rates to 60% while attempting to fight off 30% inflation rates. Is this Venezuela in the making?

Argentina is facing some huge hurdles economically while the average citizen is getting poorer due to 30% inflation rates! They have 60% interest rates and just a few weeks ago when I was in Argentina interest rates were 45%. Things are spiraling out of control fast and I will keep you updated with this story the media isn’t talking about.


IMF predicts Venezuela will experience 1 million percent inflation by the end of 2018!

The crisis in Venezuela has only gotten worse and the IMF sees 1 million percent inflation by the end of the year. The inflation rate currently, is around 40,000%. The only good news we have heard is the President of Venezuela, Maduro, admitting that their models aren’t working. No kidding! Will people in the U.S. and around the world learn this lesson from Venezuela that Socialism doesn’t work!


Venezuela turns to barter as currency becomes virtually worthless… Hmmm what can we learn from this?

Venezuela is experiencing 25,000% inflation this year and people have now turned to barter. This only makes sense. Why use a medium of exchange that can’t serve as well… a medium of exchange! This is why it is crucial for you to own physical precious medals like gold and silver! Be ahead of the masses and by the cheapest insurance you can buy!


Is Stagflation from the 1970s returning? Fed chairman, Powell, doesn’t think so.

The Federal Reserve has raised rates for the 7th time in a decade. The latest FOMC statement and the Fed’s move here tells us a lot. The Fed really does believe the economy is strong and that it is fundamentally and structurally strong. The Fed thinks the band aids put on our economy in 2008 actually fixed things. This sort of arrogance is very destructive and will lead to the next collapse. Stay tuned.


The Once coveted $1 million Taxi medallions are now worth $175,000 and New York City Taxi Drivers are committing suicide because of Uber?

Recently, a 5th New York City taxi driver has committed suicide. Many of these taxi drivers own the once coveted $1 million taxi medallion the problem is that currently those taxi medallions are worth $175,000! These taxi drivers are deep in debt and feel they have no way out! Uber and Lyft definitely have increased competition for people needing rides but the real reason these taxi drivers are hurting is because of government! It’s government that created the taxi monopoly in the first...


The Cruise Ship Curse and why the Economy Booms and Busts

The sign of massive bubbles blowing up in the economy is evident with the cruise ship industry. This Royal Caribbean has came out with its new ship, “Symphony of the Seas.” It’s the largest cruise ship the world! This sort of event is consistent with the Austrian view of the Business Cycle. Listen to this episode as I explain why an economy booms and why it busts. Recessions are also the necessary correction phase to actually have a firm foundation on the economy. I explain all this here and...


The yield curve is close to inverting, which is a very strong predictor of a recession. How much farther will the FED raise interest rates until the bubble pops?

The yield curve is continuing to flatten with 2 year treasury bills at the highest they’ve been since 2008! The yield curve inverting is a very strong predictor of a recession. So how much longer will this tightening cycle by the FED go on until this bubble pops and the inevitable happens? When this bubble pops, 2008 will seem like a nonevent. Please protect yourself and be prepared.


Venezuela is predicted to see 13,000% inflation this year, 2018. Not to worry, President Maduro of Venezuela has a genius new policy that will chop off the last 3 zeroes of the currency. Understanding basic economics is not exactly rocket science.

The economic collapse in Venezuela has worsened and is now in the midst of hyperinflation. The average Venezuelan has lost 25 lbs. not by choice, but rather because people are starving to death! Folks, this is what 20 years of socialism gets you! It gets misery and equality of misery! The government doesn’t create prosperity, but rather gets in the way of it and makes it harder for you to achieve. When will people wake up and learn from history!? I won’t be holding my breath.


Republicans and Democrats both spend like drunken sailors! Does the party game go R team or go D team really matter!? We are on the road to hyperinflation and a currency collapse to the likes of what’s going on in Venezuela today!

Under Republican President, Donald Trump, the $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending bill has been signed. This bill increase spending more than Obama did! This spending bill actually increases the budgets to many projects that Obama and the democrats love! Seriously why are people still playing the party game when we are heading the way of hyperinflation and a currency collapse just like what’s going on in Venezuela today! Trump will spend 41% more than Obama did! Where’s the tea party for this one?


Fed raises rates, Larry Kudlow as the new economic advisor to President Trump and why we should Index the Capital Gains rate to inflation!

Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time under the new fed chair, Jerome Powell, to the rage of 1.5% to 1.75%. The Fed and the “experts” out there think that the Fed will for sure raise rates 3 times this year but I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I think there’s a good chance that the only other time rates will go up in 2018 is in December. Listen to this episode to find out my reasons behind this and what I think about Larry Kudlow as Trump’s new chief economic advisor.


Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum is NOT going to make America great again!

President Trump recently announced a new 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum imports. Tariffs are a horrible policy and protectionism doesn’t work! It might save a few jobs in the very short term but long term it’s a major job killer! Protectionism makes our companies less innovative and actually leads to U.S. companies being less competitive overseas! This is exactly what we don’t need right now! Tariffs cause a lot of intended consequences and I mention many of them in this...


We DON’T need more gun control, we need to eliminate the gun free zones at our schools by allowing teachers to conceal and carry! Gun control measures only disarm the “good guys” because the “bad guys” already don’t follow the laws!

On Valentine’s Day, the worst school shooting took place with 17 people dead. Of course this issue has turned into a political football but there’s a simple solution…allow teachers to carry guns! All of these mass shootings occur at gun free zones! We need to eliminate the gun free zones! It’s really quite simple because criminals don’t follow the laws. Passing more laws only disarms the good guys and we need the good guys with the guns! So what is happening now in the political sphere in...


The Next Financial Crisis is just around the corner! Republican hypocrisy with record amount of government spending, it’s the final nail in the coffin!

Our national debt is $23 Trillion and now thanks to the republicans who say they are fiscal hawks, $1 Trillion deficits may become the norm. The first three years of the Obama presidency we had Trillion dollar deficits and that was insane! That’s party how the Tea party came about but the tea party is dead! No one in Washington is serious about spending cuts. Obama doubled the craziness of wild Bush spending and now will Trump double Obama’s madness? It’s looking like. Hold on to your hat...


My Adventure in Singapore! Big Brother is watching…

I just got back from Singapore and man what an experience that was! I really felt like I was in the novel 1984. Cameras are watching you everywhere, every little thing is regulated! A car that costs $30,000 in the U.S. costs $130,000 in Singapore! The government censors everything and there’s really no such thing as freedom of speech. I was almost fined $500 in Singapore! It’s not the Libertarian state many believe.


Gold, The Dollar and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies: Where should you invest your money in 2018?

The dollar is at a 3 year low while gold is up 7% in the last 30 days. Bitcoin is off about 25% from its record high. 2018 is off to a crazy start but it seems that this may be a fantastic year for gold. Granted the stock market keeps hitting new highs but think of it this way…What’s the best way to position yourself in terms of risk to reward? The clear winner is GOLD!! Gold is still 20% below where it was 5 year ago! Hell gold is about 32% off from its all time high back in 2012! Silver...


Jeff Sessions goes after states that have legalized Marijuana which shows republicans love their own form of Big Government! Don’t get me wrong, I go after the Marxist Democrats as well!

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has rescinded the Cole memo and now has his own memo that will indeed go after the states that have legalized marijuana. One of the few good things Obama did as president was that he actually let states nullify federal laws against marijuana. Now here comes the republicans, these guys who think their some small government types who say they love the free market, they’re full of it! Both parties love their own form of Big Government and I’m sick of this...


Yellen raises interest rates for 5th and final time as FED chair. Powell will start term as Yellen 2.0 and then morph into Bernanke 2.0.

Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, has raised interest rates for the last time under her tenure. This is the 5th time interest rates have been raised under Yellen. For that matter, this is the 5th time interest rates have been raised since the financial crisis began in 2008! So we’ve had near 0% interest rates for 10 years and the fed thinks it’s getting tight when interest rates are at 1.5%!? This is crazy! We still negative interest rates when you figure in the inflation rate! We’re not in some...