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Tune into the National Press Club's Update-1 podcast for insight into news, politics, entertainment and sports.

Tune into the National Press Club's Update-1 podcast for insight into news, politics, entertainment and sports.
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Tune into the National Press Club's Update-1 podcast for insight into news, politics, entertainment and sports.






First Defence Media Dinner Presents Journalism Excellence Awards At NPC

The inaugural Defence Media Dinner (Defence with a C due to the event’s British organizer) was held this year at the National Press Club on Sunday, October 7, the eve of the annual Association of the U.S. Army trade show at the Washington Convention Center. NPC Broadcast/Podcast Team member Adam Konowe, head of the judging panel, was at the event founded by aerospace and defense industry veteran Peter Bradfield. Konowe interviewed Bradfield, along with journalism judge and communications...


Journalism Lessons From A Civil Rights Reporter

New York Times correspondent John Herbers was born to a white family in the segregated South, but he went on to earn praise for his pivotal coverage of the civil rights movement. Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Viola Gienger speaks with his daughter, journalist Anne Farris Rosen, about the personal and professional journey Herbers chronicled – and the lessons for journalists today -- in the memoir he wrote with her help before he died in 2017. Published this year, the book traces landmark...


Immigrants And Their Impact On The U.S. Economy

Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Irv Chapman discusses the issue of immigration with Andrew Selee, president of the Migration Policy Institute. Selee describes the role immigrants have played in the American economy and the policy choices that could be enacted if policymakers could overcome political objections from crucial factions in the electorate. Salee also discusses what President Trump has and has not been able to accomplish from his immigration wish list, as well as the changing...


Using A Virtual Classroom To Determine News From Nonsense

The founder and CEO of the News Literacy Project, Alan Miller, calls the epidemic of disinformation a public health crisis. In this edition of Update-1, Miller talks with Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Tom Young about helping young people tell the difference between news and nonsense. The News Literacy Project's programs include a virtual classroom called Checkology, where students can learn to distinguish between propaganda, outright falsehoods, and reliable journalism.


Assessing Trump and Putin's Political Communication And The Media's Coverage Of Them

The now-famed Helsinki press conference with Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin captured the world's attention and reflected their approaches to political communication. It also illustrated the American media's struggle to cover U.S.-Russia relations during a turbulent time. Professor Sarah Oates from the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism studies how traditional and online media can support or subvert democracy. In this episode of Update1 with...


Now An Author, Former NPC President Gil Klein Discusses His New Book

After nearly 35 years as a daily newspaper reporter, including more than 20 as a national correspondent in Washington, and after a successful run as a journalism professor at American University, former NPC President Gil Klein has added to his list of accomplishments. He's now an author. In this version of Update-1, Klein talks with Board of Governors member Molly McCluskey about his new book, "Trouble in Lafayette Square: Assassination, Protest & Murder at the White House." They discuss...


Finding Out What It's Like Covering The Trump Administration

On this edition of Update One, Bloomberg News White House Correspondent Margaret Talev discusses how to do your job when the president of the United States often disses the news media while his fans at rallies often scream at the reporters in the press row. Talev, who’s concluding her year as president of the White House Correspondents Association, describes life in the White House's cramped press center and how she deals with correcting misstatements from high places. Talev reported for...


2018 Aerospace Media Dinner Presents Journalism Excellence Awards

The annual Aerospace Media Dinner was held this year at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London on July 15, the eve of the biennial Farnborough International Air Show. NPC Broadcast/Podcast Team member Adam Konowe, head of the judging panel, was at the event, which was founded by industry veteran Peter Bradfield. Konowe interviewed Bradfield two days later at the show to recap what occurred.


A Firsthand Account Of President Trump's Bombshell Interview With The Sun Newspaper

There’s seldom a week that’s not memorable under the Trump White House. President Trump’s visit to the UK in mid-July was one of those moments. In an exclusive interview with The Sun tabloid, Trump broke with all diplomatic etiquette, heavily criticizing his host, British Prime Minister Theresa May, just as she wined and dined the Trumps at an elaborate black-tie dinner. Tom Newton Dunn, political editor at The Sun, conducted the bombshell interview. He tells Broadcast/Podcast Committee...


Distinguishing Between Fact And Fiction

How do you know if something you see or hear on social media is true? Erin McNeill founded Media Literacy Now, which prepares young people to be thoughtful, safe and effective consumers and creators of media in the digital age. On this episode of Update-1, McNeill and Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Irv Chapman discuss her organization's effort to make media literacy a part of K-12 curricula across the country to provide students with the skills necessary to tell the difference between...


What's Next After The Historic North Korea Summit?

What happens next following last month's summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? They signed a letter with four primary provisions -- renewed security for North Korea, renewal of peaceful relations, denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and North Korean commitment to recovering Prisoner of War and Missing in Action remains. In this edition of Update-1, Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Lincoln Smith talks with David Maxwell, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Army...


NPC Member Leone Lakhani Discusses Conflict Zones, Natural Disasters And Press Freedom Overseas

The death of Osama Bin Laden, the Israeli-Lebanon war, political uprisings in Pakistan and the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan are just some of the major international stories Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Leone Lakhani has covered during her career as a network senior producer and correspondent. In this edition of Update-1, she talks with fellow committee member Mike Hempen about reporting from conflict zones, covering natural disasters, the biggest threats she has faced and press freedom...


Investigative Journalism Then And Now

Investigative journalism has a long history in the United States, from scandal to significant public service. On this edition of Update-1, Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Irv Chapman talks with Mark Feldstein, who for 20 years was an award-winning investigative reporter for CNN, ABC News and local stations. He's now the chair of broadcast journalism at the University of Maryland. Feldstein discusses the high cost of good journalism, the motivation of those who leak information to...


The Life Of A Journalist In Syria

Now entering its eighth year, the Syrian conflict has taken a truly devastating human toll, killing nearly a half-million people and leaving millions of refugees stranded around the world. In this Update-1 podcast, Broadcast/Podcast team member Ruqaiyah Najjar talks with Syrian American journalist Rasha Elass about what is considered one of the worst conflicts of modern times. Elass reported on the conflict as a civilian’ embed and discusses the media portrayal of a polarized political...


Putting Journalists To Work At Local Papers

While several major newspapers have found a new source of revenue from digital subscribers far from their home base, local newspapers are hurting as subscribers and advertisers flee. To survive, they are cutting staffs to the bone. An organization called Report for America has been created to finance one-year stipends for professional journalists who would like the experience of working for a local paper. Applications from both reporters and editors have flooded in. On this edition of the...


Updating The Press Freedom Cases Of Four Journalists Honored By The NPC

The NPC recognized World Press Freedom Day on May 3 with a news conference updating the latest developments in the cases of four journalists who have received one of the Club’s highest honors, the John Aubuchon Press Freedom award. The information from that event is the focus of this edition of Update-1, hosted by Broadcast/Podcast Committee member Ruqaiyah Najjar. Emilio Gutierrez, a Mexican journalist, has been held in the El Paso Processing Center since December. The Club is one of nearly...


Little To Celebrate In This Year's World Press Freedom Index

Hostility towards journalists and the news media is escalating dramatically worldwide, led by political leaders and authoritarian regimes, according to the latest World Press Freedom Index released by Reporters Without Borders on April 25. In this episode of Update-1, NPC member Viola Gienger, a journalist who has reported from more than 30 countries and supported independent media in the former Soviet Union and the Balkans, interviews Margaux Ewen, the North America director for Reporters...


Chinese Press Freedom In The Spotlight

On this edition of Update One, broadcast journalist and National Press Club member Irv Chapman examines the role of the press in China. Robert Daly, director of the Wilson Center’s Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, discusses the limited range of press freedom allowed both Chinese and foreign journalists. Daly says a "vibrant" Chinese press can print and broadcast a wide range of information and entertainment, as long as it does not challenge the agenda set by the regime....


Head Of Ukraine’s Independent Association Of Broadcasters Discusses Press Freedom Threats

Ukrainian journalists trying to deliver news about their country’s existential struggles with aggression from Russia and corruption at home are facing their own battles: oligarchic control of media, increasing restrictions on press freedom and even attacks on journalists. In this episode of Update-1, NPC member Viola Gienger, a journalist who has trained and consulted for independent media in Ukraine and across the region, interviews Kateryna Myasnikova, executive director of the Independent...


Author And Correspondent Peggy Orchowski Discusses The History Of Immigration In The U.S.

As National Guard troops are deployed along the Mexico border to fight illegal immigration, Update-1 examines the issue of immigration. Peggy Orchowski is a credentialed Congressional correspondent for Hispanic Outloook Magazine, based in Washington, D.C. She's also senior correspondent for The Georgetowner. A 19-year member of the National Press Club, she has authored "Immigration and the American Dream: Battling the Political Hype and Hysteria" and "The Law That Changed The Face of...