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Steve Punt turns gumshoe to investigate unsolved mysteries.

Steve Punt turns gumshoe to investigate unsolved mysteries.
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Steve Punt turns gumshoe to investigate unsolved mysteries.




Taking the Pissoir?

Marcel Duchamp is considered one of the great artists of the 20th century, but was his greatest achievement - Fountain - a urinal bearing the signature R. Mutt, the work of someone else? The original Fountain has long been lost, and for many decades forgotten, but in the 1950's became such a talking point again that Duchamp decided to manufacture up to a possible 17 copies - one of which stands proud, under glass, in the Tate Modern. Earlier this century a poll of 500 art historians voted...


Missing Priest

One afternoon in July 1953 Father Henryk Borynski, a Polish priest living in Bradford, took a telephone call. His housekeeper heard him say "OK, I'll go". He put on his hat, and his coat and left. He was never seen again. Many Poles fled to the United Kingdom during World War II and settled in Bradford. With the onset of the Cold War they became exiles, unable to return to Poland. In his sermons, Father Borynski was an outspoken critic of the Soviet system and many believed he could have...


Lost Nukes

Steve Punt returns as Radio 4's very own private detective. In this tenth anniversary edition, Steve's called in to investigate the unlikely disappearance of American and Russian nuclear weapons - with assistance from best-selling thriller writer Frederick Forsyth. At first, Steve's sceptical - surely no nuclear power could actually lose possession of weapons capable of causing Armageddon. But as his investigation gathers pace, the story starts to becomes rather disturbing. From an H-bomb...


There's A Kind of Hum

What is it? The sounds generated by mating fish? The US government? Or even the evolution of humans to hear electromagnetic waves... Steve Punt, BBC Radio 4's Mulder and Scully combined, turns his analytical ears to The Hum - heard by people, all over the world, tonight. For some of those who hear it, it's unpleasant, even distressing, for others simply mysterious. The Hum has been reported as far back as the 1960's, when people in Bristol first brought it to the attention of the local...


The Reclusive Skeleton of Fingringhoe

Steve Punt continues his investigations as Radio 4's very own private detective. In 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II, the reclusive actress Ada Constance Kent disappeared from the village of Fingringhoe in rural Essex. Despite her cottage being searched on several occasions in the intervening years, her skeleton was only discovered in the bedroom in 1949. Was it her... where had she been in the intervening years... and was she really the person everyone thought she was? Steve...


The Suspicious Death of Emile Zola

Steve Punt returns as Radio 4's very own private detective. Punt travels to Paris to investigate the suspicious death of celebrated writer Émile Zola. Zola died in 1902 from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a blocked chimney. At the time, the authorities reached a verdict of accidental death. Subsequently, evidence has emerged that Zola's death may have been murder. Certainly Zola's role in France's notorious Dreyfus Affair made him many enemies. But as Punt discovers, the case is far...


The Great Mull Air Mystery

On Christmas Eve 1975, former Spitfire pilot Peter Gibbs took off from the unlit airfield on the Isle of Mull and never returned. It was a moonless night and having just finished dinner with his girlfriend at the Glenforsa Hotel, it seemed a bizarre and impetuous act. Then Gibbs' body was discovered on a hillside, but the plane was nowhere to be seen and the story began to get stranger. Punt heads to the Mull to investigate, but with every piece of evidence the mystery deepens. Was Gibbs...


The Murder of Hollywood Director William Desmond Taylor

Steve Punt returns with a brand new series of investigations - starting with the unsolved murder of major Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor in 1922. Taylor was one of Tinseltown's biggest names - until he was shot dead in his bungalow in February 1922. Despite a multitude of suspects, Taylor's killer was never caught. It's a bizarre case with a multitude of suspects. Was the murderer former child star Mary Miles Minter or her controlling mother Charlotte Shelby? Or was it Taylor's...