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Complete, interactive drama resources for children aged 7 - 9 using cross-curricular themes.

Complete, interactive drama resources for children aged 7 - 9 using cross-curricular themes.


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Complete, interactive drama resources for children aged 7 - 9 using cross-curricular themes.




2. The treasure

We return to the summer of 1939 and the discovery of the Anglo-Saxon burial ship. A team of expert archaeologists visits the site and Charles Phillips assumes responsibility for the dig from Basil Brown. The excavation of the burial chamber begins and before long the treasures of the site are revealed. However, just who the artefacts should belong to is yet to be determined. A special coroner's court is convened nearby and it decides that Mrs Pretty is the rightful owner. She then gives...


1. The ship

The first episode of a two-part drama in which children become archaeologists to explore what we can find out about the Anglo-Saxons from the archaeological find at Sutton Hoo. We meet Becky, a young archaeologist, who begins the story of the famous discovery. In 1938 Mrs Edith Pretty approaches a local archaeologist, Basil Brown, to begin excavations on the site. At his insistence the largest of the mounds is left untouched. However, the smaller mounds yield very few artefacts. In May the...


2. Completing the challenge

The group returns for a second visit to Matrix to complete their challenge during the Great Fire of London. They use virtual reality to return to 1666 and join the throng of anxious Londoners attempting to leave the city. A rider drops a bag of money, which the group retains in the hope of finding the rightful owner. Later the group helps to pull down some houses to create a fire-break. When the group learns that King Charles II is nearby helping to direct the battle against the fire the...


3. The plague ends

The plague continues and gets worse in the summer, with more deaths in the village. John is worried about his friend Lizzie because he has not seen her for a long time, so he visits her house. John looks through the window and discovers the plague has come to Lizzie's house as well...and that her sister is dying. Finally the plague is over and the villagers can resume their lives. John and Lizzie are reunited and Rev Mompesson organises a bonfire for people to burn their possessions in the...


2. The villagers decide

The plague has come to Eyam and a number of the villagers have died. Rev Mompesson summons everyone to the church and says the village must agree to quarantine itself to prevent the plague from spreading. The villagers have some time to decide what they should do and whether they will agree to Rev Mompesson's plan. After much discussion the villagers agree to the plan...but when John gets up early one morning he spies Rev Mompesson sending his own children away to ensure their safety.


1. The plague comes to Eyam

The Autumn of the year 1665 in the Derbyshire village of Eyam. John and his best friend Lizzie are working in the fields when she tells him she has heard rumours of a disease killing many people in London. Later John sees the local tailor, George Viccars, take possession of some cloth from London. His mother wants to know when her Christmas dress will be ready so she sends John to the tailor's house to enquire. When John looks through the window he sees George Viccars prostrate on the...


1. Welcome to Matrix!

Kerry welcomes the listeners to 'Matrix' - a new interactive exhibition about The Great Fire of London. The listeners will be working in role to test Matrix and report back, before it opens to the public. The children put on their virtual reality - 'VR' - helmets. With the helmets on the children can see and hear the sights of London in the Autumn of 1666. Kerry switches on the interactive experience and the children's adventure begins. They must navigate the streets of London looking for...