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Holler 15 - June 2018

Beardy brought a big old bag of drone, which definitely wasn't the good time BBQ vibes I had been planning on - but with the weather faded back to grey, it's well apt. Blasts of all the usual with new outsider dancehall riddims and grime to more uppy house sounds and peak time electro getting put through the mangle.


Holler 14 May 2018

Bit of a switch up from the usual fray. Tonnes of early bleep sounds on this one, doses of house, rakes of breakbeat and possibly even an italo laced tune.


Holler 13 - April 2018

Moving from the somewhat monthly irregular and erratic to the very firm every third Thursday of the month over on Dublin Digital Radio at 2200 now. Starts off dark and dubby per usual with some fairly spacious riddims and beast mode step. There's bags of grime, percussive skanks, jungle and techno. Tracks from DJ Plead, Akcept, Hodge, Ossia, Jonah Freed, Eomac, Scratcha DVA, Noire, Source Direct, Drexiya and some great thing that samples The Cure.


Holler 12 - March 2018

The show remains downbeat for the first hour, as we ease on in with conscious tracks from Prince Douglas and Babe Roots floating in and out over newer dreamy wonks from Jay Glass Dubs, Low Jack, High Wolf / Black Zone Myth Chant and Culture Clash. Ciaran brought a bag with bits from Ambulance , Reload, LFO, Vex'd, WEN and folks like Kahn and Neek. If yer impatient and wanna skip straight to the bruk out tunes, then things get more hype in the second hour, with bursts of flex dancehall from...


Holler 11 January 2018

Join us as we magically time travel back to the misery of dry January. Starting off with a dubbed out selection from the likes of Bush Chemists with Culture Freeman killing it on the mic, with some old Jah Woosh in the mix too, before we amble into some rhythmic excursions from Harmonious Thelonious. Things then take a bit of a turn to the ambient, with weird club and grime pieces from the likes of FIS, Fracture, Lee Gamble, Bloom, Logos, Beneath & Gaunt. The second hour dives into the...


Holler 10

Holler 10 is over on the webz for listening back. This one starts off with some dubwise stuff early on via Roger Robinson, the mighty Ishan Sound and the weirdo dancehall of STILL. Grimey bits from folks like Bloom raise the temp, with newish Wiley and Theresa May bashing stuff from Dizzee before we get rightly garaged off our face with Riddim Commission and Zed Bias and some UK Funky bawl outs. There's bits from Luca Lonzano, newish shit from West Norwood Cassette Library via Sneaker Club...


Hollerween 1 - An Offering For The Dead

Myself and Ciaran have handed over the reigns of this month’s show to the spirit of Mr Nothing Face. Unnaturally enough, he’s arranged a Samhain clash between this world and that, layered with his own choice invocations. It’s the perfect piseog to ward off dickeads dressed in superhero costumes and summon the goat lord. It takes in sweeping soundtrack synths, sampled folklore, haunting dubstep, darkside jungle and some well wrong heebie UKG-eebies. It's as bleak as that soon to land...


Holler 2 - November 2016

PLAYING TRACKS BY Boxwork, Jg Biberkopf, The Bug, Amy Becker, Fugees and more. Starts off with some cosmic NYC sounds, courtesy of a David Mancusso comp and played to mark his departure to the great loft in the sky. Ends with straight up UK Hardcore. Tonnes of nonsense in between from the likes of Gnod, Flowdan, EL B, YGG, Delroy Edwards, Stereotyp and Rod Lee. Vocal bangers from YGG, Flohio and Dublin lad Rapih. Watch out for a very special message from from Lauren Hill too.


Holler 8 - August 2017

Back again coming up for air after a month of Youtube rabbit holes and tune hoarding. This one brings the usual vocal grime artillery, endless riddim switches and lots of big loud and bashy new dancehall melded in with the odd techno tantrum. Expect to hear tunes from AJ Tracey, J:Kenzo and Collinjah, right through to new gems from from Suku, Konshens, Safaree and Hitmakerchinx. Things get ravey with Ben Klock, Lukes Anger and Mark Archer. The usual mixed bag of bruk out so.


Holler 7 - July 2017

Holler returns to bring you that dread bass sound to DDR for two hours. Things ease in with Erick Cosaque and Voltage 8 dishing out a Guadeloupean drum machine work out followed by dubby eastern flavors from DJ Sottofett. Then it's a turn to the familiar thanks to a recent excursion in Bristol, highlights include Ishann Sound's Babylon burning anthem Trojan, yet more Seekers International, heavy steppers bizness from Grand Ancestor and a Paul St. Hilaire lyrical explosion with riddim...


Holler 4 - February 2017

Holer 4 rampages through a bunch of new finds for us, dipping deep into things like Seekers International, ravey Peder Mannerfelt bits and a square wave grime assault. There’s carnival heat from DJ Die via his Gutterfunk label, bursts of UK Funky into some banging big drum Belgian techno numbers like Capricorn’s 20Hz. We jump on the riddim bus for a Sleng Teng excursion and stop off with versions from Screechie Nice to JD Twitch among others. Elsewhere, the mighty Tenor Fly (who died the...


Holler 6 - May 2017

The one that nearly made it across the line, as Ciaran literally eloped with somebody else half-way through. Starting off sound scapey with bits from Sophia Loizou, Fiz, Kuedo and Ital Tek and Mark Pritchard before ramping into the dread bass of Kahn and Neek and creepy crawlers from the likes of Killjoy. Bursts of bruk out from Masika, Lady Chann, Killa P and Daddy Freddy, into junglism from Pessimist. Before sailing home with eye wobble laden piano, hardcore and bleepy numbers. This one...


Holler 3 - December 2016

Chockablocka riotious dancehall, sheer skank, weirdo house and somewhere in the middle a dose of rousing dub poetry via Mataburuka and Bobby Konders.