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Carol Massar anchors up-to-the-minute market coverage leading to the market close, along with the latest in technology from Silicon Valley.

Carol Massar anchors up-to-the-minute market coverage leading to the market close, along with the latest in technology from Silicon Valley.
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Carol Massar anchors up-to-the-minute market coverage leading to the market close, along with the latest in technology from Silicon Valley.






Honeywell Steps into Spotlight, Brooklyn Real Estate Boom, Corporate VC Investing

Brooke Sutherland, Bloomberg Opinion Deals Columnist, explains why a GE earnings move could benefit Honeywell. Andrew Anderson, Broker at Douglas Elliman, discusses the strong growth in the Brooklyn real estate market. Craig Gordon, Bloomberg News Washington Bureau Chief, shares news that a Russian national has been charged by the U.S. for allegedly being one of the masterminds behind a conspiracy to interfere in both the 2016 and 2018 elections. Scott Darling, President of Dell Technologies...


Invesco Buys OppenheimerFunds, Markets Showing Fear, Benefits of Mastery Learning

Charlie Stein, Bloomberg News U.S. Investing Reporter, discusses Invesco betting $5.7 billion that active management has a bright future after agreeing to pay that amount in a deal with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. to acquire its OppenheimerFunds. Peter Coy, Bloomberg Businessweek Economics Editor, talks about his story in Businessweek Magazine on investors starting to take notice of rising interest rates. Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy, explains how mastery learning can bridge...


Fed Debates Over Going Restrictive, Netflix Growth Restores Faith, Endowments Go Crypto

Tim Mahedy Economist for Bloomberg Economics and Bloomberg Stocks Editor Dave Wilson discuss Federal Reserve officials stepping deeper into a debate over how high to push interest rates, with a majority appearing to favor an eventual and temporary move above the level they deem neutral for the economy in the long run. Dan Morgan, Senior Portfolio Manager at Synovus Trust, breaks down Netflix growing faster than even its most bullish fans on Wall Street predicted, soothing doubts about its...


Fidelity Starts Crypto Business, Consumer’s Curiosity About Cannabis, Sears Says So Long

Tom Jessop, Head of Corporate Business Development and Digital Assets at Fidelity Investments, discusses jumping into the emerging cryptocurrency arena with a new business to manage digital assets for hedge funds, family offices and trading firms. Greg Portell, Partner at A.T. Kearney, talks about business opportunities for legalized cannabis. Burt Flickinger, Managing Director at Strategic Resource Group, breaks down how Sears wound up filing for bankruptcy. And we Drive to the Close of the...


Banks Shows ‘Pretty Good’ Results, Investing in Legal Weed, Banking for Millennials

Ken Leon, Equity Analyst at CFRA, and Arnold Kakuda, Bloomberg Intelligence Banking and Credit Analyst, break down bank earnings from JP Morgan, Citi and PNC. Silvia Killingsworth, Bloomberg Businessweek Editor, discusses her magazine cover story on investment opportunities in legal cannabis. Fabrizio Campelli, Global Head of Wealth Management at Deutsche Bank, talks about creating banking products that attract millennials. Dileep Rao, Professor at Florida International, explains how...


Hedge Funds Hit in Market Rout, Corporate Bond Market Threatened, Betterment CEO

Arie Shapira, Bloomberg News Managing Editor of Equities, discusses how much popular hedge fund stocks have been hit by the market selloff. Molly Smith, Bloomberg News Finance Reporter, talks about an acquisition binge that has left an unprecedented number of major corporations just a rung or two from junk credit ratings. Jon Stein, CEO at Betterment, talks about using technology to reshape financial services. And we Drive to the Close of the market with Barry James, President and Portfolio...


3% Economic Growth in 2018, Musk Faces 143 Day Deadline, Clock Ticking for Sears

Jeffrey Cleveland, Chief Economist at Payden & Rygel, breaks down the bond market and outlook for the U.S. economy. Molly Smith, Bloomberg News Finance Reporter, explains that Tesla's Elon Musk has 143 days before big bills start coming due in the debt market. Joe Heider, President at Cirrus Wealth Management, discusses why he thinks the markets are apolitical. Katherine Doherty, Bloomberg News Distressed Debt Reporter, talks about Sears getting closer to filing for bankruptcy. And we Drive...


Haley Leaving UN Job, The Business of Climate Change, Troubles for Tech, Google Plus Glitch

Bill Faries, Bloomberg News National Security Team Leader, explains Nikki Haley's decision to resign as U.S. ambassador to the UN at the end of the year. Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg News Climate Policy Reporter, discusses his story in Businessweek magazine on fund investors finding profits in climate change. JJ Kinahan, Chief Market Strategist at Ameritrade, breaks down a recent lack of optimism for FAANG stocks. Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Opinion Technology Columnist, talks about how Google...


September Jobs Report, Musk Lashes Out at SEC, Industrial Internet of Things, Luxury Watches

Josh Wright, Chief Economist at iCIMS, discusses the September jobs report and the outlook for Fed policy. Ben Bain, Bloomberg News Financial Regulations Reporter, talks about Tesla’s Elon Musk calling out the SEC on Twitter as the “Shortseller Enrichment Commission.” Josh Green, Bloomberg Businessweek National Correspondent, shares his story from Businessweek Magazine on an `opposition research' plan to oust Republicans in the mid-terms. Jim Douglas, CEO at Wind River, discusses the...


Tiny Chinese Chip Hacks U.S. Companies, Opportunities in Digital REITs, The Messy Middle

Joel Weber, Bloomberg Businessweek Editor, discusses the Businessweek magazine cover story about a computer hack by Chinese spies reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple. Craig Gordon, Bloomberg News Washington Bureau Chief, explains where the investigation of Brett Kavanaugh stands and a potential Senate committee vote on his confirmation on Friday. Gary Wojtaszek, CEO at Cyrus One, talks about the growth in investing in digital real estate investments trusts. Scott...


Senators Denounce Trump Comments, GM and Honda ‘Cruise’ Together, PC Renaissance

Matthew Philips, Bloomberg Businessweek Policy and Politics Editor, discusses key Republican senators reacting to President Trump mocking the account of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her. Jamie Butters, Bloomberg News U.S. Autos Editor, explains that GM and Honda are partnering in a self-driving cars venture. Bob O'Donnell, President at Technalysis Research, breaks down the state of PCs and mobile devices. Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay,...


Mixed Results for Pepsi, Other Countries Grabbing Booted Tech Founders, Leadership Transitions

Craig Giammona, Bloomberg News Consumer Reporter, explains why investors have concerns despite good Pepsi earnings. Olivia Carville, Bloomberg News Tech Reporter, talks about her story in Businessweek Magazine on how startup visa programs are drawing foreign tech founders away from the U.S. Kara Murphy, CIO at United Capital, discusses how changes in corporate leadership impact investing. Jon Erlichman, Anchor of BNN Bloomberg's The Open, breaks down Amazon raising the minimum wage for their...


GE Hands Reins to Outsider, $100 Billion Vision Fund, Musk Settles with SEC

Brooke Sutherland, Bloomberg Opinion Deals Columnist, and Jim Corridore, Equity Analyst at CFRA Research, discuss General Electric ousting CEO John Flannery just over a year into his tenure and replacing him with renowned turnaround expert Larry Culp. Selina Wang, Bloomberg News Global Technology Reporter, shares details of her Businessweek Magazine story on Softbank's Vision Fund. Max Chafkin, Bloomberg Businessweek Features Editor, and Dana Hull, Bloomberg News Tech Reporter, talk about...


Musk Sued by SEC, Potential Delay in Kavanaugh Confirmation, Century Aluminum

Erik Gordon, Professor at University of Michigan, and Max Chafkin, Bloomberg Businessweek Features Editor, discuss the SEC suing Elon Musk over a tweet about Tesla going private. Matthew Philips, Bloomberg Businessweek Policy and Politics Editor, explains how two key Republican senators are demanding a delay in Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation vote, saying the FBI should investigate claims of sexual assault leveled against the nominee. Philips and Joe Deaux, Bloomberg News Metals...


Kavanaugh Hearing, Impact of Fed Policy, Cruising with Carnival

Jordan Rubin, Bloomberg Law Legal Editor, and June Grasso, Bloomberg News Legal Analyst, discuss the Senate Judiciary hearings with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford. Brett Ewing, Chief Market Strategist at First Franklin Financial, breaks down the impact of Fed rate increase on the markets and economy. Christine Duffy, President at Carnival Cruise Lines, talks about the state of cruising Hosts: Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Producer: Paul Brennan


Fed Raises Rates, Dots Don’t Matter, Impact of Fed Decision on Markets

Randy Anderson, Chief Economist at Griffin Capital, and Frances Donald, Head of Macroeconomic Strategy at Manulife Asset Management, discuss Federal Reserve officials raising interest rates for a third time this year and reaffirmed their outlook for further gradual hikes well into 2019. Alex Harris, Bloomberg News Bond Reporter, breaks down Fed Chair Jay Powell’s post decision news conference. And we Drive to the Close of the market with Ryan Detrick, Senior Market Strategist for LPL...


Trump Puts Iran on Notice at UN, FOMC Decision Preview, Instagram `Unfriends’ Facebook

Bill Faries, Bloomberg News National Security Team Leader, discusses President Trump calling on the rest of the world to isolate Iran as he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly. Dan North, Chief Economist at Euler Hermes, has a preview of Wednesday’s Fed rate decision. Sarah Frier, Bloomberg News Technology Reporter, and Bob O'Donnell, President and Chief Analyst at Technalysis Research, explain why Instagram founders are leaving Facebook. Joshua Green, Bloomberg Businessweek...


Olive Garden Boosts Darden, Overwhelming IPO Market, The Internet 3.0, Tech’s Political Fail

Stephen Anderson, Senior Analyst at Maxim Group, and Jennifer Bartashus, Senior Analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, talk about Darden earnings getting a lift from Olive Garden restaurants. Jackie Kelley, Americas IPO Leader at Ernst & Young, discusses growth in the initial public markets. Dan Chung, CEO & CIO at Alger, explains what he calls the internet 3.0 and why he is investing in innovation & technology. Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg Businessweek Technology Writer, discusses why Silicon...


Goldman’s Summer of Change, Using AI to Check for Bias, Nudge Theory of Life Insurance

Sridhar Natarajan, Bloomberg News Finance Reporter, and Alison Williams, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Financial Analyst, discuss Goldman Sachs promoting Dan Dees as their new investment banking head. Dario Gil, Chief Operating Officer at IBM Research, explains how to break open the “black box” of Artificial Intelligence. Brooks Tingle, CEO at John Hancock Insurance, and John Hancock CEO Marianne Harrison, talk about behavioral insurance that promotes shared value. Brandon Kochkodin,...


Gender Equity Gap, Trump Talks Trade Imbalance, The Business of Connected Fitness

Rebecca Greenfield, Bloomberg News Reporter, explains why the equity gap in Silicon Valley is worse than the pay gap. Matthew Philips, Bloomberg Businessweek Policy and Politics Editor, discusses President Trump’s comments on the escalating trade war between the U.S. and China. James Quarles, CEO at Strava, talks about new innovations for the social fitness network. And we Drive to the Close of the market with Walter Todd, Chief Investment Officer at Greenwood Capital Associates. Hosts:...