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Episode 67: Charter Schools and Progressive Values: A Lesson for Democrats

Trending News: Charter School’s first Black Valedictorian stopped from speaking at graduation. Wisconsin State Journal’s charter school definition fails the smell check. 5 Reasons Charter Schools are B. A. D. Someone Has To Say It: A lesson for “edu” journalists on charter schools. Special Interview: The Network for Public Education’s Carol Burris: Charter Schools 101.... Read more »


Episode 66: A Teacher’s Story Part 2 and a pinch of Punk Rock

Trending News: Schools to “out” transgender students. Schools to report that boys aren’t manly enough. Whats going on in kindergarten? What Would Matt Damon’s Say about the demise of kindergarten? Special Interview: Tim McIlrath from Rise Against talks about punk rock as a vehicle for critical education and The Schools Our Children Deserve. Kohn’s Zone:... Read more »


Episode 65: Karen Vieth: A Teacher’s Story

Trending News: No Gun Control! Silly Safety Debacles Instead. (And Tim Singing). Teachers have had enough. Why Teachers Leave. Main Interview: Karen Vieth taught for 17 years. She won awards. She was loved by her students. She advocated for her colleagues. When things got out of hand at her school she reached out for help. ... Read more »


Episode 64: Running with Kelda Roys

Trending News: Mindfulness and Yoga in the classroom. Teaching about Dinosaurs and Humans living together—at the taxpayer’s expense. Bulletproof backpacks for graduation. Someone Has To Say It: Democrats offer teachers a “Better Deal.” Not good enough. I want the BEST DEAL. Feature Interview: Kelda Roys is running for governor in the state of Wisconsin. She... Read more »


Episode 63: A “Recovering Trial Lawyer” for Governor: Dana Wachs.

Trending News: “Minimum Grading” What is it? And Why use it? Hide your 4 year olds! The Baby PISA is coming. What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about the Baby PISA? Main Interview: He’s a “recovering trial lawyer” from “up north” and he’s a Democrat running for Governor in Wisconsin. Welcome to BustED Pencils Dana... Read more »


Episode 62: I want to be a teacher so I went “Back to School!”

Trending News The US gives up on preventing school shootings. Yes. Now I want all of your guns. Give Oliver North some Ritalin. Feature Interview: So you want to be a teacher. Why? We talk to returning adult students—Wally Longo, Alex Morry, and Brian Ward—about why the left the private sector and came “Back to... Read more »


Episode 61: Nurturing the Heart and a Hunger Strike

Trending News: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker want to “shake things up” in Milwaukee Public Schools Milwaukee Teacher Education Association’s Alex Brower is on a hunger strike for health care. We talk to him. Feature Interview: Howard Glasser created the Nurtured Heart Approach to help “find the greatness in intense children.” Listen as he goes deeper... Read more »


Episode 60: Educators Amplified and Licensed Teachers need NOT Apply

Trending News: Teachers of the Year attempt dialogue with Betsy DeVos. Give teachers guns so they can sell them for supplies? Michelle Wolf. 1 school closed and 40 teachers without jobs. “If only I knew?” Someone Has to Say It!: Keep politicians out of our classrooms. Feature Interview: Joanna Rizzotto and Ted Kraig preview the... Read more »


Episode 59: The “Go to Hell” Episode

Trending News: Pay “our” teachers damn it! Mall cops for our schools “Go to Hell” Someone Has To Say It! 15 Years teaching experience and a Master’s degree a no job. Sorry but we don’t have a “teacher shortage.” Feature Interview: Jessica Marks She was fired from KIPP in Texas and the named Teacher of the... Read more »


Episode 58: Mike McCabe take 2 and a Special Kohn’s Zone

Trending News Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin “connects” teachers strikes and child abuse. Huh? Stoneman Douglas teacher forgets to holster gun while going number 2. NAEP scores flat. Time to consider “test and punish” a failure. Someone Has To Say it: Time to move “Beyond Discipline.” Feature Interview: He’s Back! Democratic Candidate for Governor Mike McCabe... Read more »


Episode 57: Marching with the 50 Miles More students

Trending News: 50 Miles More students from Wisconsin What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about students protesting and having their own opinions? Someone Has To Say It: Democrats dismantling and demoralizing the teaching profession. Feature Interview: BustED Pencils goes out on the road with the 50 Miles More students and talks about their mission and their message. Spotlight Interview: Milwaukee Teacher’s Education... Read more »


Episode 56: Betsy Bonanza

Trending News: Did she really say that? Between SNL and 60 minutes Betsy DeVos had a tough time communicating. Is it real or is it parody? Special Guest: Double E. Defends Betsy, or as he likes to call her “Tootsie.” You know what the say about the “woodwork.” Spotlight Interview #1: Paul Thomas joins us... Read more »


Episode 55: “57 minutes!” Stoneman Douglas High school Moms Remember that Day!

Trending News School Policy and student walkouts Students walk out across the country to protest gun violence The AR- 15 is a killing machine Someone Has to Say It: People who post stupid comments about gun violence on my Facebook page are…? Feature Interview: Rosemarie Jensen and Cathi Rush started the day on Feb. 14th,... Read more »


Episode 54: Teacher Shortage or Teacher Demoralization?

Trending News: They were trained for this moment Teacher with a white nationalist podcast Teen mental health and cell phones Someone Has To Say it: Teacher Shortage? Not really. Leadership shortage? Oh Yeah! Feature Interview: Doris Santoro from Bowdoin College spends time with Tim talking about her new book–Demoralized: Why Teachers Leave the Profession They Love... Read more »


Episode 53: No More Thoughts and Prayers!

Trending News 1) Idiot accuses shooting victims of being “coached.” 2) Conspiracy crackpots dump more pain on Florida shooting victims by claiming they are really just actors. Someone Has To Say It! John Pavlovitz. The ‘Emotionally Immature’ Teenagers Saving America’s Soul Feature Interview: In this special episode we talk to teacher Jen Greenwald, Wisconsin Public Education... Read more »


Episode 52: Politicians Beware: A Few Good Women in Kentucky Are On The Move

Trending News: A Few Good Women Student Loan Forgiveness is Good for the Economy Someone Has To Say It: Just say “NO!” to Blue Ribbon Panels on School Funding. Feature Interview: Gay Adelmann has had it with know nothing politicians ruining public schools in Kentucky. That’s why A Few Good Women in Kentucky are running... Read more »


Episode 51: Are Politicians friends of Public Education?

Trending News Gun Wielding Teachers Finland, Finland, Finland What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about feeding hungry children? Someone Has To Say It: Social Justice Unions. The time has come. Feature Interview: @TheOtherMandela (Mandela Barnes) is running for Lt. Governor in Wisconsin. Can this Milwaukee native change the narrative? Let’s just say that @TheOtherMandela speaks some serious... Read more »


Episode 50: #BustEDPencils turns 50 and welcomes @MTEAunion

Trending News: Yes to Sex All kids are Dumb What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about No Excuses Schools? Feature Interview: Milwaukee Teacher’s Education Association president Kim Schroeder. What does it mean to fight for “our” kids, schools, communities, and the profession? Spotlight Interview: Green Bay area Library/Media Specialist Amy Bahaynah does way more than... Read more »


Episode 49: Are you and Advocate for Public Education?

Trending News: What do you do with “Non Essential Students?” Teacher’s as Reality TV stars? Someone Has To Say It: It’s time for legislator accountability. Kohn’s Zone: To lecture or to shut up? That is the question. Feature Interview: Carol Burris—The Network for Public Education’s Executive Director—talks to Tim about the NPE’s history and current... Read more »


Episode 48: Ed Tech, Art as Porn, Unionism, Standards, and Diane Ravitch: Woo Hoo!

Trending News: Teaching art or porn? Some One Has To Say It: Woo Hoo is NOT a sentence! What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about New Zealand getting rid of standards? Feature Interview: Diane Ravitch. Warning! Educational Technology could be hazardous to your child. Spotlight Interview: Union leader—Joanna Rizzotto. Wisconsin Education Association Council Region 7... Read more »