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An oncology podcast focusing on the latest in community cancer care.

An oncology podcast focusing on the latest in community cancer care.
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An oncology podcast focusing on the latest in community cancer care.








Immunotherapy and Emergency Medicine

On this episode of CANCER BUZZ, learn why a trip to the emergency department is different for patients who receive immunotherapy for cancer, what information helps ED clinicians, and what busy emergency departments providers need to know about immune-related adverse events in patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors. Guest: Sarah Dubbs, MDUniversity of Maryland School of MedicineRelevant Content: IO Wallet Card“IO Patients in the Emergency Department,”“Communication: Key to Addressing...


The Evolution of Oncology Pharmacy

Oncology pharmacy has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years. On this episode of CANCER BUZZ, learn more about the role that oncology pharmacists play in cancer care and how that role is changing in the face of new therapies and the advent of value-based health. Discover how the University of North Carolina Hospital’s Department of Pharmacy developed a closed-loop, pharmacy-managed, pre-certification and denials management program to avoid passing surprise bills to patients and...


Clinical Trial Access in Rural Areas

Clinical trials are crucial to cancer research and are often standard of care for patients with cancer, but for patients in rural areas, accessing clinical trials poses significant geographic and financial barriers. On this episode, we learn how Sanford Health harnessed its passion and creativity to work around obstacles and ensure its patients have access to cutting-edge cancer treatments. Guest: Lora Black, RN, MPH, OCN, CCRP,Relevant Content: Her Best ResortA Model Rural Chemotherapy...


Rural Cancer Care

As a result of the challenges unique to rural cancer care—workforce shortages, travel distances, insurance obstacles, and clinical trial access—patients with cancer living in rural areas are more often diagnosed at later stages, experience higher cancer-related mortality, and have worse survivorship outcomes. On this episode of CANCER BUZZ, learn more about the challenges to care delivery faced by oncology in rural settings, and some of the innovative ways that they are working to better...


Survivorship Care After Immunotherapy

The side effects of immunotherapies for cancer can affect any body system—both during active treatment and long after treatment has ended—and ongoing education is needed for oncologists, patients, primary care providers, and other clinicians caring for patients post-treatment. On this episode of CANCER BUZZ, learn about the transition from immunotherapy into post-treatment survivorship, how it differs from chemotherapy, and why coordination and communication among providers, patients, and...


Why Comprehensive Cancer Care Services Matter

Comprehensive cancer care services like survivorship care, outpatient nutrition counseling, and financial navigation are required by accrediting and standard-setting organizations. However, most of these services aren’t covered by insurance. On this episode of CANCER BUZZ, learn how cancer programs are finding ways to justify and implement services that are vital to truly “whole-person” cancer care. Guests: Randall A. Oyer, MD, Medical Director of Oncology Program, Penn Medicine-Lancaster...


Fostering Cancer Care Team Resiliency & Well-Being

Healthcare professionals are experiencing burnout at an alarming rate for a number of reasons—among them documentation requirements,difficulties with EHRs, and a chaotic work environment—and cancer care teams are especially vulnerable. On this episode of CANCER BUZZ, learn how organizations like Vidant Health and The Outer Banks Hospital are creating a healthier, more rewarding workplace by making employee wellness a strategic priority. Guests: Related Content: Small in Stature, Large in...


Zeroing In on Symptom Management

Zeroing In on Symptom Management: Improving the Patient Experience and Reducing Costs The inaugural episode of the ACCC Cancer Buzz podcast focuses on why and how some cancer programs are working to provide 24-hour access to oncology-specific emergent care services. Learn how Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center at Froedtert Hospital Campus improved symptom management, minimized treatment plan interruptions, and reduced emergency department visits while...