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043 – From Hard Days to More Happiness in Your Teacher Life (Part 2)

When my oldest kid was a toddler, I learned that it was a B-A-D idea to take him grocery shopping. Going to the grocery store went from being my least favorite chore to “the thing I swear I will never, ever do again with this 2 year old.” The day he put on his Academy Award winning performance for Most Loud, Tantrumy, Candy-Deprived Child in History was the last day he and I bonded in the cashier’s line for a verrry long time. It’s crazy how kids try to get what they want by begging,...


042 – From Hard Days to More Happiness in Your Teacher Life (Part 1)

Do you ever play with the filters on Instagram or other photo editing apps on your phone? Isn’t it amazing how a simple filter can completely change the look and feel of your photos? I’ve found the same to be true of my thoughts. If I wake up thinking, “I’m so stressed out.” Or… “There’s way too much to do.” Then I’ve put on my “Life is So Hard” filter. And I begin seeing evvverything in my day through that filter. With my “Life is So Hard” filter on, my day ends up looking like this: My...


041 – Getting Out of Survival Mode: Be the CEO of Your Classroom & Home (Part 4)

Survival Mode. It’s no fun. I spent yeeears of my life trapped in it. As a teacher, I thought that was just the way it had to be. Does any of this sound familiar? Wake up. Get dressed. Wake the kids up. Get them dressed. Grab a coffee and a granola bar. Get the kids in the car. Drop them off at daycare. Head to school. BLINK. (AKA: Do 2,345 things at school.) Head back to daycare. Head home. Make dinner. (AKA: Find something frozen to heat up.) Clean up from dinner. Get the kids ready for...


040 – Parent-Teacher Conferences: Mastering Your Mindset of Steel

We’ve all been there. Giving 100% to our careers. And wanting to be the best teachers we can be for our students. But then a parent says something. Something that makes you think, “Do you even have any cluuue how hard I’m working over here?!” (And if they don’t have a teacher in their family, they probably DON’T have a clue.) But the Bottom Line is… They’re not happy with what you’re doing. And they think they might have a “better idea” of how you should be doing your job. So they tell you...


039 – Get Exactly What You Want: Be the CEO of Your Classroom & Home (Part 3)

Are you living the life you thought you signed up for when you became a teacher? After my first 5 years in the classroom, I realized that I wasn’t. I thought things would be different after those first 5 years. I thought I wouldn’t be spending so much time on schoolwork outside of school hours. I thought my evenings would be free to do what I wanted. I thought I’d be able to enjoy my weekends without thinking about school. I thought I’d be eating healthy, exercising regularly, and living the...


038 – Solve Any Teacher Life Problem: Be the CEO of Your Classroom & Home (Part 2)

How much of your teacher life do you spend thinking about all of your day-to-day problems? Now compare that to how much time you spend focusing on solutions. So the question is... Which one wins more of your brain space - problems or solutions? As much as we’d like to say we’re always on the lookout for solutions… ...If we’re being really honest with ourselves, we’d probably find that “problems” are ruling our brains without us even realizing it. We ask questions like: Why am I so tired? Why...


037 – Reframe Your Problems: Be the CEO of Your Classroom & Home (Part 1)

Being a teacher is a lot like being a CEO. Think about it. CEOs make 1000s of decisions every day. So do teachers. CEOs guide their teams to reach huge goals. Teachers guide their students to reach their highest potential. CEOs thrive when they know their businesses are making a difference in the world. Teachers thrive when they know they’re making an impact on their students’ lives. What’s the biggest difference between a CEO and a teacher? You might be tempted to say it’s the difference in...


036 – Handling Toxic Coworkers at School Without Losing Your Mind

Do you know someone at your school who has zero tact or courtesy? Someone who bulldozes every idea or suggestion you give? Someone who tries to control or manipulate every situation? Or someone who carries drama around like a purse - everywhere they go? Maybe you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them so you don’t accidentally press the wrong button. Or maybe you try to avoid them altogether. Your job as a teacher is hard enough on its own. And having to deal with difficult...


035 – When Negativity Sneaks Into Your Teacher Life

Have you ever noticed that you can receive loads of compliments from your coworkers, parents, and principals, but it’s always that one negative comment that stays in your brain for daaays? And whenever someone dishes a plate of negativity in your direction… do you react with negativity or are you able to let it go? Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself to be a “negative person,” you might be surprised to discover how much negativity is sneaking into what you’re thinking and how you’re...


034 – Feel Like Your Best Self {at School, Home, or Anywhere Else}

Ever feel like you’re just not showing up the way you want to... at home, school, or anywhere else? You know you could be so much better with your kids at home or your students at school… but for some reason, you’re feeling like the opposite of the best version of yourself in certain situations. Maybe your kids are acting crazy at bedtime, and you wish they would put you to bed instead of the other way around. Your energy is low. Your patience is thin. And you find yourself having some...


033 – When You Don’t Agree with Your Admins’ Decisions

As a teacher, your career might feel like it’s constantly in flux due to decisions that are being made #onthedaily without your input. From decisions about testing to decisions about your curriculum and everything in between… it can sometimes feel like you have little control over your job. But YOU are the professional who knows what works best in your classroom… so what do you do about the decisions that impact your daily life and career - especially when you don’t agree with them? Is...


032 – Overcoming Stress in 4 Steps {At the Beginning of the School Year or Any Other Time}

Stress can be a daily struggle for any teacher who cares about giving her best at school each day. But is it something you just have to get used to and live with? Or is there a way to transform your stress into empowerment? With the right tools and mindset, I believe you can learn how to overcome your stress faster than ever before, and enjoy sooo much more of your everyday life. In this episode, you’ll learn: The surprising truth about what school-related stress really IS and what it isn’t....


031 – Extreme Makeover: Busy Teachers’ After School Routines Edition

How do you feel when you get home after a looong day of school? Do you have any energy, patience, or attention to give your family? Or are they just getting your leftovers? Do you wish you could come home with more mental, emotional, and physical energy… so you could actually enjoy your evenings away from school? Well, the good news is that feeling great at the end of a school day isn’t just a pipe dream. You CAN make it happen. But it will take some intentional planning and purposeful...


030 – Extreme Makeover: Busy Teachers’ School Day Routines Edition

Do you spend the first few weeks of school helping your students get their daily routines nailed down? Of course you do! You know it’s going to take some time and practice, but you’re super intentional about it because you knooow these routines are going to set your students up for success. But... are you giving the same level of thought and intention to your own school day routines? What if a few tweaks in your day could have a huge impact on your time and energy? What if some simple...


029 – Extreme Makeover: Busy Teachers’ Morning Routines Edition

How do you start your day? Do you feel sluggish and slow - after having hit the snooze button one too many times? Or do you hit the ground running - rushing around in a world record-breaking sprint to head out the door? Many teachers today would say there’s “no time” to squeeze healthy or energizing morning routines into their fast-paced days. But let’s consider the opposite. What if teachers don’t have the time to NOT be intentional with their morning routines? Extensive research studies on...


028 – Get Your Back to School Groove On

Are you having a hard time saying farewell to all the fun you had this summer? And wishing you could do it all over again? Are you dreading the weeks ahead - as you think about how craaazy full your to-do list is getting already? Well, if you’d rather shift into a more energized and excited approach to the new school year, this episode will give you a secret sauce recipe for getting your Back to School groove on. In this episode, you’ll learn: The quickest way to get your Back to School...


027 – Back to School Jitters & Mixed Emotions – How to Handle ‘Em

Now that the new school year is in kick-off mode, are you feeling a pretty intense mix of emotions? Excited and nervous? Ready, but not ready? Hopeful, but worried? All. At. The. Same. Time. Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Transitioning from summer back to the school year stirs up a mix of emotions for everyone. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students are all feeling it. But the Best news is that YOU get to control your emotions rather than letting THEM control you. In...


026 – What You Need to Stop Saying About Your Summer Break

Teachers across the U.S. are beginning to head back to their classrooms and their first Back to School PD sessions. And you know what that means, right? Everyone’s asking each other all about their summer breaks. With your teacher besties, you get to share all the juicy details of where you went and what you did. It feels awesome to reflect on all the great memories you’ve accumulated over the last few weeks, but there’s one deadly little phrase that often pops up in these summer break...


025 – Happiness is Back to School Shopping. Or Is It?!

When those Back to School commercials start cranking up on TV. And the school supplies hit center stage at Target… Do you get a rush of adrenaline? Do you feel a happy dance coming on when you think about getting your hands on a fresh new set of Flair pens? Can you hardly wait to see what’s on the shelves in Dollar Spot heaven? Well, there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little giddy about getting some new school supplies. But if we dig a little deeper, there’s an interesting lesson for us to...


024 – Why Blah Days Are So Good {A Major #TeacherLife Reframe}

Let’s face it. Blah days happen. Those days when you’re running on low energy and low emotions. Things aren’t horrible, but you’re trudging through the day feeling like something {or everything!} is “off.” All day long, you’re thinking, “Can I get a do-over?” Well, let’s put an end to the bad wrap we give our Blah Days. With a simple reframe, you’ll see why Blah Days can be sooo good. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why rating and reviewing your days is a simple, but powerful practice. The...