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027 – Back to School Jitters & Mixed Emotions – How to Handle ‘Em

Now that the new school year is in kick-off mode, are you feeling a pretty intense mix of emotions? Excited and nervous? Ready, but not ready? Hopeful, but worried? All. At. The. Same. Time. Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Transitioning from summer back to the school year stirs up a mix of emotions for everyone. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students are all feeling it. But the Best news is that YOU get to control your emotions rather than letting THEM control you. In...


026 – What You Need to Stop Saying About Your Summer Break

Teachers across the U.S. are beginning to head back to their classrooms and their first Back to School PD sessions. And you know what that means, right? Everyone’s asking each other all about their summer breaks. With your teacher besties, you get to share all the juicy details of where you went and what you did. It feels awesome to reflect on all the great memories you’ve accumulated over the last few weeks, but there’s one deadly little phrase that often pops up in these summer break...


025 – Happiness is Back to School Shopping. Or Is It?!

When those Back to School commercials start cranking up on TV. And the school supplies hit center stage at Target… Do you get a rush of adrenaline? Do you feel a happy dance coming on when you think about getting your hands on a fresh new set of Flair pens? Can you hardly wait to see what’s on the shelves in Dollar Spot heaven? Well, there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little giddy about getting some new school supplies. But if we dig a little deeper, there’s an interesting lesson for us to...


024 – Why Blah Days Are So Good {A Major #TeacherLife Reframe}

Let’s face it. Blah days happen. Those days when you’re running on low energy and low emotions. Things aren’t horrible, but you’re trudging through the day feeling like something {or everything!} is “off.” All day long, you’re thinking, “Can I get a do-over?” Well, let’s put an end to the bad wrap we give our Blah Days. With a simple reframe, you’ll see why Blah Days can be sooo good. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why rating and reviewing your days is a simple, but powerful practice. The...


023 – Summer {and Life} Bucket Lists for Teachers

Creating a Bucket List is an amazing form of self care. It’s all about deciding what intentional things you want to do in your life to feel your best - mentally, emotionally, and physically. Bucket Lists don’t have to be all about travelling the world or having “mountaintop experiences.” The more practical your wish list of ideas is, the more likely you’ll be to actually follow through and take action on the things you want to do. If you’re feeling like summer is passing through your...


022 – Self Care for Teachers: The How (Part 2)

If you want to be (and feel) your best both in and out of the classroom, self care shouldn’t be the last thing at the bottom of your to-do list. It should be your #1 responsibility. If teaching IS your life and you’re constantly feeling drained because there’s very little time for anything you love outside of school, you’re approaching your career backwards. It’s the time and space you give yourself outside of school that makes you the best teacher you can possibly be when you’re there....


021 – Self Care for Teachers: The What & Why (Part 1)

What do you think of when people talk about “self care?” Is it indulgent? Is it pampering yourself? Is it a luxury for people who have oodles of extra time on their hands? And be honest. Does self care sound a little selfish to you? In my opinion, there are loads of misconceptions about self care circling around mainstream America today. I think it’s time we get clear on what self care IS and what it ISN’T. Why? Because I want to suggest that self care is the opposite of selfish. It’s the...


020 – The Power of Teacher-to-Teacher Connections

Teachers need each other today more than ever. With expectations rapidly increasing in the classroom, having the support of a community of friends who “get it” can make all the difference. When teachers bring their heads and hearts together, they’re unstoppable. Social media and online learning communities have made it incredibly easy to connect with other teachers around the globe. In a lot of ways, this is amazing. But it also means it’s easier than ever to get caught up in the...


019 – How Much Time Can You Get Back in Your Teacher Life?

Everything you create in your life begins with where you place your focus. If you keep focusing on where you’ve been and where you are right now, you’ll keep getting more of what you’ve always gotten. If having more free time in your teacher life is what you really want, that means you’ve gotta start focusing on the future -- by creating a vision of what your life looks like with more time for what matters most to you. If that feels next to impossible right now, that’s completely normal....


018 – What Needs to Change if You Want More Free Time?

Do you have a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset when it comes to your thoughts about time? You might be surprised by what’s actually holding you back from getting all the free time you really want in your teacher life. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to balance #alltheSCHOOLthings and #alltheHOMEthings by looking for external “solutions” like productivity hacks, pretty planners, or apps for your phone, there’s a reason why these things aren’t getting you the results you want....


017 – The Rebalance Revolution {3 Steps for Teachers to Reclaim Their Free Time}

Teachers work more unpaid overtime hours than any other profession {minus CEOs}. We can’t deny the fact that there are loads of expectations and responsibilities on teachers’ shoulders today. But does that mean you have to sacrifice all your free time for the sake of school? If you think that having more time for the people you love and the things you {kinda forgot} you love to do is just a pie-in-the-sky idea, you’ll always stay stuck right where you are. The amazing news is that it...


016 – The Most Difficult Thing Teachers Need to Hear Right Now

We’re shakin’ things up a little bit in this episode… or maybe a lot bit. I’m saying some pretty bold things that might be hard to hear. But I believe it’s exactly what teachers everywhere need to understand because this conversation isn’t happening anyyywhere else. And what I’m sharing with you today is the absolute truth of what you must be 100% clear on if you want to eliminate your #teacherlife exhaustion for good. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to stay stuck. In this episode,...


015 – The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of Every School Year

The end of every school year tends to fly by in a flash. One minute you’re wishing the standardized testing season would fiiinally end… and the next minute you’re sipping Snapple poolside. And when you think back over the school year, you might find yourself putting a label on it like… Best Year Ever, Worst Year Ever, Another Good Year, An OK Year, or An I Survived Year. But categorizing your school year and placing it on a shelf with other years similar to it isn’t the most helpful thing...


014 – Feeling Frustrated with Your Final Teacher Evaluation

Does the phrase “end of the year teacher evaluation” fill you with fear and frustration? If it does, you’re not alone. For some reason, we give this tiny little number that’s handed to us on a piece of paper waaaaay more power than it deserves. Why do we do this? Why do we make teeny weeny number mean something about who we are as a teacher? And more importantly… how can we overcome our natural tendency to be filled with anxiety over end of the year evaluations? In this episode, you’ll...


Episode 013: Ending the School Year with Stress or Celebration? The Choice is Yours

With last-minute projects to grade, report cards to finish, evaluations to square away, and getting your classroom packed up for the summer… is it possible to choose celebration over stress? No matter whether you’ve had the year from you-know-where or more on your plate than ever before, the choice IS yours if you wanna make this the best end of the school year yet. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why you need to decide today whether your last few days will be filled with stress or...


012 – 5 Steps to Eliminate Teacher Burnout & Overwhelm

Are you feeling burnt out or overwhelmed as a teacher or teacherpreneur? With a to-do list a million miles long, it’s easy to slip right into the #teachertired. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’d rather approach #allthethings from a place of calm, clarity, and confidence, let’s uncover a new approach to tackling your to-do’s with ease. In this episode, you’ll learn: The difference between burnout and overwhelm - and a simple test to find out which one you’re actually dealing...


011 – Save Your Sanity By Becoming a Rockstar at Saying No

Do you have a hard time saying No when an administrator, colleague, friend or anyone else asks you to volunteer for something you don’t really wanna do? On today’s episode, we’ll explore the negative impact saying Yes can have on you and everyone else when it’s not something you’re excited about doing. And you’ll come away with a helpful mindset reframe for how to say No without feeling guilty. So if you’re ready to become a rockstar at saying no, let’s dive on in. In this episode, you’ll...


010 – How to Stop the Harmful Effects of Comparing Yourself to Other Teachers

We all compare ourselves to our peers. It’s natural. But it’s not always helpful. On today’s episode, we’ll explore our natural inclination to keep up with the Mrs. Joneses. And we’ll uncover a few things we can do to flip the script on the Comparison Game. So if you’re ready to end the comparison craziness, let’s dive on in. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why do we compare ourselves to others? Why is this harmful? 3 ways we can reframe the way we handle comparison in our lives....


009: Overcoming School-Induced Anxiety

Ever get knots in your stomach over something that happened at school? Or feel like you can’t breathe because you can’t stop worrying about test scores, evaluations, observations, your changing curriculum, changing grade levels or anything else related to school? Then this episode is for you. While this episode was inspired by our current spring “testing season” in the U.S., the steps and strategies I’ll be sharing with you are relevant to any stressor you might face at any time of the...


008: Mission Accomplished? My Real Life Homework Assignment Put to the Test

Are you still struggling with not having enough time for the people and things that matter most to you? In Episode 007, I gave you a little homework assignment to limit the amount of time you spend on one schoolwork task so you can create some extra space for whatever you want more of in your life outside of the classroom. Well, I decided to take myself up on the challenge. So I chose one task that’s been taking me a crazy long time to complete each week, and I attempted to cut my task...