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A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education

A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education


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A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens' Climate Education






Bearing Witness and Speaking Up with Julio Cochoy & Anne Therese Gennari

Julio Victor Cochoy Alva grew up in Guatemala and speaks about his mountain village with great affection. It is a place of beauty. It also continues to be a site of deep trauma. In fact, you will hear details about the war Julio witnessed as a boy. These mountainous communities were often hidden away. Many times you could only reach them through narrow mountain trails on horseback. As a result, Julio was shielded from a major conflict happening in Guatemala. A Civil war broke out in 1960...


Building Personal Resilience in Your Climate Work

In today’s show we will talk about resiliency for you and me as individuals doing climate work. You will learn about ways you can prepare yourself for a variety of emotional, psychological, interpersonal, and even physical impacts you may experience as a climate worker. Laureline Simon is the founder and executive director of One Resilient Earth, an international non-profit organization that designs transdisciplinary educational projects for communities impacted by climate change, youth and...


Adrian Rafizadeh--Young Conservative Pursuing Climate Solutions

When it came to US climate policy, as a high school student, Adrian Rafizadeh strongly opposed one of the first major attempts by the Democrats. The Green New Deal was introduced in 2019 spearheaded by the progressive US member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC. The Green New Deal on the table got a lot of Conservatives thinking, talking, and writing about climate change, including Adrian. While writing a paper for a class, Adrian sought to debunk the Green New Deal. In doing so,...


Using Stories and Visual Design to Tell Compelling Climate Stories with Good Energy Stories

EJ Baker (they/them) and Rae Binstock (she/her) tell us about Good Energy Stories, a story consultancy for the age of climate change. Their mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate stories in scripted TV and film that reflect the world we live in now —and help us envision a better tomorrow. Learn more at They talk about the kind of stories and approaches to storytelling that move audiences to feel empathy for those suffering and an enthusiasm for solutions...


LGBTQ+ Responses to Climate Change

Speaking with five different guests, host, Peterson Toscano, takes a deep dive to explore how climate change and extreme weather affect lesiban, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-binary, and queer (LGBTQ+) people. Leo Goldsmith (he/him) is one of the co-authors of Queer and Present Danger: Understanding the Disparate Impacts of Disasters on LGBTQ+ Communities. Together with Dr. Michael Mendez, Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning and Policy at the University of California,...


Beginnings & Transformations with Marshall Saunders, Mark Reynolds, and Steffanie Munguía

We are celebrating the sixth anniversary of Citizens Climate Radio, and a big theme you will hear in this episode is about break-throughs and transformations. From the very beginning, Citizens Climate Lobby’s mission has been to create the political will for a livable world by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power. That was definitely the theme in the very first interviews Citizens Climate Radio’s host, Peterson Toscano, conducted with Marshall...


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Climate Change

In today’s show we hear from Conservatives who are concerned about climate change. Not only are they concerned, they are engaged in meaningful action. Hannah Rogers, Trevor Jones, and Kaleb Christensen are three young people with ties to the State of Utah who are part of a growing movement in that State. They are each members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Fusing faith, hope, love for humanity and all nature, these young Conservative Christians are finding their places...


Ep 71 Pets, African Wildlife, and Climate Change

In this episode you will hear a lively conversation between our host, Peterson Toscano, and four South African veterinarians. Like many climate advocates, Peterson couldn’t help himself, and asked Kristine and Roy Page along with their friends and fellow veterinarians Adrian and Ashleigh Tordiffe about climate change in South Africa and how it is affecting household pets and wild animals. The conversation is rich, informed, and at times hilarious. You will learn about pets in South Africa,...


Ep 70 Comedy, Climate, and Chihuahuas with Esteban Gast

Even when he is being serious, comedian, storyteller, and podcast host, Esteban Gast is hilarious. And for climate advocates looking for some hope, perhaps the sweetest spot in the climate change podcast scene right now is Esteban’s new show, Comedians Conquering Climate Change. Only 15 minutes each episode, he features fellow comedians who learn along with the listener. The show is made in collaboration with Generation180. Comedians Conquering Climate Change is the funniest, friendliest,...


Ep 69 Angelic Trouble Makers—Climate Rebels and Musicians

in episode Episode 9, Quaker activist Eileen Flannagan told us about four roles change agents can play. Advocate, Rebel, Organizer, and Helper. Most of you who listen to Citizens Climate Radio are advocates volunteering your time trying to convince the public and members of congress that we need a price on carbon. You approach congressional members and staff with respect and cordiality as you educate and persuade them to support climate solutions. And the rebel? The rebel exists to put...


Ep 68 An English Major’s Unexpected Journey into Creative Climate Advocacy

Deciding what one wants to do and be in life has often been hard for young people in high school and college. Now with a global pandemic in a time of climate change, it is more difficult than ever to answer the questions, What do you want to be when you grow up? Many graduation speeches exhort us to Pursue our Passions, and many a parent worry that such a pursuit will lead their child into a jobless future. Flannery Winchester was not put off by the concerns of others. She wanted to study...


Ep 67 Experiencing climate data through art

Originally from the UK, Caroline moved to Houston, Texas, 18 years ago. She explains that a story about drowned forest thousands of years ago in the UK, along with recent flooding in her city, inspires and informs her artistic work. “The installation consists of 60 11-feet high panels, each one representing a year of Houston weather data and encircling the Back BOX like a grove of trees. Each varies in width based on the rainfall intensity, as measured by the number of days on which the...


Ep 66 Hospitality in a Time of Climate Change

Citizens’ Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano speaks with public theologian Jayme R. Reaves and public health expert Dr. Natasha DeJarnett. Jayme R. Reaves is the director of academic development at Sarum College in Salisbury, England. She teaches in areas such as biblical studies, and feminist and liberation theology. Jayme discusses the roles that scarcity and abundance play in making sure that those most impacted by the environment in the community around us are cared for. She calls on...


Ep 65 Extreme Heat and Insurance Solutions with Kathy Baughman McLeod

Kathy Baughman McLeod, SVP, Atlantic Council & Director, Adrienne Arsht - Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center reveals the many risks that come with extreme heat. She also provides multiple solutions, including innovative ways to use insurance to change the way we build and respond to extreme weather. Kathy Baughman McLeod leads the Center’s work to reach one billion people worldwide with climate resilience solutions by 2030. She also chairs the Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance which...


Ep 64 Hinduism and LGBTQ climate work with Hari Venkatachalam

How does an American Hindu approach the climate crisis? What ancient values and teachings apply to modern life in America today? And how does this relate to LGBTQ issues and public health? Hari Venkatachalam connects his faith, work, heritage, and even his sexual orientation to living in a climate-changed world. In the episode Hari reveals how extreme weather, which affects everyone, disproportionally impacts LGBTQ homeless youth. Citizens Climate Radio host, Peterson Toscano, explains, Up...


Ep 63 Climate Change Theatre Action 2021

Chantal Bilodeau tells us about Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA) 2021. Founded in 2015, CCTA is a worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays presented biennially to coincide with the United Nations COP meetings. CCTA was originally founded by Elaine Ávila, Chantal Bilodeau, Roberta Levitow, and Caridad Svich following a model pioneered by NoPassport Theatre Alliance. It has since evolved into a U.S.-Canada collaboration between The Arctic Cycle and the...


Ep 62 Hispanic Republicans and Geraldo Cadava

Geraldo Cadava is the author of The Hispanic Republican: The Shaping of An American Political Identity, from Nixon to Trump published by Ecco. He chatted with Citizens Climate Radio about the long history of Hispanics and the Republican party. He reveals what is often misunderstood about the political diversity of Latinos in America. The most asked question he gets is why any Latino voted for Donald Trump. He talks about this and a lot more. He also considers the question about Hispanic...


Ep 61 High Conflict and The Big Mistake with Amanda Ripley and Katie Patrick

This episode is designed to help you improve your climate communication and outreach. Amanda Ripley, author of the new book, High Conflict—Why We Get Trapped and How to Get Out, explains how easy it is to fall into the high conflict trap. She provides insights about how to avoid these traps, and how to hear, truly hear, what an opponent is saying. Amanda Ripley is an investigative journalist for The Atlantic and other magazines and a New York Times bestselling author. Her other books include...


Ep 60 Sovereignty, Land Rights, and Climate Change with Mary Kathryn Nagle and Jacques Kenjio

As impacts of climate change affect the places where we live, conflicts and questions arise. This is what happened to Jacques Kenjio and his family in the costal city of Douala, Cameroon. Although a tribal chief provided them with legal documentation to occupy the land, the government forced them and hundreds of others to leave without providing any compensation. This motivated Jacques to learn about social justice and to pursue higher education in the United States. Jacques Kenjio is a...


Ep 59 Black Birders Week with Tykee James

As the government affairs coordinator at the National Audubon Society in Washington, DC. Tykee James has a special role—organizing bird walks with members of Congress and congressional staff! Birding has been important to him ever since he started as a teen in Philadelphia. Last year, after a racist incident against a Black birder in New York’s Central Park, Tykee James and fellow birders decided to create #BlackBirdersWeek. They had only hours to organize the event which included using...