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#56: No Zeros Found Here

Today on the podcast I am talking with Elementary School Teacher Heather Karbely. Heather has been teaching for three years, and has found that 5th Grade suits her. Heather’s school has implemented a no zero’s policy at her school. We talk about why having a no zero’s policy, might be the best thing for students. Intro: (0:00-2:58) Getting to Know Heather (2:58-7:53) Transition to Teaching (7:53-14:22) No Zero's Policy (14:22-25:08) Closing: (25:08-26:29)


#55: Soft Skills and Point-Less Grading

In this episode, Galena High School Science Teacher Ryan Lacson and I discuss why he is moving away from giving grades, moving towards a push for soft skills, and how his students are leading the way in public health in Stone County, Missouri. Intro: (0:00-3:23) Get to Know Ryan: (3:23-10:12) Journey to Galena: (10:12-18:45) Soft Skills and Point-Less Grading (18:45-25:00) Students in Public Health (25:00-33:37) Outro: (33:37-35:08)


#54: The Four Day Fight

In this episode, I am joined by teachers Ryan Lacson and Andrew VanBebber, who tell about what it's like to be a school district that has switched to the four day school week. It is truly an insightful and thoughtful look into how each community makes the decision to switch to the controversial new schedule. Intro: (0:00-3:34) Andrew VanBebber: (3:34-17:30) Ryan Lacson: (17:30-24:27) Close: (24:27-25:56)


#53: T.A.M. #2: Mean GIrls

In the second edition of the "Teachers at the Movies" feature episode, Rachael Tripp and I celebrate Mean Girls day by taking a look at the educators that are portrayed in the 2004 comedy about what it's like to be bullied by girls. We do a deep dive into Ms. Norbury, Principal Duvall, and the unfortunately infamous, Coach Carr! Intro: (0:00-3:09) Sociology of Mean Girls: (3:09-14:46) Ms. Norbury: (14:46-23:01) Principal Duvall: (23:01-28:21) Coach Carr: (28:21-36:50) Closing: (36:50-38:26)


#52: Working to Live

In this episode of the podcast, I talk to three teachers about their experience working the second job. It's a great look into the lives of teachers who are part of the 1 in 5 teachers nationally, who feel they need to work another job, just make ends meet. Introduction: (0:00-3:50) James Eddy: (3:50-9:09) Anne Becherer: (9:09-17:29) John Schimmel: (17:29-24:14) Close: (24:14-25:40)


#51: Straws: A Story of Young Scientists

On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by local elementary school scientists Abigail, Erin, and Samantha, and their teacher Ms. Richard about their research about how straws hurt the environment. We discuss how they tested their theories, what challenged they faced, and how these small scientists, made a big impact on their school! Intro: (0:00-4:00) The Science of Straws (4:00-8:35) Struggles of a Young Scientist (8:35-12:00) Dinosaur Straws (12:00-14:21) Fame and the Future...


#50: Reflecting on the First 50 Episodes

Today I am joined/interviewed by fellow teacher Dan Mueller, who is also the co-host of the “Dad’s Dugout” Podcast, a podcast about coaching, mentoring, and being a father. He will be talking with me as I reflect on the first 50 episodes of the podcast. We talk about things I have learned, what goes into the podcast, my favorite episodes, and what’s to come for Educator Escape. (0:00-3:44): Introduction (3:44-11:41): The Making of the Podcast (11:41-21:17): Finding Purpose in Podcasting...


#49.5: Renaissance Man (Part 2)

In part two of my conversation with James Eddy, we talk about probably the most interesting and colorful boss in the world, the cross he bears teaching Spanish, and how he uses his love of technology, in a class, many typically don't associate with using tech in the classroom. (0:00-3:30): Opening (3:30-11:50): Stories of Mr. Jeung Boss (11:50-19:00): Moving Back to St. Louis (19:00-26:31): Teaching Middle School Spanish (26:31-31:38): Technology in the Classroom (31:38-33:12): Closing


#49: Renaissance Man (Part 1)

Today on the podcast, I will be speaking with Spanish Teacher James Eddy. James teaches middle Spanish in St. Charles, Missouri. But his experience in teaching leads us across the globe to South Korea, as well as early mornings in China, truly encapsulates the Renaissance man type of teacher that he is.


#48: The Extra Teacher

Today on the podcast, I will speaking with Pepper Box Sponsor, Social Justice Club Sponsor, and writer of the blog “The Extra Teacher” Ron Steinschriber about his experience growing up in California, being a graduate assistant under the Legendary Jerry Tarkanian, leading a group of students a civil rights tour of the south, and teaching students what it takes to make an award-winning publication. Here are today's show notes. Feel free to jump to a part you're interested in and listen in or...


#47: Making a Change to Lead the Way

On this episode of the podcast, long-time middle school science teacher and newly minted Project Lead the Way teacher Curt Powers talks about his transition from science to Project Lead the Way, and how he left his small hometown after graduation to sleep on the floor in a place he has never been, just to get his first teaching job!


#46: Sports Bra Project Mini-Episode

On this mini-episode of the podcast, I talk with the Ritenour High School Girls Volleyball team about their upcoming Black Out Game that they are using as an opportunity to collect Sports Bras for girls in other country's who can't afford them. Listen in and consider giving to this awesome project! All Donations can be mailed to Ritenour High School, Attention: Ellen Kim, 9100 Saint Charles Rock Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63114,


#45: Teachers at the Movies #1: Half-Nelson

Today on the podcast, Kevin Haar and I break down the 2006 Independent Drama Half-Nelson. This is first of the new monthly "Teachers at the Movies" feature. Kevin and I break down the teaching methods of the main character Dan Dunne, played by Ryan Gosling, who also happens to be struggling with a serious drug problem. We will also discuss his relationship with Drey, played by Shareeka Epps, and how he tries to save her from the life that he is currently struggling with himself.


#44: Making Her Own Way (Part 2)

Today on the podcast, I finish up my conversation with Riina Hirsch, who shares all of the changes she has experienced from teacher to Curriculum Coordinator to a leader of teachers in the adult education setting.


#43: Making Her Own Path (Part 1)

Today on the podcast, I am joined by Riina Hirch. Riina has been many places in her life and often taken the non-traditional path to get there. From going overseas in HS to voluntarily doing student teaching in an inner-city Chicago school. Riina has made her own way in education and now has a passion for supporting teachers who are seeking to make their own paths into education.


#42: The Teaching of P. Sherman

Today on the podcast, I am joined by Social Studies Teacher Kyle Etherington. We talk about how his father influenced his decision to become a teacher, his time as an aide for a congressman in Washington D.C., and how he makes history come alive to students who live in a time that is truly more similar to moments in the past than they realize.


#41: Inside the World of the Tech Guy

On today's episode, District Technology Director of Winfield Schools John Neels gives me an inside look into the technology department of a school district. We discuss the departments day-to-day, their decision to go 1 to 1, and why it is important for educators to understand how to use the tools they have been given via technology.


#40: You've "Gum" a long way

On today's episode, I talk with multi-talented special education teacher Ariel Dahlia about what it has been like teaching at every level, it seems, of special education, and how important it is to make sure that each student is recognized for even the tiniest of victories.


#39: Beyond the Brick and Mortar

In this episode, Arizona English Teacher Kimberly Zarate joins me to talk about her transition from teaching in brick and mortar schools to teaching online. We also discuss some misconceptions that people may have about the online setting.


#38: A History for Everyone

On today's episode, I am joined by English Teacher Sharnez Givens, who teaches her students about narrative writing by using the story of the gruesome death of Emmitt Till. Sharnez uses this story to help students connect to modern troubles that hit all too close to home.