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#73: Standing Up for English Language Learners (Part 1)

On today’s podcast, I am joined by high school ELL teacher Amy Metz. Amy has been working with students who speak a different language at home since she began her career in education a little over five years ago, but this year is the first year that she has done so at the high-school level. Teaching students who are at different levels of learning can be difficult, but teaching different levels of content knowledge with different levels of language knowledge, becomes a moving target that...


#72: EdFinChat

On today's podcast, I am talking with Chief Financial Officer of North Shore School District 112, Chris Wildman. Chris is also a moderator, along with Don Oberg and RJ Gravel, of the #edfinchat on a twitter. The chat is designed to help those who are involved with school finance, as well as those who want to know more about finance within schools. Their next chat next chat is being held at 2:00 CST on December 6th. Introduction: (0:00-3:29) Getting to Know Chris: (3:29-9:19) EdFinChat:...


#71: You Don't Know My Story

On today’s podcast, I am talking with award-winning Media teacher Jane Bannester. Jane has been teaching media, drama, and speech for over twenty years in the Ritenour school district in St. Louis County, building one of the most formidable media programs in the country, winning multiple awards year after year. Jane credits the success of the program to the stories that students have told, and how they tell it. She believes in preparing students for a life of storytelling, no matter what...


#70: A DisruptED Conversation (Part 2)

In this episode, I wrap up my conversation with DisruptED TV founder and creator Richard Allen about all the great things teachers are doing across the country. We talk about schools that have true student input and buy-in, including student lead parent-teacher conferences. Ideas are a plenty in the vast world of education! Intro: (0:00-3:28) A student centered school: (3:28-10:14) Changing Perceptions: (10:14-17:38) What Next?: (17:38-25:23) Outro: (25:23-27:21)


#69: A DisruptED Conversation (Part 1)

On this episode of the podcast, I talk with Disrupted TV founder and creator Richard Allen. Rich has over 35 years of experience in education as a teacher, administrator, consultant, school founder, etc.. His goal was to one day create a place where all of the great ideas he has discovered in education over his years of teaching, can be accessed in one place. And now, with Disrupted TV, he has created a space for the creative and innovative teachers of today to share their stories across the...


#68: A Very Teacher Thanksgiving

For our first Thanksgiving at the Educator Escape studios, my wife Rachael and I discuss what are some of our family traditions, along with what are some of the things that teachers should be thankful for this year. Yes, getting the next five days off is one of them! I hope you enjoy the episode and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


#67: Filling Out Big Shoes

On today’s podcast, I am talking with 1st year 6th grade World History Teacher Andrew Thompson. Andrew teachers at Columbia Middle School in Columbia, Illinois. Andrew and I discuss how he found his way back to teaching, how he is filling the shoes of a teacher with an outstanding legacy, and what new and innovative methods he is bringing to the classroom to meet the needs of a generation highly differentiated learners. Intro: (0:00-4:19) Getting to Know Andrew: (4:19-11:04) Taking on a...


#66: A Teacher Snow Day!

On today's podcast, I take a snow day. On my snow day, I take some time to talk to four other teachers about what they are doing with one of the greatest gifts in teaching, a snow day. Whether it was staying at home and hunkering down with the kids and watching movies all day, making cardboard airplanes, going sledding, drinking some hot chocolate, or getting some much-needed work done, snow days are one of the great perks of teaching and I am glad that I got to talk to each one of these...


#65: No Such Thing as a Bad Kid

Today on Educator Escape , I am talking with Warrenton English Teacher Rachael Knox. Rachael has been teaching English for three years in the Warrenton School, with two of those years being at the Alpha Academy, making her transition to the traditional classroom this year. Rachael’s love for literature and mystery fuels her fire to create lessons that connect to students exactly where they are in their learning. Intro: (0:00-3:21) Getting to know Rachel: (3:21-7:27) Journey to Teaching:...


#64: 2019 Missouri Teacher of the Year-Shelly Parks

In this episode of the podcast, I am joined by 2019 Missouri Teacher of the Year, Shelly Parks. Shelly has been an English teacher at Francis Howell North High School for 16 years. She touts a record of student engagement, while also sparking former students to become teachers as well. Shelly says that her greatest contribution to education will always be helping other people achieve their dreams and their goals. Intro: (0:00-3:45) Who is Shelly Parks: (3:45-11:39) What the awad...


#63: Investing Your Vote in Education

In today's episode, I talk with Kevin Haar about what to look for when you go to voting booth on Election Day. We talk about early childhood education, school voucher programs, the balanced budget amendment in Indiana that deals with teacher pensions, and about the growing number of teachers who are throwing their hat into the political ring. The message is simple. Go vote with education in mind! Intro: (0:00-3:38) Early Childhood Education in Illinois: (3:38-16:10) School Vouchers in...


#62: What's my Identity?

Today, I am talking to Dan Haag. Dan was a music teacher for 14 years in three different schools districts in Indiana. But after budget cuts forced him to leave teaching, he found a new career in insurance. Dan and I have a heart to heart discussion about why he decided to stop pursuing education, the lack of support he received, the burnout effect that he experienced in his last year of teaching, and how his faith helped him realize that he identity shouldn’t be found in his career. Intro:...


#61: A Look Back at October

In this episode, I take a look back at all of our episodes this month. From Mean Girls to soft skills, to four-day school debates to who is responsible for learning debates; This month had much to enjoy and to learn! Listen in and hear clips from each episode. If you missed an episode and liked the clip, check it out on or wherever you listen into podcasts! Intro: (0:00-3:47) #53 Mean Girls: (3:47-6:47) #54 Four Day Fight: (6:47-10:42) #55 Soft Skills and Point-Less...


#60: Who's Fault is This?! (Part 2)

Today on Educator Escape, I am finishing up my conversation with award-winning teacher and education columnist from Charleston, South Carolina, Jody Stallings. Jody and I have been discussing why more responsibility needs to given to parents and students when it comes to improving education in our country. Intro: (0:00-2:44) Motivating Parents: (2:44-10:24) Changing the Menu: (10:24-18:01) How do we fix this?: (18:01-26:53) Outro: (26:53-28:35)


#59: Who's Fault is this?! (Part 1)

Today on Educator Escape, I am excited to get to talk to award-winning teacher and education columnist from Charleston, South Carolina Jody Stallings. Jody has been teaching for 26 years as an English Teacher at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, as well as writing the weekly "Teacher to Parent" Column for the Moultrie News In our episode today, we talk about a recent article that has been finding its way around my circles here in Missouri about why parents need to be...


#58: Part-Time Professor, Full-time Teacher

In this episode, Indiana Connections Academy Math Teacher Scott Haskett gives is an inside look into the day to day trials of being a teacher at an online school. Also, Scott talks about his second job teaching math as a professor at the university level, and how he manages to do both at a high level. Intro: (0:00-4:09) Online Classroom Set-up: (4:09-6:58) Part-Time Professor: (6:58-11:00) 2nd Job Expiration Dat: (11:00-22:10) Outro and Tuesday Preview: (22:10-24:47)


#57: At Any Expense

Today on the podcast I am talking with Winfield Middle School English teacher Serena Steuber. Serena is finishing up her masters in counseling, while also making the transition to teaching middle school this year, after moving and getting married this summer. Needless to say, she is one busy person. Intro: (0:00-3:18) Getting to Know Serena Steuber (3:18-8:12) Journey into Teaching (8:12-13:59) Mastering Middle School and Counseling (13:59-23:31) Close (23:31-25:13)


#56: No Zeros Found Here

Today on the podcast I am talking with Elementary School Teacher Heather Karbely. Heather has been teaching for three years, and has found that 5th Grade suits her. Heather’s school has implemented a no zero’s policy at her school. We talk about why having a no zero’s policy, might be the best thing for students. Intro: (0:00-2:58) Getting to Know Heather (2:58-7:53) Transition to Teaching (7:53-14:22) No Zero's Policy (14:22-25:08) Closing: (25:08-26:29)


#55: Soft Skills and Point-Less Grading

In this episode, Galena High School Science Teacher Ryan Lacson and I discuss why he is moving away from giving grades, moving towards a push for soft skills, and how his students are leading the way in public health in Stone County, Missouri. Intro: (0:00-3:23) Get to Know Ryan: (3:23-10:12) Journey to Galena: (10:12-18:45) Soft Skills and Point-Less Grading (18:45-25:00) Students in Public Health (25:00-33:37) Outro: (33:37-35:08)


#54: The Four Day Fight

In this episode, I am joined by teachers Ryan Lacson and Andrew VanBebber, who tell about what it's like to be a school district that has switched to the four day school week. It is truly an insightful and thoughtful look into how each community makes the decision to switch to the controversial new schedule. Intro: (0:00-3:34) Andrew VanBebber: (3:34-17:30) Ryan Lacson: (17:30-24:27) Close: (24:27-25:56)