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rial lawyers discuss data and voir dire questions

rial lawyers discuss data and voir dire questions
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rial lawyers discuss data and voir dire questions








Brian Panish with John Gomez Trial Lawyers

John Gomez covers the following The characteristics he looks for in new lawyers to bring aboard his firm.The favorite part of a trial that he succeedsHow his experience with the trial lawyers college has helped his practice.Why speaking and seminars are a must for success.California)


Brian Panish with John Morgan - Largest Plaintiff Law firm

-How to manage over 400 lawyers. -Using the "Send/Delete Test" to filter employees. -Grading employees to identify weaknesses. -Using software in the practice of a personal injury lawyer. -Tips about marketing your law firm. -Using wine to get referrals.


Brian Panish interviewing Arash Homampour- Trial Lawyer

-How Arash uses a lot of technology, what he likes to use and what works. -How to take a premise that occurred and shows it visually to the jury. -Creative ways to use animations in a trial. -How focus groups help you identify the wacky, unpredictable, important or prejudicial issues that jurors hold on to. -Using questionnaires to get the jurors’ process of negative thoughts, opinions, and issues out so you can get through a quicker jury selection.


Brian Panish Shoulder to Shoulder with Rex Parris Top Trial Lawyer

I interview Mayor Rex Parris from Lancaster, CA who is recognized as one of the most successful and innovative trial lawyers alive today. Rex handles a wide variety of cases, ranging from severe personal injury to class actions, products liability, and business torts. Rex has obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts, settlements, and judgments on his clients’ behalf, including 2009’s highest jury verdict in the United States ($370 million). In 2013, PARRIS law firm reached the...


Brian Panish on inside jury selection -Data Driven Jury Decisions

3 top questions to ask a jury during voir dire. How to identify a "strong juror". How to identify if a potential juror has had the life experiences necessary to make a decision in your favor. How to match stereotypes case. What do you do when someone from the insurance industry is a potential juror?


Brian Panish with the legendary trial lawyer Thomas Girardi

Mr. Giradi our nation's top legendary trial lawyer was formerly the President of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, the President of the American Board of Trial Advocates, and has been a stellar trial attorney for the last 50 years. In this episode we cover: Why are trial lawyers important? The number 1 thing to being a successful plaintiff lawyer. What are the key aspects of voir dire to help a plaintiff lawyer be successful? Questions to ask jurors to get insight into their...


Brian Panish on Managing your practice with Danny Abir Lawyer Educator

Danny Abir - -How he grew the firm from 1 lawyer to 17 lawyers and over 350 cases. -The rules you must follow when starting your own contingency practice. -3 key areas to starting a firm and growing it into a successful plaintiff personal injury practice. -How to decide what risky cases to take and the factors weighted in making the decision to move forward. -Procedures for setting the budgets for cases. -The least expensive most effective way to market your firm.


Brian Panish interviews Christine Spagnoli- Trial Lawyers

In this episode with Chris Spagnoli we cover:


Brian Panish interviews John Romano - Trial Lawyer Practices

If your goal is to be successful in personal injury then this podcast could change the trajectory of your practice. My guest speaker and renowned trial lawyer, John Romano of the Romano Law Group in West Palm Beach FL, shares insights from over 40 years of practicing law and his approach to becoming a great trial lawyer. On the podcast John reveals... The single most import thing a lawyer should do who wants to be successful in personal injury law.The steps he uses to figure out whether...


Brian Panish interviews BenJamin Crump - Trial Lawyer Practices

Ben fights for the everyday people who are often marginalized and disenfranchised in America. Some of his high profile cases include representing: Trayvon Martin’s family in FL, Michael Brown’s family in MO, and currently Stephon Clark’s family in CA. Ben shares how he identifies and combats racism not only in pre-trial but also in trial matters with jurors that have preconceived notions or bias against a man or woman of color. In the interview he explains: What to do before voir dire...


Brian Panish interviews Ben Cloward - Trial Lawyer Practices

Brian Panish, award-winning Trial Lawyer, interviews another top plaintiff lawyer Ben Cloward in this invaluable podcast about trial strategies. Cloward will discuss how the smallest perceived cases can actually be quite large after this process. Also a keen focus on local virtual and live focus groups.


Brian Panish interviews John Taylor - Trial Lawyer Practices

Brian Panish, an award-winning Trial Lawyer, interviews another top plaintiff lawyer John C. Taylor who is one of the most respected personal injury trial lawyers in California. With more than 100 jury trials in diverse fields, his success in the courtroom is underscored by his multi-million dollar verdicts. Discussing novice to pro trial law experience including supplement jury questionnaires. Clergy Abuse Crisis Has Cost The Catholic Church $3 Billion.


Brian Panish on why Bruises Matter in Court with Keith Mitnik - Trial Lawyer and Educator

Brian Panish, award-winning Trial Lawyer, interviews another top plaintiff lawyer Keith Mitnik in this invaluable podcast about trial strategies. Mitnik explains how your Voir Dire questions are the most important part of a trial. Equally, you must make sure the jury understand the power of bias. “Even subtle bias can have a profound impact on your case,” says Mitnik.