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Hatch the Future Podcast is at the forefront of social innovation. Explore world-changing ideas and the people acting on them – from food to finance, identity to innovation and everything in between – hosts Simon Love, Amy Pearl, and guests dig into what’s positively disruptive.

Hatch the Future Podcast is at the forefront of social innovation. Explore world-changing ideas and the people acting on them – from food to finance, identity to innovation and everything in between – hosts Simon Love, Amy Pearl, and guests dig into what’s positively disruptive.
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Hatch the Future Podcast is at the forefront of social innovation. Explore world-changing ideas and the people acting on them – from food to finance, identity to innovation and everything in between – hosts Simon Love, Amy Pearl, and guests dig into what’s positively disruptive.








HTF 033 Elevating All Voices

In this episode Danielle and Jen interview Shiva Farrokhi, founder of in-it, a video crowdsourcing platform focusing on social change. The phrase video virtual memory is mentioned, so you know this is going to be good. Shiva is an Iranian designer, strategist and social entrepreneur currently living in Portland, Oregon. She started in-it due to her experience of living through 2 important socio-political times that negatively impacted her life in Iran & USA -Green movement and the Muslim...


HTF 032 Advocating for Psilocybin

In this episode, Collin Gabriel and Danielle Olson interviewed Tom and Sheri Eckert who are both counselors and the founders of the Oregon Psilocybin Society. They are the forces behind getting a 2020 ballot measure to legalize the facilitated use of psilocybin. You’ll learn about:


HTF 031: #LifeIsCumulative

In this episode, Hatch Program Manager, Danielle Olson sits down with A Social Ignition founder Sonja Skvarla. A Social Ignition runs two core programs for men serving time in prison across the state of Oregon: The Ignition Option and The Long Haul. "The Ignition Option is a 12-session entrepreneurship series that builds confidence, exercises creativity, and teaches the language of business. Graduates may enter The Long Haul, our individual coaching program to push students to their...


HTF 030: Tea Fleets and Painted Streets

EP30 - Tea Fleets and Painted Streets Picture yourself strolling down the beautiful tree-lined streets of Portland when suddenly you are struck by the sight of a large mural painted right in the middle of a 4-way stop. As you stand there, thinking to yourself “how did this get here? Who made this place?”, you notice a bench made out of clay, open and inviting, placed on the sidewalk and right next to a tiny neighborhood library. You sit and take in this odd, idyllic scene - spending a...


HTF 029: 'Soup'er Communities

EP29 - ‘Soup’er Communities with Amy Kaherl In this episode, Danielle Olson sits down with Amy Kaherl, founder of Detroit Soup. In 2010, Amy was able to transform a small potluck-style event for funding the arts into a larger funding mechanism for community projects aimed to do good for Detroit. For as little as $5, attendees eat, hear pitches from entrepreneurs, vote for a winner to receive the cumulative funds, and ultimately create change. Detroit Soup has hosted 151 meetings as of this...


HTF 028: Chicken Eggs and Chasin' Dreams

HTF 028: Chicken Eggs and Chasin' Dreams In this episode Amy Pearl sits down with Henlight Co-Founder Edward Silva. Edwards unique story highlights the path that some entrepreneurs take when entering into prize based competitions, in this case the Thought For Food Challenge. Interestingly, Edward’s journey with the Thought For Food Challenge did not end with his team’s victory. Instead, along with a small team of enthusiastic volunteers, they expanded the reach of this challenge worldwide,...


HTF 027: Happy Brain Science

HTF 027: Happy Brain Science “We go about pursuing happiness backwards. We think once we accomplish our goals we’ll be happy, but science shows that happiness is essential as a first step to accomplishing our goals.” Can we be truly happy at work? Science says yes. Hear from two leaders who have made it their mission to make you happy. When these experts say happiness, they mean deep, sustained well-being. New research on happiness is comforting. Learn what you can do to bring your...


HTF 026: Living In Waste

HTF 026: Living In Waste: How Our Trash Can Be Our Treasure with Michael Reynolds In this episode, Collin Gabriel, longtime fan of Earthships, chats with architect and Earthship founder, Michael Reynolds. 35 years ago, Michael designed a living structure that can harvest its own water, power, food, heat and comfort with most of its building supplies composed of used tires, dirt, and trash. He called it the Earthship. Since then, Michael (he calls himself Mike) and the Earthship have...


HTF 025: Women Impact Investing

HTF 026: Women Impact Investing “If women farmers had the same financial resources as male farmers, it’s estimated that yields would increase by 20-30%, creating the potential to lift 120-150 million people out of poverty.” Malaika Maphalala, Investment Advisor, Natural Investments In this podcast, Amy Pearl is joined by Malaika Maphalala and Carrie Van Winkle of Natural Investments, LLC, a socially responsible investment firm, to discuss the growing and influential role of women across...


HTF 024: The Remedy Club Inclusion and Exclusion

The Remedy Club: Inclusion & Exclusion This edition of THE REMEDY CLUB invites you to talk about systems of exclusion, topics that usually aren’t deemed appropriate at the dinner table. By listening to personal stories from our panelists (see below) and conversing with each other about uncomfortable but necessary topics, we will take on the challenge of breaking that initial barrier when it comes to the untalkable—starting the conversation. Welcome to The Remedy Club, a quarterly series on...


HTF 023: Toilets, Rice, and Poverty: Redefining Global Aid

Toilets, Rice, and Poverty: Redefining Global Aid with Lin Liu For years, USAID and other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have been trying to improve sanitation as well as create a safe water supply for countries throughout the developing world. With varying degrees of success in the cities, only pockets of rural communities have adopted the use of toilets as a means of disposing human waste. As the population in these areas rise, lack of safe sanitation creates an extreme health risk...


HTF 022: Feminism and Justice for All

EP 22: Feminism and Justice for All Let’s listen to Hatch Innovation’s Director of Events & Culinary Happenings, Jess DeNoto chat with upcoming panelist Emilly Prado. Emilly is a writer who focuses on the intersection of feminist identity, race, class, gender and popular culture. Throughout this episode, Emilly covers authors and artists who’ve inspired her over the years, to current events and the recent articles she’s researched and written, and how our own identities and perceptions...


HTF 021: Put Your Money Where Your Food Is

Put Your Money Where Your Food Is with Narendra Varma of Our Table Cooperative In today’s episode, host Amy Pearl sits down with Narendra Varma of Our Table Cooperative. Narendra started Our Table Cooperative in 2011 with his wife Michelle, after they spent years in the investment and tech spaces. Narendra talks about how these experiences helped him realize a vision for a better food system and find a piece of land to achieve that vision. Our Table is a unique cooperative, because it...


HTF 020: Innovative Reclamation Education

Innovative Reclamation Education: Rural Students Revitalizing Brownfields with Megan Alameda “If you are a teacher who’s interested in brownfields, or any environmental education subject, I’d say go for it. This is the time that is ripe for innovation. But don’t do this alone, and here’s my callout to everybody else - administrators, city and council members, museums, businesses - please come together to try and make these relevant pieces of education happen. Because that’s how it works -...


HTF 019: Changing Taillights to Avert Tragedies

Changing Taillights to Avert Tragedies “For many people this is not a huge problem, but for a percentage of people, it can be a deadly problem.” - Don Merrill Think about it. For some people, a burned-out taillight is a minor maintenance issue. For others, it’s the first step towards a potentially deadly confrontation. After a string of police shootings of unarmed people of color, Don Merrill wants to stop talking and do something. So he’s setting up a nonprofit with a very simple goal:...


HTF 018: Finding a Career with Purpose

Finding a Career with Purpose An honest discussion about finding jobs with meaning - both making a difference in the world, and finding personal satisfaction. Simon Love and Amy Pearl speak with Mac Prichard, founder of Prichard Communications and Mac’s List about purpose and potential in work and life. Today, people want to improve the world through their work, as well as achieve personal satisfaction. But how do people get into those careers? In this podcast, both hosts and guest are...


HTF 017: Reflecting on a Nuclear Legacy

Reflecting on a Nuclear Legacy When your family is from Hiroshima, you have strong feelings about the nuclear age, war, and its legacy. Who better to talk about the fallout of our nuclear past than artists? And better, artists who come from cities that were affected and involved. Visual artist Yukiyo Kawano takes her grandmother’s kimono and sews replicas of the bombs that were dropped on her city. She has made Little Boy and Fat Man sewn with her own hair. In a new creation, she has...


HTF 016: WTF is the Blockchain?

WTF is a Blockchain? You’ve heard about Bitcoin. You might have heard the word ‘blockchain’. But what about Ethereum? In this episode, you’ll get the full explanation of what a blockchain is, how cryptocurrencies have value, and how ‘smart contracts’ are shaping the future of transactions. You will then hear about one company using this technology – CPay – which is using the Ethereum blockchain to make everyday payments simpler, faster, more secure, and also provide community benefit....


HTF 015: The Remedy Club - Power & Access

The Remedy Club: Power and Access Have you ever felt that your access to tools, knowledge and/or resources has been limited by the social systems or institutions you are embedded in? Have you seen others struggle, lacking access to the things they need to thrive? Do you ever ponder how sweeping power dynamics connect to our individual experiences? Welcome to The Remedy Club, a quarterly series on the dynamics of power and powerlessness, hosted by Hatch Innovation. We invite you to listen...


HTF 014: Energy - A New Take on Wood and Water

Energy: A New Take on Wood and Water In this double-header, Simon Love interviews two companies implementing innovative sustainable energy technologies. The episode touches on sustainable projects in urban versus rural environments,how to work with local government and communities, and where these technologies are headed. First up is Bill Kelly from Lucid Energy, a startup that is creating usable energy from gravity-fed water systems. Bill opens up about the realities of innovating in...