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The Inbound Logistics Podcast provides the most relevant and topical information from the third-party logistics and supply chain management world as presented by the most influential thought leaders in the industry. (logistics, supply chain, cargo, freight, transportation, education)

The Inbound Logistics Podcast provides the most relevant and topical information from the third-party logistics and supply chain management world as presented by the most influential thought leaders in the industry. (logistics, supply chain, cargo, freight, transportation, education)


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The Inbound Logistics Podcast provides the most relevant and topical information from the third-party logistics and supply chain management world as presented by the most influential thought leaders in the industry. (logistics, supply chain, cargo, freight, transportation, education)






Industrial Supply Chain Printers: How Are Printer Innovations Aiding Efficiency and Compliance in the Supply Chain? Guest: Peter Zalinski, Barcoding

For a supply chain to reliably move containers or cargo, or palettes of product shippers and receivers need to know what goes where and to whom. Some of the hardware that enables that efficiency comes in the form of industrial printers that not only ensure validation and verification, but compliance as well. Peter Zalinski of Barcoding, joins us to go over some of the innovations and resulting benefits in today’s industrial supply chain printers. FOR MORE INFORMATION: DO...


The New Retail Climate: How Can Your Supply Chain Weather Retail Climate Volatility? Guest: Nathan Schmies, Hub Group

Under the unprecedented strains of a global pandemic, the supply chain industry has had to respond to an e-commerce demand that may have changed the retail landscape forever. With such continuing retail climate volatility to contend with, what insights can suppliers and retails look to in order to better position their businesses? Nathan Schmies, Vice President of Supply Chain Operations for Hub Group, shares his take on 2020 and peeks ahead to 2021. FOR MORE...


Oversize Freight: What Should You Know Before Choosing A Heavy Haul Carrier? Guest: Al Reisman, Landstar

Although your supply chain may not always require oversize or overweight shipments on a regular basis, there will likely be a time when that need arises. But it isn’t as simple as loading it up, strapping it down and sending it on its way. What factors do you need to take into account when enlisting the expertise of a heavy haul carrier? Al Reisman, Executive Vice President, Specialized Freight Services for Landstar has some suggestions that might help lighten the load. FOR MORE...


Control Tower Capabilities: Would Your Supply Chain Benefit From a Control Tower Approach? Guest: Lori Harner, E2Open

The more complex a supply chain, the more moving parts there are to monitor and that generates a lot of data. There are any number of ways to collect that data, but when a business has to collect, process, and normalize that information, often the holistic approach of a control tower is the way to go. Lori Harner, Senior Director of Product Marketing for E2Open joins us to explain how a control tower might have your supply chain looking up. FOR MORE...


IT Challenges in Digital Transformation: Is Your Business Equipped for a Digital Transformation? Guest; Keri Corbin, Barcoding

In the face of an unprecedented disruption, supply chain IT leaders are tasked with supporting 3PL warehouses who are dealing with record setting e-commerce demand signals. With increasingly large numbers of channels to manage, where can IT leaders turn for resource allocation? Keri Corbin, Vice President of Client Solutions for Barcoding, joins us to share her thouths on what businesses should consider when putting the IT in digital transformation. FOR MORE...


Food Transport Challenges: What Options Do Shippers Have to Keep Food Supply Chains Moving? Guest: Mo Shearer, Trinity Logistics

The logistics landscape has shifted dramatically during the pandemic and shippers have had to adapt to keep up with the changes. The fresh and frozen food sector has had to deal with not only capacity shortages at the ports but also increasing demand signals from consumers. What options do shippers have to keep their supply chains flowing? Mo Shearer, Senior Sales Executive at Trinity Logistics, joins us to share some logistics food for thought. FOR MORE...


AMRs in Omnichannel Fulfillment: How Are Autonomous Mobile Robots Redefining Omnichannel Fulfillment? Guest: Gillan Hawkes, 6 River Systems

The omnichannel fulfillment story has had to evolve at breakneck speed just to keep up with the constantly increasing demand signals of the e-commerce market. That story has since been augmented with the help of autonomous mobile robots or AMRs. But what kind of challenges should you expect when balancing high-demand productivity with keeping warehouse workers safe on the job? Gillan Hawkes, VP of Product Management and Analytics for 6 River Systems has some ideas to keep your business...


Cold Chain Sustainability: What Options Do You Have For Sustainable Temperature Controlled Packaging? Guest: Richard Wood, Softbox

Companies that rely on temperature controlled packaging have been responsibly looking for more sustainable shipping solutions. With few signs of a slowing pandemic, pharmaceutical businesses stand to benefit most if they can leverage new technological advancements. But what should your company consider before transitioning from traditional packaging? Richard Wood, Executive Director of Technical Solutions at Softbox, joins us to share some cool insights for your cold chain. FOR MORE...


Geolocation Solutions: What Should You Consider Before Implementing Geolocation Solutions for Your Supply Chain? Guest: Marc Pegulu, Semtech

The supply chain industry relies heavily on the ability to monitor and track assets at every step of the journey. Developments in geolocation accuracy and coverage are making that job easier but what does your business need to consider before choosing and implementing a geolocation solution for your needs? Marc Pegulu of Semtech joins us to share his thoughts on what you need to keep track of to keep better track of your supply chain. FOR MORE INFORMATION: WANT TO...


Peak Season Challenges: How Can Your Business Prepare for a Unique Peak Season? Guest: Chris Blickhan, DHL Supply Chain

In a normal year, peak season presents a number of challenges that require some deft handling by both retailers and shippers. Throw in a global pandemic, and those challenges get amplified. What kind of technologies and innovations should businesses be looking at to help navigate not just the current retail landscape but also adapt to the ever increasing demand of e-commerce. Chris Blickhan of DHL Supply Chain shares a peek behind the scenes of this year’s unique peak season. FOR MORE...


Bridge Building into the Future: How is Pharr Bridge Investing in its Future? Guest: Luis Bazan, Bridge Director, Pharr International Bridge

In a turbulent economy that is forcing many companies to ride waves of uncertainty, Pharr International Bridge finds itself in a position not just of strength but of growth as well. With strategic business decisions and key investments in infrastructure, Pharr Bridge is looking to expand into 2021 and beyond. Bridge Director, Luis Bazan, joins us to share just how Pharr is bridging the gap into the new year. FOR MORE INFORMATION: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS...


Retail Solutions: What Can Suppliers and Retailers Do to Alleviate Supply Chain Volatility? Guests: Brian Meents and Dan Sanker, Hub Group

In the middle of an unstable industry landscape, companies continue to seek different solutions to find stable ground for themselves and their customers. What can suppliers and retailers do to better position their supply chains to alleviate climate volatility? Brian Meents, and Dan Sanker of Hub Group discuss what they’re seeing and how the retail sector is and should be responding. FOR MORE INFORMATION: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line:...


Automation & Robotics: How Will Automation and Robotics Reshape Logistics? Guest: Brian Nachtigall, Logistics Product Management / Business Development, Boston Dynamics

As the supply chain industry continues to evolve, so too does the technology created to serve it. Increasingly, that technology has come to include automation and robotics; a development which is poised to reshape the field for the next century. What can businesses do to prepare their companies and employees for that evolution? Brian Nachtigall of Boston Dynamics, gives us his perspective on the utility of robots in and out of the warehouse. FOR MORE...


Growth in Challenging Times: Where Should Businesses Focus to Maintain Growth in a Volatile Climate? Guest: Rafael Zakinov, Founder & CEO, Ruby Has

In today's challenging climate, many companies have struggled to find their footing and have had to play catch up, just to keep up with the industry. But there are businesses that have focused on the right technologies and partnerships to not just weather the storm but grow in spite of it. Rafael Zakinov, Founder and CEO of Ruby Has, shares some of his insights on how to navigate the new normal and keep on growing. FOR MORE INFORMATION: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE?...


Safe Port in the Storm of Covid 19: How Did the Port Authority of NY/NJ Keep Operations Moving During the Pandemic? Guests: Robert LaMura and Beth Rooney, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

As Covid 19 impacted companies globally, the essential port businesses had to quickly adjust to radical changes in day to day operations. From ensuring safe workplaces for employees, to ensuring safe accommodations for customers, ports needed to think and act fast to keep services uninterrupted. Beth Rooney and Robert LaMura of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey join us to highlight some of the ways that they navigated a challenging situation and kept the trains on the...


Digitalization in Transportation During Covid 19: How Can Businesses Improve Visibility for a Healthy Supply Chain? Guest: Jason Gillespie, DHL Supply Chain

The transportation landscape has no doubt changed to respond to Covid 19 but with digitalization trends now seeing more implementation, it’s more apt to say that transportation continues to evolve to adapt to the times. Jason Gillespie, Director of Continuous Improvement for DHL Supply Chain, shares some of his insights on what trends your business should keep an eye on to maintain a healthy supply chain and improve visibility for your customers. FOR MORE INFORMATION: All Business, No...


Mexico's Growth in Logistics: How Has Mexico Expanded Their Presence in North American Trade? Guest: Sergio Arguelles, President, CEO, FINSA Mexico

Mexico continues to be an important trade partner with the United States. With advantages in proximity, skilled labor, improved infrastructure and competitive costs, Mexico is poised for an expanded presence in North American trade. Sergio Arguelles, President and CEO of FINSA Mexico, shares some of his observations on the growing logistics industry in Mexico as well as his take on the potential impact of the incoming USMCA. FOR MORE INFORMATION: WANT TO RESPOND TO...


Safe Growth During Covid 19: How Can Businesses Weather Global Disruption and Find Ways to Prosper? Guest: Brent Yeagy, President, CEO, Wabash National

Despite the effects of Covid 19, some companies managed to not only weather the storm, but thrive in spite of it. Wabash National managed that very feat by recognizing the changing dynamics of the transportation marketplace and adjusting to meet disruptions head on. Brent Yeagy, President and CEO of Wabash, explains how preparation while prioritizing employee and workplace safety ensured continued service for their customers. FOR MORE INFORMATION: WANT TO RESPOND TO...


Supply Chain Orchestration During Covid 19: How Can a Digital Transformation Help Future-Proof Companies Against Disruption? Guest: Dr. Martin Verwijmeren, CEO, MPO

Businesses understand that disruptions will happen, but the unprecedented disruption of Covid 19 has companies looking to technology to not only manage the impact now but future-proof their supply chains for years to come. But are they prepared to accept full on digitalization? Dr. Martin Verwijmeren, CEO of MPO joins us to explain how a comprehensive “supply chain orchestration” can ease companies’ fears and enact a successful digital transformation. FOR MORE...


Fulfillment Strategy During Covid 19: How Can You Optimize Your Fulfillment Strategy During a Global Pandemic? Guest: Ben Eachus, Co-Founder & CEO, Flowspace

Increased demand signals and rapidly changing customer expectations are just some of the challenges companies face when determining their fulfillment strategies. With the added disruption of a global pandemic like Covid 19, businesses have to consider other ways to meet those expectations and keep the supply chain in motion. Ben Eachus, Co-Founder and CEO of Flowspace, joins us to talk about a few ways to optimize your fulfillment strategy. FOR MORE...