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The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.

The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.
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The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.






Data is the New Oil: Rethinking CRM in Logistics, Guests: John Golob, Troy Goode, Lanetix

Domestic freight brokers are facing a highly competitive market to balance shipper demands with carrier capacity, while juggling the predictability of long-term contracted rates with the traditionally more profitable spot market. Lanetix announces LxRoadFreight, the first CRM suite built to increase gross margin for the domestic freight market. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON LANETIX: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line: 888-878-3247 DOWNLOAD THE NEW INBOUND...


Visibility: Will digital solutions help you see the big picture for your supply chain? Guest: Andrew Cheung, Amber Road

Your supply chain is susceptible to everything from natural disaster to geopolitics but the biggest concern that keeps logistics executives up at night is simply tracking shipments globally to ensure on-time delivery to their customers. Andrew Cheung of Amber Road joins us to talk about how digital solutions and data-driven-decisions can help increase supply chain visibility and maybe help supply chain execs sleep a little better at night. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON AMBER...


Robotics: What's real, what's not, and what should the industry be prepared for? Guest: Steven Sheiner, VP of Business Development, Brain Corporation

When it comes to robotics permeating the industry, it’s not a question of IF but WHEN. But while low level tasks continue to see adoption, higher level jobs require a bit more brain power and getting there isn’t as easy as online videos make it seem. Steven Sheiner, VP of Business Development for Brain Corporation joins us to talk about what’s real, what’s not quite real just yet, and whether you should be on the lookout for Terminators anytime soon. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON BRAIN...


E-Commerce: What do shippers need to do to weather the "Amazon Effect"? Guest: Bob Malley, CEO, Pierbridge

E-commerce has fundamentally changed the behaviors of both consumers and shippers and no e-commerce entity has done more to alter the landscape than Amazon. The so-called Amazon Effect has dramatically raised expectations while arguably lowering consumer patience. How have parcel shippers adapted to the new paradigm and what do they have to do to stay the course? Bob Malley, CEO of Pierbridge, has a few ideas to share. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PIERBRIDGE: WANT TO...


Warehousing: Just as it is in real estate, it's all about location, location, location. Guest: Brian Baskin, Crane Worldwide

The business of warehousing is similar to real-estate because when it comes down to it, what matters is location, location, location. Brian Baskin, VP of Global Logistics Solutions for Crane Worldwide joins us to talk about where Crane is putting down its stakes in what often can be a high-stakes logistics market. FOR MORE INFO ON CRANE WORLDWIDE: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line: 888-878-3247 DOWNLOAD THE NEW INBOUND LOGISTICS APP featuring the...


Trucking & Freight: What kind of data does your supply chain need to monitor?

Trucking and logistics have gone hand in hand for decades. As the industry evolved, freight companies had to be mindful of the change dynamics and either be agile enough to adapt to the times or face a rough road ahead. Bob Costello of the American trucking Association and Bobby Holland of US Bank join us to talk about how US Bank’s Freight Payment Index is helping to provide companies with vital and actionable data to keep their supply chains moving. FOR MORE INFO ON US BANK'S FREIGHT...


Customs and Trade Compliance: How Can Companies Best Navigate an Ever-Shifting Trade Landscape to Get Business Done? Guest: Pete Mento, Crane Worldwide

The pressures on customs and trade professionals to collect, organize, and maintain massive amounts of information amidst ever-changing compliance regulations can often reverberate up and down the supply chain. Pete Mento of Crane Worldwide, has some information that might help importers and shippers better prepare their businesses to act before they need to react. FOR MORE INFO ON CRANE WORLDWIDE: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line:...


Supply Chain Visibility: How Much is Too Much? Guest: Gary Barraco, Amber Road

When it comes to managing your supply chain, it’s not unlike wrangling the ingredients for a gourmet meal. But effective oversight of that visibility can be a recipe for success or disaster. It’s all in how much you use. Gary Barraco, of Amber Road joins us to share his insights on how to keep your supply chain cooking. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON AMBER ROAD: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line: 888-878-3247 DOWNLOAD THE NEW INBOUND LOGISTICS APP...


What Should US Companies Know if They Want to Succeed with E-Commerce in Canada?

U.S. e-tailers are increasingly looking north to Canada as a source for growth, and liking what they see – a country of more than 36 million consumers who have largely embraced e-commerce, and are big fans of U.S. brands and goods. But before attempting to penetrate the Canadian market, there are several factors that need to be considered, including the critical last mile. Many U.S. retailers make the assumption that selling and delivering to Canada is no different than transactions with...


IL Podcast 036: How does the U.S. EPA SmartWay Shipper Program help a company like Whirlpool improve supply chain efficiency? Guest, Karalynn Hegg

The EPA SmartWay Shipper Program is a voluntary public/private effort between the EPA and over 3500 companies worldwide, including the Fortune 500. Karalynn Hegg, Supply Chain Sustainability Manager for Whirlpool Corporation joins us to talk about how Smartway helps Whirlpool collect and use key freight data points in ways that help improve supply chain efficiency, contribute to sustainability goals, and improve their bottom line. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON WHIRLPOOL...


IL Podcast 035: What steps should companies take to ensure safety and compliance when transporting hazmat? Guest: Mike Cobb, Landstar Transportation Logistics

Shipping hazardous materials carries more risks than hauling around more mundane items so safety gets even more priority than normal. The responsibility for ensuring that safety has to fall evenly across carrier, shipper and owner-operator to minimize potentially dangerous mishaps. Mike Cobb, VP of Safety and Compliance for Landstar Transportation Logistics, gives companies some useful information on how to stay out of the danger zone. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON...


IL Podcast 034: Is your company aware of all the hidden liabilities that could derail your supply chain?

Shippers, 3PLs and carriers have a lot to think about just conducting their day to day businesses. But one important aspect that they all should be considering more carefully is the fine print in any contracts or agreements that they put their name to. Marc Blubaugh, co-chair of the transportation & logistics practice group of the Benesch Law firm, joins us to explain how even the most minor oversight can lead to a most major expense. FOR MORE INFO ON BENESCH...


IL Podcast 033: Can too much visibility put your supply chain in a blind spot?

For today’s technologically advanced supply chain world, the LACK of data is no longer the problem. Instead, it’s the potential FLOOD of data that can break the process down. The ability to consolidate, normalize and predictively analyze that information can help companies attain actionable visibility beyond just the shipment leg of their business. Vin Ramundo, Solutions Consultant for Amber Road, joins us to help sort through the data and stay above water. DOWNLOAD THE...


IL Podcast 032: How do you manage chaos in customs & freight and learn to expect the unexpected? Guest: Pete Mento, VP, Global Trade, Crane Worldwide

The business of brokerage and freight forwarding is often an exercise in managing chaos. Chaos that can come from man, machine or mother nature. But to successfully manage that chaos requires attention to the details your customers expect and adaptability to situations that no one expected. Pete Mento, of Crane Worldwide, offers some advice on how businesses should prepare for the challenges still to come. FOR MORE INFO ON CRANE WORLDWIDE: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS...


IL Podcast 031: How could the Knight-Swift merger impact trucker wages, marketplace capacity, and the supply chain industry? Guest: Dave Jackson, CEO, Knight-Swift Holdings

In April of 2017, Knight Transportation Inc. and Swift Transportation merged to form a trucking powerhouse with an enterprise value in excess of $5 billion dollars. Dave Jackson, CEO of the newly minted Knight-Swift Holdings joins Inbound Logistics Publisher Keith Biondo to discuss the Knight-Swift merger, talk about logistics solutions they can provide, and offer some insight into what lies ahead for the supply chain industry. FOR MORE INFO ON...


IL Podcast 030: Does your GPS freight tracking system give you visibility to a healthy bottom line? Guest: Don Maltby, President & COO, Hub Group

In tight supply chains, every advantage could mean a boost to the bottom line. A well managed system of GPS freight tracking is one way to provide the visibility required for businesses to keep their products on the move. Don Maltby, President and COO of HubGroup, joins us to explain how an investment in the right technology is an investment in your business’s future. FOR MORE INFO ON HUB GROUP: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line:...


IL Podcast 029: How would your company's supply chain benefit from digitization? Guest: Ty Bordner, VP, Solutions Consulting, Amber Road

The supply chain industry needs to constantly evolve just to keep pace with the dynamics of global trade. Often this can require anything from changing equipment to overhauling systems. But what if you could create a digital model of your supply chain and instead change the way you view the entire operation? Ty Bordner, VP of Solutions Consulting for Amber Road, explains how digitizing your supply chain today prepares your business for tomorrow. FOR MORE INFO ON AMBER...


IL Podcast 028: Would your supply chain get a charge from Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology? Guest: Andy Marsh, CEO, Plug Power

The supply chain industry is always looking for any advantage to help it move more quickly, more efficiently and more economically. One such resource could be in Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology which promises faster recharge cycles and a cleaner footprint. Retail giants Walmart and Amazon have already invested in Hydrogen Fuel Cells through Plug Power. CEO of Plug Power, Andy Marsh joins us to talk about how Hydrogen Fuel Cells can really charge up the supply chain. FOR MORE INFO ON PLUG...


IL Podcast 027:How do you get your company's IT professionals on board with your new TMS platform? Guest: Shannon Potter, Dir. Application Dev, UltrashipTMS

Choosing the right TMS platform involves more than just choosing the right software. It involves choosing the solution that IT professionals can easily maintain so that transportation professionals can concentrate on doing their job. Shannon Potter, Director of Application Development for UltrashipTMS joins us to share his thoughts on what companies should consider when looking for a TMS solution. FOR MORE INFO ON UltrashipTMS: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS...


IL Podcast 026: Is Cognitive Computing via IBM Watson Supply Chain the next big revolution for the supply chain industry? Guest: Joanne Wright, VP, IBM Supply Chain

What if you had a way to look over your entire supply chain, predict problem areas, and stop disruptions before they ever happen? It may sound like wizardry but IBM Watson Supply Chain just might give your business that very real ability. Joanne Wright, Vice President of IBM Supply Chain joins me to explain how Cognitive Computing is poised to be a truly revolutionary game-changer in the supply chain. FOR MORE INFO ON IBM WATSON SUPPLY...