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The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.

The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.
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The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.






Artificial Intelligence: How is your company responding to AI’s continuing evolution within the logistics industry? Guest: Jay Allardyce, Chief Product Officer, Uptake

The promise of artificial intelligence has always been lofty but AI already delivers tangible results in transportation by decreasing unplanned maintenance and repair costs or improving driver safety. As AI continues to become more ubiquitous, what do companies need to know to manage expectations and fully embrace the technology? Jay Allardyce, Chief Product Officer for Uptake, explains his take on the potential promise and pitfalls of AI. FOR MORE...


IoT: Is your company prepared to embrace IoT and transform your supply chain? Guest: Suneil Sastri, Director of Product Marketing, SOTI

Technology continues to transform the logistics industry at a rapid rate. In an ever competitive field, companies are looking to the Internet of Things to give them an edge by increasing efficiency or decreasing vehicle downtime. But what are the challenges and potential benefits of getting a company up to speed to adequately handle the mobility era? Suneil Sastri, director of product marketing for SOTI shares his observations on integrating IoT into the workforce. FOR MORE...


TMS: What should companies prioritize when selecting a TMS? Guest: Mark Nix, Senior VP, E2Open

A stable supply chain management ecosystem relies heavily on an effective transportation management system that ultimately makes it easier for shippers to serve their customers. But from ease of use to slow ROI how can shippers alleviate the most common pain points that plague the industry? Mark Nix, Senior Vice President of E2Open and Founder of Cloud Logistics, joins us to identify what’s lacking in the market and highlight some priorities when selecting a TMS. FOR MORE...


Global Logistics: What are some key areas to focus on to leverage global trade growth? Guest: Jeff Barrie, DB Schenker

Despite some uncertainty in the global logistics sector, the overall trendline seems to be on the upswing. But for US businesses to continue to capitalize on the growth, supply chain decision-makers need to map out their strategies and focus on some key areas to effectively leverage the trend. Jeff Barrie, CEO of D.B. Schenker, US, joins us to offer some global perspective on how US Companies can address some of those areas. FOR MORE INFORMATION: D.B....


CTPAT & Customs: Are you reaping the benefits of CTPAT or simply standing pat? Guest: Suzanne Richer, Amber Road

Correctly leveraging the benefits of CTPAT Certification can give businesses a leg up by easing their passage thru key customs checkpoints, which in turn could lead to significantly shorter lead times. So why wouldn’t a business take advantage of all that CTPAT offers? Suzanne Richer, Director, Trade Advisory Practice for Amber Road, explains that sometimes, it’s a case of “you don’t know, what you don’t know.” FOR MORE INFORMATION: AMBER ROAD: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS...


Trucking Trends: What Can Current Data Tell You About the State of the Market? Guests: Bobby Holland, U.S. Bank and Bob Costello, American Trucking Association

The US Bank Freight Payment Index collects actionable data from the national and regional levels to give businesses important insight into market conditions to help inform their decision making. The trucking industry uses that data to stay keenly aware of recent trends to avoid potential pitfalls in a fluid and shifting economy. Bob Costello of the American Trucking Association, and Bobby Holland of US Bank, join us to share their observations on some of the recent trends they’re...


Demand Chain Management: The Next Revolution in Logistics? Guest: Brian Bourke, SEKO Logistics

The next revolution in logistics may already be here with a considered shift from minding the supply chain side of retail operations and instead focusing on creating value for the customers on the demand side of the chain. E-commerce has forced retailers to re-engineer the way they do business and a result of that is the advent of Demand Chain Management. Brian Bourke of SEKO Logistics joins us to explain how the new way to shop may now be all about the shopper. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SEKO...


Transportation Costs: What Digital Tools Should Smart Shippers Use to Better Manage Rising Transportation Costs? Guest: Gary Barraco, Amber Road

The juggernaut of online shopping has resulted in rising consumer demand, which has lead to rising transportation costs. This demand-chain focus means that shippers have to better manage an already complex supply chain by turning to new digital tools to monitor key data like multi-mode freight rate visibility and make more precise, cost-based decisions. Gary Barraco of Amber Road sits down with us to share some ideas on where shippers should be looking to create efficiencies in their supply...


Capacity Crunch: What Technology Solutions Exist to Help Deal with the Capacity Crunch? Guest: Patrick Pretorius, Transporeon Group

Today’s supply chain is responding to an increasing capacity crunch that’s challenging companies to find new and better ways to manage their business. From better collaboration, to assessing the spot market, or more effective demand planning, the technology now exists to help shippers make life easier for their carriers. Patrick Pretorius of Transporeon Group joins us to share his observations on how and where he sees technology making the biggest impacts in logistics. FOR MORE INFORMATION...


Supply Chain Tech: What Do Shippers Need to Know When Tech Alone Isn't the Answer? Guest: Ryan O'Halloran, Trinity Logistics

Rapidly changing customer demands are constantly creating new challenges for shippers to address. Some of the most impactful responses typically revolve around the implementation of new software or technology. However, without the proper industry knowledge behind the switch, are shippers getting the biggest bang for their buck? Ryan O’Halloran of Trinity Logistics joins us to give his take on how technology alone can’t necessarily run the whole logistics program. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON...


Specialized Freight: How should your company evaluate specialized carriers for over-dimensional freight? Guest: Joe Beacom, Chief Safety & Operations Officer, Landstar

Shipping specialized freight requires that carriers have the capability and experience to deal with over-dimensional items from mobile homes to heavy-duty construction machinery. But what should your company look for when evaluating the experience level of these specialized carriers? Joe Beacom of Landstar, joins us to share some of his insights on what shippers need to know to ensure that their heavy haul has safe travels. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON LANDSTAR: Email:...


Supply Chain Optimization: What industry data can you use to optimize your supply chain? Guests: Jana Simmons and Bobby Holland, U.S. Bank

The U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index has parsed through some relevant data that may be heavily impacting the shipping industry. From the threat of tariffs and autonomous technology to the capacity crunch or hurricane season in the Southeast, what index insights can your company use to be better prepared and optimize your supply chain? Jana Simmons and Bobby Holland of U.S. Bank join us to break down their takes on the trends they're seeing. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HUB...


Supply Chain Digitization: How Can Your Company Benefit from the Digitization of Freight? Guest: Jim Monkmeyer, DHL

An increasingly interconnected supply chain is forcing the industry to evolve to capture, process and respond to an ever increasing stream of data. Making sense of that data comes with its own risks and costs. Jim Monkmeyer of DHL joins us to share his insights into what companies can do to better respond to the issues that can be expected and better prepare for the unexpected. WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line: 888-878-3247 DOWNLOAD THE NEW INBOUND LOGISTICS APP...


Retail Returns: How Does Your Returns Process Affect Your Retail Business? Guest, Brian Bourke, SEKO Logistics

E-commerce has changed the way consumers shop and put a completely new spin on retail. To differentiate themselves in an ever competitive market, retailers have chosen to focus on making the returns process faster and easier for consumers. But is it working? Inbound Logistics Publisher, Keith Biondo, sits down with Brian Bourke of SEKO Logistics to talk about the new retail landscape and how to have many happy returns. WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line:...


Supply Chain Challenges: What Trends are Impacting the Industry Today and Shaping Tomorrow? Guest: Scott Sureddin, CEO North America, DHL Supply Chain

The supply chain industry is subject to any number of challenges that require a company to either predict and prepare ahead of time or quickly address and adapt in real time. From technological developments like artificial intelligence and robotics to negotiating tariffs and trade wars, Scott Sureddin, of DHL Supply Chain, shares his perspective on the challenges impacting the industry today and some trends to watch for in the future. WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line:...


Warehouse Retention: What Can You Do to Retain Employees & Reduce Turnover? Guest: Kevin Ledversis, Newcastle Systems

Warehouse labor is demanding work and because of that, warehouses are constantly dealing with the issues of low employee retention and high turnover rates. Without adequately staffed distribution centers, supply chain efficiency suffers. Kevin Ledversis of Newcastle Systems, joins us to talk about potential solutions from managers on the floor to mobile-powered workstations that just might help reduce turnover in your warehouse. FOR MORE INFO ON NEWCASTLE...


Energy Logistics Solutions: Are Your Energy Solutions Adequate for your Clients' Dynamic Needs? Guest, George Schutte, Crane Worldwide

The logistics industry has a lot of moving parts, and many of those parts depend on an energy solution to run and more importantly, run well. But like any industry, the energy sector has its share of risks and challenges. George Schutte of Crane Worldwide Logistics, shares some important information for logistics service providers to consider so they can properly address their clients' needs. FOR MORE INFO ON CRANE WORLDWIDE: WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our...


White Glove Service: How is White Glove Service Changing the Marketplace for You and Your Customer? Guest, Brian Bourke, SEKO Logistics

As retailers and manufacturers look to separate themselves from their competitors, many turn to emphasizing their white glove service to make their marks. However, the more complex a delivery or distribution is, the more involved that white glove service becomes. Brian Bourke of SEKO joins us to talk about how white glove service is changing the marketplace and what companies need to do to keep their hands in the game. WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line:...


Capacity: What Should Your Business Focus On to Weather a Market in Flux? Guests: Ivan Zenovic, Hub Group and Bobby Holland, U.S. Bank

For many shippers and carriers, the current freight market is experiencing a capacity crunch that requires shifts in supply chain. From leveraging technology to carefully mining data from detailed indexes, businesses are working to better position themselves in an increasingly constrained marketplace. Ivan Zenovic of Hub Group and Bobby Holland of US Bank give us their breakdowns of what they’ve seen so far and what we may be seeing down the road. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HUB...


Dedicated Trucking: What are the Not-So-Obvious Reasons Customers are Turning to Dedicated, Guest: Haroon Syed, Schneider

If you ask some shippers today, one of the main concerns that comes up is that of capacity or more specifically, the lack of it. This capacity crunch is forcing some companies to explore different options in order to keep their supply chains on track. One of those options is the move to a dedicated solution. Haroon Syed of Schneider, joins us to talk about what to look for if you’re considering a dedicated option for your business. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON...