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Beginning of Time ~ End of Eternity – Calendar of Ancient Egypt: 2nd Month of Inundation – Cloth

This episode we discuss the second month of the season of Axt, month of the inundation of the Nile, month of mnxt – cloth. The month of mnxt is most famous for the festival of Opet, which was recently recreated in modern Egypt by the tourism authority to reopen the newly renovated avenue of the […]


Ancient Egyptian Literature – The Battle of Kadesh

In this episode of Ancient Egyptian Literature, we are delving into the Battle of Kadesh, a monumental military action between Rameses the Great and the Hittites. Two versions of this story appear in ancient Egypt. The first, the official report, also called the bulletin, with seven copies found, and the second, dubbed the Poem of […]


Beginning of Time ~ End of Eternity – Calendar of Ancient Egypt: First A’akhat Takhya

This episode we discuss the First month of the season Axt, month of txy. This month is patron to the nTr deity DHwty – Thoth, God of wisdom and writing. major festivals of the month are wpt rnpt the opening of the year, mss ra Hr Axty – the birth of Ra-Horakhty, the sd Hr […]


Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt: The Book of Knowing the Creations of Ra

This episode we provide a recitation of the Book of Knowing the Creations of Ra, creation myth of the great Ennead of Heliopolis. After the recitation, we will provide an in-depth discussion on the themes and language of the creation myth. Transcript Books Documents Faulkner, R. O. (1937). The Bremner-Rhind Papyrus: III: D. The Book […]


Par Madja’at House of Books Episode 5

book summary and review of the priests of ancient Egypt by serge Sauneron. Magazines and periodicals have the February 2008 issue of national geographic with the black pharaohs, conquerors of ancient Egypt by Robert draper, research on the web has baking ancient Egyptian bread, geography of the durum wheat crop, and bread made using 4,500-year-old […]


Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt – Predynastic Pharaohs

Join me as we explore the Naswtw – Papyrus sedge rulers of Upper Egypt, and Bityaw – or bee rulers of Lower Egypt, approximately 8000 years ago, and learn of the Egypt of the Predynastic Pharaohs. Books...


Gods of Ancient Egypt - Sakhamat - Sekhmet

Sakhamat is the seemingly dichotomous natjarat deity of both war, destruction and death, as well as healing and physicians. Please join us as we delve into the mysteries of this goddess of power


Par Madja’t – House of Books – Episode 4

Episode 4 – book summary and review of of Food Fit for Pharaohs: An Ancient Egyptian Cookbook. The may/June 2020 issue of Archaeology has the discovery of a leopard painting, a genome study of ibis mummies, ceremonial and magic weapons, and site preservation of Deir el-ballas by the archaeology institute of America. A special issue […]


Ancient Egyptian Literature – The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant

The tale of the Eloquent peasant is a story from the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt but set in the era about a hundred years before, in what is called today as the First Intermediate Period. It is a tale of truth, justice, balance, and righteousness, what the ancient Egyptians called Ma’at. There are many […]


Par Madja’t – House of Books Episode 3

Book Summary and Review: Ancient Egyptian Medicine by John F. Nunn. Research on the web: American Research Center in Egypt ARCE’s E-Newsletter, ASOR The American Schools of Oriental Research, A 20-sided die of Ptolemaic origin, the Theban Mapping Project TMP. Electronic Documents: The Bremner-Rhind Papyrus—II By R. O. Faulkner Part D. The Book of Overthrowing […]


Beginning of Time ~ End of Eternity – Calendar of Ancient Egypt: Harw Harayw Ranapat – Days Above the Year

A discussion of the ancient Egyptian calendar entries for the Days above the year, the five days that were added by Thoth, god of wisdom to provide time above the year for the birth of the five children of the sky goddess Nwat – Nut, and earth god Gabab – Geb.


Par Madja’t – House of Books – Episode 2

Book Review: Ancient Egyptian Literature vol. II: The New Kingdom. Research on the Web: AERA – Ancient Egypt Research Associates, Inc. Electronic Document: An Ancient Egyptian Hunting Ritual by Eberhard Otto. The Par Madja’t of Kamat is located at https://reconstructingancientegypt.org/houseofbooks/


Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt: Reckoning of the Mounds of the Primeval Time

A dramatic telling of the creation myth of the Temple of Horus of Edfu


Beginning of Time ~ End of Eternity – Calendar of Ancient Egypt: Introduction to the Ancient Egyptian Calendar

In the introduction to the ancient Egyptian calendar you discover the several calendars utilized by the ancient Egyptians and what celestial or seasonal events synchronize them. Topics covered include the lunar, solar, celestial and regnal calendars, as well as the so-called horoscope calendar of lucky and unlucky days. Find the calendar online at https://www.reconstructingancientegypt.org/kamat/beginning-of-time-and-the-end-of-eternity-calendar-of-ancient-egypt/


Par Madja’t House of Books Episode 1

This episode reviews the book Fighting Pharaohs: Weapons and Warfare in Ancient Egypt, the journal article Notes on the Opening of the Mouth by T. J. C. Baly, and Research on the Web Giza Digital Library: The Giza Mastabas Series. Find the journal article in full at the Par Madja’t – House of books at https://www.reconstructingancientegypt.org/houseofbooks/documents/notes-on-the-ritual-of-opening-the-mouth-by-t-j-c-baly/


Gods of Ancient Egypt – Hwt Har – Hathor



Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt – Mythical Pharaohs



Ancient Egyptian Literature – Instruction of Ptah Hotep

Instruction of Ptahhotep is an ancient literary work attributed to Ptahhotep, a vizier under King Isesi of the Egyptian Fifth Dynasty (ca. 2414-2375 BC). It is a collection of maxims and advice in the saba’yat (teaching) genre on human relations, that are directed to his son.


Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt – Judgment of Horus and Seth

Horus and Seth are contending for 80 years for the office of the deceased Pharaoh Osiris the father of Horus and brother of Seth.


Ancient Egyptian Literature – The Book of Thoth

The Ptolemaic era story of the book of Thoth, a book written by the god of knowledge and writing, and the prince’s son Nefer-ka-ptah whose obsession with writing cost him greatly.