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Terms of Fair Use 75

Vive La France! White supremacist privilege Famine through Supply lines Other Presidents who've been traitors to their people like Johnson, Macron, Bush The mind prison Democracy and other deceptions


One Christian's shocking discovery and conclusions about genocide and ethnic cleansing

with entire civilizations tried in the media instead of the courts, I thought this topic deserved a more complete treatment, hence the long episode. I hope to entertain you along the way and give a lighter than usual, less preachy version of my ideas, respectfully allowing The Listener to come to his own conclusion, to disagree, and to start the discussion on the subject of ethnic cleansing, or genocide. You might be surprised where you end up on the topic. there are two reasons the white...


Be Prepared

What you're allowed to do with air rifles What God wants you to do to your enemies How to hide your heat signature from air drones The fully automatic rifle you're allowed to own A silencer you can have without doing any paperwork. Stealth weaponry and stealth transport How the world's most powerful Empire will be defeated. The truth about democracy. The Lord of armies How to sway an election Why free speech has been allowed to be restricted Why Jesus told you to love your enemies The...


The Top 3 American Laws Designed To Impoverish You Forever - LTOT 20181101

Some Colorado lawyer who focuses on asset protection for Real Estate Investors using llc's and a revocable living trust or "Land trust". https://m.facebook.com/bronchicklaw/ Be sure to thank QR code expert Scott Stratton. https://youtu.be/EsCBXN44X5A How to pay your bird dogs legally... https://youtu.be/5s_Bgtd7sQ8 Chris "Jeff" Goff, who is only called Jeff by me, apparently... https://youtu.be/7IUJtLLUzGo Find free help wanted ad posting at indeed.com Blessings. Hail Jesus! Fair Use P.O....


Yes or no. Did you stop beating your wife?

Richard Spencer unsurprisingly accused. Listen and believe the biased accuser or else you're a Nazi. Orange man bad. Is it wrong to beat a slave? Saint Nick, Fascist destroyer of worlds revealed. White Nationalist real estate wholesaling class begins with momentum. Mass Exodus from the Seattle Police department. See... Some people actually are being abused and exploited for real. But Seattle faces the worst possible outcome. Why you should follow a mass murdering fascist's advice on how to...


Self Defense - Your Last Line of Defense

The ancient and latest answers to your self defense problems, and the defense of your civilization. Modern hand to hand combat. Creating a self-defense culture in your hometown. The best defense is a good offense. Being offensive is defensive. Waking up the Millions, the multitude and who you can't wake up. The consequences of disobeying Our Father. Did Jesus abolish the law? Shielding yourself economically. Using the weapons of your enemies for the Lord. What the Bible is trying to tell...


Who's Racist Against Gay People?

Hurricane Michael is an anti-semite. The stock market is crashing. The bubble is bursting. And black Lyft drivers are racist against gay people. * correction: TE Lawrence Fair Use P.O. Box 9691 Covington, WA 98042 I'll show you how to resist the left with mass media: http://www.fuelingtheresistance.com RSS feed - Leading Truths Own Tribe http://www.spreaker.com/show/2822475/episodes/feed More great podcasts: http://exodusamericanus.libsyn.com/rss http://www.therightstuff.biz , The Third...


Man or Rabbit - Terms of Fair Use 71

The substantially less woke CS Lewis brings up the temporary nature of race in his classic work, man or rabbit. One of the better anglos who can be listened to. And touches on a subject that should lead an atheist to God or to fight against he's honest. Very sneaky. By setting up the argument this way, he justifies both the actions of God's enemies as well as the Saints. Through ignorance or malice, he also ignores that one is in dishonest error when he willfully ignores the importance of...


The Rich Nazi Invasion!

What if rich Nazis took the media? Here's how they could. The single most reliable wealth Builder in America has been real estate. But young men with a huge, million-dollar net worth have still been unable to pay their monthly bills. Why? Deal flow and cash flow. If you don't know how to turn Equity or opportunity Into cold hard cash in your pocket, and you only know how to close deals that pay off in the long term, then this might be the most important podcast you ever listen to. You should...


Kavanaugh makes a Maximum effort - Terms 70

Open letter to justice Kavanaugh. Silence our false accusations but not our sarcastic users. Why the genie is out of the bottle. Where God intervened. What Selena Gomez looks and sounds like. Fair Use P.O. Box 9691 Covington, WA 98042 I'll show you how to resist the left with mass media: http://www.fuelingtheresistance.com Exodus Americanus rss feed: http://exodusamericanus.libsyn.com/rss RSS feed - Leading Truths Own Tribe http://www.spreaker.com/show/2822475/episodes/feed More great...


Infiltration, the symptom of a sick organization

We are today faced with infiltration as we have been all along. It is simply the symptom of a sick organization or Society. The cure that's worked is to purge the unbelievers from the outset. Those who deny Christ and have not the Son have not the Father. Or so it is claimed. To know whether this is true, we merely need to look at the results of the organizations in the past and carefully examine whether their approach has worked or not. Which have been the most and least successful? To...


The King of Kings calls to our Kings.

Learning to fight like Moses, the Navy Seals, George Lincoln Rockwell, Henry V, Revolution and Civil War is Overdue in disorganized, traitor-filled America. Using the gospel to spot and expose the traitors. Are people lack the competence in several important areas of life. They have been conditioned by their enemy to avoid everything that is useful and Powerful and everything that could save them by their knee-jerk sense of judgmentalism. the situation is so hopeless, that the only hope is...


The Devil's Sin

It's time to talk about the tribe. How they do us. In a time of sensors who are jonesing for our silence, time is running short to pull back our brothers from the flames of communism. Get 3 weeks of free training in fighting evil at the Fuelingthresistance.com email list. Out kayaking the kayak. Fair Use P.O. Box 9691 Covington, WA 98042 I'll show you how to resist the left with mass media: http://www.fuelingtheresistance.com RSS feed - Leading Truths Own Tribe...


60 Killed In Chicago. More Or Less ?

If hatred of yourself is self hatred, then hatred of your race is racial hatred. This new commandment I give you. Love one another. Do not chimpout. If you are one of those Negroes in Chicago who survived the shooting, I ask you this. Do you want to be like those Negroes doing the shooting? To those who are not Negroes, I ask you this. Do you want to be like those Negroes doing the shooting? War-torn Eastern Europe is the result. So our hearts and Minds go out to the tragic victims of the...


What To Do About The JQ

In order to address the JQ, we have to understand where we are. I take an honest but harsh look at our movement as I see it in 2018. Fuelingtheresistance.com Rick Falkvinge on his political organizing method (swarmwise.) On 1% of the budget of the other political parties, dominated the most converted youth demographic and in five years, formed the only Swedish political party you've ever heard of. https://youtu.be/7t0KYtNaGA8 Fair Use P.O. Box 9691 Covington, WA 98042 I'll show you how to...


How To Support A Bed Ridden, Injured Yid In The "Former Soviet Union"

You've got to give it to the Hebrews. Because if you don't, they'll keep asking. And if you do, they'll keep asking. Of course, the people who never crossed the river would not have been called wetback Hebrews by the Egyptians. They wouldn't have been enslaved for 400 years to the yoke of the pharoah. Not did they claim to be enslaved to anyone, when Jesus spoke with them about it. A real Hebrew knows the fear of famine. An imposter does not. Send your 89 cents a day to...


GFTOW, MGTOW, Pimpin, Dating, Speaking, Revolting And Rebelling

Why do our white daughters choose black men? What can we do about it?


The Destruction Of All Nations

Join the fight at Fuelingtheresistance.com Little can be accomplished when we're not using proven systems to multiply our funds and our membership. Direct response and scientific methods may save us, but not without hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and the courage to do our duty.