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Unleash your potential, achieve your goals and don't let worry and doubt control your destiny.

Unleash your potential, achieve your goals and don't let worry and doubt control your destiny.
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Unleash your potential, achieve your goals and don't let worry and doubt control your destiny.




Lessons from Grandma

Save for the Future Live for now Treasure the Memories This advice will get you a long way in life, just remember that we have to balance all 3 of these points, we can't work ourselves to death saving for the future, we can't squander our life in the now and procrastinate our daily chores. Last we can't afford to live in the past because we can't change it and it has no hold on now unless we imprison ourselves to it.


Stop Buffering away your life!

We all have things in life that we have to do but don't want to do. For some, it is the small things like taking out the trash for others this could be projects at work that we are voluntold to head up. The problem in our lives is not these unpleasurable tasks that we have to do it is how we avoid doing them and the consequences that have on our overall success. When we run and hide and avoid the work we end up having to do more work to and we lost hours, days or sometimes even years of...


Journal for Success

Journaling is an amazing creative outlet, as well as a wonderful tool to track our progress. This week is all about finding success by tracking it. The key to effective journaling with the goal of being more successful in setting a time period that we want to stick to so that we can plan our goals accordingly. I am a big fan of doing 90-day goals and 90-day journals. The gives you enough time to accomplish a big goal or project but is short enough that procrastination is less likely to keep...


The Lies We Tell Ourselves

It is a given fact that we are hardest on ourselves, but most of us take it too far without even realizing it. We skip the constructive feedback and move right on to self-abuse. These lies are range from I am ugly, fat, lazy stupid(insert negative attribute) to I just can't succeed or it's too hard to do. All of these remind me of one of the managers I had in corporate America and she always said, "Never be the reason you are not succeeding" and "Never be your own roadblock to...


Using Feelings to drive Action

The biggest issue we face when working on large goals is self-defeat and self-doubt. This happens because we are doing one of two things we are entering and leveraging the wrong emotions, or we don't understand our emotions. I experienced this for many years as I struggled to lose weight, and did so under the emotions of shame and guilt. These emotions caused me to abuse and punish myself until I cracked and buffered and hid my emotions with food. What changed this for me was learning two...


5 steps to Plan for Success

Setting SMART Goals alone is not enough to be successful, we to follow these 5 simple steps to plan for success. If my goal is to lose 40 lbs. If you follow these 5 simple steps will have you finding more success than ever before.


Secrets to Creating Achievable Goals

Goal setting can seem overwhelming, especially when we are in a pattern of not setting goals that make us stretch or when we never accomplish our goals. In order to find success in our life, we need to understand to SMART goal model. Goals should be SMART: Please share your goals with me and let's keep each other Accountable.


Thought Model - How to take Action

Welcome to Live Now, Worry Later the podcast all about unlocking your potential and learning how to leave your worries behind. I am Casey Moffett I am a home chef, computer systems engineer and a life coach: focussing on anxiety, achievement and self-image. I find joy in helping others move past their limiting doubtful thoughts and find their footing and learning to stand and be themselves. In this episode, we dig into the thought (CTFAR) model that was created by Brooke Castillo, which is...