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This podcast is a tool to help entrepreneurs in the arts have practical application techniques to succeed in the arts fields

This podcast is a tool to help entrepreneurs in the arts have practical application techniques to succeed in the arts fields
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This podcast is a tool to help entrepreneurs in the arts have practical application techniques to succeed in the arts fields








How to Establish Independence as an Independent Artist | Interview w The Indie Band Guru

Podcast. Its easy to call yourself an independent artist simply because you have no label representation, but do you have independence? In todays episode we sit down with Keith Profeta, The Indie Band Guru, to go over skills and tactics you can deploy to be in a constant state of self sustainability. The practices discussed today will help get you from artist with no representation to and artist that has a reputation! We had a great conversation about ownership, not taking no for an answer...


How to Turn Loop Dreams into True Life | Interview with Wellington Lora

Keep being awesome podcast! Todays episode is a MUST listen if you're looking to get into the music placement and licensing lane. Wellington Lora is founder of music library the Cueniverse placing music nationally and internationally in some of your favorite TV shows and I'm not "Catfish"ing you! Tons of practical application techniques to get your music placed in TV and advertisement and a SERIOUSLY tremendous story of keeping the dream alive not only for yourself but everyone in your...


Why giving first is more important than receiving | Interview w Gable Music Ventures

Cheers Podcast, incredibly valuable insight given today with music business entrepreneurs Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel. We spoke a lot about how they grew their business and relationships with music artists and venues by focusing and prioritizing adding value first and then working the back end. There are awesome insights about what you will need to avoid the early trappings and missteps of starting a business, identifying what need you business fulfills and key ideologies to happiness...


Dream, Believe, Achieve | Kevin McCove at Brandywine High School

Education is not limited to an institution. Do you want to be a full time artist? Do you want to learn how to take full advantage of your talents? Take a step inside my Dream, Believe, Achieve school tour as I speak with Brandywine High School students about entrepreneurship in the arts and speak on practical application techniques that can be used to deploy your career today. Q&A following the presentation.


The Importance of Team Building and How Sampling and Hip Hop are Shaping the Industry | Interview with Deborah Mannis-Gardner

Execution is key when it comes to success. The greatest ideas are lost and talent is swept under the rug when execution is lacking. Deborah Mannis-Gardner owner of DMG Clearences has successfully become an industry titan in the world of music sample clearances. Expanding her reach to music supervising she has won a grammy for her work in the HBO series "The Defiant Ones" and knows that execution along with having the right team is absolutely vital to your growth and success. I am excited for...


55 Minutes of Useful Tactics to Fire Up Your Career | Consultation Call

I think you will love this episode especially if you're concerned with your numbers. Numbers are important, but which ones are you focused on and why? This episode jumps into a consultation call with a Scottish artist as we dive into why focusing on Spotify plays and IG likes and follows are important but how to leverage them whether you have many or few. I dive into many topics over the course of the conversation highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of a few different artist business...


Discussing the life | Interview with Nikki Zell

A warm meeting between WCHE radio host Nikki Zell and myself after 5yrs since our last link up. Catching up on life and career advancements with a few insights into what keeps me fueled and motivated! Talks about the new music Ive been releasing and expansion of the Dream, Believe, Achieve School Tour.


Being Self Aware, Auditing Your Mental Health, Seizing Opportunity | Interview with Jeremy Weiss

Depression cripples. We set ourselves up for failure by not properly assessing the amount of work or resources needed to achieve our goals. Manifesting a positive mindset by being honest with yourself about your desires, limitations and extracting the most out of every opportunity can go a long way in maintaining your ambition and continually feeling fulfilled. This conversation dives into assessing the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the arts and how to face them head on!