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NXT Gen Podcast: Life Tips And Advice for Gen Z/Millenials Host Name: Nigel Dollentas

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Episode 22: Delayed Gratification

Episode 22 Hey guys, welcome to episode 22 of the NXT Gen Podcast. In this episode, I want to talk about delayed gratification. So for those that don’t know, delayed gratification is the concept of passing up on an opportunity that would give immediate reward for something that would reward us more handsomely in the future. This was topic in my list of ideas for podcasts and articles that I write in whenever I have a movement, but what really brought it to my attention was a little...


Episode 21: Stop Being Fake

episode 22 Case Kenny's Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/new-mindset-who-dis/id1383599078 Hey guys welcome to the NXT GEn podcast. In this episode, let's talk about why people need to stop being fake. I'm also going to talk about why you need to stop worrying about if people like you, and similair trains of thought. Two-faced, not real, ingenuine, there all different ways of saying fake in a negative connotation. Brownie points, brown nosing, being a kissass are all the ways...


Episode 20: Cold Showers

Episode 20 Hey guys, welcome to the NXT Gen Podcast. In this episode, I want to talk about why you should be taking cold showers. Even in the winter. This is going to be a shorter podcast, especially with me still having to catch up on work I missed from going to Disney. Not surprisingly, I got the idea for this while taking a cold shower. While there are a plethora of physical benefits for actually doing this which I’ll discuss later because honestly I think they are secondary, I’d like...


Episode 19: Procrastination

Hey guys welcome to Episode 19 of the NXT Gen Podcast. Today we’re going to talk about Procrastination, a topic very near and dear to all of us. I mean the reason why this podcast is out so late (it should’ve been released like Sunday) is because I bought a new game and literally ended up doing that instead of doing anything productive. Like literally I think I logged 15 hours into that game this weekend, so yeah. Procrastination. 20% of people are chronic procrastinators, and there’s...


Episode 18: Stop Saying "I'm Busy"

HBR Report: https://hbr.org/2016/12/research-why-americans-are-so-impressed-by-busyness Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/inspired-life/wp/2015/03/17/six-reasons-why-you-shouldnt-use-the-b-word-so-much/?noredirect=on Hey guys, welcome to Episode 18 of the NXT Gen Podcast. Today we’re going to talk about a pet peeve of mine: when people say I’m busy. We need to stop saying I’m busy. When you ask anyone how they are, usually the answer is I’m slammed, drained,...


Episode 17: Dangers of a Victim Mentality

Link: https://lonerwolf.com/victim-mentality/ Hey guys, welcome to this episode of the NXT Gen Podcast. Today I want to talk about the Victim Mentality/Identity. So pretty much everyone in life is going to go through some tough stuff: breakups, getting fired, major fights with friends, etc. And it’s normal for people to feel bad about themselves for a ltitle bit, I mean we are only human. But humans are also resilient and sooner or later, get back up and go about their lives. People...


Episode 16: Warren Buffet and the 5/25 Rule

Hey guys, welcome to this episode of The Next Gen Podcast. In this episode, I want to talk about the 5/25 rule made famous by Warren Buffet. The 5/25 rule massively helps you focus on what you really care about, in order to make meaningful progress in life. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, because I really do think that I may have too much on my plate. That’s the reason this podcast is coming out a day late actually. In one of my classes I had been assigned the manager role in a...


Episode 15: Comparison

HBR: https://hbr.org/2017/04/a-new-more-rigorous-study-confirms-the-more-you-use-facebook-the-worse-you-feel Time: http://time.com/4793331/instagram-social-media-mental-health/ Episode 15 Comparison Hey guys, welcome back to another episode. For this week’s podcast, I want to talk about why we need to stop comparing ourselves to each other. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, comparison is the thief of Joy. His wife is famous for saying something a little more nuanced, with the famous...


Episode 14: Why It's Okay To Be Uncertain

Episode 14 – Certainty Snake game: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/neuronarrative/201604/why-we-hate-not-knowing-sure Hey guys, welcome back to another episode. For this week’s podcast, I want to talk about why certainty, being sure about something, can be a bad thing. And conversely, why uncertainty, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Certainty is what led Thanos to kill half the world, is an easy example of why certainty can be dangerous. While fictitious, the principal of...


Episode 13: Self Care

Episode 13: Self Care (And Why We Care More About Others) Welcome to episode 13 of the NXT Gen Podcast. Todays episode is about self-care, what it is, and why I feel we don’t do enough of it. This honestly came up, this idea, after I had my first therapy session yesterday. Little side rant, I’m so glad the negative stigma towards going to counseling/ therapy is slowly changing. Like if we look at the amount of people that really need to go to a gym, it’s a very small percentage. Think of...


Episode 12: Time Management

Episode 12: Time Management Links: https://czarto.com/2012/04/24/four-quadrants-of-time/ https://lifehacker.com/listing-to-a-single-song-on-repeat-when-you-want-to-get-1690818056 Hey guys welcome to episode 12 of the NXT Gen podcast. Todays topic is something that even I need to listen to, which is time management. So the reason I haven’t released a new episode I could blame on moving to college, getting used to the swing of things, whatever. But it all boils down to time...


Episode 11: Creative Outlets

Episode 11 Hey guys, welcome to episode 11. The reason why this episode is coming to you so late this week is kind of tied in with the topic for todays podcast, creative outlets. I did 8 shoots this week, and honestly it wasn’t to make money. It was to just be creative, to remind myself why I began photography, and just to get out there and use photography as a creative outlet. So this podcast will talk about creative outlets: What they are, and why everyone should have them. Even if you...


Episode 10: Relationships

Hey guys, welcome to the 10th episode! We’ve finally hit double digits! For this one I wanted to take my time and really make it special. While all the topics I talk about are important and have the potential to really change your life for the better if you really listen, I think this one takes the cake. Today I’ll be talking about relationships. I want to preface this by saying while my advice is well-intentioned and researched through both personal experience and actual research, every...


Episode 9: Negativity Bias And How It Affects Daily Thinking

Episode 9 Hey guys, welcome to Episode 9. In this episode we will be talking about the negativity bias, what it is, how it affects you, and what you can to do to change that. Wikipedia defines it as “the notion that, even when of equal intensity, things of a more negative nature (e.g. unpleasant thoughts, emotions, or social interactions; harmful/traumatic events) have a greater effect on one's psychological state and processes than neutral or positive things” In layman terms, sad things...


Episode 8: The Importance of Travel

Ian is such a great guy. We go plenty off script, and add plenty of nuggets of truth inside. Hope you guys like it:) Episode 8 Hey guys welcome to episode 7 of the NXT Gen Podcast. Today’s topic is about traveling, and experiences in general. It’s one that I am very excited to do. If you’ve listened to my other podcasts, I have always somehow been able to bring it back to traveling in some way, one way or another. It was about time I gave this topic its own episode because it was just...


Episode 7: Saying No/Rejection, Promises & Commitments

Episode 8 Ted Talk Today’s episode is going to be about rejection, as well as saying no. I feel like they’re both sides of the same coin, so let’s talk about both. I’m here with Caroline Doughty, who has quite a bit to say about this. When I first talked to her about this topic, she had a different interpretation and understanding. I thought this was good, as it allows you guys to better understand a more complete story, if that makes sense. As tradition, I’ll let the lady go first. Tell...


Episode 6: Pushing Yourself out of Your Comfort Zone

Episode 6 Lifehacker link referenced Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone Today’s episode is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and why it’s so important to do so. Before we talk about getting outside of your comfort zone. For example, at the time of writing this script, I’m currently in the car with Justin Moore, on our way to Chattanooga to fall 14,000 feet from an airplane. For us, this is extremely out of our comfort zone. But for adrenaline junkies, or the...


Episode 5: Habits

I did a partial script for this one, hence some stumbling blocks. Will definitely come back and talk about habits again, especially with the college season coming up. Was joined by good friend Matt Mcginnis. Books mentioned: Power of Habit Make Your Bed Episode 5 Hello guys welcome to episode 5 of the NXT Gen Podcast. Todays topic will be all about habits. Daily habits, what habits our, keystone habits, how they work, etc. Before I get started with introducing our guest, I wanted to...


Episode 4: Importance of Friends

Episode 4 This is the first time I've written a script for a Podcast. The podcast is shorter, but is filled with a lot more coherent thoughts. I may or may not continue this in the future. Hey guys welcome to episode 4 of the NXT Gen Podcast. Today we will be talking about the importance of people, and the inclusion (and exclusion) of those in your life. I’m sure everyone’s heard the saying “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. But have you really stepped...


Episode 3: Entrepneurship

Episode 3: Entrepreneurship https://jobble.com/45-eye-popping-stats-about-the-gig-economy/ https://www.economist.com/business/2017/09/30/american-entrepreneurship-is-flourishing-if-you-know-where-to-look