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Toddler Troubles - OFF014

Do you know what's going on inside your toddler's head? In this episode, James and Taylor discuss how they think, what triggers their behavior, and how you can help with your toddler's development. CALMS from Carrie Contey


Strategies for Changing Things when Change is Hard - OFF013

Parenting is rewarding, but requires hard work, especially when things change. James and Taylor talk about dealing with changes in your everyday routine and sleepless nights, as parenting can take lots of energy, emotional commitment, and patience. Links:


The Screens are Alright - OFF012

Is "screen time" hazardous for your child? In this episode, James and Taylor discuss how parents can make sure their children's use of computers and mobile devices can be beneficial to their growth. ...


Deschooling - OFF011

What is deschooling? It is basically the stage of self-directed learning where you're working through and trying to eradicate mainstream schooling thoughts. People refer to it as a period of time where you're working on confronting the ideas of what learning is and to let go of some ideas. Links referenced in this episode: Living Joyfully - Deschooling


Helping Siblings Coexist - OFF010

What is it like to manage the situation with multiple children, all of whom we hope to care for and love equally, and who sometimes appear to have needs that are in conflict with one another, or who are sometimes the source of each other's distress? It is possible to help siblings coexist as peacefully as possible. Pam Laricchia's speech, "A Family of Individuals" Siblings Without Rivalry


How Do We Raise Good People - OFF009

Another question from our listeners this week! It revolves around how we use our positions as parents to help our children be better people Can we influence this, and if we can, what are the best ways to do that? Do our kids already come into this world good? Theresa Graham Brett's website Article from the Guardian on Why people donate Alfie Kohn's Punished by Rewards Nancy Willard's bullying website


Kids Learn Through Making Decisions - OFF008

How do we balance letting children guide their own habits and activities versus intervening in their diet, activities, and habits in an effort to mitigate developing unhealthy habits? This is a question we received from Bobby H. in the Pax Libertas Productions Fan Group and we loved this question, so here we go! This is a struggle for all parents, of course. Trust is a major key in this, and that is tough for people first moving into peaceful parenting. It's a cultural norm to not trust...


Creating Better Connections - OFF007

What are our real goals in all of our connections with our kids? We dive into what we really focus on with each interaction with our kids. How can we build a stronger connection to our kids? Will this next decision deepen our connection with our child or will it chip away at that connection? This is a lens we try to look through during our interactions.


Creating a Nutrient Rich Environment - OFF006

Unschooling is so often defined by what it isn't, but it's so much more than "not school." In this episode, James and Taylor dive into some ways to create a nutrient rich learning environment that expands our kids' worldviews while also giving them space and support to go deeper on their existing interests.


Owning our Unusual Parenting Choices - OFF005

James and Taylor dive into strategies they use when preparing to explain their unusual parenting choices with other loved ones, developing confidence around "outside the box" parenting decisions, and how to answer hard questions about why you're parenting outside the norm.


Letting Go of Expectations - OFF004

This episode, Letting Go of Expectations, is based on an email James received in response to a blog post he wrote elsewhere. The email brought up some great questions on expectations we set for our children that we dive into on this episode. The emailer wonders how she would have picked up being such a great writer had she not been required to learning how to write as a child. In self-directed learning, we allow our children to choose what is meaningful to them and what they want to spend...


Introduction to One Free Family - OFF001

This is the introductory episode where we start with our origin story, where we first came up with our ideas for parenting our kids in a radically different way. We will talk about our goals both for parenting and for this podcast. We are both certified school teachers, but we largely identify with the term "unschooling" now because that's our approach based on what feels comfortable with us right now. Sir Ken Robinson, School Kills Creativity video on YouTube SurfWise Documentary is on...


Consent Part 2 - OFF003

This is a very unexplored area in parenting in a lot of cases, and since it is a cultural moment in the news and media lately, we wanted to touch on this topic in the last two episodes. Where can we seek more consent with our children? This is part two of a two-part episode on consent. What are the gray areas of consent? We ran out of time to touch on this one in the last episode, so we finish the discussion in this episode. Before we get started, we'd like to invite you to join us on...


Consent Part 1 - OFF002

Consent This is a very unexplored area in parenting in a lot of cases, and since it is a cultural moment in the news and media lately, we wanted to touch on this topic this week. Where can we seek more consent with our children? We are breaking this episode down into three areas. 1) Physical consent. This is one that culture is talking a lot about lately. Should kids be required to show physical affection for people if they don't want to? Should kids be forced to say things like "I'm...


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A new take on peaceful parenting brought to you by former professional educators who underwent a paradigm shift in 2010 that led them more in the direction of self-directed education. James and Taylor Davis have been peaceful parenting for years and will share their unique experience with you.


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