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Exploring excellence in teaching, technology and leadership.


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Exploring excellence in teaching, technology and leadership.








How to Handle Cyber Security with the New Generation Ep 33

In this episode, Mike chats with Co-Founder of The Cyber Safety Project, Trent Ray, about how to protect youth online, how parents can help their children safely navigate the dangers of the cyber world, and the different types of cyberspaces children inhabit.


Learning from each other and overcoming assumptions with Hamish Curry | Ep 32

Listen as Mike interviews Hamish Curry, Educator, enabler, and collaborator, on everything from the Design Thinking Process and the place of post-its to overcoming tokenism to authentically develop new intercultural relationships. 00:00:20 Meet our guest - Hamish Curry 00:08:12 Design thinking for good learning 00:10:50 The mindset, the skillset, the toolset 00:12:54 From concept to implementation 00:17:11 Change is not wholesale 00:20:12 Local environment and learning design 00:26:39...


How To Balance Your Mindset as a Teacher | Ep 31

In this episode, Mike chats to our guest Cameron Ross, Digital Learning ICT Coach and Teacher based at St. Peters College, Cranbourne in Australia. He shares his hands-on experiences as an educator, content creator and colleague. This episode is full of practical takeaways for leaders and teachers alike! 0:15 Meet our guest - Cameron Ross 4:52 Teachers are hoarders 6:23 The mindset of being the fountain of knowledge 7:42 The 1:9:90 Rule 8:40 Failure is okay - what is the worst that can...


Presentation Tips to Increase Engagement & Connection Ep 30

Mike is joined by UTB trainers, Nicole, Adrian and Paul to dissect the anatomy to discover what makes an engaging presentation. Whether you're presenting live or online, speaking with parents, students, or other teachers, you'll discover what works best and the tools, tips and mindset you need to help you connect with your audience more effectively and get the buy in you want. We discuss 0:43 Meet the guests - Nicole, Adrian, and Paul 5:46 The fear of death and the fear of speaking to...


Hyper-Immersion, Student Engagement, And How to Determine If A Tool is Meaningful Ep 29

In our first episode of 2022, OutClassed returns with Mike and Blake in a catch up episode discuss a range of topics including # How to determine if a tool is meaningful - for example 3D printers # Can VR teach empathy # Hyper-Immersion and the benefits to learning # What are the latest trends in requests for professional development for staff For more episodes of the Outclassed Podcast go to utb.fyi/outclassed


TPCK unpacked with Michael Phillips from Monash University Ep 28

In today's episode, we sit down with Michael Phillips from Monash university to unpack the research and practical applications around the TPCK framework. We dig into a range of topics such as: About Mike: Mike Phillips is the Associate Professor of Digital Transformation in the Faculty of Education, Monash University. His work focuses on the knowledge expert teachers develop when integrating educational technologies into their practice. Additionally, Mike researchers the ways in which...


Fake News and Getting Google Search to Work For You Ep 27

In this podcast Mike and Blake speak with special guest Dethmer Lemmborg about his experience working for a Nation news network. We explore To see Dethmers video production company go to mondayproductions.co.nz To listen to all our podcast episodes go to utb.fyi/outclassed.


End of year wrap - What we have learnt and what we are looking forward to - Ep26

In this episode we take a look at some of the highlights of 2020, what we can celebrate despite the craziness of the year! Blake and Mike also chat though some of the projects and new hires for 2021 and what they are looking forward to.


People and purpose: How we are planning for 2021 - Ep 25

In this Episode we dive into how we are planning for 2021. We unpack our thinking around Org charts, roles and responsibilities and how you can set your team up for success. We discuss: To see all episodes go to utb.fyi/outclassed


Big tech influencing schools (again), How to keep momentum going and more! Ep 24

This week Blake and Mike discuss a range of the latest Edtech trends and issues including:


A discussion with Christine Jackman about noise and it's implications on life, work, and learning - Ep 23

In this episode Blake sits down with Christine Jackman to discuss her book 'Turning Down the Noise.' Blake and Christine unpack a range of implications of noisy lives, both internally and externally, and the effects on today's workers and learners.


Can you ban phones in schools and still promote innovation? Blake thinks you can - Ep 22

This week Mike and Blake unpack the impact from banning phones at the school that Blake is at. We dig into what was the thought process behind the ban, how the students reacted, and how the teachers have found it. We also dig into his decision to not filter the internet whilst at school, and a range of other topics. Interested in what the positives and negatives have been? Tune in to this candid and eye opening discussion.


The future of AR/VR in education to teach literacy and creativity with Paul Hamilton Ep 21

This week we have special Guest Paul Hamilton from Using Technology Better. Paul works a lot with Apple technology to engage students in creative writing, whether this be through simple writing prompts through to rich learning tasks involving AR and VR.


A wide ranging discussion with Sam McNeil about future trends, learning data, security and the impact on the classroom. Ep 20

In this weeks discussion we have a wide ranging discussion with Sam McNeil from Microsoft. Sam holds a role on the APAC team and is seeing the trends across developing and developed countries. We discuss: And more! If you 'd like to find all our previous outclassed podcast episode topics, or reach out to Mike and Blake for help and advice, go to utb.fyi/outclassed


The power of search, Twitter wars, SEL questioned as the next EDU war and more! Ep 19

In this episode we surf around the web discussion some latest trends and things that have caught our attention. We discuss: And more! If you 'd like to find all our previous outclassed podcast episode topics, or reach out to Mike and Blake for help and advice, go to utb.fyi/outclassed


Developing a professional development program that actually engages ALL staff. Ep 18

This week we wrap up the miniseries on the 7 essential elements of school transformation. These are the elements that Google, Apple, and Microsoft ALL agree must form the foundation for that plan. If you haven't done so already, go back to episode 11 where we unpack the 7 elements and how they can be applied to your schools context. In this episode we unpack how to develop a professional development plan that actually engages all staff. Every organisations has 'em...the early adopters, the...


The Goldilocks approach to finding a technology funding model that actually works: Ep 17

In this week's OutClassed Podcast, Mike and Blake are joined by Matt Robinson to discuss how to fund your technology and infrastructure plans. Matt has tried just about every funding model available and despite being in a low socio-economic area has now got a thriving BYOD program where over 95% of students purchase a device...and not one of those nasty cheapest possible price point devices! This week we dive deep into... * How Matt's school have approached technology spending and what is...


What device is best in education? Frameworks to help you decide - Ep 16

In this week's OutClassed Podcast, Mike and Blake continue on their discussion regarding the 7 essential elements of school transformation framework. This week it is all about technology and infrastructure. This week we dive deep into... * What you must consider when looking at other schools technology plans * Using the school excellence framework to consider what data you need to gather when informing decisions. * How to enable a great help desk system and issues to watch out for *...


School communication best practice and a rant on culture wars in education: Ep 15

In this week's OutClassed Podcast, Mike and Blake continue on their discussion regarding the school transformation framework and how to get the most out of your school communication efforts. Some of the elements of learning design discussed in this episode include: * The 2 purposes every piece of school communication must address * The 4 rules of great school communication * How to host a virtual school assembly * Principles for using Social media And more! To see all the OutClassed...


Fake Principals, Learning Design, and can STEM be Racist? : Ep 14

In this week's OutClassed Podcast, Mike and Blake continue on their discussion regarding the school transformation framework and discussed the essential elements of learning design. Some of the elements of learning design discussed in this episode include: * The relationship between physical environment and innovative learning design * How to assess and measure progress (how do you know it is better) * How to map skills, knowledge and mindset across your school And more! To see all the...