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17: Ireland Road Trip - Lush and Luxury (And how we do laundry)

We had a wonderful time on our road trip adventure around Ireland. We had a chance to see many of the beautiful locations - Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, Old Bushmills Distillery, Cliffs of Moher, Curragh Races, Dublin, and the magnificent Powerscourt Hotel. Thanks to our friends from Indianapolis we had a different type of travel experience, spending time in hotels and living luxuriously in some of the more elegant places in Ireland. It was quite a treat! In this podcast episode, we also...


16: Sicily and Isle of Man (2 Very Different Island Experiences)

We had the chance to visit two unforgettable island locations in Europe in a two-week span. Spending time in Sicily, Italy with friends gave us an opportunity to understand the deep culture and rich history of the southern island that has been the home to many references throughout our lives. The passion of the people and the fantastic food will be a lifelong memory. Isle of Man, Ireland is a lesser known ‘tax haven’ that sits between the Republic of Ireland and England. It is usually a...


15: Gap Year Travel (What’s the best age to travel the world - 20’s? 30’s? 40’s?)

Do you have a desire to travel long term? We did. The question comes up often if we wish we would have made our adventure in our 20’s or early 30’s. We have had the chance to meet several travelers that are on gap years after high school and college. We have met couples traveling in their late 20’s that decided to take a few months off from their seasonal work. In this episode, we talk through our thought process on the differences based on age and what-ifs. We also get into the details of...


14: Early European Travel Highlights (Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest…)

We are in the early stages of our time in Europe for the spring and summer. In this podcast episode, we talk about our time in Munich, Amsterdam, Jena, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. We will walk through the highlights and what made each trip special. Having the chance to visit several people that we already knew made the visits even more memorable. From Munich's Fruhlingfest to Amsterdam’s King’s Day to Prague’s historic Town Square. The season for festivals is here, and it is a beautiful...


13: Traveler’s Guilt (Making Sure You Do You)

You only get so much time to RELAX and enjoy yourself when on vacation or holiday. TRAVELER’S GUILT can creep in because you want to do EVERYTHING that you have read about your exciting destination in blogs or from your friend’s advice. We discuss how this can be a problem and understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have it all on your trip and you need to be comfortable doing what you enjoy. The most important part of your time off is accomplishing what YOU want to experience. We will also...


12: Hong Kong Travel Tips (and how we decide Where is Next)

HONG KONG took us by surprise! We really did not know what to expect and then it turned out being better than we could have imagined. In this Podcast Episode, we discuss a few ideas on how to make your trip memorable including Happy Wednesdays, a day trip to Macau, and Chinese Hot Pots! Then we discuss the SURPRISE locations that we have found since starting our travels and how we decide which location is NEXT. Listen along as we take you from ASIA to SOUTH AMERICA and back. Main Topics...


11: Vietnam Travel (and Location We Hated during our World Tour)

We have now visited Vietnam on two different trips totally over 6 weeks. We break down the reasons why we love visiting Da Nang, Saigon, Hanoi, and Nha Trang. We then discuss accommodations, whether we will write a book or not, and that one trip that we disliked the most. Listen in as we take you on a ride through several parts of the world in this entertaining episode. Main Topics Covered: Links Mentioned in the Episode: Blink - the best way to monitor your home while you are away and...


10: Financial Travel Tips, Same Outfits, Indian Food (and Annoying Photo Bombing)

This is a very informative episode full of great MONEY SAVING TIPS for all of you travelers out there! We will talk about FINANCIAL tools we use during our travels; specifically how we manage our credit card and bank accounts, how we leverage hotel and mileage points for free stays and air travel, and much more! We will also answer some questions from our followers about living out of one backpack each and our time spent in India. We wrap up with a SHAME ON THAT about travelers photo...


9: Medical Travel Advice (and Watching Sports on the Road)

Nikki discusses the importance of TRAVEL INSURANCE, what it is and why you should get it. We also talk about what great travel insurance policies should cover and certain limits travel insurance policies have. Have questions about PRESCRIPTIONS and refilling prescriptions while traveling? Nikki provides tips to save time and money. She also covers the importance of travel VACCINES and much more! We also answer a couple of questions from our followers: How we stay in shape while traveling...


8: In LOVE with Bangkok (and a Visit to the Hospital)

We talk about all of the reasons that we love spending time in BANGKOK, Thailand. This being our fourth trip to the always-active city, gave us a chance to live like locals and take in the fantastic food, night markets, and shopping malls. Matt had a full body exam at the BUMRUNGRAD International Hospital as well as a teeth cleaning in their Dental Center. We talk about medical tourism and our experience with healthcare outside of the U.S. We also answer a listener question about making...


7: Travel Technology (Life Made Easy With These Hacks)

We go in a few directions in this episode. We start by covering many of the technologies and electronics we use to help us navigate the complexities of traveling full time. We then answer a reader question regarding the scary situations we have encountered on the road so far including a credit card hacker in Santiago, vicious dogs in South America, and a creepy follower in India. We round out the episode talking about driving fails and the tough spots that put us in. Main Topics...


6: Skyping with a Billionaire and Wood-Fired Pizza (Ask to Receive)

JUST ASK! Sometimes asking for a favor or reaching out to someone you don’t know is tough. Matt talks about how he SKYPED WITH A BILLIONAIRE after sending a cold email, met up with a CRYPTO INSIDER in Ho Chi Minh City, and learned how to make a true wood-fired Italian pizza from a professional. He even discusses how he helped a new friend in need while at Oktoberfest. All these things by simply asking. Nikki & Matt wrap up the episode by discussing how gross people can be on the road and...


5: Staying Safe on the Road (Matt Gets Left at Sea)

Being safe and secure is the primary concern when traveling anywhere around the world. We discuss how safe it is to leave the US and what precautions you can take to stay out of harm's way. What happened when we were followed in India? We discuss the gadgets we use to feel secure and define what being on ‘yellow’ means. You think America is safe but how safe is it? We also answer a couple of follower questions on how we fill our time on the road without getting bored and the ideas we plan...


4: South Africa: A Guys’ Trip Heaven (Couples Welcome Too)

Traveling back to South Africa for the second time in only two years was Nikki’s idea but it became Matt’s playground as they hiked the mountains, went to a safari, enjoyed the braai feasts, swam in the ocean, and went to a rugby match. Deep sea fishing and being part of a shark catch was icing on the cake! Matt makes the case that this is a guys’ trip heaven in this episode that describes their three months in several cities along the coast. They also answer a listener question about what...


3: Crying Babies, Guinea Pigs, and Narcos: How We Stay Around the World

Where do we stay as we travel around the world? How do we keep our costs to a minimum with our accommodations? In this episode, we discuss the differences between Airbnb, hostels, hotels, and WorkAways. You will hear about crying babies and squealing guinea pigs. We talk about the Lisbon Hustle and drinking with a star from Narcos. We then answer a couple of follower questions including how we stay in touch with family and what technologies we use to do so. Everyone gets homesick; we talk...


2: What’s in Our Bag, What We Miss, and Do We Get Sick of Each Other?

2: What’s in Our Bag, What We Miss, and Do We Get Sick of Each Other? How can you possibly pack for over two years on the road with only a single backpack each? Impossible, right? Well, we were faced with that difficult task and did quite well. We will discuss all of the items that made the final cut; from clothing to organizers to toiletries. We also answer a couple of follower questions on the luxuries we miss the most while traveling and what it is like to spend 24/7 together as a...


1 : How We Made this CRAZY Decision! (The Who-We-Are Episode)

How could we possibly leave our amazing careers and awesome lives to live out of a single backpack? In this episode, you will find out more about who we are and what brought us to this decision to travel the world full time. We both discuss our lives before we met each other and since. We talk about our career paths, things we love (and miss), obsessions, and our sincere desire to travel. We cover how we traveled as kids, making the tough decision to leave, that final moment that made it a...


0 : The Launch Episode (We did it!)

In this Launch Episode, we (Nikki and Matt Javit) give a high level of who we are and what we did. We discuss what we plan to cover in our podcast and how we hope to help our listeners. Not only the listeners that wish to travel long term someday but also the listener that wants advice for their weekend getaway or week-long holiday. We talk about our desire to keep it real and keep it fun. Though we are not pros on the mic, we will get better over time. Thanks for checking out our Launch...