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The U niverse – Episode 035 - Seal It With A Smile™ | Teaching | Education | Emotions | Brain Building | Classroom | Psychology | Emotional Labor | Relationships

A new school year is a new beginning; teaching is one of the few professions where you not only get to start a new, but you also get better the longer you practice. It is a calling that refines you through its process. This weeks podcast touches on that process; the process that went into creating the moment where you meet your students, and your students meet you.


Episode 034 – Special Guest Jake Widmann (Author and Coach) - Seal It With A Smile™ | Teaching | Education | Emotions | Brain Building | Classroom | Psychology | Emotional Labor | Relationships

Great teachers are not JUST found in a classroom... I am extremely excited about my interview with Jake Widmann... Author of the book (SEPT 2018) Up: Lessons of Adversity, Hitting Bottom, and Choosing A Life That Matters Some of our main topics: how he was "that kid" in our classroom... the one that drives you nuts! Jakes gives us some amazing insight into why "that kid" likes to push buttons... the ifonlys and how they are actually a form of interference, or static, that gets in the way...


Challenge Yourself – Episode 033

Summer Is HERE! (for most of us anyways) While it's a great time to relax, sleep in, walk around in your pajamas all day, and go full slob... it is an opportunity for two things which we should not take lightly and we should appreciate. Opportunity To Recharge Without question; teachers need the summer off. Above our contractual obligations, we put in an enormous amount of emotional labor into our daily practice of teaching. From being able to keep a straight face when something funny yet...


Cash Out Kids – Episode 031

As we approach the end of the school year, as the state tests are distributed, and as we slowly wind down to the end of school, it is very easy for all of us (teachers included) to loose sight of the fact that... school isn't over! Yet, around this time, we start to see the clues and signs that yes, the clock is winding down. The biggest clue; behavior. Around this time we begin to see complacency, apathy towards grades, and a rise in misbehavior. And life, like education, has a wide range...


Emotional Fitness: Why I make friends with the roughest kid in class – Episode 030

There is no doubt that the hardest part of teaching is the emotional labor we perform, day in and day out. That is, the lifting of our students spirits, keeping a straight face when they do something bad, even though it was really really funny. Doing our best to not get visibly angry and frustrated when our students misbehave. Understanding that everyone has a bad day, and doing our best to not punish our kids for pushing our buttons, knowing full well, that we may be the only person in...


Why All Teachers Should Make at Least 90k/year: Emotional Labor – Episode 029

Emotional labor is an invisible but powerful force that is felt but unseen to the inexperienced eye. It's why moms are so good at making you feel better without applying medicine, and why it doesn't bother you that you scraped your knee with dad, because you had such a great time (which mom cleaned and put a bandaid on, and dad just rinsed with water) More often that not, emotional labor at home and at work is done by women. That is, the labor that most men do not think about; keeping the...


Ep 28: The Conversation – PART III

In this 3rd part of The Conversation Series, I wrap up what I believe is the conversation we should be having right now regarding education. Recent tragedies have shed a new light upon the fact that the educational system is failing our students. We can no longer sit back and wait for lawmakers, researchers, or other stakeholders to address these issues. In Part I, I talk about the classroom itself and the new role of the classroom, in a world where information is freely available and...


Ep 27: The Conversation – PART TWO

In part two of the conversation, we discuss our students and take a macroscopic snapshot of where they are and what they are going through. They are facing different pressures than before, and because of that, our students have different needs There is no sense in trying to judge the merits of these needs; it is more important to identify, adjust, and meet their needs as much as we can At the end of the day, it is most important that we see each child, every student, as an opportunity. An...


Ep 26: The Conversation – Part 1

The role of the classroom, and school, has changed dramatically in our society. What is the NEW role of the classroom, and the school, in our NEW reality, and in the future? Before information was so freely accessible, the school house was one of the very few places one could have access to information (someone had to teach you to read before you could access the knowledge in books!). Information was power; and access to information was limited. Those days are gone. With the swipe of a...


Random Acts of Kindness – Episode 025

This is Random Acts of Kindness Week! I hope you take it upon yourself to be kind to yourself FIRST... But also to be kind to your fellow TEACHERS! And most important, showing and modeling kindness towards and for your STUDENTS! It is the most important lesson you could ever TEACH!


A Safe Haven – Episode 024

There was a picture I recently saw showing a real life cowboy The Manliest of Men His physical exterior (I would imagine) matched his mental and emotional interior No doubt that man was a man or resilience and strength. We want our kids to be resilient, to be tough, to be “tough enough” We feel that our experiences made us who we are today, the trials and tribulations, so if our kids go through those same trials and tribulations, then they will build the resilience and inner strength that...


A Win Is A Win – Episode 023

Courage Through Kindness How many of us have encountered a student who has been "given" so many chances, that at some point you decide in your mind and in your heart that you have done enough... So you quit on that student. I have encountered these students... one in particular. And as I stood at that precipice, looking down at this student because "here we are again"; where others would walk away, I did not quit. I pressed on. In pressing on, I showed my student that I would not give up...


Learning Is An Organic Experience – Episode 022

When you travel to a new place, it always “feels” as if your voyage, your travel, takes a very long time. Why? Since you are traveling to a new destination, one that you have never been before, you are observing everything around you. Your senses are hightened, and because of your awareness of this new place, your brain is trying to retain as much information as possible. Your brain is now working overtime; it is absorbing massive amounts of new information This new information has to be...


Go Off On A Tangent! – Episode 021

I was able to connect with my students in a way that was outside of what was norm I was able to educate them on something that may not have been the normal topic, but it added value to their lives. They saw it as valuable, and because of that, we had a very engaging conversation where they were asking good questions, and they were learning I was able to develop trust. And if they were trusting me in this particular area, then they would trust me in other areas, like chemistry. What we were...


Affirmation for 2018 – Episode 020

Probably the shortest podcast ever! An affirmation for 2018 specially made for you! Wishing you the absolute best! Juan


A Sense Of Gratitude – Episode 019

A Sense of Gratitude - Episode 019 the year winds or has wound down for some of you, it’s important that we reflect back on the year, but at the same time as most of us are wrapping up our semester and wrapping up everything we have accomplished, it’s important that we have sense of gratitude: What is gratitude? Google definition - the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. "she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support" So I...


Who You Are Makes Your Kids Feel Bad (and you don’t even know it) – Episode 018

Who you are makes your kids feel bad (and you don’t even know it) - Episode 018 Talking to a teacher who was having a problem with her students. Had an opportunity to observe the classroom and immediately felt and saw the high levels of stress and anxiety in the room (you could feel it). After my initial observations we had a very productive talk, and this is what we talked about... Your students are different than you. - You look different to them - Many of them come from different...


Why I Need To Smile – Episode 017

Why I Need To Smile - Episode 017 It has occurred to me that I must explain my own personal WHY as to WHY it is important for ME to Seal It With A Smile. Its important because this was not the norm for me growing up. My father always carried a sullen angry face around... it was his default face. In fact, there are only a handful of times that I can remember when I saw him smile, or I heard him laugh. And when I come home, after a day of giving all of myself to my students and my classroom,...


The Giraffes In Your Classroom – Episode 016

The Giraffes In Your Classroom - Episode 016 My wife and I were having a conservation. I’m sure your familiar with this one; the one where you both feel like you are not being heard and you both are not listening to each other. Solution: See your other half as a Giraffe. Do you know a giraffe? Ever own one? Spent a significant amount of time with one? Chances are the answer is no. Or not really. Which means that, chances are, you will show a strange and unfamiliar creature more respect...


The Humble Thread In The Cape – Episode 015

The Humble Thread In The Cape - Episode 015 During this week of Thanksgiving, most of us will be resting and relaxing and hopefully enjoying some time off with family, friends, our animal friends, and loved ones. During this time of reflection, we can also reflect on our lives and find humility within us. But how can we do that? How can we be humble? Being humble comes from understanding your power; your ability to destroy, to harm, to cause injury and pain, to cause a sense of defeat and...