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Jeff Utecht leads discussions with educators from around the globe on how educators and administrators are shifting their schools to meet the needs of today's learners.

Jeff Utecht leads discussions with educators from around the globe on how educators and administrators are shifting their schools to meet the needs of today's learners.


Seattle, WA


Jeff Utecht leads discussions with educators from around the globe on how educators and administrators are shifting their schools to meet the needs of today's learners.








Episode 136: Having Hard Conversations With Jennifer Abrams

When we go through disruptions like this it’s a struggle. It’s a struggle to be open to and have hard conversations with ourselves and with our colleagues around the changes that we’re going through. In this free webinar, Jennifer Abrams walks us through important planning strategies to help us authentically engage with the dialogues that challenge us. Learn more and get access to the PDF handout at


Episode 135: Creating Global Citizens With Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy joins us for the Shifting Schools Free Webinar on Creating Global Citizens. Steve is a Technology Coach and Social Studies Teacher in the Enumclaw School District. Link: Slide Deck Chat File


Episode 134: Engaging Families in STEM with Deidre Holmberg

Deidre Holmberg is a consultant with STEMCore Consulting, LLC. In this role, she supports the implementation of STEM initiatives, authors culturally relevant, standards-based STEM/STEAM curriculum for signature programs in numerous districts, and coaches school administrators and teachers on all aspects of STEM design, computational thinking, and the Science and Engineering Practices. Using an integrated approach, Deidre often leverages current events and bioethical dilemmas to make...


Episode 133: Feedback That Matters With Tyler Rablin

This week Tyler Rablin takes us through feedback that matters and what that means in today's complicated learning environments. We know feedback is essential to learning so how do we make sure we are giving feedback that works for students. Show links can be found as


Episode 132: The Art Of Connection With Guest Dan James

This week we talk about communication with guest Dan James. In a time when educators are worried more than ever about creating connections with students, learn some tips we can use to truly make sure we communicating in effective ways? A great session with ideas and tips to start practicing and using today. Links: Dan James Website One-pager of terms


Episode 131: Preparing Students For Their Future Not Our Past

A recording of a free webinar I gave back in June as part of our Shifting Schools series. We have free webinars starting the week of Aug. 17th running through the month of September at least. You can register to join us live at or we'll be releasing them here as well in the coming weeks. Links to Slide Deck for Webinar


Episode 130: Moving For Attendance Focused To Being Engagement Focused

Welcome back to a new episode and season 4 of Shifting Our Schools. Excited to be back at the microphone sharing my thoughts, trainings, webinars, and conversations with all of you. We kick off season 4 with an email I wrote to a State Department of Education when asked my opinion on attendance policies in remote learning.


Episode 129: Meaningful Assessment: Grading For The Future

Tyler Rablin a High School ELA teacher and Tech Coach shares with us his grade book and assessment practices as he moved from a traditional way of grading to a mastery way of grading. This is the recording of a free webinar that Tyler gave as part of the ReImagine WA Ed program we have just wrapped up across the state of Washington. Titled: Meaningful Assessment: Grading for the Future, Tyler walks us through how you can rethink your grading and assessment practices to align with today’s...


Episode 128: Project-Based Awesome: Imagine What Your Students Can Do

This episode is a recording of a Free Webinar we hosted as part of the ReImagine WA Ed program. These Webinars are open to any and all educators around the world and are free to join or listen to later. We will be releasing them here as podcasts as well. This webinar hosted by Chris Butler who many of you regular listeners know as “Chris the Tech Coach” My co-host here at Shifting Our Schools and Erin Dickey a High School teacher and long time friend of Chris’s lead us through their...


Episode 127: Learning With And Without Walls

4 Steps of making Blended Learning manageable. We will look at preparing for next school year with good teaching strategies at the forefront. By Steve Murphy & Stefan Troutman Links: Chat file from Webinar Slide Deck


Episode 126: Engaging Students in Learning through Choice and Voice

This is a recording of the free Webinar offered by the ReImagine WA Ed team who have been supporting over 4000 Washington State educators on the journey of distance learning. Led by Jen Longmire and Shannon Cunningham we dive into the 5 Steps to bring Choice and Voice into your lessons. Links: Chat file from Webinar Presentation


Episode 125: YouTube Live AMA Session With The ReImagine WA Ed Team

The ReImagine WA Ed team and I continue to support close to 4500 educators across the state of Washington adding another 1100 educators who started this week. We're excited to bring you this live AMA session we did on YouTube for educators across the state of Washington and around the world.


Episode 124: Design for Resilience Framework for the Future of Schools

This week I share a webinar that Greg Bamford and Tara Jahn did last week titled: Design for Resilience Framework for the Future of Schools. A great conversation around leadership looking at the 20-21 school year. Links: Video Blog Post Presentation Slides Chat Stream


Episode 123: Classroom Management in the Virtual Classroom

Patrick Green and Heather Dowd take their best selling book Classroom Management in the Digital Age and apply lessons from it to our new Virtual Classrooms we find ourselves in. This was a Webinar sponsored by ReImagine WA Ed. Find out more about how Washington State is meeting the needs of teachers and students at Book (Amazon) Website Text file from Webinar #CMDigitalAge Community


Episode 122: Tech Tool Bonanza

The team at #ReImagineWAEd and I host a YouTube Live event for educators across the state of Washington as we continue to reimagine education for our students in this state and beyond! Link: YouTube:


Episode 121: The Power of Ownership in Distance Learning

A stream of consciousness about the power of giving students and parents choice or ownership over what is learned. This is the reason we are seeing ChoiceBoards being popular during the COVID-19 Crisis. Links: A Framework for Understanding Poverty - A Cognitive Approach -


Episode 120: AESD Continual Learning Keynote

This is a recording of a YouTube Live Keynote that I delivered to the educators of Washington State as we prepare to roll out a 3 phase continual learning plan to support districts, schools and educators make the most of continual learning. Link to Slide Deck:


Episode 119: Assessing Distance Learning

This week our happy hour conversation focused on where schools are at rolling out devices and we start to turn our attention to the next phase of distance learning, assessment. Again…everyone was sharing links to resources and ideas in the chat. I have added those to the show notes over at so please do head there if you hear something in the podcast and want to follow up with that resource. Stay safe and stay healthy


Episode 118: Inequity Should Not Equal Inaction

Do to the COVID-19 pandemic schools around the world are shutting their doors. Here in the state of Washington, we have been closed for two weeks already and now are being required by the state to continue learning for students. Here are some thoughts and actions you can take as you head into your own virtual school reality. Show notes at


Episode 117: Virtual School Happy Hour Week 1 - The Setup

This week I host the first of what I hope to be virtual happy hours with teachers and tech coaches who find themselves either preparing for virtual learning or are already in it. During the show, they also shared a host of resources for others to use. So many that I can’t add them all to the show’s description so you’ll need to go to where you’ll find the resources shared and mentioned in this weeks episode.