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A show about education and educational technology with a global perspective.

A show about education and educational technology with a global perspective.
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Seattle, WA


A show about education and educational technology with a global perspective.






Episode 73: The Future Belongs To YouTube and Spreadsheets

Such a great time chatting with Patrick Green. I get the privilege to chat with him often. Today I hit the record button so you could hear our chat and thinking outload. A great conversation about Hacking School, YouTube, and Spreadsheets. Links: Patrick Green: @pgreensoup Website: Youtube: Book: EdPuzzle:


Episode 72: The 4 Shift Protocol

I meet up with Scott McLeod in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia of all places and we talk about his new book: Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning, the 4 Shift Protocol and other educational technology topics. Links: The Book: Scott McLeod: @mcleod Blog: Julie Graber: @jgraber


Episode 71: Mrs. Udd's Kinders

This week I sit down with Jessica Udd a Kindergarten teacher in the Auburn School District in Washington. Jessica teaches in a 1:1 classroom and takes us through how she's building technology skills with her students. Links: Twitter: @Mrsuddskinders: Clever: Symbaloo: Seesaw: Flipgrid: 30 Days of Free PD for Teachers: #HeyLookUp for Parents:...


Episode 70: Managing the Change

This week I have a conversation with Danny Baur. An Author, Consultant, and Online Community Manager. His focus on school leadership lets us talk about managing change around technology. Links: This week's free PDF and Course discount: Download the 3 questions Danny asks each day: Investigate his mastermind: Buy his new book, The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap:...


Episode 69: From BKK to Eduro

This week Chrissy, Kim and I take time out to reflect on how three teachers who happen to teach at the same time at an International School in Bangkok end up where we are today. A little background on us as a company and our journey. Links: #HeyLookUp email series for parents ( All our parenting resources ( Parenting resources for schools ( Connected Teacher...


Episode 68: The Changing Univeristy

This week Lissa and I chat with John Nash, Associate Professor and Department Chair for the Department of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky. We spend some time talking about the changes happening at the University level and dive deeper into our new partnership with our stackable certificates that can lead to a Master's Degree or even PhD. Links: John Nash Partnership Announcement (with Free PDF) Who Do You Follow When Starting Your PLN (Free PDF)


Episode 67: A Highly Structured, Loosely Organized Science Lesson

This week I walk through a science lesson I did to start a unit on states of matter with 7th graders at a school I was working at a few years ago in Germany. Structure: The outline goes something like this. 10 minutes to research a topic, where you get your information I don’t care just learn as much as you can about a topic in 10 minutes 3-5 minutes depending on the age of the students to share your new knowledge with others in your class. 10 minutes as a class to bring our new...


Episode 66: COETAIL + UK = A Hot Ball of Mess

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Episode 65: 5 Must have iPad apps for Lower and Upper Elementary

This week I catch up with Tanya LeClair in China to talk about her must have iPad apps for the elementary classroom. Lower Elementary (PreK-3) SeesawBook CreatorShadow PuppetFlipGridOsmo App Upper Elementary (3-5) SeesawFlipgridPadletNearpodApple ClipsAdobe SparkHopscotch Tanya’s Links Twitter: @Tanya LeClair website: Don’t miss out on a year of learning with Tanya and Jeff and the Eduro Learning 1 to 1 Micro-Credential.


Episode 64: My 2018 Keynote

As our 1:1 Summer of Fun comes to an end I share with you some of the other resources that we released this summer that you might not know about and you get to hear a Lunch Keynote I delivered this month at a STEM conference here in the State of Washington. Enjoy! Links: Eduro Learning 1:1 Teacher YouTube Playlist 1:1 Micro-Credential Sign-Up Today! Keynote Slide Deck (PDF)


Episode 63: Kids These Days

As our 1:1 Summer of Fun marches on I take time to explain a bit more of why we created the micro-credentials at Eduro Learning and who they were created for while at the same time pushing you to make this year of making learning engaging for all students. Links: Gallup Student Poll on Engagement: 1:1 Microcredential with this week’s free download: 10 Hidden Features of Google Docs every...


Episode 62: Educating the 1:1 Pre-Service Teacher

This week I record a podcast while teaching a one-credit technology in an education course at Whitworth University. To talk about and help demonstrate the power of connections I had Michael and Trina from Auburn School District join me for about a 30-minute conversation. Both Michael and Trina give tips for new teachers entering 1:1 schools as well as share some of their favorite units from this past year that allowed the world to be their curriculum. Links: Free Download: 10 Hidden...


Episode 61: LMS Tips and Tricks for Starting the New Year off right!

This week I chat with Steve Murphy a good friend and 1:1 classroom teacher of four years. Steve and I chat about tips and tricks for setting up your LMS in the new year to make sure it is successful. We talk a lot about Google Classroom as that is what Steve uses. However, these tips and tricks are not Google Classroom specific and can be used with any Learning Management System (LMS). It's about the setup, not the actual platform you use. Links: This weeks free PDF Download: 10 Hidden...


Episode 60: 5 Must Have Apps for the 1:1 Classroom

This week I share my 5 must have apps for teachers and students in the 1:1 classroom. This is my list what's yours? Share your "Must Haves" on social media using #sospodcast and please tag me as well so I can see your list too. 5 Must Have's for Teachers 5 Must Have's for...


Episode 59: High Structured, Loosely Organized Classroom Strategies

A great conversation with Micheal a Tech TOSA in the Auburn School District as we talk about the pedagogy that changes in a 1 to 1 classroom and how he created highly structured, loosely organized learning environments with his students and now how he helps teachers do the same. Links from Michael: Twitter handle is @ASDtech_Michael. School Twitter: @AuburnSD Living Computers Museum + Labs: Auburn School District #408 site:


Episode 58: Managing Distractions in the 1 to 1 Classroom

Debra Hernanz and I chat about tips, tricks, and ideas for managing distractions in the 1 to 1 classroom. Debra's Links: Twitter: @debrahernanz Instagram: remember2day Blog:


Bounce Episode: Flipgrid Past, Present, Future

A bounce episode for all you Shifting Our Schools subscriber out there. I get a chance to chat with Joey Taralson, VP of Engagement at At the end of June Flipgrid announced they were acquired by Microsoft and becoming part of the MicrosoftEDU team. Shifting Our Schools listeners know how much I love Flipgrid and talk about its uses often. It was great to hear the history of how it started, where they currently are and plans for the future. Congrats to the entire Flipgrid team...


Episode 57: Rethinking PD for Teachers

As we continue our 1:1 Summer of Fun one of questions always come back to Professional Development for educators and how do we do it right. According to research done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation called "Teachers Know Best: Teachers views on Professional Development" ( Schools are not doing a very good job and most educators feel like PD is a hoop that needs to be jumped...


Episode 56: Gamification of Learning

Kicking off our 1:1 Summer of Fun this week with a great podcast with Tisha Richmond, a culinary teacher in Oregon has had completely gamified her classroom. So many great nuggets and takeaways you'll want to take notes on this one. 1:1 Summer of Fun links: Freebie: 30 Days of Free PD email series Discount: $15 for the course Fake News and the Responsibility to be Digitally Literate Links for Tisha Richmond @tishrich -...


Episode 55: Cell Phone Use in the Classroom

This week I sit down and chat about dealing with cell phones in the classroom. It might just be the hottest topic in education at the moment. I swear every conversation I have with teachers somehow some way turns to cell phones. In this episode I talk about how I go about handling these conversations with teachers as well as how I would structure my high school classroom today to meet students where they are. An article from Brad Stulberg...