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Fetish Philes 10 - Sissification with Brooklyn

Hey, do you think sissification is something Dominants do to Men to humiliate them? That's what I thought too. Oh, I get that it is consensual (and trust me, I understand how hot humiliation and degradation can be!), but I always saw it as something that was done to men ... accompanied by the comments like, "You're weak ... you aren't a real man", etc. Brooklyn, who happens to be a trans woman, loves sissification. She came out of her podcasting hiatus to talk to me about sissification and...


Fetish Philes 9 - Latex with Marika

When it comes to latex, one name comes immediately to mind, Kink Engineering. In this episode of Fetish Philes, we take a look at latex, the material, the fetish, and the products from the perspective of owner and co-founder of Kink Engineering, Marika.


Fetish Philes 8 - Cuckoldry with Sue Storm

The sultry Sue Storm was recently on Stereo-Typed to talk about motivation and manipulation in BDSM. She returns today to talk about Cuckoldry from her perspective and experiences as a long-term cuckoldress. Sue and I had a wonderful conversation about with cuckoldry is, as well as what it isn't. She shared some tips on how you can introduce cucking to your relationship in baby steps. We also discuss some tell-tale signs that you might not be ready for cucking. Sue Storm is also the host...


Fetish Philes 7 - Deep Connectivity through Role Play with Feral_Sophisticate

Feral_Sophisticate joined me to discuss how role play, especially those roles that convey authority, can create a deep connection and add dimension to a scene. We talk about the psychological side of play, sadomasochism, as well as how some of these costumes are perceived by the community.


Fetish Philes 6 - Daddy Dom with PreacherBear

In the last combined episode of Stereo-Typed and Fetish Philes, I talk with PreacherBear (host of The 3rd Rail) about what being a Daddy means to him and his Pixie. We also discuss the psychological barriers he had to overcome to get to this point in their relationship. Fetish Philes is now its own show! Subscribe on iTunes. The first solo episode is scheduled for October 20th (and new episodes will be posted every other week)....


Fetish Philes 5 - Furry Fandom with "Nuka"

Dr Courtney Plante is back to talk about Furries! This time around, Camille and Courtney will be talking about what it's like to be a part of a large fandom community, such as the Furry Fandom. We mainly discuss furries, but we do touch on other fandoms as well. And, since Nuka is a "large blue cat in a lab coat", some of the science of fandoms made its way into this interview as well. Thank you, again, to Dr Plante for coming back on the show to discuss the fascinating world of furries. A...


Fetish Philes 4 - Gorean Lifestyle with Malebranche

Malebranche joined Camille to discuss the roots, history and reality of the Gorean Lifestyle and philosophy. This is a joint episode - Stereo-Typed #31 & Fetish Philes #4


Fetish Philes 3 - Menophilia with MrRedWing

"MrRedWing" joins Camille to talk about one of his loves, menophilia. This is the love of menstrual blood and is still an activity that is quite taboo in our culture (and many cultures around the world). In fact, some religions don't just consider menstruation as dirty, but they believe that the woman herself is dirty and in need of ritual cleansing after her period. For more information about menophilia and the roots of this taboo, visit


Fetish Philes 2 - CBT with BearsPixie

BearsPixie joins me to discuss her joy of CBT - Cock and Ball Torture. As with all things kink and sexual, our experiences are very personal. This episode introduces us to CBT through Pixie's experiences. Your mileage may vary. If you would like to share your experiences with a fetish or other "love" (philia), be it kink, sexual, or otherwise, please contact me at and we can discuss your interest.


Fetish Philes 1 - Pageism with ThePageist

For the inaugural episode of The Fetish Philes, Camille Beaujolie is joined by the host of fellow TPOK Radio podcast, Paige from The Pageist. We are talking about Pageism, a non-sexual, service-oriented power exchange dynamic based on Victorian times. For more information about The Pageist, visit For the full promo for this episode, including links, visit